25 Best Sites to Watch Online Hollywood Movies in Hindi


Here is a list of best movie streaming sites to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi for 2022.

Forget faking accent in English and now watch Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi online without registration/sign up. Of course, there are subtitles but they are not worth taking all your attention towards them instead of the movie.

So, you should instead go for something that you can understand.

Through the list given below, you can easily watch Hollywood movies online in Hindi. Forget to download and go digital instead. Let’s start.

25 Best Sites to Watch Online Hollywood Movies in Hindi

Now, you do not even need to download Hollywood movies and then their subtitles separately. Streaming them online through these sites is an amazing option that you can go for. 

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1. Amazon Prime

Website: https://www.primevideo.com/

Amazon Prime if often considered a better option than Netflix when it comes to regional content. Hence if you’re an Indian, or someone who loves movies in the Hindi language Prime qualifies as the perfect partner. What’s more is, Amazon Prime is 100% legal so it’s a much safer as well as the ethical way to go.

It features a vast arsenal of Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. You can easily change the language on the Prime video player while streaming. Almost all content on Amazon Prime is available in the highest quality possible. You can also stream your content on bigger screens using a Amazon fire stick.

Does offer parental controls and a special section dedicated to kids, just to keep the “not for kids” content away. You can even download content to watch offline!

It’s arguably the cheapest legal alternative considering its title-collection. There’s a 30-day free trial (requires Credit/Debit cards), or you can get it for Rs. 129.00/month. A yearly discounted subscription for Rs. 999/month is available as well.

3 simultaneous streams/screens are offered on all accounts. However, the exact same title can only be streamed to two devices at the same time from the same account.

2. Netflix

Website: https://www.netflix.com/

watch hollywood movies in hindi

Netflix is the undefeated OTT (Over The Top) champion on the web today. That holds true for its quality of content or device-support. After Amazon Prime, if you need to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi there just isn’t a better answer than Netflix. It allows choosing the audio language manually for titles (when available).

It too, alike Amazon Prime allows downloading videos so you can watch them later. The interface is my personal favorite. You can click on a small arrow on the title-thumbnails to get a synopsis of the movie/series. If you hover over the thumbnails, a short trailer plays for the content. This helps you shuffle through a lot of titles quickly before discovering which interests you most.

Its recommendations, and “continue watching” feature too make it a perfect binge-partner. You never forget where you left off, or what other content you were watching except the most recent movie/series.

It can be streamed across almost all devices and smart devices out there. The pricing plan is majorly based on the “number of screens“. You can get a “Mobile-only” plan with 1 screen for INR 199.00/month. Two other plans are available for INR 499.00/month and INR 649.00/month. They both offer 1 and 2 screens respectively but no HD streaming. HD is only available on the 799.00/month plan but it also offers 4 screens simultaneously.

3. HindiLinks4u

Website: https://www.hindilinks4u.to/


The first entrant in this list of sites to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi is HindiLinks4u. This site is simple yet effective in providing various movies dubbed in Hindi. You are going to find almost all the Hindi movies on this site along with some documentaries too. In fact, it is one of the most popular movies sites to watch Hindi movies online.

There are filters, well-maintained site, organized lists and displays which will attract you again and again on this site.

HindiLinks4u is quite good and you can get to know about it from its ranking and features offered. In fact, this site also offers a really large database of movies too. You cannot even imagine how vast and abundant its library of movies is.

You can watch movies as new as released just 2 days ago and as old as released in 1913. Voila! I think you just hit a jackpot right now.

All these features make HindiLinks4u one of the most perfect site to watch Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi. You just need to click on the movie name and you will get at least two links through which you can stream the movie online on the site.

4. YoMovies

Website: http://www.yomovies.tech/


YoMovies is one of the best websites to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi without downloading and registration.

To watch dubbed Hollywood Hindi movies, go to Dubbed section which found at top in menu and then select Hollywood Hindi movies.

Once you click at this option, you will get huge collection of Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies from latest release and old movies.

YoMovies also allows you to watch Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Categorization is done very well which enhance user experience.

5. Movie4u

Website: https://movies4u.co


Movie4u is a great movie site like 123movies to watch Hollywood movies online in Hindi. This site is not dedicated to Hollywood dubbed movies like YoMovies and Hindilinks4u. But here you will find latest hindi dubbed movies which have Top IMDB rating. When comes to collection, it will disappoint you but in case of HD quality, streaming and IMDB rating, you are going to love their collection.

Even you don’t need to sign up here; yes you can enjoy full movies for free without registration.

All movies are worth to watch. So if you are free and just looking a site to enjoy movies then Movie4u is perfect place but if you are searching a website to watch a particular movie then visit YoMovies.

6. TodayPKHD

Website: https://todaypkhd.com/

TodayPKHD is one of the best free movie streaming sites which allow you to enjoy Hollywood dubbed movies online for free without creating any account. Movies collection is very vast. I must say you will find every movie here for new release to old.

Streaming quality is good, not much ads like other Hollywood dubbed movies websites.

Except Hollywood dubbed movies, here you can watch new Telugu movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood, Tamil and other movies. Adult 18+ category is also here.

If you don’t find your choice movie in TodayPKHD databse, you can make a request by filling request form which you will get once you click on request button.

7. Watch Online Hub

Website: https://watchonlinehub.com/

If you are still looking for a site to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi, then check out Watch Online Hub. Here you will find huge collection of old Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi. If you love to watch new release movies then avoid this website and give try to above movie websites like Fmovies.

You don’t need to sign up here. To find any particular movie, enter movie name into search box, you will just one click away to watch.

Watch Online Hub also has great collection of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Punjabi, Tamil, and more.

8. Filmlinks4u

Website: https://www1.filmlinks4u.is/

Filmlinks4u is another great site to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi without registration and downloading. For some movies, you will find third party links to watch and some you can watch at Filmlinks4u. Here you can find all latest release and old movies. Collection of Hollywood dubbed movies is huge unlike other movies websites.

Here you can also know some information about movies like director, genre and rating. Filmlinks4u also provides you facility of downloading.

9. Online Stream Movies

Website: https://www.onlinestreammovies.com/genre/dubbed/

As the name suggests, the site lets users Stream Movies online. The interface is well-designed and quite professional. It has a top-bar with options such as Movies News, Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Punjabi, Telgu, Genre and so on.

The “Genre” option can be hovered upon to reveal a list of different genres such as Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Sport, Drama, Crime, Animation, Western, Tamil, Romance etc. which help users find their content with added ease.

The “Dubbed” option however is the one which should interest you; it contains a list of mixed content, from various genres and languages such as Tamil, Telgu, Punjabi and obviously Hollywood as well which has been Dubbed in Hindi and can be streamed from this page.

The movie thumbnails display the movie-quality as well such as WEB Rip, HDCam, DVDRip, DVD SCR, or HD. Although I must say most of the content on the site isn’t HD and is in one of the other mentioned qualities.

The movie stream page shows a one-liner about the movie which is like the Synopsis, other details such as the run-time, director, cast, quality, release-year, and IMDB ratings too are included.

The site however may get annoying considering how it doesn’t have any visible ads and rather makes use of hidden ones, which auto-popup not just one but multiple popups on your browser.

Does feature a download option for selected content. Also has a movie-request option which can be used to request new movies to be uploaded.

10. Hindi View

Website: https://hindiview.com/genre/hollywood-dubbed/

Hindi View is a site with striking similarities to Online Stream Movies as far as the Layout is concerned. The content and options do differ however the surface level feel both the sites impart is almost identical.

Although the top-bar on Hindi View hosts options such as New Releases, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies, most Favorites, Most viewed, and top IMDB.

Again, the Hollywood hindi Dubbed movies is what’s of your prime concern, it’s a page which has hundreds of movies displayed along with their thumbnails and titles. Hovering isn’t fruitful and doesn’t bring up any information as it may with some other sites.

In order to get more information about the content; users have to click on the thumbnails and then reach the movie pages. It displays a longer synopsis then the one displayed at Online Stream Movies, although other details too are available such as Cast, Director, run-time and so on.

Because the movies are on third-party websites, at times they can also be downloaded. No registrations required but the site does throw tons of ads the users’ way.

11. WorldFree4u

Website: https://worldfree4u.wiki/

This site is well known and it does not need too much of introduction at all. Worldfree4u is an Indian site which has massive following and people prefer it over other sites to not only watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi but to download them too.

The site does not follow a well arrange and organized layout. In fact, you will find it very random and ordinary like every other site.

But, trust me, if you will visit this site on a daily basis then you will get to discover how amazingly vast its database actually is. Apart from featuring dubbed Hollywood movies, this site also provides songs, games, wallpapers, android packs etc.

To browse and watch Hollywood movies online in Hindi, simply go to the section of Dual Audio & Dubbed Movies in All Movies section and you will find every Hollywood and other movies out there. Although the site lacks filters, but the database is really abundant and never ending.

12. KateMovieHD

Website: https://katmoviehd.co.in/

KateMovieHD is a site which is not only popular for watching movies online but also for downloading them. This site feature hundreds of categories in which movies can be downloaded. You would surely love the way this site works once you will start operating it.

The categories offered by this site are as follows – Bollywood, seasons, Drama, dubbed movies, Anime, adult, 300MB etc.

The best part about KateMovie is that it streams all the movies in HD quality which gives the best experience of browsing to the users. Now, watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi in great quality and enjoy an entertaining weekend through KateMovieHD.

You just need to simply click on the Dubbed Movies category and then click on the movie that you want to see online. You will get various links for streaming as well as downloading the same movie out here.

KateMovieHD is a great site to watch online Hollywood  dubbed movies along with various other movies too. The other features of this site are requesting a specific movie, upload a movie on your own etc.

13. iPagal

Website: http://ipagal.org/

iPagal is another interesting site to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi. This site earlier had the option of downloading only but it recently came up with the facility called “play online”. This allows the users to watch free movies online without downloading.

Like Worldfree4u, iPagal also lacks in great layout and display of site but it surely excels and in rich content and abundant database of movies.

The section of dubbed Hollywood movies in Hindi is first one in this site so you would not have to look for it too much. Simply, go to this section and a big database of Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi will be in front of you.

If you want, you can also download these files too. But as we are talking about watching them online then just click on the play online option and you are good to go. You can also request for a movie without getting registered on this site.

14. MoviesGolds

Website: http://www.moviesgolds.com/

Next one in this list of sites to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi is MoviesGolds. This site is just like KateMovieHD and allows you to download the media file along with streaming it online. There are various categories on this site to watch different movies.

MoviesGolds is a site which also gives you the advantage of watching mostly all movies in HD quality. So, this makes it two benefits altogether.

Other movies available on this site are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali etc. You can find almost all types of movies in different languages on MoviesGolds. Despite of having so much of database, they have excelled in keeping their site organized and well-functioned too.

There is a specific section for the dubbed movies where you can find all the Hollywood movies in Hindi or dual tone too. In this section, you can also pick movies on the basis of categories like latest, longest, most viewed etc.

Simply click on the movie you want to watch and then either download it or watch directly online by following specific links given.

15. KatFreeMovie

Website: https://www.katfreemovie.com/category/hindi-dubbed/

Watch hindi movies free online

Do not confuse it with KatMovies listed above, this is an entirely different site with a completely different database, interface and working principles.

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The website has a modern, easy-to-understand interface with a top-bar which lists options such as Bollywood, South Indian, Tamil, Telgu, Punjabi, Hindi Dubbed and even 18+.

Clicking on the “Hindi Dubbed” option takes users to the section which lets them stream Dubbed movies in Hindi. Just below the top-bar is an Alphabetic series with letters from A  to Z. Clicking on any one of those takes users to a screen which displays movies starting only with the chosen alphabet.

Hovering over any movie-thumbnail reveals a modern-looking tab with the movies’ synopsis, cast, director, release-year as well as run-time. The fact that you don’t have to click or go to any other page to get an idea of the movie’s content is what impressed me.

Clicking on the thumbnails takes users to the streaming pages where more info about the movie is displayed, or users can click on the Play button to play the movies. Even has a feature which lets you download movies.

No registration is required to stream although does have auto-popup ads which open couple new tabs and windows which need to be closed manually.

16. GoFilms4U

Website: https://www.gofilms4u.io

GoFilms4U is one of the best sources to watch Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi, if you can tolerate its hidden, on-click ads.

The homepage has a big search bar which lets users search for keywords directly, so you can directly search for the Hollywood movies and see if it has their dubbed versions.

Its top-bar provides us with the idea of how extensive its database is. It not only offers Hindi Movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil & Telgu movies (non-dubbed), but also Web Series! It also has dubbed movies from the Tamil and Telgu industries along with their original versions.

There’s a left-sidebar which has filters such as Genres, Release-year, quality and countries. Users can click any one of those to find movies exclusive to those criteria. Also has a “Request movie” option.

The movies are displayed along with their thumbnails, total number of views as well as the quality of the video too is mentioned on the thumbnail.

The streaming page does have a full cast-list, detailed synopsis and other relevant information about the movie. It also offers multiple streaming servers for some content in case one of them isn’t working.

The video-player is identical to Youtube’s with almost the same controls. No registration is required. The only downside being a number of new tabs and windows popping up with every single click.

17. MyGoldenChoice

Website: http://www.mygoldenchoice.com/

MyGoldenChoice is a site which is way more than just dubbed Hollywood movies. This site not only operates for entertainment world but also for various other interesting areas too. This site can be a great companion of yours if you would start browsing it.

The sign-up process is optional on this site. In terms of movies, it just operates in three sections which are Bollywood, Hollywood and dubbed Hollywood movies.

The other sections available on this site are lifestyle, news, sports, politics, entertainment etc. This means the site takes care of all types of users and provide updated information to each of them. To browse the dubbed Hollywood movies, you just need to simply click on the latest movies.

You will see a section of dubbed Hollywood movies in that folder. Just click on it and you will have latest Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi or dual tone in this section. You can watch them all without even paying anything to anyone.

18. HubMovie

Website: http://hubmovie.cc/

Another interesting site in this list is HubMovie. You must have heard its name before as the site is really popular especially for watching Hollywood movies. But few know that this US oriented website also features special section to watch dubbed Hollywood movies in Hindi.

On the home page you will find various movies along with their posters so that the navigation can become easier. The site also features some Indian movies too.

The other sections on this site are Hindi Dubbed movies, TV shows, special Harry Potter movies section etc. To watch the Hindi dubbed movies, simply go to the section of dubbed movies and it will show you all the Hollywood movies which are available to watch online in Hindi.

Just like the rest of the movie streaming sites, simply click on the movie you want to see and enjoy it online. Hubmovie not have rich content for dubbed movies. Although you will find all the recent Hollywood movies in English on this site.

19. Movies4You

Website: https://moovies4u.com/

The last one in this list of sites to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi is Movies4you. There are some of the reasons because of which the site has been mentioned on the last position in this list. But that does not mean that it doesn’t have good points too.

First of all, coming to the layout, it is totally perfect. You will find the transitions from one folder to other very simple. The designing is simple yet great and browsing is really comfortable so full points in it.

Next point is its database. Well, here you would have to get disappointed a bit. The site does not have an abundant database but you will find most of the Hollywood movies here. Some of them are may not be dubbed but at least they are available to watch though.

The other categories to be browsed on this site are Tamil movies, Telugu, Punjabi, Bollywood etc. You also have option for downloading some specific movies too. At last I would just say that the site is on average position to watch dubbed movies online.

20. VideoMasti

Website: https://videomasti.live/

In case, above movie streaming websites are not working or down at your side, then you can give a try to VideoMasti. Here also you can find some Hollywood hindi dubbed movies but not latest release. If you are die-hard fan to watch latest movies, then I will recommend you to check out best sites like Solarmovies or best torrent sites.

To watch old Hollywood movies in hindi, it can be a good choice. This website doesn’t support Ad blocker so you are going to watch lot of annoying ads here.

I personally didn’t like this website due to too much ads even when I tried to watch movies, I was not able due to ads.  Wish you good luck guys.

21. MoviesMost

Website: https://moviesmost.net/

Moviesmost or mostly known as MM is another interesting site where you can watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi and many other media files too. This site has various movies uploaded on its server or some are derived through third party too.

Moviesmost hosts movies in different genres like Hollywood, Bollywood, dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, Chinese and even 18+ content too.

On its home page you will find different sections which displays some options from both Bollywood and Hollywood. These are the most recent must watch movies of both genres. But as we are talking about dubbed Hollywood movies then I won’t make you feel bored with unnecessary information.

Go to the “Dubbed” section and you are going to get all the Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies out there. In fact, there is a separate search bar there so that you can directly search your desired movie there too. Multiple categories in this section like Hollywood movies year wise, upcoming flicks, Hollywood dubbed etc are offered.

You do not get to register on this site but you are not allowed to download the files too. You can only stream them online on that site only.

22. Hotstar Online

Website: http://hotstar.online/

Don’t confuse the site with the original Hotstar as it is different from that one. Hotstar Online has great collection of different types of movies and songs too. Unlike Hotstar original, it does not contain any TV shows on its server.

Apart from the dubbed Hollywood movies you can watch Bollywood movies, animation movies, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and other movies on this site. In fact, they even have a separate section for the 18+ content too.

Go to the section of Hollywood movies and then choose your desired options like Hindi dubbed, dual tone etc. You are going to get different options of movies available in that category then. This is just a simple process and involves no complexities.

You have genres, releasing year and quality to pick desired option to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi. This site is safe to browse and does not even require any sign-up process too.

23. Watch Online Movies

Website: http://www.watchonlinemovies.com.pk

watch online hollywood hindi dubbed movies free

Watch Online Movies is a heavily populated platform which not only lets us watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi, but also movies in many other languages. The site has a lot of sections such as Indian Movies, Punjabi, English etc.

It even lets users sort movies based on Actors and Actresses! Each of these options reveal hundreds of other options, such as hovering on “Indian movies” reveals 2001 movies, 2002 movies, 2003 movies and so on.

The “Actors” and “Actresses” links reveal options based on each actor and actresses’ names so you can directly find movies they’ve starred in.

Or you can even use the “By Type” link to find a movie based on Genre, although only three of those are available- “Series”, “Horror” and “Action“.

If you’re unable to find your movie using those filters, you can even use the text-based search bar on the top-right corner of the site to narrow your searches down.

The total database of movies exceeds 10,000 individual items! In order to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi, click on “English” and select a movie.

The next page would popup half a dozen or so tabs automatically for your browser, these are hidden ads. Simply close all of those tabs. And then click on the Play button.

The video player lets you enable, or even upload your own subtitles while watching! The page also lists a number of download links for the movie in case you’d want to download it for offline watching. And finally, you can leave a positive/negative or an actual comment for the movie if you’d like to.

24. JioCinema

Website: https://www.jiocinema.com

watch online hollywood hindi dubbed movies free

JioCinema differs from almost all the links above in a number of ways. For starters, it’s completely legal. It’s a platform by Jio, India’s leading Telecom company.

Along with being legal, it also is extremely professional and offers movies in high quality. The interface is simple and bold, as in all the links and options are “big” in size and are easily recognizable.

Users can click on “Movies” on the top-bar to go to the Movies page which enlists all the movies on the platform. They’re neatly categorized under Thrillers, Adventure, Action, Recently Added etc.

Or you can also use the search-bar on the top-right corner to directly find the movie you’re looking for. All the Hollywood movies on the platform are dubbed in Hindi. Although if that’s not enough, the video player also lets you enable Subtitles/Captions in Hindi as well.

There are absolutely no ads whatsoever. The movie collection isn’t medieval either and most recent (couple month old) releases can be found over there for free.

Information about the movie such as its Synopsis, cast and related movies too are shown in case you’re interested in things like that.

The only problem with the platform is, in order to stream movies you must be a Jio user. Or atleast know someone who own a Jio Sim card. It sends a one time OTP to the number after which the platform can be used forever for streaming.

25. HindiView

Website: https://hindiview.com/

As the name suggests (Hindi + View), HindiView is a platform which allows users to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi. The overall interface on the site is pretty professional although it’s overloaded with ads. There are hidden ads, popup ads, banner ads and every other kind.

However if you can look past all that, there’s a top-bar which lets us make our picks from “New Releases”, “Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies“, “Most Favorites“, “Most Viewed“, and “Top IMDB“.

Another way to find your content is to scroll down, the site has hundreds of titles and their thumbnails. Also each thumbnail indicates the quality of the movie, as well as if it is (or isn’t) dubbed in Hindi. Fortunately most are.

Once a thumbnail is clicked on, it takes users to the movie-page without any extra B.S, redirection or Signups (apart from the ads). The page displays the video player where the movie is streamed, and offers the choice of other servers in case the primary isn’t working.

There also is a Synopsis, as well as links to download the movie directly for later offline watching. In my experience, often the first server doesn’t work and it’s the second server which needs to be employed for the movies to be steamed successfully.

26. YoMovies

Website: https://yomovies.co.in/genre/dual-audio/

Yo Movies says “watch full movies online for free” and it does deliver. However, it’s not exclusively for movies dubbed in Hindi, but that sure makes up a major fraction of its content. You can find Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi by going to the homepage, clicking on “Dual audio” from the top-bar and selecting Hollywood.

Or, simply click on the link provided above, it links directly to the “Hollywood dubbed in Hindi movies” page. A pretty interactive interface welcomes you. Hover over movie-thumbnails and it displays the release-year, country, synopsis, IMDB ratings and runtime. Makes filtering through content much faster.

Multiple servers are offered for almost all the movies, each with their own quality helping you save data and bandwidth just in case. It even features subtitles in case you need them. Also can be used to stream movies from other languages dubbed in Hindi.

The number of ads is acceptable, nothing too aggressive. The quality of most of the content is either 720p or 1080p. It even allows downloading movies directly. The available content isn’t super-fresh, yet you’ll probably find movies which released a couple months back. The site sometimes requires hitting the refresh buttons a couple times before it loads.

27. Let’s Watch Online

Website: https://www.letswatchonline.com/

After 27 websites, I must say there aren’t many sites left which let you stream online Hollywood movies in Hindi for free. Most sites claiming to offer the same are just spammed with ads and don’t actually let you “play” the movies.

“Let’s watch online” fortunately isn’t one of them. Sure, it too is ultra-heavy on ads, but the movies do play after you’ve closed 15 or so ad-popups.

The homepage features an advanced filter which lets us find movies using the alphabetical-scale on the top-bar. Or there’s a drop-down menu titled “Movies”. Simply click on it and it gets you the categories such as “Hindi dubbed movies”, “South Indian movies”, “comedy movies”, “horror movies” and so on. It even has an arsenal of South Indian dubbed movies in Hindi.

The movie-thumbnails have a tiny banner which shows their quality, as well as any subtitles/dub availability. Most of the content is 720p or 1080p. It doesn’t feature very recent releases, however anything between the last decade and the last couple months seems to be available.

The video-player offers quite a few controls, however they’re essentially useless. You can’t click on any of the options even once without launching ads on every single click. Multiple servers are available at times, one-liner Synopses too is displayed for the movies you’re watching.


These sites are surely a great option to watch high quality movies online and most importantly all types of Hollywood movies online. You just simply need to go on the site and take actions accordingly.

Streaming them is absolutely free of cost and there is nothing complex about surfing these sites. Some of the sites even allow you to download these Hollywood movies too. So, just grab some snacks and get stuck to the screens immediately. Hopefully, you will love these free movie sites to watch online Hollywood movies in Hindi.

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