Top 10 Apps like Ibotta


Ibotta is a very popular cash back application which enables some sort of money return each time you make a purchase through it. But, have you tried to dig about more apps like Ibotta which works for the same business and provides even more interesting deals and discounts?

Top 10 Apps like Ibotta

Well, if not then it is the time to ponder over it. You can literally save a lot of cash on simple things like purchasing any items, travelling, dining out and other things in form of coupons, cash backs and discount offers. This can actually help you to save a big part of your money. Given below is a list of various types of apps which functions just like Ibotta and you can actually save big through them.

1. Groupon

Download App: Android, iOS

Groupon-Shop-Deals-and-Discounts-CouponsGroupon is not just one of the apps like Ibotta but it has actually become the way people live now. I mean you cannot even imagine how much you can save in a month when you are acquiring coupons and cash backs through Groupon.

As the app claims, it can save up to 70% on your day to day expenses which is like saving a huge amount of your salary and saving it for future.

Groupon applies to things like stuffs to eat, tickets to events, massages, on fashion trends and many more. This is like saving a bit on everything you do from morning to night. It works in a way that you are provided promo codes and saving alerts on various things which in return yields you discount while buying anything.

From big commodity to small services, you can apply these coupons from Groupon on literally anything. This free to use app can totally transform the way you live and help you to use your money in right way. And the best part is that it is as diverse as Ibotta itself.

2. Receipt Hog

Download App: Android, iOS

Receipt-Hog-Receipts-to-cashReceipt Hog works differently than my earlier recommendation Groupon but trust me it is one of the best apps for android that you are ever gonna find. Through Receipt Hog you can use your everyday receipt into cash and other rewards. Isn’t it just amazing to shop now?

The best part about this app is that it is not restricted to some specific criteria but works on everything like eatables, clothing, store, travel or anything else.

What you need to do is just take a picture of the receipt, scan it through Receipt Hog and get the cash or rewards through PayPal and Amazon Gift Card simultaneously. The other features of Receipt Hog that you should know are cash back amount grows over the time, extra coins through Hog Slot machine, level up – prize up, secured digital copy of receipts and many more.

The use of this app are just limitless and I am sure it turn out to be one of the best apps like Ibotta in this list too. I am really sure that once you will start using it, you won’t be able to uninstall it ever.

3. Shopkick

Download App: Android, iOS

Shopkick-Shopping-Reward-and-DealsThe next one in this list of apps like Ibotta is Shopkick. It works differently and offers more gift cards rather than direct cash backs or discounts. However, that is also beneficial as long as you are getting things you haven’t paid for.

Shopkick is an app through which you can scan your receipt and earn cash or you can directly earn gift cards after you are done with the shopping.

Apart from these two tricks, you have other options to earn money too. You are supposed to finish the daily tasks on this app including scavenger hunt too. This in return yield you great money back and gift card rewards. Be it online shopping or drinking coffee at Starbucks, there are rewards on everything.

The rewards you get are called “Kicks” and if you want you can donate them to charity too. Once you have earned kicks through various shopping and tasks then you can redeem them to earn gift cards for various online and offline stores. I really find this app to be the coolest and one of its kind too.

4. CheckPoints

Download App: Android, iOS

CheckPoints-and-Reward-AppsShop anywhere around the world and for anything you want, if you want rewards for your shopping, Checkpoints is the perfect app to get you that. You just need to scan the barcodes of any product you want whether purchased or not, and in return, you are going to get the reward for it.

This is one of the best cash back apps like Ibotta in this list and surely most flexible too. CheckPoints works for numerous categories like groceries, clothing, eatables, traveling and everything else.

Apart from scanning barcodes there are more ways through which you can earn on this app. These ways are play games, watch certain videos, answer surveys and others through which you can earn some easy money just by sitting at your home.

Once you have collected the in-app points then it works like any other apps like Ibotta and you can earn rewards like gift cards in return of these points. From Amazon to Walmart, you can get the gift cards to every popular retailer brand.

5. SnipSnap Coupon App

Download App: Android, iOS

SnipSnap-Coupon-AppI am literally telling you that amongst all the apps like Ibotta I have mentioned this far, I really found SnipSnap to be the most unique and creative amongst them all. The app is exclusively for those people who have some extra time to make everything out of nothing.

All you need to do is snap a picture of any printed offer from any source and then this app converts it to a full-fledged offer containing text, images, barcodes and everything else. You can now use this offer wherever you want.

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You can see the technology is way higher than any other apps listed here. If you are not having any offers right now then you can discover what your friends are having on SnipSnap and then use their coupons too. Every time you will open up a store in your phone, the app will remind you of the coupon you are having.

This is like your personal financial assistant which is not going to let you pay even a single penny in vain. Other features of this interesting app are coupons scanning, follow friends, expiration date alert, store success rating and many more.

6. Krazy Coupon Lady

Download App: Android, iOS

Crazy-Coupon-LadyKrazy Coupon Lady might not be that advanced in terms of technology as compared to other apps like Ibotta in this list but that does not make it any less important. If you are someone who loves to shop from the supermarket on daily basis then Krazy Coupon Lady which must be there in your phone.

You can find every single chain markets on KCL like Target, Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods, Publix, Walgreens and many more.

All you need to do is just check out 60 new deals every day and search relevant coupons from this app. It is that simple to operate this app and in just seconds you will be having various coupons for a single shop. Apart from coupons there are various other features which are going to make the shopping process easier for you.

These features are shopping list creation, coupons storing, multiple devices syncing, in-app tutorials, story sharing and many more. KCL is a great community to help you out with your everyday shopping very easily.

7. Coupon Sherpa

Download App: Android, iOS

Coupon-SherpaYou must have used this app earlier too as it is one of the most popular app in this list which is used for coupons and deals finding. Coupon Sherpa is an efficient as well as effective option in the list of apps like Ibotta which provides access to thousands of coupons on a single page.

From popular stores to restaurants and cafes in your area, Coupon Sherpa has everything for every single service that you are using.

All you have to do is that when you are shopping, locate the coupon and show it to the cashier and they will directly scan it and in return you get promised discount. Each day the database is updated so you get new coupons every day.

Don’t forget to browse the “Nearby” section to check out deals on neighboring stores and cafes.

8. SavingStar

Download App: Android, iOS

Saving-Star-Saving-StarThere are so many other apps like Ibotta which works in some specific criteria and one of them is SavingStar which works specifically for saving some for grocery shopping. You can really earn big amount while doing grocery shopping in your local shops.

The thing which I liked the most about this app is that there are no hassle for coupons and printed offers. You just need to tap on the rebates you like.

As it works through rebates then you are likely to save higher than any other cash back apps like Ibotta in this list. Sometimes you can save up to $5 on a single product. Apart from it there are so many interesting features of this app like rebates every week, applies on all popular stores, cash out to bank or PayPal account, rebates linking to loyalty cards of stores and many more.

This is the most efficient and hassle free app which works for providing cash back offers as well as amazing deals and discounts.

9. ReceiptPal

Download App: Android, iOS

ReceiptPalReceiptPal reveals its basic feature through its name only which involved snapping the receipt of your shopping to claim the reward or cash back offer. The working of this app is as simple as most of the apps like Ibotta in this list.

What I liked the most about this app that is functioning is not limited to a certain type of shopping only. In fact, ReceiptPal applies to eating out, clothing, grocery and any other type of shopping.

All you need to do is scan the picture of receipt or any e-receipt in this app and earn points. Once you have collected enough points then you get rewards in return of them. Under special weekly bonuses, you can get cash rewards too.

When you are doing it, you won’t even realize it but the digital copy of your bill will be saved in your phone which can help you in keeping an account of your expenses easily and in a secure way too.

10.  MobiSave

Download App: Android, iOS

MobiSaveThe last one to be named as Ibotta apps alternative in this list is MobiSave. As the makers of this app claims, this is the easiest way to save some bucks while carrying on with your regular shopping on different platforms. However, it works for grocery shopping only.

The app actually work in two ways and the operation is quite simpler as compare to the other apps like Ibotta in this list.

All you need to do is just pick an offer from this app that you want to choose. Now, go shopping on any store you want and don’t forget to get the authorized bill. Now, click a picture of this bill and scan it through the app.

They are going to match that whether the selected shopping offer applies on it or not. If it matched then you are going to get the promised cash back or reward in your associated PayPal account easily. Isn’t it work as the simplest cash back app ever?


I am sure you would have loved using these apps like Ibotta mentioned in this section. You must be thinking that why you should use them just to save some pennies. But it can literally combine together to make a really huge amount which can be saved on monthly basis especially when you are on a cost cutting.

And most importantly, it is always good to have some options handy with you in case some apps are not providing offers on current time. Make sure to check their notifications and offers on daily basis and start the process of becoming a smart shopper.

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