Top 10 Korean Movies on Netflix


The entire world is a big fan of Korean Drama and especially girls. This is the time to discover some great Korean movies on Netflix to add up the fun quotient high in your life. Be it My Sassy Girl or The Man from Nowhere, people love to watch them all the time.

Top 10 Korean Movies on Netflix

To proceed further in the same category I have compiled some of the greatest Korean Dramas and Korean movies of all time which you can watch on Netflix. Let’s take the idea of Netflix and Chill a step higher and enjoy this service like never before.

1. The Man from Nowhere

The Man from Nowhere is a classic release from the year 2010 and the highest grossing movie from the same year too. The movie broke many records and the reason was its epic story line and commendable acting skills of the entire cast. This movie is the first pick in the category of Korean movies on Netflix.

This is an action thriller movie starring Won Bin and directed by Lee Jeong Beom. The movie proceeds in such a way that audience can really feel connected to its emotions.

The protagonist of the story is an ex-black operations soldier who saves his neighbor and only friend, a little girl who got kidnapped. The movie depicts the love between two people which is unconditional and unique. I am sure it is going to restore your faith in humanity.

Such Korean movies on Netflix are a delight to watch. What I liked the most about the movie is how it proceeds slowly and revealing one thing at a time. The direction is amazing and full marks to the epic climax. I think the ending was something which stole the show.

2. Ode to My Father

Another South Korean Drama which I really loved to mention here in this list of Korean movies on Netflix is Ode to My Father. This classic movie depicts the journey of a man and this is how the story of the movie proceeds. It was released in 2014 and the second highest grossing film in Korean history till date.

The movie will remind you of the several historic incidents belonging to back in the 1950s. Glimpses of Hungnam Evacuation of 1950 and Vietnam War will be seen in the movie.

At the time of Korean War, the movie focuses upon the life of one family who became refugees like other people and were shifting to the south. A father has to let go his family in order to search for his lost daughter in the crowd. He tells his son to take care of all of them on his behalf.

By now, you must have realized that how emotional the movie is. Korean movies are really popular to move everything inside in your heart in just seconds. I think Ode to My Father is one such movie.

3. The Host

The Host is a monster film from 2006 which can put under the genre of suspense and drama. This is one excellent movie which definitely deserved to be amongst handpicked Korean movies on Netflix to be watched. It is available in both Korean and English.

The Host is a story of a man and his daughter who gets kidnapped by a monster. The entire scenario of the movie revolves around the numerous attempts made by his father to save her.

The movie got so great response that it was critically acclaimed by the metacritic and got a great ranking. The movie got so popular in no time that in 2013 Universal Studio came up with their own version of the movie with the same name.

The reason of being one of the most popular Korean movies on Netflix is because The Host is the highest grossing movie South Korean of all time. I think being a Korean movie lover, everyone should give it a try and they are going to become a fan of Korean movies forever.

4. Assassination

The next one in this list of Korean movies on Netflix is Assassination. This is a release from the year 2015 and belongs to the genre of an action movie. The movie got such a great response from the audience that it went on to become the seventh highest grossing Korean movie of all time.

The plot of the movie belongs to back then in 1911 when Korea was under the rule of Japan. Assassination brings out the story of a resistance fighter or assassinator Yem Sek-Jin.

This movie is about the spy Yem who goes through different incidents and tries to murder a governor general but fails. The plot of the movie slowly leads towards the freedom of Korea from Japan in the World War II. The climax of the movie is something which changes the entire movie scenario.

I think Assassination is one such Korean drama which is made once in a lifetime. The performance of each and every actor is incredible and a treat to watch. Because of the exceptional screenplay, the movie got nominated for various awards.

5. Hide and Seek

If there is any mystery film which deserve a mention in this list of Korean movies on Netflix then I think there is no better choice than Hide and Seek. This is a South Korean movie from the year 2013 and directed by Huh Jung that too in his feature debut.

The movie is about two families and their story. The movie is about cracking some codes called Hide and Seek codes and that’s how the mystery arises in the story.

The lead of the movie is Sung-soo who is not in talking terms with his brother and lives in a luxury apartment with his wife. One day, he gets to know about his brother’s abduction. The twist comes when he finds hide and seek codes carved in his home and then in his own home too.

The rest of the screenplay is about Sung-soo finding out about his brother and cracking these codes. The mystery leading and their slow revealing is what makes the movie a great flick. A must watch for every suspense and mystery genre lover.

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6. Old Boy

The next one is Old Boy which belongs to The Vengeance Trilogy and is its second part. It was released in 2003 and again is a cult classic in the genre of mystery thriller. If you loved the earlier mention of Hide and Seek in this list of Korean movies on Netflix then I am sure you would like Old Boy too.

The story is in continuation with the earlier part of the trilogy called Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. The film also premiered in Cannes Film Festival and got highly acclaimed by the then president of Jury, Quentin Tarantino.

Old Boy proceeds the story of Oh Dae-su. He is captivated for 15 years in a hotel room like cell without even having a clue about the identity of his captor or his intentions behind it. Even when he is freed, he is not sure whether everything is alright about his life or not.

Old Boy may not have earned that great like the other best Korean movies listed here, but still the great work of fiction and imagination can be seen in this movie.

7. The Beauty Inside

Finally, there is a movie included in this list of Korean movies on Netflix which belong to the genre of romantic comedy and which is something that you must watch. The Beauty Inside was released in 2015 and based upon an American movie of the same name.

I think there are very rare movies like this one in the Korean film industry. The concept and delivery by all the actors is a treat to watch.

The movie revolves around a person named Woo-Jin who is a furniture designer. It may sound normal but nothing is normal with Woo-jin. Actually, he wakes up in different bodies each day. The inner soul remains the same but sometimes he is a guy, girl, young, old or even a foreigner too.

The only thing constant in his life is his girlfriend Yi-Soo who knows his secret. So, each day he has to find a way to reunite with her. The idea is to change the perception of the people towards everyone. The movie tells the audience to see everyone with same soul and love. This is a must watch amongst all the Korean movies on Netflix because of the unique concept of it.

8. Commitment

Commitment is a spy thriller movie which was released in 2013. This movie is directed by Park Hong-soo and based on the past historical events like Korean War.

The plot of the movie is set on the division of the Peninsula and the rough relations between North Korea and South Korea. Amongst all the protagonist Li Myung Hoon is dealing with the dilemma of becoming a killer. He is a son of an ex-North Korean agent.

Li is tasked to kill a North Korean assassin in South Korea to save his younger sister Hye-In. The movie involves intense drama and superb cinematography work.

There are no dull moments where this movie fails to impress. However, you may find the middle section of the movie a bit slow but the starting and climax keeps you bounded with this movie completely. A great work to be included in the list of Korean movies on Netflix.

9. Northern Limit Line

Northern Limit Line is a type of Naval thriller film which is directed and written by Kim Hak-soon. It was released in 2015 and based on the historic event of second battle of Yeonpyeong. The movie did a great business on the box office and soon became favorite of many.

The reason of listing NLL in the category of Korean movies on Netflix is because of its great direction and storytelling concept.

The plot of the movie displays two simultaneous events of South Korea participating in 2002 FIFA World Cup against Turkey and North Korean Navy deploying their patrol boats towards Northern Limit Line. South Korean patrol boat 357 finds itself in sudden attack and that is what the movie is all about.

Audience took this movie quite positively and hence it became the most watched movie of South Korean film industry. The great screenplay led Northern Limit Line to be included in Korean Movies on Netflix.

10. The Housemaid

The final entry in the list of Korean movies on Netflix is The Housemaid. It is a South Korean Melodrama thriller movie which was released in 2010. This is one of the few woman-centric movie made in Korean film industry which surely deserves people’s attention towards it.

The story of the movie revolves around a girl named Eun-yi who is a housemaid for an upper-class family. The entire movie is based upon her destructive love triangle. The love affair of Eun-yi makes her reach into such a position that she finds people conspiring to even kill her.

The Housemaid is the remake of the 1960s movie of the same name and also got premiered in Cannes Film Festival too.

If you are not a melodrama lover then The Housemaid is not for you. For the people who love elaborated emotional dialogues and extreme situations, this movie is perfect for them and hence making its way into the list of best Korean movies on Netflix. I am sure that the movie surely has a huge female audience as its admirer.

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Sky is the limit when you want to watch some good Korean movies on Netflix. In fact, there are other sources to watch them too but I think Netflix is one of the most reliable option especially quality wise. These Korean Dramas are so entertaining that you can spend your entire weekend watching them.

Subscribe yourself to the notification service of Netflix and you will be notified about the recent uploads in the desired category for sure. For your advantage let me tell you, these movies are subbed or dubbed. So, don’t wait anymore now and watch them now.

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