10 Best Games like MapleStory


We come across side scrolling games like MapleStory very less these days and the reason is very obvious that high definition, elaborated action games have took over the market. However, if you are still a fan of such MMORPGs with these traits then you have arrived on a great platform today.

10 Best Games like MapleStory

This is the time to remember some games which we have forgotten long ago. I am sure you would love to play these RPGs with slight twist of plots and perspectives. Interestingly, almost all these games are free to play and am sure that is like a big relief for the gamers out there.

1. Lineage

Website: http://www.lineage.com.hk/

LineageThe first game in the list of games like Maplestory is Lineage which is a Korean game. This is a type of MMORPG set in the theme of medieval fantasy. This is the first and most popular game of Lineage series which is developed and published by NCSOFT.

You are going to find 2D graphics in the game and before the game starts, the player is supposed to choose his role from the given seven classes.

Despite being released in 1998, the game is quite interesting and amazing in terms of visuals and settings. There are classes like elf, prince, magician etc. The objective of this game includes laying taxes on people and collecting it through Castle.

There are recurring RPG elements too like killing monsters and fighting evil. The game is way more advanced than Maplestory itself and the mere elements like Bloodpledge and PvsP combat makes it even more fun to play. Shot from third person perspective and overhead graphics, you can compare it with games like Diablo II and Ultima Online.

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2. Mabinogi

Website: http://mabinogi.nexon.net/

MabinogiA Korean MMORPG and developed by devCAT, Mabinogi is set on the theme of adventure and fantasy. The theme of the game resembles to that to Irish mythology and it was released in 2004. For the people who love to discover something new in a game they would be glad to know that Mabinogi is always updated timely and some new adventures are added to it.

This game makes a wonderful option for the list of games like MapleStory and good thing is that it is also a free to play game with additional subscription packages too.

Now, talking about the gameplay then you are not supposed to indulge in classes as there are various skills and combos available. Player has quite the liberty to customize various aspects like age, skills, abilities, appearance etc. to make a character.

Apart from continuous combat, the player needs to involve in social activities too and earn Ability Points throughout the game. I love the fact that in Maplestory like games player has great choice to build its character which largely affects the further gameplay.

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3. Elsword Online

Website: https://elsword.koggames.com/

The next one to complement this list of games like Maplestory is Elsword Online. I am sure many people would have played this game earlier as it is quite a popular name. This is a 2.5D side-scrolling MMORPG which is one of the most similar game to Maplestory in terms of theme and genre.

It is a free to play game which is set on the genre of fighting and action with the RPG element. The game has quite manga influence so you are gonna get the feel that you are playing a comic game.

As a player, you are going to take up the role of Elsword in the game who is set out on an adventure with his friends. There are various characters available with customization features. You have the option of either starting solo or in group.

Throughout the game, you need to indulge in combat and battle things which justify its similarity to Maplestory a lot.

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4. Eden Eternal

Website: http://edeneternal.aeriagames.com/

Eden EternalEden Eternal is also known as Finding Neverland Online/ Eternal Atlas which is developed by X-Legend and released in 2010. This is a free to play anime style MMORPG and the anime characters are something which makes it slightly different from the rest of the games like MapleStory.

Like most of the games enlisted here, you are supposed to choose the character from various classes available like Zumi, Human, Ursun, Anuran and Halfkin.

Apart from these ones, you can further unlock other classes too. The player needs to keep on proceeding further in order to increase its level which directly reflects upon new level unlocks and skills too. The game starts with player being trapped in blue crystal and having no memory of past life.

Throughout the game, player is supposed to find clues about his/her existence and past life. Of course, there are timely troubles where combat is used. The game has so many things to offer that it would not be wrong to call it one of the best alternative Maplestory games listed here.

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5. Dragonica

Website: https://dragonica.online/

DragonicaDragonica is a Korean MMORPG which is also known as Dragon Saga and released in 2009. The game is developed by Gravity Interactive and it is a free to play side scrolling game which is set in the 3D environment.

Being a wonderful option for the list of games like Maplestory, the game also uses some paid features which are about character customization and modifications.

The plot of this game is set in the continents of El Grego and Angrakka where in the current scenario the dragon leader is about to set free and attack humans. In such case, player controls the character who needs to fight against these dark powers.

There are total 75 levels of this game each one being more difficult than the earlier one. The combat is just amazing which works in the real-time and gives an amazing feel to the player. There are six classes of character and player needs to choose one before the game starts.

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6. Dungeon Fighter Online

Website: http://www.dfoneople.com/

Dungeon Fighter OnlineA multiplayer beat them up kind of theme that Dungeon Fighter Online has, it distinguishes itself from other games like MapleStory clearly. It is developed and published by Neople and released in 2005. DFO is set on the theme of action and MMORPG.

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The main reason that it typically matches with the genre of MapleStory is because it is also a side-scrolling 2D perspective game with hack and slash elements involved.

There are no classes of character and you choose them on the basis of skills and abilities. Throughout the game, the player needs to take care of HP meter and MP meter which are for immunity and skills respectively. The gaming world has quite variation and player has choices of choosing between eight directions, each one leading to different gameplay.

Talking about the skills and weapons used in the game then player has great options available for it. Player can choose them manually from the options like Blade master, sword draw etc. DFO incorporates the use of Keyboard a lot so you are going to find it a bit annoying in the start to remember all the keys.

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7. Ragnarok Online


Ragnarok OnlineRagnarok Online is a Korean game developed by Gravity and released in 2002. The game is also called The Final Destiny of the Gods. Of course, just the way other games like MapleStory are, Ragnarok Online also includes the essence of MMORPG.

The game gives quite a realistic feel to the player as the environment keeps on changing with the passage of time. The RPG element is low but gaming world is quite large which kind of compensate everything.

There are various gaming modes like Player VS Environment, Player VS Player and Guild VS Guild too. There are sub modes too like players vs monster, arena combat etc. So, mainly the game focuses on too much of combat rather than interaction and exploration.

The game is divided into various map which depicts different quests. Player is going to face various monsters and evil people throughout the time. If player want then he can transpose from one map to another too. The variations are quite high which kind of help in keeping the pace and entertainment throughout the game.

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8. Tree of Savior

Website: https://treeofsavior.com/

Tree of SaviorDeveloped by IMC Games and published by popular Korean company Nexon, Tree of Savior is a free to play MMORPG. The game was released in 2016 and based on the theme of Lithuanian Culture and old mythological aspects.

ToS is one of the best alternative games like Maplestory in this list which is considered as the spiritual successor of famous game Ragnarok Online.

The main events of the game takes place in the City of Klaipedia and there are other parts of this world too. There are two modes of the game which are PvP and Guild System. Before the game proceeds further the player needs to choose between several classes to determine the character which also affects its skills too.

Rest of the things are quite similar to the other games like MapleStory which are arranged in some story like structure. You can unlock more essence, elements and classes of the game by proceeding further in it. I still found the game less versatile and less entertaining than other ones enlisted here.

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9. Lost Saga

Website: http://lostsaga.z8games.com/

Lost SagaThis time I am mentioning one such games like MapleStory which is the only one in 3D perspective and also free to play too. The game is developed by I. O. Entertainment and released in 2009. This is a fighting game which also includes the essence of MMOPRG in it like the rest of the games.

The game is different in its approach and does not reveals all its cards at once. This means as you move forward, you tend to unlock new things in the game.

Lost Saga is set in the military theme and player is supposed to gain military ranks as they achieve things in the game. This also increases their skills and new mercenaries too. Entire game is divided in some quests which keeps the essence of finding something new alive.

Talking about the RPG feature then player has the liberty to customize mercenary’s appearance and skills easily. In this game too, combat leads other modes and there are four styles available too which are ranged, magic, special and melee.

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10. Vindictus

Website: http://vindictus.nexon.net/

VindictusThe last RPG in this series of games like MapleStory is Vindictus. Based on the theme of online action and MMOPRG it is developed by DevCAT and released in 2010. This is a free to play game just like MapleStory and is a prequel to Mabinogi game which I have already mentioned above.

The plot of this game is similar to Mabinogi but set some hundred years prior to it. Although it is free but through in-game currency you can make various purchases in the game.

So, when the game starts, the player is supposed to choose its character from twelve classes given and each differs on the basis of skills and abilities. The game is especially designed from the perspective of combat mode and hence you are going to see the dominance of this element throughout the game.

There is no particular aim or object of this game and player is going to fight with the evil forces as they come. The theme remains focuses to dark and edgy dungeons types like most of the MapleStory alternative games enlisted here.

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These games like MapleStory which I mentioned here are not necessarily side scrolling. Some of them do not necessarily proceed in left to right manner and opt for different perspectives too. I am sure you would like this twist of course and the amazing storyline of these games would entertain you completely.

If you have some better alternatives to such games then you are always welcome to share your ideas with other people. For all those going gaga over such games, this is the time to celebrate this mode of gaming entertainment once again.

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