10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix


Netflix no doubt is the biggest entertainer right now. To make most of it, watch best comedy movies on Netflix and share a laugh with your friends and family on this weekend. Now, the biggest part here is that you need to find such best comedies on Netflix which are not only funny but can be watched with family too.

10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

So, to give you a little less of that headache, I have listed down some great comedy movies which you can watch on Netflix. Apart from tickling your funny bones, these movies are also going to offer a great time to your family members too. You can check out the list here.

1. Cool Runnings

The first one in the section of best comedy movies on Netflix is Cool Runnings. It was released in 1993 and it is based on the sports theme. The story of this movie is loosely based on the Jamaica National Bobsleigh Team’s first participation in 1988 Winter Olympics in Canada.

The plot of the movie revolves around a runner named Derice Bannock who fails to quality to the Olympics because of another runner who falls and takes Derice and other player with him during the trial run.

The story proceeds with Derice trying his luck somewhere else and showcasing all his potential in a different direction but to the same goal. In this way, the movie depicts an inspiration story in a really funny way which keeps the audience entertained throughout.

More than the story, the soundtrack of the movie became popular and it was even praised by the critics too. Despite being an old fiction, the movie has some really great puns and gags which you can enjoy with all of your family together. I am sure the movie is surely going to make a strong impact on everyone.

2. Chef

Chef belong to the genre of comedy drama which was released in 2014. The movie contains some really big names like Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara and of course Jon Favreau who not only directed the movie but also acted in it as the lead.

This is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix and the reason is pretty clear, iconic wit, humor, dialogue delivery and amazing acting of the entire cast.

The story of the movie is about e chef played by Jon, who quits his job in popular LA restaurant and moves back to his hometown Miami to run a food truck. The movie tells his journey to reunite with his ex-wife and binds him closer to their son who join him in driving this truck.

The movie is a unique match of comedy and a beautiful father and son relationship. There are moments when you feel like laughing out loud and then suddenly the plot takes you to some really emotional phases. Chef is a really unique and amongst the top funny family movies on Netflix which must be watched at least once.

3. Tiny Furniture

Tiny Furniture is a slightly different mention in this list of best comedy movies on Netflix. It is an independent American film which was released in 2010 and belongs to the genre of comedy and drama. The movie is written, directed by and stars Lena Dunham in it.

The movie is about a girl Aura whose boyfriend left her after graduation and she returns back to her mom’s house after a really long time.

The plot of the movie progresses slowly where Aura realizes that her mother and younger sister shares a beautiful and strong bond with each other which she could never share. Soon, she meets new people and discovers the life of her mother when she was her age.

The movie got critically acclaimed and also won some awards too. As per the box office reports, it did well there too as the budget of the movie was quite small. In fact, Aura’s on screen mother and sibling is played by Lena’s real mother and sister. As a whole the movie shares quite interesting story.

4. The Trip

The Trip is a movie from the year 2010 starring Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon and Rebecca Johnson in the leads. The movie is the story of two best friends who tour the country together to find out the finest restaurants in the entire country.

They happen to combine on this tour as Steve’s girlfriend backs out on him. There are lots and lots of too much of hilarious moments in the movie which will keep you giggling all the time.

This is surely one of the best comedy movies on Netflix right now. What you are going to see in the movie is the amazing locations and superb arguments between the leads. The name of both the leads remains the same in the movie and that is the best part of it.

This is basically a British comedy and without even trying too hard the movie comes out as a natural and surely funny conversation. Best comedy movies like The Trip are a delight to watch and such movies never cease to amaze and entertain us even seen many times.

5. Burn After Reading

This is the time to move to some black comedy flick in the list of best comedy movies on Netflix with Burn After Reading which is a movie from the year 2008. This American movie stars some really talented actors like George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, Brad Pitt etc. The writing, editing, producing and directing credits goes to Joel and Ethan Coen.

The movie entirely does not focus on a specific character and hence revolves around various people and aspects regularly and proceeding in a direction.

The movie starts from a CIA Analyst Osbourne Cox leaving his job because of drinking habit. His wife plans to divorce him on this as she is having an affair with someone else. The movie revolves around various plots and phases at the same time.

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There are quick puns and small roles of various characters which bounds the movie together. In fact, the climax is also quite dramatic and the comedy keeps the movie going on. The movie turned out to be a huge success on the box office and earned a great amount.

6. Mascots

Mascots is a release from the year 2016 and in fact, it first got premiered on Netflix only. This makes it one of the best comedy movies on Netflix which is a type of mockumentary. The movie is directed by Christopher Guest and features a long list of actors in it.

I think Mascots is by far the most entertaining movie of the year 2016 which released from the platform of Netflix originally.

The story of the movie is about Mascots competing with each other. There is an event shown in the movie named Gold Fluffy Award which is given in the competition of World Mascot Association Championship. There are several Mascots belonging to different sports participating in it.

The movie received mixed reviews and average ratings from the different film critics and analysts. However, if you are looking for a great source of passing time then Mascots can be the perfect pick in it. The movie is amongst the best funny movies available on Netflix right now and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

7. Hot Fuzz

Do you know what the best combination with comedy is? Well, it is a merge of action in it which not only makes the movie funny but also ceases your eyes on the screen completely. Hot Fuzz which was released in 2007 is an example of one such movie.

This is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix which is directed by Edgar Wright. The movie stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The plot of the movie is focused upon two police officers who are attempting to solve a series of mysterious murders in a village. In this journey they come across various challenges which is comprised of the essence of both comedy and action.

What you are going to like the most about this movie is its impeccable action sequences. They have taken inspiration from hundreds of action movies and comprising them with different cameos, the movie turned out to be a real entertainer.

The movie not only did wonderful on box office but also earned great response from each and everyone. I think you are going to love the action movies after watching this one.

8. Sleepwalk with Me

As the name of the movie is quite funny enough, it is no matter of a surprise to include it in the list of best comedy movies on Netflix. Sleepwalk with Me was released in 2012 and it is a type of independent comedy movie written as well as directed by Mike Birbiglia.

The movie is based on the true story of a man who narrated it in his one man off Broadway show. It is the story of an ambitious and aspiring comedian.

He has faced a lot of denial and criticism in his life in various aspects like relationships and career too. He is also suffering from rapid eye movement behavior disorder under which he starts walking in his sleep because of his unexpressed anxiety and feelings.

This unique concept of sleepwalking was really loved by the audience throughout the world and people really enjoyed the hidden comedy in this movie. This is a complete family movie comprised of great moments of comedy of error which is going to be really loved by your family when watched together.

9. In the Loop

In the Loop is a British movie which was released in the year 2009. The movie is a black comedy based on the theme of satirical dialogues. The film is directed by Armando Lannucci and based on the UK-US relations along with highlighting the invasion of Iraq.

The movie might be set on a really important and serious issue but the way they have put the essence of sarcasm and wit in it is really commendable.

The movie is all about the decisions made by Simon Foster who plays the role of the Minister for International Development. The plot of the movie is based in the Middle East and various other locations of UK and US. There are hints of real-life situation and an impact of comedy over them to not let any controversies rise.

I found it to be a smart movie under the category of best comedy movies on Netflix. In fact, the movie is projected in such a way that it does not harms any social and political parties and also showcase the reality with great wit and humor.

10. Don’t Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice is the final pick in the category of best comedy movies on Netflix which was released in the year 2016. This is an American comedy drama movie which is directed and written by Mike Birbiglia.

The plot of the movie revolves around various characters namely Miles, Jack, Sam, Allison, Lindsay and Bill and all of them are the members of an improv troupe namely The Commune.

Each one of them has their own problems and issues with life but one little audition changes their life forever and each one of them heads in totally different directions. The movie really gives a great message of standing by your friends even when nothing is right in your life.

Amongst all the funny movies on Netflix I found it to be quite impressive as per the plot. Although the movie didn’t do that well on the box office but still managed to grab enough attention from the youth all around the world.

Some other popular movies post that you can watch on Netflix.


I hope you would have surely like the list that I have mentioned above. It consists of some really great flicks and I am sure some of them would have been watched by you earlier. You can also check out the concerned comedy genre movies which can be watched with friends easily.

You are going to have the best pill for your stress as these best comedy movies on Netflix are going to give you the best time ever.

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