10 Best Pregnancy Apps For New Moms


While expecting a baby, a mother is always worried about various aspects and this stress doubles up when it is the first time. However, for this situation, I have this perfect section of best pregnancy apps which works for a lot of aspects related to pregnancy.

10 Best Pregnancy Apps

From prescribing some light exercises, health routines to helping a woman understand the changes her body goes through during pregnancy, these apps helps in all types of situations. Here is a compilation of the top pregnancy apps which are going to help you to ease this process a bit and would clear a lot of your doubts too.

1. Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Development Countdown

Download App: Android, iOS

Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Development CountdownKnown to be one of the best pregnancy tracker app, this app by BabyCenter is a wonderful treat for the new expecting parents. This app simply guides the mom about the development of her baby and works as a baby calendar too. There is so much of information provided that you can literally find an answer to any pregnancy queries here.

Apart from this tracking system, it also tells about various pregnancy tips and development videos which are timed according to the time of the pregnancy.

The app is simple to use and free to install too. You just need to enter your due date and get the relevant information instantly. This app is under the radar of experts and hence you get all the certified information regarding pregnancy and your health in it.

Other features of this app includes, daily pregnancy news feed, nutrition ideas, exercises, pregnancy symptoms, amazing help on morning sickness, birth club facility, in-app purchases for better features, baby names finder and many more. Pregnancy Tracker is one of the best pregnancy apps which helps the moms to understand this phase in a better way.

2. What to Expect

Download App: Android, iOS

What to ExpectQuite like its name, this is another interesting and one of the best pregnancy apps by Everyday Health which tells a mom about what to take care of when you are expecting a baby. Apart from being an advisory platform, it also works as a pregnancy tracker too just like the former app listed here.

This app breaks the entire process into weeks and days and tells you one thing at a time so you do not get baffled with all the information at once.

You just need to enter the baby’s due date and the app starts to function accordingly. You can also calculate your due date if you are not sure about it. There are so many helpful features like more than 15,000 articles related to pregnancy, daily baby development guide, tips and health news, pregnancy videos etc.

What to Expect is a wonderful app to make this beautiful journey of a mother smoother and stress-free. The app is completely free to use but the ads in between might annoy you a bit.

3. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

Download App: Android, iOS

I’m Expecting – Pregnancy AppCounted amongst the best apps for pregnancy, I’m Expecting is a simple pregnancy app which is really useful for soon to be moms especially for the new ones. Just like any other pregnancy apps, it also works as a tracker showing the daily growth and development of your baby according to its due date.

The app works on the weekly basis which means you are provided complete information about the weekly growth of the baby and the changes occurring because of it.

It is a free app which works more like a guide to the expecting moms. There are videos and articles provided too where you can see the changes occurring after every week pass. Weekly updates and health tips, pregnancy symptoms, weight monitor, due date calculator are the other helpful features of this app.

I’m Expecting is worth mentioning into this category of best pregnancy apps and do not forget to checkout their super cute collection of baby’s pictures to lighten up your bad day. Now, cure the morning sickness with their tips and lead a healthy pregnancy lifestyle through this amazing app.

4. BabyBumps Pregnancy Pro

Download App: Android, iOS

BabyBumps Pregnancy ProOffered by Alt12 Apps, BabyBumps Pregnancy Pro is a premium and quite advanced app for all the pregnant ladies out there. This app answers to all your queries and potential doubts regarding this beautiful phase of your life and also tracks the growth of your baby on the basis of its due date.

Being one of the best pregnancy apps, it has also won several mentions and awards too. The app also runs pregnancy forums which allow a couple to connect with another one experiencing the same phase.

Other features of BabyBumps Pregnancy Pro app includes, detailed analysis of the development of a baby via tracker, trimester information and weekly updates, personalization and customization options, shop for baby and pregnancy products, weight tracking, details about common symptoms, cravings and morning sickness etc.

Other than these functions, it also discusses about graphical statistics, contraction tracking, notes making, baby namer library, birth videos, checklist of newborn essentials etc. This means this app not only prepares you during pregnancy but for its afterlife too. I am sure you would surely love the personalization options of this app a lot.

5. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

Download App: Android, iOS

The Bump Pregnancy TrackerThe Bump Pregnancy Tracker makes an excellent pregnancy app for android as well as for iOS users. It is a free to use app which focuses on various aspects related to pregnancy like health, cravings, baby growth and development, weekly analysis and many more.

I really liked the unique concept of this app where they compare the size of uterus to the fruit which means after each definite period of time, it shows the size of your baby in form of a fruit size.

Apart from these cute gestures, the app is highly advanced too. It has a number of features to offer like fresh and relevant pregnancy articles and other content on daily basis, baby development tracking, ask queries from the experts, baby registration in US only etc.

When it comes to the personal experience of each and every mom to be, The Bump takes care of this department too. This is amongst best pregnancy apps giving priority to personalization where you can document your entire pregnancy time in form of photos, notes, videos etc. In fact, you can also track the first year of a baby’s life too after the birth.

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6. Sprout Pregnancy

Download App: Android, iOS

Sprout PregnancyOffered by Med Art Studio, the next app in this row of best pregnancy apps is Sprout Pregnancy. The app is trusted by over 3 million expecting parents around the world and comprised of the features you would love to use in order to make this 9 months a lot smoother and stress free.

Just like the rest of the apps, Sprout starts with entering the due date of your baby in order to track the development and the changes about to incur to your body.

Now, you can personalize the timeline according to your taste and start going through their weekly updates about the growth where they report about the development of your baby. Other tools of this app includes kick counter, weight tracker, contraction timer, checklist and many more.

There are a lot of physicians and Gynecologists who recommend this app too. It has this extremely simple interface which helps in accessing it comfortably. You can organize your appointments and ask your doubts and queries on their forum too.

7. Pregnancy +

Download App: Android, iOS

Pregnancy +Maternity apps should always be in your checklist when expecting and Pregnancy+ is something you would not want to miss. One thing which you would love about this app is that it can also be personalized from the perspective of other family members like dads, grandparents etc.

Pregnancy+ is a simple step towards making your pregnancy a smoother ride through its features and various in-app purchases in order to go for advanced facilities.

Now, talking about some of its features then tracking the baby development always comes on top. Other features are color and scan images, kick counter, baby shopping list, weight log, diet, exercise and labor details, personal diary and complete experience recording feature, amazing baby names library and many more.

The app not only thinks about your pregnancy time but also prepares you for the time when the baby comes. You can make checklists and ensure day to day things like appointments, exercises, medicines etc. This is the most helping and simplest app in the list of best pregnancy apps.

8. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Download App: Android, iOS

Ovia Pregnancy TrackerOvia is the next app in this list of best pregnancy apps. Expecting a baby is the most crucial time for a couple, and if they get to watch their baby grow then this process becomes even more special. Now, it is possible through this pregnancy tracking app called Ovia.

This is a personalized approach towards pregnancy where you can determine the significant time of a baby’s growth through the due date.

Other interesting features of Ovia are cute illustration, baby’s size comparison with different things, weekly analysis of your pregnancy, cute illustrations of baby’s hand and foot size, amazing and informative pregnancy articles, due date countdown and many more.

You can also join the community curated by this platform for would be parents where they can share their experience and learn from others’. Ovia focuses on even the minute detail of a pregnant woman’s life like weight, sleep, mood, health etc. and provide the best advise possible.

9. Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

Download App: Android, iOS

Glow Nurture Pregnancy AppIt is high time that people should ditch the conservative methods and start to embrace the amazing period of pregnancy in a modern way. Glow Nurture is a pregnancy app which can help you out in it. This app comes under the free to use best pregnancy apps and the information curated in it is by experts.

Glow Nurture provides advises and content on various aspects related to pregnancy like baby’s development, mother’s health, due date countdown and many more.

As a woman, you should know about the changes you go through at this time and this app tells you everything about it. It involves features like logged data, informative charts, customization settings, tips and health recommendations, informative pregnancy articles etc.

You can also go premium in this app where you can get to know about next-level health awareness tips and can also join parents community too. This app works wonderfully for both the parent as you can use the mirror app for your partner.

10. Totally Pregnant

Download App: Android, iOS

Totally PregnantTotally Pregnant is my final pick for the category of best pregnancy apps. You can download it for free and get all your queries sorted about being pregnant. I would strongly recommend this app to the women expecting for the first time because the personalized touch of the app would make you feel more secured.

If you are not aware about your due date then you can calculate it via Totally Pregnant and it is quite simple to use too.

You can also go for the premium version which offers more advanced and next level features. Totally Pregnant is amongst the most amazing pregnancy apps for iPhone offering features like 3D videos showing baby’s growth, recipes to cure cravings and morning sickness, 40 chapters of experiences of soon to be moms, discussion groups  etc.

This is quite an amazing platform to reveal all your worries regarding this stage and get all your answers related to pregnancy.

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All thanks to the technology that now we have apps for pregnant women too. As per the curiosity rising at this time, these apps can help answer a lot of things. However, please consult your gynecologist before going for any of the exercise routine or diet plan from these apps.

Every woman is different and each of them experience different types of pregnancies and hence an expect advise is always important to take. Apart from it, these best pregnancy apps and tracker apps would do the baby countdown for you and would help you keep less worried.

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