10 Free Movie Apps for Android


Being a great movie lover comes with great responsibility and to ease them a bit, I am listing free movie apps for android in this list here. Of course, you want something handy in your phone rather than relying on those websites which you need to check timely for updates.

But the case with android apps is a bit different because of the utmost ease of accessing it.

10 Free Movie Apps for Android

This is the reason I am listing some great simple yet perfect apps through which you can watch millions of movies and that too on your smartphone only. Check the list right below!

1). Flipps HD

Download App: Android

The first mention in this list of free movie apps for android is Flipps HD. There is a big possibility that you must have been using this app right now for watching your favorite movies in a great quality on this android application. If you haven’t heard about it then this section will reveal all the information to you.

Flipps HD is not only capable to let the viewers watch online movies on it but also news, music videos, TV etc. on this platform too.

Flipps HD Android app also offers you optional connection facility to your TV too. This means just connect your phone to the TV and enjoy using the app on your television and watch your favorite movies on a bigger and better platform.

The primary features of this app come with free of cost subscription but for more services, you would have to buy the in-app purchase offer in this app. The movie has a great interface and lots of options through which you can pick your desired media file. This makes it the perfect option to be included on the first position of this list of free movie apps for android.

2). Free Movies

Download App: Android

The name of this application is enough to let you know that what I am talking about here. Free movies make one of the perfect free movie apps for android in this list. The app connects you to a mass database of thousands of movie just through the platform of your smartphone.

Be it your smartphone, tablet or your computer, you can watch the movies for free through this android application on any of these platforms.

You get to see the movies through the genres available on the app. These options of genres that you are getting are horror, crime, romance, comedy, history, drama, thriller etc. Thankfully there is no in-app purchase in this application and hence whatever features are associated with it, you are getting it all for free of cost.

This makes it one of the best free movie apps in this list with so much of advantages. There is one more thing that you should know about the fact that you are not supposed to download an additional flash player for this app as it has a built-in player for watching the videos on it.

3). Tubi TV

Download App: Android

Tubi TV is an amazing application available for Android users which makes the perfect option in the list of free movie apps for android. This is the kind of app which not only focuses upon movies only but feature lots of TV shows on its platform as well.

This makes it even more popular than the rest of the applications in this list. Another great thing about this app is that you can watch shows and movies in HD quality through it.

And thanks to them being so modest that unlike Netflix, you are not supposed to pay anything here for watching your favorite movies for like hours. What may seem like a simple app is actually way more than that. And the great part is that you get to see new database addition every single week.

This means you would not be leaving any of the recently released movies as you will be getting them all on this platform of Tubi TV. This is one of those free movie apps on Android which also supports other platforms like Xbox, Roku, Chromecast or smart TVs too.

4). HD Movies Now

Download App: Android

The entertainment is not going to end pretty soon because there is one more app in this list of free movie apps for android which won’t let you sleep without watching movies on it every day. HD Movies Now is just like its name and allows you watch HD movies every day on it.

The great quality of the videos available on this app might be the sure shot reason that it has got millions of downloads till date.

Do you know that HD Movies now also allows you to download the movies too? Well, it seems like this application has not left any stone unturned to come up with the best features to attract more and more users every single second. Apart from the movies, you get to see TV shows, trailers, wallpapers on this platform too.

This app also features multilingual movies which means it has something to offer to each of its users across the world. Apart from HD quality, you can watch and download movies in whichever quality you want, making it one of the best movie apps ever.

5). iflix

Download App: Android

Looking for an app which promises non-stop entertainment in the form of some amazing movies then Netflix can be the perfect choice for you. This android application not only offers some of the best movies but also features award-winning TV shows on their platform too.

This means with one download you are getting movies as well as TV shows too. This sounds like you are never going to leave your phone from now on.

iflix comes under one of those few free movie apps for android which not only allows you to stream movies and other media files but also allows you to download them too. However, there are different charges for such additional features on this app.

Other features which you can avail with the help of iflix are streaming on two devices at the same time, no ads, no contract, regular updates, etc. This is the perfect entertainment source for every movie buff and I am very sure that you would love to watch movies on this app.

6). Big Star Movies

Download App: Android

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The next big thing in this section of free movie apps for android is Big Star Movies. Well, let me tell you already that this app is not about typical Hollywood movies and rather focuses on exceptional award-winning movies from around the world only.

So, if you are someone who is addicted to only Hollywood movies then this app is of no use for you. Still, if you are looking for something new and experimenting then you must give a try to this app.

The type of movies that you will get to see on this platform is independent movies, award-winning flicks, film festival winners, documentaries, short movies etc. This means the app features the quality gems of the cinema under one roof.

The app is free of cost for simple accessing. But if you want to check out the complete features and full collection then you would have to opt for the paid subscription which is going to cost $4.99 for you. I think that is also not a bad deal to watch free movie apps for android.

7). Box TV Free Full Movies Online

Download App: Android

This is a very popular app and there is no doubt that at one time you must have already used it. If you think the app is not good enough then reconsider your decision again. The app features everyday updates about its database and services which is a huge plus point of using it.

I would suggest you, use it for some time and then decide it on your own whether it is good enough or not.

Being one of the most used app, I decided to include it in the list of free movie apps for android. The initial usage of this app is absolutely free of cost. Of course, there are some add-ons which give you additional features, but all of them are paid services.

For a start, I think the free subscription is good to choose. It offers thousands of free hours of watching your favorite movies on this app. Trust me, when you are using Box TV, entertainment is surely guaranteed and hence it makes the perfect addition in the list of free movies apps for android.

8). Popcorn Pro

Download App: Android

Popcorn Pro is another successor to lead the list of free movie apps for android. This app is not only about movies but also about TV shows, news, upcoming movies, entire movie casts etc. This means you can consider this app to be one encyclopedia of the movie world.

The app has various options which make its interface quite easy. This is the reason you would not feel any hassle while operating it.

If you are looking for some great movies apps like Showbox, then this can be the perfect option for you. It has various genres through which you can choose your desired movies. The library is quite vast so that you would not feel bored anytime.

You can also create your personal list on this app through which you can directly watch your favorite shows and movies on it. This means it saves a lot of your time in searching for the same thing again and again.

9). Watch Free Movies HD

Download App: Android

The name of such free movie apps for Android indicates two things which are to watch free movies online and that too in HD quality. This is like a bonus to install this app and watching movies on it and that too for absolutely free of cost.

The app contains a variety of genres like adventure, horror, comedy, romantic, action, drama etc. which makes it even simpler to access this platform.

There are various other features of this app which makes it lovable to most of the users. Thankfully there are no paid subscriptions on this app and you can access all the features without even paying a penny on it.

The app does not support downloading like the other apps in this list of free movie apps for android. But I think that is not a big deal as you just want to watch it all on online only. Immediately download this app and start watching movies on it right away.

10). Watch Movies Online

Download App: Android

The last one in this list of free movie apps for android is Watch Movies Online. “Watch Movies Online” name of this app says everything about it. The app is specially intended to watch your favorite movies online only through this great source.

Watch Movies Online contains a database of more than 30,000 movies on it and apart from it, you are also getting to watch TV shows on it too.

You do not even have to sign up on this app to start watching movies. Just simply download it and get to watch thousands of movies right away. Without downloading and wasting a lot of your storage space, you can directly watch lots of movies on this app.

Some of the genres available on this app are action, comedy, biography, crime, family, horror, animation, drama etc. You can choose whichever you want and start watching the relevant movies afterwards.

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Of course, there are more, free movie apps for Android which you can use apart from the ones that I have listed above here. This is not necessary that all the apps comes with free subscription only. Some of the apps also offer a paid subscription with better features and services.

You can pick whatever you want as all of them are basically free to download. And it won’t cost you anything to download them and use them for a while. Wishing you a happy movie streaming through these amazing apps that I have listed here.

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