10 Nova Launcher Themes to Make Your Phone Stylish


If you are feeling like giving your smartphone a makeover then Nova Launcher themes can help you out in this. There are various smartphones available right now and each one is trying to top the competition ladder. But interface is the main key where you need to excel for that.

10 Nova Launcher Themes to Make Your Phone Stylish

If you think your smartphone does not have that then it is the time to manage the interface of your phone according to your wish. All you need to do is just go to the app store (Android) and install Nova Launcher apk from it. That’s it, now you can customize your phone according to your taste easily.

1). Shadow Theme

Download Theme: Android

The first one in the list of Nova Launcher themes is Shadow Theme. This is not only for Nova Launcher but can also be used for Apex, ADW, Go and other launchers too. This makes it one of the most used theme around the world which brought it more than 5 million downloads till date.

This is a theme cum icon pack which means it has the capability to completely transform the look and appearance of the interface of your phone.

It works in such a way that all the icons look like popping out of the screen. And what makes it more special is the fact that it is completely free to use and can be used with any type of android based smartphone.

The things that come additional when you download Shadow Theme are 650+ icons, quick action apply, no need of rebooting the phone, cloud wallpapers, icon mask, icon Shader and various other utilities. To apply this theme, go to Nova Launcher settings and then in look and theme and then select Shadow icons for the icon theme and you are done.

2). Pixel Icon Pack

Download Theme: Android

Pixel Icon Pack is one such kind of Nova Launcher themes which is going to bring a makeover in your android phone and would make it look like that Google Pixel. And you get all the basic services under this phone for free of cost.

You get so much to explore under this theme which is so hard to get in the rest of the theme which I mentioned here and that too for free.

However, there are ads in this theme but there are in-app purchases which can help you to upgrade. If you think this theme is not supporting the Nova Launcher then you can download Nova Launcher Prime which can help you in accessing in better way.

The features you get under Pixel Icon pack are 6370+ icons, pixel style search bar, cloud HD wallpapers, MUZEI for live wallpapers, dynamic calendar, dashboard, great icon resolution of 192X192px and many more others. You can also use this theme with other launchers like Apex, Asus, One Plus etc.

You can customize the theme according to your choice and make your phone look like that of Google Pixel.

3). Polycon Icon Pack

Download Theme: Android

Polycon Icon Pack is offered by Piksely and loved by more than 1 million registered users around the world. The popularity of Polycon icon pack or Nova theme is quite high and the reason behind it is the fresh new appeal of this theme which attracts users towards it.

Polycon is one of the most used and versatile Nova Launcher themes which has new approach towards Material Design iconography.

The features which you can get along with Polycon Icon Pack are 800+ vector icons, 20+ wallpapers in High Resolution, CMTE support, firebase integration, customizable dashboard, custom folder icons, server-based icon requesting and compatibility to 20+ launchers.

You can use Polyback with the paid version too which offers more features and high-level themes for your android based smartphone. You can use it with other launchers like Unicon, ADW, Apex, Go, Smart, Blur and many others but it is not compatible with Google Now Launcher.

The app has got so many positive reviews and even after so many other themes, it still remains to be one of the most used one.

4). Candycons Icon Pack

Download Theme: Android

If you want to know what some of the best android themes are then Candycons is going to be one in the list for sure. This icon pack or theme pack also has more than 1 million downloads and it consists of so many versatilities that you can use different customizations each day.

This pack follows the Google’s Material Design language and the color palette by Google designs too. You are going to see great creativity with each icon designs and you would probably not use any other theme from now on.

The features you get along with Candycons theme are 1070 icons, color variant options, multiple launcher support, dynamic Google calendar, 20 wallpapers, MUZEI support, icon request tool, material design dashboard, CyanogenMod Theme Engine support and others.

To make the icons look clear and great, they have used high definition technology with them. This is just like rest of the Nova Launcher themes and hence does not charge anything for its services. So, install this theme and start using it right away.

5). Touchwhiz Nova Theme

Download Theme: Android

Touchwiz Nova theme is by Photox Designs which is our next pick in the list of Nova Launcher themes. This theme also have millions of downloads and one of the simplest yet effective themes for Nova as well as Apex Launcher.

It gives you phone a makeover like the Galaxy Touchwhiz by Samsung and makes it look like one high-tech device.

It gives you 30 customizable wallpapers which are in HD and also comes with different background and color effect too. The other features which comes associated with this Touchwhiz Nova theme are matching skin, customizable icons, simple to apply, weather widget etc.

I am sure that Touchwhiz Nova theme is one of the simplest yet effective theme and it won’t disappoint you at all. However, the only issue with this theme is that it is compatible with only Nova and Apex launcher and hence you cannot use it with other launchers at all and you would have to use other themes if you are using other launchers.

6). Moonrise Icon Pack

Download Theme: Android

Moonrise Icon Pack is by MSite Studio and it is hands down one of the most innovative and creative Nova Launcher themes ever. This is the reason which got it huge following and a great number of downloads too.

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This theme has the unique icon style ever and the colors are a combination of moon and night which makes it look really amazing.

Apart from Nova, you can use this theme with Action, ADW, Atom, Aviate, LG, Lucid, Mini, S and the list goes on really long. If you want then Moonrise gives you the facility to design your icons on your own and then get it features through this theme easily.

The other features which comes along with this theme are 1010+ icons, 60 premium wallpapers, smart icon request tool, material dashboard, dynamic calendar support, Vector graphics use, cloud-based wallpaper picker, bi-weekly updates and simple navigations in it.

Some of the icon packs in this theme can be used by specific devices only. Apart from it most of the features are common to every android based device.

7). Krush Nova Theme

Download Theme: Android

Krush Nova Theme is designed by Stryker Originals. If you are a lover of dark and edgy themes then I would recommend you to immediately download this in your phone and then operate it through Nova Launcher.

The theme is a mix and match of black and red color which is surely one of the best color combo. You are going to get a black background and the icons in red in this theme.

I can surely say this is one of the coolest Nova launcher themes ever. Other launcher in which the theme can be used are Apex, action, atom, Holo, KK, Lucid, S and the list is so long. This is recommended by the designers to keep the icon setting at 130% while using this theme.

Now, the other features which you get along with this theme are 440+ custom designed icons, icon request tools, great support to popular launchers, 7 cloud wallpapers and a material design dashboard app. I think this is a perfect app to renovate the interface of your phone.

8). Flight – Flat Minimalist Icons

Download Theme: Android

If you are someone who believes in simplicity then I think Flight is one of those Nova Launcher themes which is a match made in heaven for you and your smartphone. Designed by Nate Wren Design, the app is designed in such a way through which people can enjoy clean and flat yet stylish interface and theme.

The things which are most notable in Flight theme are transparency in icons to show wallpaper and the blending with background is quite attractive.

Flight not only give you flat and minimal white icons but the things you get additional are 800+ amazingly designed HD icons, 14 wallpapers, high definition looks, wallpaper choose installed, easy link request to icons, constant updates etc.

You can use such android apps with so much of ease along with various other launchers too like Action, Go, ADW, Holo, Next and of course Nova. This is so simple to apply this theme in your phone without even having to reboot it. I am sure you would love this minimal yet eye-catching look of your phone.

9). The Ghost Nova Theme

Download Theme: Android

As you know Halloween is about to approach so why not to give a spooky look to your phone by opting ghost type Nova Launcher themes. So, you can download The Ghost Nova Theme for your phone and which is powered by Nicque.

This is one of the oldest Nova themes and yet one of the most loved one. This theme is a collaboration work of various designers and artists which comes out perfectly.

You get various great features along with this theme which are 200+ modified icons, 4 HD wallpapers, custom font and compatibility to Nova, Apex and ADW launchers. You can change the settings of icons and wallpapers according to different launchers.

You get ClockQ widget with this theme too. Despite being so old the app has great following and it is still used by so many Android users around the world. This theme is quite different from other ones and would give a spooky yet amazing makeover to your phone.

10). Pasty – White Icon Pack

Download Theme: Android

The last one of this section of Nova Launcher theme is Pasty which is a white icon pack. You get this for absolutely free and there is also a modified but paid version of this theme also available for Nova and other launchers.

This theme shows a flat and clean minimalist white icon theme which has great compatibility with some of the popular launchers.

To name a few, these launchers are Nova, ADW, Apex, Action, Atom, Lucid, Themer, Next and so many others. No matter whichever launcher it is, this is so simple to apply this icon pack and you have the liberty to customize it too.

The things which come additionally with Pasty are 2500+ icons, 200+ wallpapers, muzei support for floating wallpapers, daily updates etc. This is perfectly compatible for android Nova Launcher and won’t bother in processing at all. These icon packs won’t slow down your phone at all and if you want then you can also go for the paid version of this app which contains more features.

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You can find more such launchers from your Android app store but the thing that comes with Nova Launcher is the reliability of more than 50 million users on it. You can browse more Nova Launcher themes from this app and customize the interface according to your choice.

You can also go for paid theme if you want by subscribing further in the app. I am sure the cool makeover that you get through Nova Launcher is something which you will cherish for really long.

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