Netflix Alternative: Top 10 Alternatives to Netflix to Choose from


Netflix is the synonym for entertainment but do you know, we have some great Netflix Alternative which are as genius as Netflix itself.

Well, many people out of popularity like to stick to the mainstream options only where you can still browse some other platforms too.

So, I am here to tell you about top 10 alternatives to Netflix to stream media online. These services are paid as well as free too.

Top 10 Netflix Alternative

You just need to browse them and I am sure that you are gonna get your favorite shows and movies out here for sure.

1. Amazon Prime Videos


The first Netflix alternative in this list is Amazon Prime Videos. Almost everyone knows about the fact that how amazingly vast and reliable company Amazon is. So, when it is offering some kind of services for media streaming then it surely must be something good as well.

And indeed, this service surely excels the rest of the online media streaming options. And that is the reason I listed it on the first position out here.

You are gonna find all the recent movies, TV shows, Kids shows on this platform. All these media files are arranges in some kind of sections like popular movies, top movies, top rated etc. In fact, just like Netflix, you are going to get the opportunity of watching Amazon original shows too.

When it comes to pricing then you can only browse Amazon Prime Videos free for 30 days only. This service is charged $10.99 per month per user. However, there are still options like renting, buying and some free to watch media too.

All these features make Amazon Prime Videos one fine alternative to Netflix in every possible way.

2. Hulu


You can imagine how popular Hulu is just by the fact that it is counted amongst the top 100 websites USA and best Netflix alternative too. Since its launch in 2008, Hulu is continuously working towards becoming the top site that people prefer to browse media online.

And it has somewhat achieved its goal too. Hulu is a type of premium library which has millions of subscribers and thousands of options in form of different TV shows and movies.

The types of media that you can watch on Hulu are movies, TV shows, Kids shows, Hulu originals etc. All of them are available in a very high-quality video. There are some trailers and Latina also available on Hulu.

The pricing policy of Hulu is quite like Amazon Prime Videos and it is free for one month in its trial period only. Afterwards, Hulu charges $7.99 per month for basic services and for Hulu with Live TV you would have to pay $39.99 per month with some feature upgrades.

Hulu simply deserves to be in some of the greatest Netflix Alternatives of all time.


Website: is especially dedicated to watch British TV shows in a really great quality and that too online. But it still has some other content which you might also like. This is our next pick as one of the Netflix alternative out here.

Just like most of the other options listed here and Netflix as well, is not free to watch. You can go for free trial week and then you would have to pay $4.99 per month to keep on enjoying this site.

When it comes to watching shows and Acorn originals and other movies then you are getting lots of choices here. In fact, you are also provided various genres here through which you can decide what you want to watch. You can pick from categories like mystery, drama, comedy, documentary, feature films and even foreign language media too.

There is also a schedule section where you can get to know that which episode of which show is going to be uploaded at what time. Now, you do not have to keep on checking the site again and again. Such little qualities make this site a reliable Netflix alternative in this list.

4. Fandor


Fandor is a very popular name when it comes to browsing and watching various movies and TV shows online. Fandor is one Netflix alternative which is a sure shot destination to watch its original shows exclusively released on its platform.

The interfacing and navigations are really quick and simple to use. To watch the Fandor videos, simply click on the videos option and for movies click on the Go to Movies section.

Fandor is a site which features multilingual movies too like Mexican, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese etc. In fact, you get various filters through which you can pick whatever movies you want on the basis of language, genre, new arrivals etc.

Unfortunately, Fandor is not free to access. Like the rest of the alternatives to Netflix, it does offer free trial for 14 days to understand the utilities and features of the site easily. But then you would have to opt for some subscription. You can buy it for $10 per month when billed monthly or $7.50 when billed annually.

I will suggest you Fandor more for watching cult classic old movies on its platform and that too in a really great quality.

5. Crackle


This is the time to probably celebrate because you are finally getting an option for which you are not supposed to pay anything. Yes, you heard me right. Finally, there is a Netflix alternative which provides you unlimited hours of media browsing online and that too without even paying a penny.

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Of course, you are supposed to register on the site first. I think that is not a big deal as long as you are getting everything for free of cost.

Apart from the regular movies and TV shows, you are getting some really hilarious Crackle original shows too here. If you want to start enjoying all of the features of this Netflix alternative then register on this site right now.

There are features like notification alert, saving your favorite videos, easy watching with pause and stop etc. The best part is that Crackle is compatible with multiple platforms like Android, PS4, Xbox One, Apple TV etc. I am sure you would be drop dead excited by this time to start watching the endless videos on this site.

You can consider Crackle to be just like your TV as it comes with the option of auto play as well.

6. YouTube


There is no need to describe anything about YouTube. You can consider it to be one of the most beneficial and amazing Netflix alternatives these days. This is an ultimate options especially because it is completely free to watch.

Of course, you might not get all the shows and movies out here but the entertainment is just non-stop.

To watch movies on YouTube, just simply click on the YouTube movies option. You can create an account here and upload your media files too. You can browse millions of channels of YouTube and can see what is trending in the world right now.

This tool for watching massive media online is just irreplaceable and unique. You can subscribe to certain channels to get all their video updates regularly. The options to browse are just endless on this alternative to Netflix.

The best part of YouTube is that it does not charge anything from you for all of these facilities. I think that is a huge thing on its own.

7. Mubi


This is the time to watch great Cinema with Mubi. Unfortunately, like Crackle and YouTube, Mubi is not completely free. Of course, like the rest of the Netflix alternative, you get the free trial though. But, in terms of entertainment, I am sure the site would not disappoint you at all.

From cult classic movies to independent award-winning movies, you are going to get everything on this platform. And why only movies, Mubi is also there for you to watch some shows too.

The site is really efficient and takes care of its user’s taste and choices. After signing up on it, the experts of the site are going to suggest you one movie per day so that you have some amazing movies to watch by the end of the month.

And you are getting all of this by paying the pricing plan charges of about $6 per month. isn’t it really cheap and affordable?

I don’t think you are going to get such attractive offer in any other Netflix alternative. So, stop thinking too much and start browsing with Mubi right now.

8. Vudu


The concept of Vudu may be different from the rest of the Netflix alternatives but its purpose remains the same. The main motive of the site to avail great videos and movies to its users and massive audience. But let me clear it first that the site is not completely free to use.

Vudu is a site which allows its users to buy or rent movies and TV shows on nominal charges. This concept may sound different from others but it surely promises entertainment.

Some of the offers of the site dictates to buy 2 movies for $9.99 and the rental charges as quite low as compared to buying charges. But trust me, you are going to get all the latest movies and TV shows on this site for sure.

Vudu is a great Netflix alternative which also has a separate section which allows the users to watch movies online absolutely free of cost. There are deals and discount offers always running on this site. Through different sections, you can easily bifurcate movies and shows accordingly and then choose them too.

9. Tubi TV


This is the time to get happy again because I am again listing out a Netflix alternative which is absolutely free to use. Now, there is no need to go for some subscription charges and other payouts to watch the much needed entertaining videos.

You can get registered on this site easily for free of cost. There are various advantages that comes with Tubi TV.

Firstly, you should know that Tubi TV is compatible with various platforms and consoles like Android, iOS, iPad, Apple TV, Xbox, smart TV etc. Tubi TV’s library is a mixture of amazing modern movies as well as old classics and each of them in a really good quality too.

You are also getting various categories to be browsed like Not on Netflix, Kids TV, Comedy, horror etc. on this Netflix alternative.

10. Snag Films


Finally, the list of amazing Netflix alternative is about to end and the last one in it is Snag Films. Firstly, let me make it clear to you that Snag Films is not only dedicated to movies only but it includes a huge collection of TV shows too.

In fact, Snag Films is a combination of various movies, TV shows, documentaries, exclusive originals etc. This means no obstacle in entertainment throughout.

Snag Films is compatible for devices like Android, iOS, iPad, windows etc. You are going to see the categories of various movies and TV shows on this platform like politics, sports, spiritual, art, drama, classics etc.

This last alternative to Netflix in our list lacks somewhere in terms of database as it is less as compared to the rest of the options in this list. But everything sums up when you know that Snag Films is absolutely free to access and it does not even have any upgrades too.

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Seriously, there is no limit to the great Netflix alternatives and many people do not even know about them yet. But, with these options I am sure you are going to forget browsing Netflix itself for sure. I am sure you are gonna have a blast trying out the Netflix alternative mentioned out here.

With the endless shows and multiple movies option, you are surely not going to sleep tonight. So, what are you waiting for? Just forget everything else and get hooked on these amazing options to Netflix.

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