20 Best Indian Messaging Apps That Build By Indian and Foreigner


Are you interested in locating Best Indian Messaging Apps exclusive to India? If that’s the case, this place will seem like your second home in no time.

We have compiled a list of India’s top 20 free chatting programs: legal businesses that do not invade your privacy, keep your information secure and do not invade your privacy.

The number of people in India who use instant messaging systems has increased considerably over the past several years.

In a country with a population of over 1.3 billion, more than half a billion people are using some messaging app.

How incredible is that? And this trend is only expected to intensify over the next several years.

The success of messaging applications in India can be attributed to a wide range of different causes.

20 Best Indian Messaging Apps

We’ll review India’s most popular messaging applications, including who uses them, what they offer, and how they stand out. Despite WhatsApp’s dominance, we’ve included various Best Indian Messaging Apps widely used nationwide.

These apps cater to a wide range of demographics, and while newer ones may offer more bells and whistles or a sleeker interface, they all share one thing: the need to communicate.

Let’s get into the top Indian chatting applications without further ado, shall we?

  • Indian Messenger App

PlayStore: android-support

Indian Messanger AppsThe Indian Messenger App, developed by Loopytime Private Limited and is a native program, has gained popularity as an alternative to the well-known messaging service Whatsapp. 

The program can perform many functions, from straightforward texting to audio and video conferencing, group talks, and more. 

Even if the user’s internet connection is patchy, they can still send and receive messages with the help of the Indian Messenger app. 

People living in areas with poor network connections appreciate this and purchase it in huge numbers.

In addition to this, the Indian Messenger App lays a strong emphasis on its users’ right to personal safety and confidentiality. 

Because all messages sent and received within the app are encrypted from beginning to end, no one other than you can read the contents of those messages. 

In addition, the software does not save any information about the user on its servers, which further protects the user’s confidentiality.

The Indian Messenger App is an excellent option to consider selecting if what you need is a piece of messaging software that is exclusive to India, places a premium on the personal discretion and safety of its users, and still gives you access to a large number of features that can be of use to you. 

The fact that the Indian Messenger App has been downloaded more than one million times from the Google Play Store is evidence of the app’s popularity among residents of India, who often favor utilizing goods that are manufactured within their own nation.

  • Troop Messenger 

Website: https://www.troopmessenger.com/   

Troop-MessengerOne of the most popular Indian messaging apps, Troop Messenger, lets you send and receive text messages, make phone calls, and even have video conversations with friends and family. 

The software stands out for its intuitive design and robust capabilities serving consumers and enterprises. All communication on the platform is protected by end-to-end encryption to keep it private.

Troop Messenger’s ability to categorize chats by team or project is one of its most outstanding functions. 

For this reason, it is highly recommended as a dependable team collaboration solution for enterprises. The program also allows users to share files, making it ideal for collaborative projects easily.

For streamlined project management across teams, Troop Messenger may be easily integrated with other popular tools like Google Drive and Trello. 

It is essential to use Troop Messenger to keep your team’s communication safe and efficient.

  • Threema 

Website: https://threema.ch/

threema-appIt is hardly a secret that an increasing number of Indians are using the encrypted texting software known as Threema. 

End-to-end encryption is one of the ways in which Threema ensures the confidentiality of your calls and discussions. 

Because users are not required to give out personal information such as their phone number or email address when signing up for Threema, it is a good solution for folks who would like to retain their privacy when utilizing messaging apps.

In addition to its security safeguards, Threema provides its users with various other capabilities, including group chats, audio talks, sharing files, and more. 

You may check that the people in your contact list are who they claim to be by using the QR code verification feature of the app. 

Moreover, the “secure” part of the app enables you to hide private conversations behind a PIN, fingerprint, or other form of authentication. 

There are a lot of different messaging apps available in India, but your best pick is going to be Threema because it is reliable and safe.

  • Telegram

Website: https://web.telegram.org/k/    

Telegram is a telephone service that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) and an instant messaging platform hosted in the cloud. 

Client software is readily accessible for a diverse selection of operating systems. Users can send and receive media in images, videos, stickers, and audio files with one.

The code for the Telegram client is made available as open source and can be downloaded for free. 

This indicates that the service’s application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for third-party software developers. 

When March 2018 rolled around, 200 million users were using the messaging app Telegram. When messages and attachments are kept on Telegram’s servers, they are all encrypted, including the encryption of the attachments. 

Also, the data that is encrypted while being transferred between the client and the server is encrypted.

This service encrypts phone calls completely, starting with the dialing of the number and continuing all the way through the conversation. 

Conversations between users can be “private” and encrypted throughout the endpoints, but users cannot hold encrypted chats in channels or groups. Telegram is a part of my best privacy tools list.

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  • ShareChat 

Website: https://sharechat.com/  

The most popular messaging app in India is called ShareChat. It allows its users to have meaningful conversations with new people and record personal comments on a platform that they can share with one another. 

Even though the application may be downloaded for free, the next phase of ShareChat’s growth will improve the service’s monetization tactics to benefit users and investors. This will be done for the mutual advantage of both groups.

The cash generated from advertisements is vital for the app’s developers to continue their work. The organization aims to act as a conduit between content creators and corporations to ease the production of localized language marketing activities. 

You’ll be fine introducing yourself to new individuals using its chat rooms. You are not limited to simply uploading content; you can also download entertaining files.

  • Line

Website: https://line.me/en/

The line is a messaging app compatible with various platforms, including mobile devices and personal computers. 

Users of Line have access to free online video conferencing, which can be used for sending and receiving text messages, photographs, and videos. The line also allows users to send and receive voice messages.

It’s one of India’s most popular instant messaging and social networking apps, making it one of the most commonly used apps overall. 

As many as 200 persons can take part in a chat simultaneously. Using the Poll function of the app, you and the people you care about can cast your vote on the location that you consider to be the greatest for hanging out and eating food. 

Also, the most recent happenings in sports and the news can be found there.

  • Google Hangouts

Website: https://mail.google.com/chat/u/0/

Hangouts Chat is a product of Google, for which you should express gratitude. It’s a brilliant and safe way for teams to communicate, and it’s become one of India’s most popular chatting apps. 

You may hold group chats, video calls, voice conversations, and more with Google Hangouts. Hangouts also has additional features. 

You can exchange everything from images and movies to stickers, GIFs, and maps with one another on this platform. 

As many as 150 people can participate in a conversation simultaneously. It has quickly become the platform of choice for messaging among Indian professionals in the corporate world.

The program was developed to supply teams with a dynamic platform for reliable and uncomplicated communication. 

You do not need a phone number to function in this world. To begin utilizing Hangouts, an integrated platform that streamlines and enhances communication inside teams, you only need to connect with your Gmail account.

  • Kik

Website: https://kik.com/  

Kik is a cross-platform instant messaging application that was developed in Canada. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, amongst other operating systems. 

The mobile device can communicate a variety of visual communications, such as photographs, movies, web pages, drawings, and so on, with the assistance of an internet connection that it has.

Signing up for a Kik account does not require the user to reveal any personally identifying information, such as a phone number. 

As a result, the user’s ability to remain anonymous is preserved. Kik is currently considered one of India’s most widely used chat apps. 

In addition, it features a web browser that is already pre-installed and may be utilized for various reasons. In addition, you can have confidential chats with up to fifty different persons at the same time, all while remaining anonymous.

  • Signal

Website: https://signal.org/en/  

Signal Messenger, an innovative messaging tool that prioritizes the privacy of its users, also has a strong reputation in India. 

This software lets users make phone calls, send texts, and transfer photographs. In addition, there is a fundamental picture editor, a night mode, and various other settings to choose from. 

Since 2021, when WhatsApp experienced some difficulties with its privacy standards, Signal has witnessed an increase in users, and it is a fantastic alternative if you need privacy. If you want to avoid being tracked, you should use Signal.

Undoubtedly, the fact that the content of your communications is encrypted is a significant additional layer of protection. 

It is possible to make a message disappear from the recipient’s inbox at the end of a particular period the user specifies. 

Signal also only collects limited personal information from its customers on a very infrequent basis. Your phone number is the only information gathered by the program. 

The developers are hard at developing a method to keep it secret even when using Signal, which is made possible via encrypted contact.


  • Discord

Website: https://discord.com/  

Without a shadow of a doubt, Discord is among the best voice and text chat programs for gamers. 

It is cross-platform, meaning it works on a wide variety of devices and operating systems, and it even has a web client for those that don’t. 

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In addition to voice chat and group texting, the software allows users to send and receive GIFs.

Anyone can host their own servers or connect to those hosted by others. Video games are its primary audience. 

But, it is also used by users who value its superior organizational features and above-average voice chat functionality. 

No one has to pay anything to make use of the service. Conversely, the Discord Nitro membership gives you some purely aesthetic benefits.

  • Hike

Website: https://www.hike.in/

One of India’s most popular messaging applications is Hike, which has been translated into 40 different Indian languages. 

Almost two thousand stickers have been applied on its surface. In addition, ideas for stickers will be offered to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend typing. 

The Hike is a multifunctional software that allows users to communicate with one another and gives them access to the most recent news in the fields of business and finance, as well as live cricket score updates. 

This software allows you to design your own emojis, called HikeMojis, to express yourself uniquely. This is one of the many cutting-edge innovations to the software.

Hike protects its users’ personal information and online activities using encryption with RSA 2048-bit and AES 128-bit keys. 

Hike says more than 100 million users are on the Indian subcontinent. Because the polls section is based on evaluations provided by different hiking users, you can choose the best location to dine or shop along the hiking trail.

  • Skype

Website: https://www.skype.com/en/

In India, as in the rest of the globe, one of the most well-known instant messaging systems is Skype. It allows you to have chats through text, video, or audio. 

You can utilize it. You can even make calls to regular phone numbers for a cost that is not overly expensive. 

In addition to its extensive compatibility across several platforms, its support for a wide range of chat applications, and its support for a variety of file formats, it also supports the vast majority of commonly used file types, such as documents, GIFs, and others.

Those who enjoy using Skype but don’t require all of the features that the full version offers can download the free Lite version of the program. Microsoft is the owner of the VoIP service known as Skype. 

The software’s organization and features have made it a well-liked option for conducting interviews. These characteristics include the capacity to send and receive emails and business communications. 

On your mobile device, you will be able to receive, read, and answer text messages via the app, and you will also be able to participate in group conversations.

  • GroupMe

Website: https://groupme.com/en-US/

Microsoft is the company running the mobile group messaging service known as GroupMe. 

Installing the GroupMe app, going to the website, and registering with your name, phone number, and password are the steps you need to take to participate in a GroupMe chat. 

You can also log in to your existing account through Facebook or Twitter by using the credentials associated with those accounts.

After that, the service will sync with the user’s contacts, enabling the user to establish groups with a maximum of 500 members each. 

This program restricts the ability to disable app alerts to dynamic group members. Even though they won’t be notified that the communication has arrived, they will nonetheless receive it.

Every classification has a specific name and number associated with it. Users of the software can create and share their material, including images, videos, and locations, as well as share the media they have already created with other users.


  • Viber 

Website:  https://www.viber.com/

Viber is used by over one billion people worldwide, and it has all of the bells and whistles you could want in a messaging app. 

The messaging and calling app Viber also supports voice and video calls so that you can communicate with friends and family in real-time. 

The instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service known as Viber was developed by the company known as Viber Media.

This application is available on all major mobile platforms; however, before it can be utilized on a desktop or laptop computer, it must first be downloaded to one of the supported mobile devices. 

Viber’s meteoric rise to prominence could be attributed to the fact that it is superior to Skype in terms of both ease of use and speed of telephony. 

Another thing that sets it apart from similar products is that it performs consistently well regardless of how quickly the user is connected to the internet via their mobile device.

  • JioChat

Playstore Links: android-support

JioChat is a project of the multinational Reliance Industries Limited. One of India’s most popular Best Indian Messaging Apps, it has seen rapid user growth in recent years. 

Several language options are provided. Users can send not just text but also audio and video files. Users of the IM service can also get the latest scoop on entertainment, media, and sports.

Emoticons, emojis, voice chat, and video conferencing are some of the other capabilities of the program. 

While connected to Jio’s 4G Volte network, performance is top-notch. Its functionality and performance are vastly superior to those of other international chat apps currently available. 

You can make high-quality voice and video calls with your Jio phone, and the app comes pre-installed as the default messaging app when you buy a Jio sim card.

  • Glide

Playstore Link: android-support 

The Glide talking software enables users to communicate analogous to what a video walkie-talkie would accomplish in real-time. 

Users don’t need to upload videos to Best Indian Messaging Apps to share them with others. The Glide program ensures that the video is transmitted to the messenger at the same time that it is being shot, hence allowing for actual video discussions to take place.

Submitting a video recording created by the individual seen in the video is always an option. Viewers can stop by whenever it’s convenient and offer their feedback anytime. 

Using the Glide app, you can take advantage of all the benefits of participating in a video conference. Technology tools cannot replace the significance of direct engagement with other humans.

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  • Snapchat

Website:  https://www.snapchat.com

Unlike other Best Indian Messaging Apps, Snapchat is widely used and is a clear favorite among Indian users. 

It enables various communication methods, such as voice calls, video chats, image messages, and text messages. After being viewed, the service deletes all text and photos sent and received. 

This indicates that any discussion of history outside of the framework of a streak counter is strictly forbidden.

“Stories” is the name of the new update recently added to Snapchat. Individuals can now provide their followers with updates that contain more metaphorical messages. 

They vanished in a single day. Also, the program acts as a channel via which monetary transactions can be completed in several different nations. 

It comes with a feature known as Snap Streak, which allows you to send snaps to your friends daily and rack up points. Because of this, it has garnered an extraordinary amount of support from members of the younger generation.

  • Slack

Website:  https://slack.com

Slack is a fantastic and helpful app for groups of people working together. You will also be able to preserve all of the information about your project in a single, easy-to-access location, start and participate in group discussions, share and work on a range of different types of media, and more. 

In addition, you may use it to have phone chats and video calls and send and receive texts with other people. 

It is free to use for individuals or smaller groups. Still, there is an option to purchase a paid commercial subscription if you anticipate frequently hosting a gathering of a more significant number of people.

Look at the alternatives we propose if you need a communication platform that includes certain productivity features as Slack offers and if you’re interested in finding one.

  • Messenger

Website:  https://www.messenger.com/

Messenger, also known as Facebook Messenger, is a leading instant messaging program that can be used on any device with either the iOS or Android operating system or a web browser. 

Facebook Messenger is a messaging application first made available for Android-based handsets in 2008. 

The company modernized its messaging system in the year 2010. Additionally, during its history, Facebook has developed a large number of apps that are compatible with various other mobile operating systems. 

These apps include the iOS app, the Android app, and many others. Users can now use a split web interface or download a standalone app due to the introduction of a Messenger.com website that holds the messaging functionality previously only available in the main Facebook app. 

Users can communicate through text messages and exchange various material forms, such as images, videos, stickers, and audio files. In addition, they can communicate with other individuals and robots by responding to the messages they receive.

Using this service, you can communicate using your ears or eyes. Standalone applications allow it to utilize several accounts, encrypted chats, and other features.

  • WhatsApp

Website: https://www.whatsapp.com/

A tremendous affirmation of the affirmative to this point! Most people in India now use WhatsApp as their primary internet communication method

Users can share various communication tools, including text messages, photographs, videos, and documents, using internet connections on their mobile devices. 

The primary use for Whatsapp was initially as an instant messaging service; however, the addition of voice and video calling capabilities has significantly broadened the app’s scope of application.

Almost 200 million people are already utilizing this service in India. This app gives you access to your phone number and contact list, which you can view on your device. 

It recently added the capacity to send payments to anyone in your contact book, a convenient feature. The conversations in WhatsApp are encrypted, adding an additional layer of safety to these conversations.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Which chat app is most used in India?

WhatsApp is the most used chat app in India.

  • Which is the 1 chatting app?

WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app, with over 1.6 billion monthly active users.

  • Is there any free chat app in India?

There are many free chat apps in India, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more.

  • Which is the best free chatting app in India?

There are many free chatting apps in India, but the best is WhatsApp. It has a vast user base in the country and offers a wide range of features, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a chat app.

  • What are the Indian WhatsApp alternatives?

There are many free WhatsApp alternatives in India, including Messenger, Telegram, Hike, Skype, Google Chat, Signal, and more.


This dynamic list is subject to change but includes virtually all of India’s essential messaging services.

Yet, several apps would remain on the list and prevail for a considerable time because of their strong user dependency and the gradual introduction of new features to maintain the user experience fluid.

Although they are currently at the top of the charts, apps like WhatsApp still need to go before the general public widely uses them. 

As a result of this, however, both the level of popularity and the quality of the user experience have constantly been evolving for the better as new services have been introduced regularly.

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