10 Best Apps like Lucky Patcher


Ever since Lucky Patcher went down from the app store, people were looking for perfect apps like Lucky Patcher which can help them to control their phone in a better way. Of course, there are many options but as a user, you should know that which ones are going to prove the best for you.

10 Best Apps like Lucky Patcher

So, moving on in the same category, I have tried to list down the best options which you can use to replace the functioning of Lucky Patcher in your phone. From hacking the in-app purchases options of various apps to provide free features, these apps are really efficient to control even the minute details of your phone.

1. Freedom

Download App: Android

FreedomThis was kind of difficult to compile apps like Lucky Patcher as we have fewer options and I had to pick the reliable ones only. So, picked Freedom app on the first place as I really found it trustworthy and of course similar in applications and benefits.

The app reflects it working from its name which is to provide freedom to the users from the irritating gameplay and in-game purchases modules.

It allows you to buy premium features from the app store easily and trust me it really works too. It works in such a way that it generates a new virtual credit card through which you can purchase the premium features of not only games but any other apps too.

There are like millions of games which needs you to purchase some kind of stuff in it to improve the experience and it is normal to get skeptical about the purchase. But now with the help of Freedom, you can do it easily without having to shed a single penny of yours.

2. Cash for Apps

Download App: Android, iOS

Cash for AppsIn the series of Lucky Patcher like apps, Cash for Apps makes kind of a different entry. The reason is hidden in its name only. The app does not include the tips and tricks on hacking but it is something which is quite straightforward in terms of its working.

Instead of helping you out regarding the cash issues, it helps you by providing you the gift cards of various important apps like Target, Google Play, and Amazon etc.

For this, you need to keep on trying out new apps which is recommended by this app and in return you are going to get amazing gift cards which really work too. However, the only thing which irked me is that you need to collect at least 300 points to cash up it in form of $1 which is kind of a lot.

However, if you have got some free time then it is perfect for you. Unlike other hacking apps like Lucky Patcher, Cash for Apps is legal and won’t lead you to any trouble too. I am sure you would love to use it.

3. APK Editor

Download App: Android

APK-EditorUnlike the earlier app Cash for Apps, APK Editor is not available for the iOS devices and it works on Android 3.1 and above systems only. So, with APK Editor we are back on hacking apps again. There are two versions of this app and the one I am mentioning here is free. If you want to use this app for a level higher then you can download the paid version which is APK Editor Pro.

Now, why this app is similar to other apps like Lucky Patcher? Well, of course it provides you the perfect solution for not having to pay anything for the in-app purchases in games and other apps.

This is actually kind of powerful and through this app you can easily edit and hack other app’s APKs which results in a lot of benefits. Some of the uses of this apps are background image replacement, ads removal, removing permissions, hacking in-app purchases etc.

Of course, you need some tips and tricks and professional help while operating this app which is available in form of the videos and tutorials in it already.

4. Cheat Droid

Download App: Android

Cheat Droid is hands down one of the best apps for android available right now. As the name indicates, the app has some powerful features which are helpful in cheating your android system and making most of it easily.

Well, the first condition that comes with the app is that your phone must be rooted to try out this service otherwise it won’t work at all.

Well, Cheat Droid is way more than just a hacking app and can help you in number of tasks. This is more like a privacy and security maintaining developing too. It works on the shared preferences principal and hence you cannot use it for something illegal or to hack some apps.

Some of the common features that it shares with other apps like Lucky Patcher are edit and search through shared preferences, export and import files, edit database and many other. You can consider it to be something less than APK Editor App but it is surely of your use when it comes to breaking through the in-app permissions.

5. Mods Installer

Download App: Android

Mods InstallerThis is a special app which is intended to be used for games only. Be it any game you can install the entire package of it through Mods Installer easily. Once you have downloaded this app then it works like a whole new platform on its own and runs the game smoothly too.

Being one of the simplest options for apps like Lucky Patcher, you can consider this app to be a hacking tool too.

It is completely free to use and there are like thousands of games which supports this platform. However, there are some of the packages of games which might be old but the others ones are updated which allows you to play even the paid version of the games for free.

This is like a universal installer for the games and I am sure you would not need any other hacking platform once you have installed this app in your phone. This is a one-click installer and also called Xmod too. You can even innovate and develop it according to your convenience.

6. ROM Patcher

Download App: Android

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ROM PatcherQuite like the other apps like Lucky Patcher which includes things like hacking and patching, ROM Patcher functions in the same way too. This is a ROM cum Binary patcher which works files by files and with one tap you can patch any game or external file you want.

Well, if you are feeling a bit confused then let me tell you that it is a simple hacking app which supports multiple file format like APS, IPS, UPS, XPC, DLDI and many more.

You can easily convert any ROM file into desirable format and hence this gets you into the game further where you could not access earlier. This means you can now forget about paying for in-game purchases because ROM Patcher has got your back now.

The app works on Android 2.3 and above which means mostly all the android devices can use it. It is completely free and if you want to access more of its features then you can access to the Pro version which is paid.

7. Mod X for COC

Download App: Android

Mod X for COCPopularly known as one of the Xmod apps, ModX for COC can be called a gaming assistant app too. Make sure your device it rooted because, like many of the other apps like Lucky Patcher, it won’t work otherwise.

Well, unlike its name it does not support Clash of Clans only and there are like number of games where you can use this app’s assistance easily.

You must know that Xmod does not work like a hacking app but only provides some assistance in gaming. You can call it a cheating app too which provides you better gaming experience and less hassle through it.

It directly does not hack the in-game purchasing section but somehow helps you to go through it. It forbids hacking gems and coins of the games too but it still supports you in order to enter the paid version of the game easily. It works on the one-click basis which removes any additional complications in the app.

The app is updated timely so that you can gain access to the new games too. I am sure you would surely like to use this app for gaming hacks.

8. Hacker Game App

Download App: Android

Hacker Game AppIn the list of alternative Lucky Patcher apps, the next one is Hacker Game App. Well, it is not exactly a patching app but as the name says, Hacker Game is quite cool though to hack into the games and mend the rules according to the users’ convenience.

Let me tell you already that the app is especially for the people who knows a bit of coding and have already done hacking and related stuff.

The working is simple, you are supposed to continuously create something through the hacker’s terminal provided to you. Once your code matches to that of the company then you can enter their server and easily play whatever games you want without having to pay anything.

Being a good suggestion for the apps like Lucky Patcher, Hacker Game app is developed for the ace hackers only. As the level of difficulty increases in the servers, you can get access to better games by hacking it. It works on the principle of binary patching only and you really need to focus while working on it.

9. Cheat Engine

Download App: Android

Cheat EngineCheat Engine is a direct android game hacker and there is no in between in it. An excellent solution to your search for apps like Lucky Pactcher, Cheat Engine is a completely free to use app which is kind of simple to use too.

As I have said earlier, the app works for only games and no other apps at all. From getting access to the paid coins, gems, in-game currency for free, the app can also provide you access to the paid version of the game too and that is also for free too.

Let me tell you how this app works. So, all you have to do is open this app after installing as well as the game you want to hack simultaneously. Now, the app is going to fetch the process of the game and once you will edit the number of coins in the app, it will start reflecting in your game too.

This is simple as well as quite effective too and I think you should definitely try this out.

10. Creehack

Download App: Android

CreehackThe last one in the list of apps like Lucky Patcher is Creehack. Although not that popular but those who are using it right now knows that how easy and effective it is to use this app. To be true and straightforward with you all, the app literally turns every paid app into free one for you.

Well, it is completely free to download this app and use too. There are no upgrades included too but the fact that some people have reported its malfunctioning is quite an issue.

As far as talking about being one of the Lucky Patcher alternatives then it is kind of effective too. Without even rooting your phone you can easily hack not only games but various other apps too. In terms of games especially, it can literally help you in getting access to coin and in-game currency for free.

Isn’t it so cool? However, you cannot use this app for something illegal otherwise you might end up in getting into a big trouble for sure.

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I am sure many people would not even have heard about these apps earlier. This is because amongst the fun and entertainment driven apps, we often forget to install those apps which can increase the productivity and functionality of our smartphone.

But these apps like Lucky Patcher work like the great exception we always wanted to have. These apps are like the boon for those people who do not want to shell out that extra money on purchasing various products and services inside an app and wants to access it for free.

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