10 Best Apps like Snapchat


Snapchat is one revolutionary app for those people for whom privacy is everything. From vanishing texts to amazing face filters, the app has everything which put other apps like Snapchat to shame. Well, what if you need an alternative to this app too?

10 Best Apps like Snapchat

Well, don’t worry because I have some amazing options for you in form of Snapchat alternative apps. Some of the apps might not be the amalgam of both texting and face filter features but trust me they are as amazing as the former one for sure. You can get to know more about these apps through the description provided below.


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MSQRDThe first one in this list of apps like Snapchat is MSQRD. It is also known as Masquerade and it is so popular amongst the teens and young generation that they can’t literally make it without it. You are going to know more about it only when you will use it.

As a brief, I can tell you that the main purpose of using this app is to entertain yourself with a lot of selfie filters which are offered along with this app.

Actually, MSQRD is way more than just a mere selfie filter app, it can literally animate your face too and trust me it is actually kind of hilarious. This app can be used for taking photos as well as videos too. And it is absolutely free to use too without any subscriptions and in-app purchases.

So, once you have taken photos then you can broadcast them directly from this app to whichever social media platform you want in just one click. It is simple, fast and most importantly so entertaining too.

2. Wickr Me

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Wickr MeWell, Wickr Me is basically a private messenger and of course one of the best apps for android too. It may sound like the normal IM app but actually, it is way more than that. So, there are some features of this app which is going to remind you about Snapchat a lot.

So, let’s start with the messaging feature first. The user has full control over how long a message can last and who are the people who can see it too.

It might not come with the auto-vanish feature of messages but the texts are surely end to end encrypted which ensures high security. Apart from 1:1 conversations, you have facility of group chats and media sharing too.

Well, there are no face filters available right now but the IM feature surely resembles to Snapchat a lot. I am sure it makes an interesting entry into the list of apps like Snapchat and you would love to use it too. The best part is that both your number nor name is needed, and it runs through a profile. This makes it even secure for users.

3. Snow

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SnowAnother one to join the list of apps like Snapchat is Snow. This is basically an app which is used for video messaging by millions of people around the world. Well, actually the app is way more than that and trust me it is so entertaining that you would completely forget about using other apps.

I really found Snow to be kind of revolutionary. Other apps who mostly focus on photo editing, Snow focuses on video editing and that too live.

It provides number of filters and other features while recording live video from it. You can also do 1:1 and group chats through this app too. Now, you must be thinking about the features which makes it similar to Snapchat and other apps.

So, just like Snapchat, you can see the video for only once and then it vanishes for your friends forever. In this way, you get to keep things secure and protected in the best way possible. It is completely free to use and simple too and you can even send video notes through Snow to anyone you want.

4. Dust

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DustIf you are looking for such alternative apps like Snapchat which proves to be a really safe place to text then I think Dust is an app which you need for sure. It is best suitable for those people who usually stay very cautious about their identity and does not want to compromise about it at all.

From simple texting feature to private phone calls, you get it all with Dust easily. It comes with such technology which makes retrieving the messages impossible no matter who it is, not even the metadata.

The app does not store any type of information and the texts are totally destructible. Apart from everything, Dust is an app which has other high end security features too. Dust does not display the name of receiver/sender at all.

In fact, it also notifies you when a screenshot of your chat is taken. Isn’t it the most amazing app ever? The messages sent through Dust automatically gets vanished after 24 hours or you can change the time on your own too. This makes it one of the best apps like Snapchat for great security purposes.

5. Instagram

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InstagramInstagram is an app which needs no formal introduction. It follows the second feature of Snapchat which is about the facial filters. As far as the chats are concerned, it is also capable of amazing texting and media sharing options too.

I mean like there would be probably no one around you who is not using Instagram right now, only except your grandparents for sure.

Some of the features that you already know about Instagram are, media sharing, 24 hours lasting stories, amazing face filters and lots of other effects which keeps the things highly entertaining. And of course, you can also live stream yourself whenever you want on Instagram and in collaboration with other people too.

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Hands down, Instagram is the best amongst the list of apps like Snapchat for sure. Well, there may not be high-end security or auto-vanishing system on texts, but still, it is always fun to use this app for sharing photos and videos of your everyday life. Follow your favorite celebs and start exploring right now on this app.

6. Boo

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Boo is amongst the best apps for android and also for iOS users too. If you want to have the best video chat experience of your life then Boo is one such app which you should pick for this use. This app is not only great to let you stay connected with your friends but also to use some amazing features.

The app is a great remedy to get rid of the boring text messaging system and move on to something which is way cooler than conventional technology.

If you think Boo is not safe then you would have to think twice over it. It comes with such features that only the people you want would be able to see your video messages and photos and no one else. But, above all, I would recommend this app for the group video chat as it is just phenomenal.

Although it lacks some of the things which you can find in other apps like Snapchat but when it comes to that fun factor, I think it is quite high in Boo.

7. Face Swap

Download App: Android

Face SwapUnfortunately, this app is available for Android users only but there are other apps like this which you can find on iTunes easily. So, talking about why I picked Face Swap as one of the apps like Snapchat, then it is primarily because of its face filters options.

So, as the name is saying here, you can use this app to swap up your face with anyone other like celebs, friends, animals and anyone else.

The facial recognition capability of this app is extremely high and hence it provides wonderful after effects too. Apart from it, the normal photos and videos features also remain the same too. What you additional here are things like theme swap, stickers set, motion swap, photo retoucher etc.

You can call it kind of photo studio too and trust me you are gonna love using this app called Face Swap. With so much fun things to do, you and your friends are never gonna get enough of it for sure.

8. Slingshot Chat

Download App: iOS

Slingshot ChatIn the list of Snapchat alternative apps, the next name is Slingshot Chat which is a revolutionary and iconic app for those people who are always concerned about their privacy. This app reduces the hassle and makes things smooth.

The primary feature which makes it similar to Snapchat is its auto-vanishing texts. Not only text messages but the media files are also auto-vanishing which means high-security alert on your personal information all the time.

And guess what, you have full control over it too. You can set the timer for the text which lies between 1-20 seconds. However, there is no way you can control over someone taking screenshots of these things. So, always prefer a short spanned timer for your safety.

Being an excellent option amongst other apps like Snapchat, Slingshot Chat really stands out. It is completely free to use but right now available for only iOS users. Enjoy its features and protect yourself from falling into your best friend’s trap this time.

9. Kik

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KikKik is for those people who are in love with texting and messaging but tired of those boring applications of IM. Well, it might differ from the rest of the apps like Snapchat, but Kik surely is a great example of applications for those people who want something fun and interesting reform in traditional chatting apps.

What makes it count amongst the Snapchat like apps is the fact about security and privacy maintenance of the users in it.

So, when you are using Kik, not your phone number and not even your name is going to be shown to anyone. In this way, it becomes an entirely different platform with a unique profile for each user which becomes their whole identity on this app.

Other features of the app remain the same to most of the apps here. These are media sharing, one on one and group chats, username driven platform and many others. Kik is a simple and amazingly fun way to interact with your friends.

10. Telegram

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TelegramThe last one in the list of alternative apps like Snapchat is Telegram. This is basically an app which is used for instant messaging. Telegram is quite simple, secure and mainly preferred by millions of people around the world.

So, what makes it similar to Snapchat is the fact that it is extremely handy. Actually, it is way more simple and advanced than Snapchat itself.

You can sync devices with each other and as a result you can start typing on your phone and finish it on your tablet easily. Apart from being advanced, it is quite secure too. They use end to end encryption policy which forbids the app from saving any metadata regarding your chats.

Apart from it, media sharing, group chats, audio and video calls are the other prominent features of this app which are loved by the users. Telegram is surely one amazing option which you can prefer while looking for apps like Snapchat.

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As you know that there are like millions of applications available on Play Store and iTunes right now. Each one are so amazing that on some point of life, they are going to make it a bit better than before. I am sure you would have surely liked this section of apps like Snapchat as they are something we talk less about.

Of course, Snapchat is the reigning king of this legacy but trust me these apps are so much fun too. They are fun, entertaining, interesting and of course free to use too. All I can say is that do not get addicted to them or you won’t be able to focus on something else for sure.

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