10 Best Apps like LetGo


The online buying and selling market has taken a whole new level and all thanks to Apps like LetGo for this. Do you know, there are more apps which works amazingly in the field of online classifieds posting and buying-selling works.

10 Best Apps like LetGo

It’s time to get rid of something that you haven’t used in a while and also make good money in return. This section is dedicated to such apps which are going to help you out in the same. In the list compiled below, I have provided the best options that you can try out to sell your useless items and finally make a room for something you really need.

1. 5miles

Download App: Android, iOS

5milesThe first option that we have in this list of apps like LetGo is 5miles. To be true, I found this app very amazing in the functioning and the features offered are also quite supportive to make your ad visible and noticeable to other people.

5miles is just like its name which means it searches the local buyers or sellers which are interested in your product so that your local market can turn out just in your hands.

As it says, it works around the 5 miles area of yours and works like a mini local marketplace for you. So, to get started, you enable your GPS tracker and by tracking your location it starts displaying ads which are reachable to you according to your area.

In fact, it is so simple to post ads on this platform too. There are no commissions or platform charges and you can use this app for absolutely free. Some of the features that you are going to see on this app are security, best deals, user reviews on products, verification process, online payment gateways and much more.

2. Carousell

Download App: Android, iOS

Carousell is the next option that I want to include as LetGo apps alternative. The thing which is going to attract you the most about this app, Carousell is that it is quite diverse. I mean when you will take a look at its categories then it seems quite promising to list out even absurd or rare items too.

I would strongly recommend this app to students or people running on low budget because you can literally buy things for even $5 here. There are also some in-app purchases available through which you can boost your post and make it visible to more people.

Now, talking about the various categories of products available on this app then they are plenty. Some of these classifications are bikes, beauty products, books, art collection, antique and rare items, fashion stuff, clothes, cars and other automobiles and many more.

The interface is quite simple and so is the ad posting process here. Carousell is a very useful option in the list of apps like LetGo here and you would surely love to use it for buying and selling your products online.

3. Listia

Download App: Android, iOS

There are like millions of users around the world who believe in the policies and services offered by Listia for buying and selling stuff online. I think you should also join them as Listia is not only one of the most popular but also most reliable apps like LetGo in this list.

As they claim, there have been more than a billion items sold and purchased through Listia till date which clearly shows its great functioning.

Now, talking about the various categories of products available on this site then there is a huge list of it. You can check out stuff like electronics, toys, gadgets, clothing, books, coin collections, games, gift cards and many more.

The simple interface and various other features makes Listia a popular and reliable option on this list. It even has the policy of credit points and reward store which you get with continuous accessing of this app. Well, moreover, I think it’s a great place to save yourself from the hustle of market and trade just by sitting on your couch.

4. Mercari

Download App: Android, iOS

Let me tell you already that amongst all the apps like LetGo listed here, you are going to love Mercari the most if you are a big fashion freak. This is because the app mainly deals with fashion stuff. So, girls this is your next fashion heaven I guess!

From clothing to some really trendy and cool accessories you are going to get it all here and that too on such a low prices that you would not be able to resist yourself.

You can easily create a post/ad about the stuff you want to sell and check out the local ads on your feed. Different fashion stuff like handbags, shoes, boots, clothes, accessories and other stuff, you can easily buy and sell these things on Mercari.

Some of the features of Mercari that you should know are quick uploads, brands discovery, protection on buying and selling stuff, create your own shopping label, instant updating and many more. You can chat with people who are interested in your stuff or whose stuff you want to buy and it all gets too simple then.

5. imSold

Download App: Android, iOS

imSoldimSold is a free to use and fully features mobile marketplace which functions just like the renowned apps like LetGo in this list. But the thing that makes this app better than other is that you can not only buy pre-used items but also the brand new.

So, this makes imSold a local marketplace as well as online shopping app too. Bargain, chat with owner and get the item you like in your hands within just hours.

Once you get yourself registered on this app then it is all too simple to use. You just need to check your feed or go through the categories to find random or selected stuff. Tap on the option of Chat to Buy and then if everything goes well then you will be able to buy your desired stuff easily.

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There are no fees and commissions and the app is absolutely free to use. imSold is way more bigger than you think and even allows you to set up your own online store too. It is quick, effective and quite smart to use too.

6. Spoyl

Download App: Android, iOS

SpoylThere are so many apps like LetGo and OfferUp on the internet right now and the next one in this category is Spoyl. The policy of Spoyl is to make anyone a seller through giving off the stuff they don’t like or don’t use and making money in return of them.

There are various stuff which can be bought or sold through Spoyl like mobiles, books, bags, shoes, beauty products, accessories, furniture, gifting items, kids stuff and much more.

It does not even take a minute to post an ad on Spoyl and through its 100% platform you can easily trade without the worry of commissions or hidden in-app purchases. Not only locally, but Spoyl allows you to trade in other places too but you would have to chip-in in the shipping charges then.

Some interesting features which can be discovered through Spoyl are local and national trading, simple platform and free to use, organized main feed, price based collection, safe to use and of course quite smarter than most of the apps like LetGo in this list.

7. Gumtree

Download App: Android, iOS

GumtreeI found Gumtree quite advanced and better than most of the apps like LetGo listed here. This is something which is way more than buying or selling online and offers the services which most of the apps listed here lacks.

Most importantly, this is a free to use platform which not only avails local stuff for your but also provides you information about the jobs around you to.

you can relate it to Craigslist in many ways and it is quite efficient in its work too. There are like tons of products available on Gumtree for selling like furniture, clothes, automobiles, electronics, kids items and many more. In fact, you can even find the property for sale around you too.

Gumtree is quite organized and there are so many filters available which will help you to refine your search further to find that perfect product for you.

8. Shoutit

Download App: Android, iOS

Shoutit-appThe next one amongst the list of apps like LetGo is ShoutIt. The app is just like its name and gives a shout out to the product posted by you and attract the users towards it who are seriously interested in buying it.

The app is designed in a way that you are supposed to chat with your potential buyers and sellers to trade the stuff you don’t want anymore.

There are so many options for your trading on this app like designer clothes, cars, hotel deals, apartments, baby items, electronics, fashion stuff and many more. In fact, you can even discover the jobs around you through this app easily.

You can even video call your client through this app easily and it also incorporate the policy of earning credit points when you refer this app to someone. This is a free to use app which is quite effective for buying and selling stuffs locally.

9. VarageSale

Download App: Android, iOS

VarageSaleVarage Sale or Virtual Garage Sale is a really popular platform which is used for buying and selling stuff in your local area. This is perfect to be called one of the apps like LetGo as their prime focus remains the same and there are lots of features which are common between them.

What is going to make you rely on it more is that VarageSale uses Facebook accounts of users for verification process so that each time you are talking to potential buyers and sellers, you should have the idea of their identity and whereabouts.

The next thing after registration is simple which is to start the buying/selling. On the homepage you are going to see the local feed generated according to your area which are divided into various categories.

Some of the categories available on this platform are electronics, household items, clothes, jewelry, furniture, shoes and many more. It can literally provide you used stuff on very low prices plus you can also negotiate with the seller further if you want. It is just like shopping with local vendors but in a much hassle free way.

10. Fastsell

Download App: Android, iOS

The last option for the apps like LetGo in this list is Fastsell. It is a completely free to use app which has a great functioning just like any other app in this list and the capability to provide a marketplace on your fingertips.

The app works like its name and help you to sell things in a really fast, secure and great way. Apart from getting rid of the unused stuff, you can also earn some buck on them too.

The categories you can browse on Fastsell are kids stuff, home décor, movies, fashion items, accessories, electronics, automobiles and many more. You just need to pick the stuff you like, chat with the owner about the price and negotiate about it and then meet to buy it finally. It is that simple.

Fastsell definitely make one amazing option for the list of LetGo alternative apps and I think it is quite affordable to buy items from it as they are mildly used but quality wise excel.


I don’t think you would ever get such an option where without even charging any sort of commissions or selling charges, you get to post online classified for absolutely free. These apps like LetGo are the best example and mostly suitable for those people who want to start a small business for them.

It will take you just some minutes to post your online ad along with its picture and description and the interested people can automatically contact you afterward. This is the simplest aid technology could do to us and I think we should definitely use it to make our life better and of course less clumsy.

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