10 Best Apps like Zombies Run


If fun and fitness shakes hand you can see the result in form of apps like Zombies Run. This is basically a kind of game which is quite like Pokemon Go only the plot and storyline is kind of different. You need to put on your headphone and groaning sound of zombies running behind you will be heard.

10 Best Apps like Zombies Run

Now, you need to run as far as you can in order to save yourself as well as to win in this game too. Such cardio games make the running process so fun and entertaining that you would not even realize that you have been running from quite some time. If you want to discover more such apps then you can check out the section given below.

1. Pokemon GO

Download App: Android, iOS

Pokemon GOI hope I don’t need to brag much about this app as everyone already knows everything about that how insanely addictive this game/app is. Being one of the largest platform for fun cardio, Pokemon GO tracks your real-time location to provide ongoing databases which finally connects you with augmented reality situation.

Of course, there were reports of it being a hazardous addiction and that there were news of people being involved in accidents because of too much involvement.

If you use it smartly then you can actually get some great cardio through it. According to this app, there are pokemons available in throughout the world and you need to catch them by walking in real life and that real-time location will be fetched by GPS tracker of the app.

Now, this directly results in walking for hours and catching pokemons as well as having some great walking time too. This fun app allows you to engross in it completely that you completely forget about how much you have walked throughout the day. One of the best apps like Zombies Run that you are going to find.

2. BitGym

Download App: Android, iOS

BitGymThe second option for this list of apps like Zombies Run is BitGym. This is an app which is especially for making the cardio activities fun while you are on some cardio machine let’s say treadmill. Many times it seems so boring to just walk/run on machine but now you can completely transform your experience with BitGym.

All you have to do is just put your phone on the machine with front camera on and it is going to track your speed instantly.

Now, you can choose whatever tour or adventure you want and you are going to enter the augmented reality version then which gives quite a realistic feel to the user. Apart from Treadmill, you can use it on any cardio machine and even on bikes too.

BitGym is one of the best apps for android in the current times which is adequate enough to boost your inspiration to work out right away. The app is free to use and also provides you to facility to download tours for offline use too. This smart concept is really liked by people and has great following too.

3. Ingress

Download App: Android, iOS

IngressNow, this is something all you want to boost your cardio things and get on the track to never give up. Ingress can transform your entire world into a never-ending adventure which demands constant workout and sweat of yours to win.

Falling perfectly into the category of fun cardio apps like Zombies Run, Ingress is an app which gives you life-threatening situation of world security at stake and now you are the one who can save it.

The entire world becomes a different landscape and you need to walk or run in order to discover multiple things here. As the storyline of this game says, you need to defend the humanity and acquire the objects which are strategically placed in your quest.

Quite like Pokemon GO in nature, Ingress is even more adventurous than the former one. The app has some in-app purchases too which are optional to choose. Through the GPS tracker you can not only keep in the account about your location but can track other’s progress too. This amazingly challenging came can totally transform the way you have ever done cardio before.

4. The Walk

Download App: Android, iOS

The WalkOkay, before I proceed towards telling you a thing or two about this app, let me tell you that it is not free to download and you would have to pay a certain amount to download it. The Walk is a smart and progressive approach by Health Department of UK in order to compel people to leave their chair and hit the track.

This is an app which is designed in such a way that it is going to motive you to take every single step more than you took last time.

The app proceeds with storyline like the rest of the apps like Zombies Run where after a bomb explosion you need to walk around with a package as long as you can. The app shows UK visuals which are set according to your GPS location so that the game can give you exact feels.

The game is by the same developers of Zombies Run app which makes it the most similar one in this list too. A great game with a fun-filled adventure which is going to make your cardio way more fun and happening.

5. Fit for Battle

Download App: iOS

Fit for BattleAs far as I could discover I noticed that almost all the games like Zombies Run are adventure based which triggers the urge to walk even more than usual. This is the main foundation on which all such games rely and another one with similar theme is Fit for Battle.

This game is for iOS users only which is an audio-based running game where you the hero of a battle filled with fun and adventure.

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There are some supporting characters in the game too which keeps an eye on your speed. With each set of jogging or workout like a quest, you always feel motivated to complete a task as soon as possible and get ready for another one.

Apart from it, the users is also accompanied by great music and gaming effects which makes the entire set up even livelier and exciting.

6. Fitocracy

Download App: Android, iOS

Fitocracy is not that innovative in its approach as compared to other apps like Zombies Run but technically it is way advanced than other ones. Interestingly, the app not only focus on running or jogging but also on other form of workouts too and make them super fun.

Now, you can leave your boring work schedules and move to something which is fun as well as way effective too.

Fitocracy provides in-depth analysis of your workout and you can earn points for it too. There are various quests which makes the competition high and inspires you to win them all. The mission like system helps you to win badges every time your level gets up.

Fitocracy may not follow a storyline like the rest of the alternative apps like Zombies Run but it is surely quite fun to workout through this app. You can make friends and follow them and also compete with them too in order to make things more fun.

7. SpecTrek

Download App: Android

SpecTrekIf you have placed Pokemon GO earlier then you are going to find SpecTrek to be quite similar to that game. In Pokemon GO users are supposed to hunt for Pokemons and in SpecTrek they are supposed to hunt for ghosts. Sounds spooky, but it is actually not.

The game follows the concept of augmented reality like the rest of the games like Zombies Run and also tracks your real-time location through GPS.

In the quest of finding as many ghosts as you can, you end up doing cardio for hours without even realizing much about it. A fun and easy game at start but as the level increases, SpecTrek challenges your fitness level too.

This free to play game is also an award-winning game whose simple yet effective concept revolutionized the way one can get fit without making the whole workout process boring at all.

8. Step Buy Step

Download App: iOS

Step Buy StepAnother game which is only available for iOS users it Step Buy Step. Now, you must be thinking what kind of name is it but actually, it is quite accurate and an effective plan too to aim for fitness with smartness.

The gaming world gets combined with real world and each step you take in reality turns beneficial for you in the gaming world.

I found the concept quite refreshing and different from the rest of the apps like Zombies Run. For example, when you take ten steps, you can buy a dog in the game and for 100 steps, you can buy a flock of sheep. And the more you walk the more rewards you can acquire.

Interestingly, this game is also developed by the same people as of Zombies Run and hence it got great positive response too. This is a free to play game which is quite beneficial for your fitness and running regime.

9. Run an Empire

Download App: iOS

Run an EmpireAnother one in the list of apps like Zombies Run is Run an Empire which is specifically available for iOS users only. This is more sort of a strategy running game based on the real world around you. Of course, it stimulates the cardio but in a much slower way than other apps.

All you have to do in this game is just keep on running/jogging/walking in order to acquire as much area as you can in order to build an empire of your own.

You can also involve in a race with your friends and other people on this app too. In this way you have the best opportunity to not only play an amazingly enthusiastic game but to also make yourself fit and healthy again. The GPS tracker of this app helps you to determine your real-time location along with that of other people too.

Some of the other features of this app that you should know are free to play, strategy based game, healthy competition, reward points, for all types of people etc. A simple yet effective way to lose their calories and hit the healthy lifestyle right away.

10. Runtastic

Download App: Android, iOS

RuntasticAlthough Runtastic is a very popular fitness app but it is different from the other apps like Zombies Run which I have mentioned here. The app is not like the conventional ones which has some story and motive to run around and complete some tasks.

Runtastic directly focuses on the fitness and it has number of features which are enough to motive you to take up a step forward for your fitness and never look back.

Of course like the rest of the Zombies Run alternative apps, this one also incorporates GPS based running and tracking. You can set your fitness goal here and see your progress each day with data statistics. The basic features are available for free but the upgraded ones are going to cost you some bucks.

Talking about some of the amazing features of Runtastic then there are plenty of them like voice coach, shoe tracking, real-time analysis, integrated music player, groups feature, motivational competition, running leaderboard and many more. A perfect mix of fitness as well as fun to keep you high on energy.


As the technology is growing rapidly, we have come up with all sorts of alternatives and these apps like Zombies Run are the best ones when it comes to hour-long cardio. With more such options you can pick different app for different day and throughout the week you will have multiple reasons to kick-start your cardio.

Good thing is that these apps are free to use which boosts their usage too. With award-winning plot and amazing concept, I think you can inspire anyone to take care of their health in a completely different and fun way.

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