Top 10 Sites like Rainierland


Today, you will know top 10 movie streaming sites like Rainierland (2021 Updated) to watch full length movies and TV shows in HD online for free without registration/sign up.

All mentioned websites have a large database of movies and TV shows and also offers you amazing features like filters, multiple streaming servers, search bar, and fast streaming etc.

Let’s get started with the list.

10 Best Sites like Rainierland for 2021

1. Vumoo



Vumoo is an amazing platform to watch full length movies and TV shows in HD without any interference of advertisement. Only few movie sites are able to maintain streaming experience like Vumoo.

Even here you don’t need to register an account to stream a movie or TV series. Movies and TV series database is vast. Furthermore, you have a bar to search a movie which you want to watch.

Video streaming starts once you hit play button. It has 2 streaming servers so you need to worry if one doesn’t work, you can choose another. Additionally, it offers all basic details (a movie buff want to know before watching) about TV series and movies.

Overall, it is not similar to Rainierland but one of the best free movie streaming sites on the web that’s why it tops my list.

2. Putlocker


Sites like Putlocker

Putlocker is on the top position in the list of websites like Rainierland and the reason is of course its vast collection of media files. People generally go addicted to this site because of its superb quality video streaming feature.

The earlier version of Putlocker went down and this is the reason the site got shifted to a new URL which is fully functional.

Putlocker surely deserves to be on the top of the list of sites like Rainierland. You may get used to of the earlier version of the site so this may look a bit different and confusing to you. But, don’t get panicked and focus directly towards TV shows and movies section.

Like other sites, you can easily request for a movie or TV shows that you want to watch on the site. Sometimes, they may not upload a specific episode so you can rather ask for it.

Putlocker does not have a slideshow running of movies and other media files. This may create a bit of confusion for you. So, you rather search the movies or shows on your own and you will surely find the relevant results quickly.

3. XMovies8


So, in this list of sites like Rainierland the second entry is XMovies8. Well, don’t worry because it is no adult video streaming sites and perfectly alright for browsing your favorite movies and TV shows here. This movie site is quite like all the other ones and is very rich in database too.

There are varied options through which you can filter your result which will save a lot of your time. You can check out the most viewed list of movies and TV shows so that you can come to know what is trending?

In this way, you only get what should be watched and what is good enough. There are different genres too like horror, thriller, comedy, drama etc. through which you can watch what you like. What you get additional here than other sites like Rainierland is the option of browsing movies through director’s name.

This is kind of a unique option that is very rare to be found. In fact, you get other options like writer, actor, year, language, country etc. This proves that XMovies8 is no ordinary site that I have included in this list.

4. New Movies



The next one in this list of alternative sites Rainierland which is not only a movie streaming site but also a TV shows streaming site too is New Movies. Just when you thought life cannot get more exciting, this site came up with its all free to access policy to increase the entertainment quotient in your life.

Not only this site helps in watching all the latest movies in good quality, it also tries to be on the top to provide all the media as early as possible.

The site is simple in appearance and does not involve too much of drama to confuse the users. You will find lesser ads as compared to the other site. The content can be of a decent amount but the streaming quality is good enough.

You can watch your favorite movies or TV shows on the basis of the genres and years. You can pick from categories like thriller, action, short, family, animation etc. which is followed on other sites like Rainierland too. You can also watch TV series, but the collection of movies is way better than TV shows.

5. Watch Free



Watch Free is a site that actually stick to its words while giving the best experience of video streaming for all the users. You would love to know that the site is totally up to date and if you are planning to watch some recent flicks here then you can easily find them on this site.

Watch Free is amongst one of the best Rainierland alternatives sites in this list. In fact, they are even very much diversified too. And I can say that because they even host some TV shows and TV series on their site too.

This site is very easy to access and you will find the navigation to different sections at a real ease. Be it any genre like drama, thriller, fantasy, history, comedy or anything else, Watch Free just excels in every single thing related to the entertainment world.

If you wish to watch movies in HD on this site then you can watch them directly just by following the streaming links. This means there is no need to sign up on such sites like Rainierland which saves a lot of your time.

6. Movie4k


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Another one in the list of websites like Rainierland is Movie4k. Just like the other sites listed out here, it has every single quality and feature to keep all the users happy and fully entertained with it. Of course, the site is well organized with all the recent flicks in its kitty.

They do not directly stream the movie on their site. Every single media file has at least 2-3 working links for streaming it so that you never go out of options.

If you are a lover of old classics then relax because Movie4k has got your back on it. Almost each and every media file on this site is featured in HD. Their motto is to give the best video streaming experience to their viewers so that they can come back confidently.

Just like various other sites like Rainierland listed here, you can also watch various TV shows and series on this site. You may get to see some ads in between but I think that is perfectly fine for such amazing quality.

You can request and upload for movies and TV shows. They also feature an adult section too.

7. HouseMovie


HouseMovie is a site which is not only about movies but TV shows too. And you would be glad to know that how great they are in terms of updating their site regularly. They avoided any sort of complexities to keep the site easy to use and handle for the users.

Sites like Rainierland are growing with each passing day and HouseMovie makes a great example of this. It is no less than a wonderful place to stream media online.

The site is well arranged and organized and there is no need to sign up on it. You just need to click on the movie or serial you want to watch and choose from the multiple streaming links of them. The process is pretty simple and the results are pretty good too.

In fact, the site also displays some news regarding popular movies and TV shows. This makes it among very few sites like Rainierland who does so.

8. Primewire


Another one in the list of sites like Rainierland is Primewire. I agree over the fact that you need to get yourself registered first on this site. But every bit of inconvenience is worth. Because in return you get vast collection of movies and TV shows and that too in full HD graphics.

There is a reason people prefer Primewire over other video streaming sites. Actually, it is very much diversified and great in terms of user support. Not only, videos but you are also getting some good music here. In fact, you are also allowed to download the files which means no issues of streaming again.

The process of watching any media file is really simple. You just need to click on the icon and you will find some links for streaming the file. You will be redirected to some other page and there you can stream the media easily.

What might excite you even more is the fact that you are getting all the facilities and features without even paying a penny to anyone. Yes, this is totally true. No subscription charges, no upgradation plan and nothing membership formula on this site. What they offer is just plain entertainment and that’s it.

9. Movie Watcher


Movie Watcher is surely one of the best choice you can make in this list of sites like Rainierland. From a tiny detail to something as big as a movie, Movie watcher keeps an eye on the quality and quantity of everything on its site.

Not just entertainment but you are going to increase your movie knowledge here too. Their section features upcoming flicks which means now you know when to gear up for the yet to release movies.

You can browse their well-equipped genres to look for your favorite flicks out there. They have got your back in multiple areas like drama, history, fantasy, mp3, adult, biography etc. This site is not going to let you down in anyway and at any time possible.

As far as TV shows are concerned, you will find a satisfyingly large collection of them too. They tries to update this section every day so that viewers do not miss even a single episode. It surely stands out among other sites like Rainierland.

10. Cinemamega


Last but not the least, Cinemamega is being included in this list of sites like Rainierland. There is, of course, no doubt in the fact that all the sites listed above are really efficient in movie streaming. But Cinemamega is running a step forward then them.

It not only features movies but TV Shows, Asian dramas, cartoons and anime too. This, in turn, can be seen as hitting a jackpot.

There are lots of genres, countries, years from which you can choose what you want to see. The process is real simple and the quality is of course up to the mark. The best part of this site is that you do not even have to get sign up on them and still can access their site very well.

Cinemamega even features a lot of multilingual movies too along with subtitles. This site is enabling the way to see towards entertainment in a more comfortable way.

11. Hubmovie


This is the time to celebrate because you have got HubMovie by your side which is one of the best Rainierland alternatives. This site not only keeps up with movies but TV shows too. Yes, you heard me right. This is the time to leave everything aside and put on some entertainment show.

You can request a movie or TV shows or in fact some specific episode if they are not uploaded on the site. Don’t forget to get updated with the TV schedule so that you can get to know when your favorite shows are gonna be uploaded.

The site has been created in such a way that users always stay at ease while browsing it. I mean you are getting filtering, various genres, sorting out system which makes the browsing even better.

I would rather suggest you to lay off your TV subscription plan and rather hook on to HubMovie. This site is never gonna let you down in terms of great entertainment.


There is no end to the list of websites like Rainierland around the world. You can get even thousands of such sites which offer the tremendously large database of movies and TV shows. Still, I tried to handpick those sites like Rainierland which are nearly free and offer great quality streaming too.

I can assure you that you are going to have some good time watching movies from these sites.

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