10 Best Apps like Taskrabbit


Move over with coping up the issue of finding right domestic help and that too for temporary reasons, these apps like Taskrabbit are going to make things super easy for you. You just need to post about small jobs on it and people who are interested can contact you for the task and you can get your work done efficiently.

10 Best Apps like Taskrabbit

From plumbers to electricians to mechanic, you can find anyone with the help of Taskrabbit and other similar apps. I think such apps are not only amazing for the one who is hiring but for the people who are looking to earn some quick and easy money. Here are some amazing options of apps which can make a perfect hiring platform.

1. Handy

Download App: Android, iOS

HandyThere are like plenty of on demand service apps out there available for the people who actually needs them. The first one which suits the category of apps like Taskrabbit is Handy. As the name say, the app focuses on such handy works for which you need local professional help.

On the tap of a thumb you can you can find number of domestic helps like plumbers, electricians, painters, cleaners and many others and that too of professional level.

I think this is the simplest approach towards getting your work done as well as to earn some extra bucks too. The GPS tracker of the app allows you to track their location as well as stream yours so that you can find the nearest service providers in your area.

The great thing is that home contractors hired by Handy are reliable and experienced too. Through the background check carried by the app you can find the best people to get your day-to-day work done. Handy is simple in interface and fast in response so you can get your help in real time only.

2. Fiverr

Download App: Android, iOS

FiverrI am sure you must have heard about Fiverr app and there is no doubt this is one of the best apps like Taskrabbit in this list. You cannot compare this app to directly home service apps because this is more oriented towards providing freelance services.

You can call it a digital service provider which introduces you to a different world of global aids that you can hire to make your life simpler and more organized.

There are number of categories available on Fiverr like virtual assistance, digital marketing, business promotions, designing, editing etc. The app does not provide you local help but it can surely provide more sort of a professional aid.

You can hire people through Fiverr who can serve to you from their home in order to help in running your business more smoothly. Task are assigned on the basis of ratings and reviews of the people and I think this is the most reliable way to find micro-aid for your business. Fiverr makes an excellent option for the list of apps like Taskrabbit and must be tried out too.

3. Prefer for Clients

Download App: iOS

Prefer for ClientsNow, this is an app which perfectly suits for this category of on demands apps like Taskrabbit. However, this is only available for the iOS users only. I really like the concept they are using to find the professional people to get some work done in your home.

From plumbers to cleaners to someone who can do the errands for you, Prefer for Clients has the perfect options available for such tasks.

Moreover, these people are not reviewed by some random users or paid people, in fact, these are the ones who are reviewed and hired by your family or friends. By connecting your social media and phone book to this app you can find out that the people in your community who are hiring people from this app.

All you have to do is select the task for which you need help and then contact the list of professionals provided by this app to get this work done. Isn’t it quite simple? In fact, you can select your favorite professionals and refer them to your friends also to make a stronger connection.

4. Field Agent

Download App: Android, iOS

Field AgentIt would not be wrong to consider Field Agent as one of the best apps for Android. All thanks to the technology that now you do not even have to step outside your home to get your work done because there are people you can hire who can do the errands for you through this app called Field Agent.

Field Agent is an app which is especially designed to hire such people who can perform the outside tasks for you like picking groceries, shopping stuff or attending people from airport or from other places.

Field Agent is the most amazing app which provides you the opportunity to earn some extra cash by doing simpler tasks. As the app claims, they have already paid more than $12 million the people performing such tasks.

Field Agent is the most reliable option for the category of apps like Taskrabbit. Some of the tasks which can be done by this app are taking photos, answer questions, caretaking home etc. A perfect place for people looking for small jobs and seekers looking for temporary aids.

5. Rapidfy

Download App: Android, iOS

RapidfyYou could never imagine that getting your task done is as easier as texting until people came across this amazing app called Rapidfy. It works in over 100 cities in US and you can find number of listings on this app which can help professionals and servicemen to connect with each other.

It has every quality which matches to other apps like Taskrabbit mainly because it is also an on demand service app.

What I personally liked the most about this app that it takes care of people’s urgency and consider it as a big factor for providing services. For example, if you want professionals to assist you quickly then you can request for the same too.

It was about the people who want to hire now Rapidfy is a great source of extra money for those who are willing to provide their help to people. In fact, you can even decide that whether you want to opt for freelance work or full-time business. The process is simple and you need to quote money for the work and then wait to get hired.

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6. Angie’s List

Download App: Android, iOS

Angie’s ListAngie’s List is an app which is especially dedicated to home improvement works and management related services. Angie’s List is one of those few apps like Taskrabbit which tries to provide great quality work in the minimal cost possible.

In this way, you can finally get a platform which does not rob you, in fact, the no negotiation solution of this site provides best and fastest way to get your work done on demand.

The app is absolutely free to use and you can find number of categories enlisted here which is going to make it simpler for you to choose whatever job you want to get done. The best part is that you can talk to the professionals before hiring them so that you can be 100% sure about them.

Being a member of this app brings you several advantages like reviews and insights of professionals and it is absolutely free too. You can create your own favorite list which includes all your trusted professionals in it so that you do not have to go through the entire app again.

7. Thumbtack

Download App: Android, iOS

ThumbtackPeople looking for a move on over Taskrabbit, Thumbtack can be another great option you can opt for. This is also an on demand service providing application which connects you to the professionals available in your area so that you can get your work done by them.

Extremely simple to use, Thumbtack runs on a very simple formula which is to seek help and get one in return.

I think this is one of the simplest apps like Taskrabbit which works in multiple fields like contractors, cleaning work, dog walkers, home repairs, wedding photographers, movers, packers etc. You simply need to post the job and you are going to get various bids over it and then you can select the one which suits you the best.

Thumbtack manages a network of more than 25,000 professionals altogether so that people approaching from various areas always have some options available for them. Be it small or big, you can get anything done with the help of Thumbtack.

8. Takl

Download App: Android, iOS

TaklIsn’t it such a great idea that you get pre-priced offers on the works you want to get done? Well, these Taskrabbit apps alternatives are the perfect platform which offers such services and it completely eliminates the need of indulging in the useless negotiation with servicemen.

You can find people or I should say professionals from this app for even petty works like house cleaning, gardening, junk removal, handy works etc.

The people who are enlisted on this app go through some background checks so that the ones who are hiring are not left with any doubts or second thoughts about anyone. The GPS tracking system of Takl locate your current location and hence tries to provide the nearby professionals to you.

This is one of the fastest apps like Taskrabbit which is quite convenient to use. And apart from everything you can even pay from directly app which eliminates the need of cash too. A simple yet smart way to find the best and fastest aid for day-to-day works.

9. HomeAdvisor Home Contractors

Download App: Android, iOS

HomeAdvisor Home ContractorsAs they claim, HomeAdvisor is the number 1 marketplace which provides all the services centered around home improvement works. The app is slightly restricted as compared to other apps like Taskrabbit because it focuses on home improvement jobs only and not the other ones.

Some of the tasks you can get done through HomeAdvisor are painting, roofing, cleaning, tree services, pest control, siding, fences and many others which you can discover with the help of categories mentioned.

All the professionals listed on this app goes through the process of background check and you can hire them for more than 500 different types of home renovation projects. This is a free to use app which provides a great opportunity for people who are looking to earn some extra bucks in their free time.

All you have to do is select the type of job, read reviews about professionals and hire them and get your work done. It is that simple.

10. Pro Referral

Download App: Android, iOS

Pro ReferralIn the list of alternative Taskrabbit apps, the last one is Pro Referral. The app is powered by popular retail chain Home Depot and it provides very reliable and trustworthy services to the ones who need it for their small or big tasks.

The app assists to the homeowners who want professional aids to assist them in their relevant tasks and they can even get various options for the same tasks too.

Like the Takl, Pro Referral also focuses on home improvement projects only and that is why you cannot get other tasks done through this app like running errands or picking other stuffs. However, I think the app is quite still amazing just like most of the apps like Taskrabbit enlisted here.

You just need to enter the task to be done, enter the time and hire the professionals through it by reading the reviews about them.

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Earning some extra bucks in the nick of some time, I think it is a wonderful approach and idea which is made available to us through these apps like Taskrabbit. You have no idea how many works and people are there which can avail you these little jobs in return of some good cash.

These platforms are a great source of finding the right one for your small works and I think this is a great opportunity for students and small workers who are looking for some extra bucks. Download these apps right away and get your work done in no time.

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