Top 10 Live TV Streaming Sites


If you got no time to watch Television on home then here are some great live TV streaming sites for you. Now, you can watch all your favorite shows on every single channel that you love through these amazing sites. Be it your smartphone or Tablet these sites can be run on all.

Top 10 Live TV Streaming Sites

You can easily watch TV online with the help of the sites which I am listing right here in this section. I am sure you will not even look at your Television once you get addicted to these sites. You can check these sites out from this list given below.

1. Stream2Watch


So, the list of live TV streaming sites starts from Stream2Watch which is an excellent and most popular solution of watching live TV. There is probably no channel left which is not listed on this site. And for your amazement let me tell you that the site not only works in the US but in various other countries too.

To get started with it, you just need to pick your country and then select the desired channels from the list being appeared.

There are no further issues of getting registered on this site. In fact, the site is completely free to use. There are no subscription charges or limit to watch, you can browse it for as long as you want. The idea is to provide limitless entertainment to all the users out there.

You also get various categories here like Sports, television, series, and leagues. I rather found the site most suitable for those people who are just crazy about sports channels. It’s a perfect platform to browse whatever shows on whichever channel you want and that too live.

2. Crackle


Who does not know about Crackle? The people who are totally crazy about live TV streaming sites, knows very well that Crackle is an excellent solution for it. The site is very popular for releasing their original series which are quite liked by millions of users around the world.

Crackle is a site where you need to get registered first. Once you have signed up on it then you can browse whatever channel and whatever shows you want easily.

Crackle is totally free to use hence it’s a perfect choice amongst best free live TV streaming sites. What I liked about Crackle is its multi-utility and modern interface of the site which readily attracts users towards it. Once you are registered on it, then you are going to get regular updated about the recent uploads of the site.

Be it Live TV or movies of all time, you can watch everything on Crackle for absolutely free of cost. In fact, the site has a decent collection of Anime shows too. I think it’s an all-in-one platform which must not be missed at all.

3. USTV Now


What if there is a site who is doing its bit for social work too? Well, one such site is USTV Now which is completely dedicated to the people of the USA living abroad and US Military too. In fact, they even support US Military by directly donating some amount to them.

This makes USTV Now one of the perfect Live TV streaming sites in this list. Now, it is the time to talk about the services provided by it.

Unfortunately, the site is not completely free to use. Firstly, you are supposed to register on it to proceed further. In the free plan, you get to stream 7 channels only. The next plan is all channels which cost $19 per month for first three months and then $29 per month. The next plan is all channels + DVR which also costs $19 per month for first 3 and then $39 per month.

USTV Now also offers videos on rental purposes too and some of them are available for free too. A strong recommendation from my side in the list of live TV streaming sites.

4. Streema


News, sports, TV or music, you want it and you can get it on Streema. Not only a great option for live TV streaming sites, Streema is also compatible for live Radio streaming too. This means you are getting the advantage of two on one site.

Streema is completely free to use but to use it, you are supposed to get done with the registration process first.

Now, you have to choose the option of TV amongst TV and Radio. There will be lots of regions and you can select whatever region you belong to. All the channels will be displayed to you and then you can watch your favorite shows on them through live TV streaming.

It is totally fun to use Streema and explore the different services and features offered by it for the users. You can search whatever TV station you want and watch your favorite shows for as long as you want on these channels. I am sure this is the most perfect solution of live TV streaming ever.

5. Hulu Live TV


Hulu is a very popular source of watching live TV on the internet. Hulu is not just an option for live TV streaming sites but also perfect for movies streaming too. There are various categories you are getting on Hulu Live TV like sports, news, entertainment and a huge streaming library waiting for you.

You would have to get a bit disappointed here because Hulu Live TV is not completely free to use. Once you sign up on this site then you are eligible for only one-week free trial.

Afterwards, you would have to buy a subscription which is charged $39.99 per month. You get unlimited advantages with this subscription pack like multiple console support, unlimited channels and watch hours, 2 screens at the same time, recording etc.

Amongst the list of live TV streaming sites, Hulu Live TV is my personal favorite. Although this is not free to use but the features offered are surely drool worthy. Hulu Live TV also offered you premium paid add-ons like HBO, Cinemax etc. which increases the entertainment quotient in the live TV streaming.

6. wwwiTV


wwwiTV is one of the least-B.S live TV streaming sites on the planet. It doesn’t bombard us with hidden ads and popups. It doesn’t demand any registration or payments either. The site is extremely basic, but delivers on its promises.

For starters, there’s a left-sidebar which has filters and these let us find the TV channels we’d like to stream. There’s a “countries” filter and it lists nearly every country on the planet. Next to the name of the country, a number is shown which indicates the number of channels available from that country.

Mexico, India, Germany, are the second-most channel-rich countries, led by U.S.A on top with 107 available channels. In order to stream, simply select a country, select a channel and the stream starts off right away.

Other filters which can be used are based on the “category” of the content, e.g. Religion, News, New channels etc. Almost all the streams are full HD. Quality-control isn’t available on the video-player (neither is it on your TV-sets eh?) The video-player is advanced enough and hence offers automated subtitles on most content.

And then finally, if you wish to have some fun, it also streams live webcams! Webcams from posh localities, hotels, towers, airports etc. are available and can be accessed for free in an instant.

7. Tubi TV


For getting started with Tubi TV, the first thing that you are supposed to do is to sign up on its platform. You would be glad to know that Tubi TV is absolutely free to use. Yes, you heard it right. Despite being a hugely popular and progressive platform for video streaming, the site is absolutely free of cost.

Tubi TV stands firm in the competition of live TV streaming sites with some attractive features and services provided by it.

Tubi TV supports all major consoles like Android, iOS, Roku, Xbox, Smart TV, Apple TV etc. This makes it even more desirable for watching live TV broadcasts. You can synchronize various accounts together and can check your watched shows in the history too.

Tubi TV got a huge list of categories on its site to watch TV shows online free. Some of these categories are crime TV, kids shows, clips, most popular TV shows etc. The platform is made in such a way that interfacing and navigations can be done easily through it. I am really sure that you would love using it.

8. Freee TV


The next one in this list of live TV streaming sites is Freee TV. This site is just like its name and absolutely deprived of any sort of charges to watch TV on it. The layout or presentation of the site may not be as modern or catchy as other sites but the content is generously amazing though.

The thing that you will exclusively like the most about Freee TV is the fact that it is a no registration site. This means, you are not supposed to get yourself registered on it. I mean how cool is that?

It provides hassle free operation of the site for every user. To get started with the streaming, firstly you need to select your country because Freee TV has got various options in that too. Now a list of channels will be displayed to you. You can watch whatever channel you want on this site.

Freee TV is amongst those live TV streaming sites whose database is extremely rich. The site reportedly has about 1986 online TV channels on it. I am sure this is no less than hitting a jackpot for sure.

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9. Batman Stream


Don’t worry I am not talking about any dark or shady kind of streaming site here. In fact, Batman Stream is one of the most reliable type of live TV streaming sites. But, there is only one issue that the site is entirely dedicated to live sports channel streaming only.

If you want to check out the TV shows and entertainment world then you would have to move on to other sites for this.

But luckily, the site requires no registration and charges too this means you are getting live TV streaming free here. There are various sections allotted for different sports oriented channels like NFL, Football, baseball, handball, Tennis, live streaming etc.

You can pick your desired category and start streaming the channels right away. I am not sure about girls but for guys it is no less than a wonderful tool. Apart from live sports streaming, other things that you can avail on this site are sports videos, live scores, sports streams etc. This means a total win-win situation for every sports lover.

10. Stream Live


Up next one to finally almost conclude the list of live TV streaming sites is Stream Live.  The platform powers about 300 channels altogether on its site. You may not consider it as modern and upgraded as the other options listed here but still the site is quite a good option for live TV streaming.

There are two types of plans which you are going to get on this site. One is free of cost where you just need to sign up on this site and you are good to go. This plan provides you SDTV channels in it.

The next plan is called Premium plan which charges about $11.99 as a one time fee for it. You can browse all the HDTV channels here and that too without any ads. In fact, like other live TV streaming sites, this platform is compatible for android, Kodi, Roku etc. under premium plan.

11. EPC TV


The last one in this list of live TV streaming sites is EPC TV. You can watch thousands of USA channels online on this site. And why only USA, you have got the option to stream the channels of other countries on this site as well.

EPC TV is a type of no registration site. This means without any signup process or additional charges, you can stream various channels live on this site.

In fact, EPC TV also offers you various categories for browsing too like music, news, sports, entertainment, movies, educational, kids, lifestyle etc. This means there are options present for each of the choices of different users here.

The site has very basic layout which is very simple to operate and you are not going to feel any difficulty in browsing it at all. The site is a complete package for every live TV fan and the easy to operate policy allows the users to stream it more.

12. Streams


top 10 platforms to watch live tv online free is a very basic, yet adequate fit for this list of top 10 best live TV streaming sites. I said basic because there aren’t a lot of filters, professional sliders, or anything of that sort.

The site looks like a one-page site and only displays “Latest videos”. These videos are chosen by the administrators of the website and users have no control over them.

Some of the channels shown under “Latest Videos” are ESPN, HBO, TNT, ABC, Disney XD etc.

There’s just one filter available to users, that of “Categories“. It’s available on the right-sidebar, or the footer of the website. It holds categories such as Animation, Entertainment, Family, General, Lifecaster, Music, News etc.

The Animation category has 6 live-streams as of now, mostly dominated by Dragon Ball shows, however Cartoon Network is available as well.

The sports channel however had 126 streams ongoing, from channels such as Sky Sports, Direct Plus, ESPN, WWE etc. Point being, some categories are extremely well-populated with streams, while others not so much.

Not much information about the content is available, except its name. The quality of the streams is HD (not sure if they were 720P or 1080p). There aren’t many ads on the site, except one embedded in the “Play” button.

Users can talk with other live users on the site using a chat-box on the right-sidebar. It doesn’t need registrations.

13. BBC iPlayer


BBC iplayer watch live tv

Does BBC even need an introduction? The iPlayer from BBC is a project which allows people to livestream TV programs without registering, or having to pay a penny.

The only limitation with it is that only BBC channels are supported, on the bright side it’s completely legal and extremely professional (unlike quite a few options on this list).

All the channels such as BBC Two, BBC Four, CBeebies, BBC Scotland, Parliament, S4C etc. are available. The layout is extremely professional and well-organizes.

You get to choose the channel, and then the date in case you need program info. You can click on the “Watch Live” button on the program which is being streamed at the current time, or even watch it from start.

It also lets users change location so that in case there are location-specific programs you don’t miss it. Although note that it needs some kind of “TV License” for users to be able to stream the content “legally”. Ofcourse you can stream it without one as well, but then it’s illegal.

14. SonyLiv

Watch Live TV Online

If it’s a free, yet legal and high-quality platform you seek for watching TV online, SonyLiv is a much appealing option. It however is limited to the Indian audience and only shows content from India

The site has a top-bar with many options, Live TV is one of the available options. Hovering over it reveals a drop-down menu which lets us select one of the many available Genres, such as News, Movies, Entertainment, Music, Kids etc.

Selecting a Genre takes us to the Genre page which shows us a number of channels and programs to choose from. Even though some content is paid and marked as “Premium“, majority of it is absolutely free.

The video-player offers the basic controls, i.e. for Volume and quality. Apart from the video, the sound-quality of the platform is commendable. It’s not only clear and crispy, but somehow extremely loud hence even on near-death earphones or speakers the sound makes itself audible.

Apart from Live TV, almost all the shows on the Sony Liv channel are uploaded within 24 hours on the site as well. The site doesn’t require any registrations to watch Live TV online.

15. Time4TV


It’s not the most professional live TV streaming site, yet totally functional and free. The only problem? It has tons and tons of popup ads. You’d be closing a lot of tabs before you see any glimmer of a stream.

But once you fight through the ads, the site itself is pretty easy to navigate around. Simply use one of the links on the top-bar to find a channel/content that suits your taste. It has options such as “UK Channels“, “U.S Channels“, “Sports Channels” etc. Or you can access all the channels by clicking on the “all channels” link.

It’s not just limited to sports. We found channels such as National Geographic, HBO, Discovery, CW, USA Network etc. as well.

Logos for the channels are displayed which make selection and identification easier. Once you do find a channel, it’ll generally offer anywhere between 1 to 4 streaming servers. If the first doesn’t work, go with the others.

There also is a live-chat bar on the right sidebar which can be used to just chat with strangers, or find working channels. No registration required. Simply click on the “Play” button and if the server is live, the stream starts right away.

Unfortunately, there seem to exist a few geographic-restrictions. So if the website doesn’t work for you, try to use a VPN and it should work just fine. In our experience, the video-quality is impressive even though it takes a bit of time to initially play the video.

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I think these Live TV streaming sites are completely perfect for those people who are mostly indulged in too much of work outside the home. The Internet is a service which is mostly available in all the places so you have the perfect idea to watch TV through your smartphone or other gadgets.

Some of the sites mentioned above are paid services and some are absolutely free. Each site is different from one another but all of them are equally useful with their different USPs. I am sure you are gonna love them all for sure.

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