10 Best Android Dialer App for Android Smartphone


Android based smartphones these days come with pre-installed UIs having dialer platforms. But what if you need to customize it according to your need and taste? Well, for this you need to best android dialer app which can sort your contacts on the basis of source like Twitter, Facebook, contact list etc.

10 Best Android Dialer App for Android Smartphone

Some people consider this function of android phones the least important one without even realizing that it is the most used part of a smartphone. If you are involved in a business or handling too many contacts then you should definitely go for Android dialers which can function according to your desire.

1. ExDialer

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ExDialerOne of the most sought-after application and also the best android dialer app, ExDialer is a complete contact list and dialing solution for Android users. First of all, despite being so popular and full of some amazing features, this app comes with a really clean interface which makes it super easy to operate it.

ExDialer is an app which does not disappoint to anyone and you can customize its platform into 30+ languages of your choice. Flexible, isn’t it?

ExDialer is a lightweight app so forget about glitches and slow working problems. Empowered with smart T9 algorithm, now it is super simple to call anyone just by swiping right on their name quite like Tinder. Talking about personalization and customization options then you can choose from various themes and plugins to make changes in the app settings.

If you think you are going to get everything for free then that is not the case. After a trial period of 5 days, you would have to buy the Pro version in order to continue using this app.

2. Drupe: Contacts and Caller ID

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Drupe: Contacts and Caller IDApart from an excellent dialer, Drupe also offers some high-end technology and features which are wonderful to use and makes things easier when you are someone who is handling bulk calls. There is no doubt that the in-built phonebook of an android phone is quite dull and monotonous.

But now you have the opportunity to change things for better through this amazing and one of the best android dialer app.

Well, after all this I think it is the time to talk about the functions and features of Drupe. You can use various services through it like caller ID, spam calls blocking, wonderful and catchy themes, call recording facility, multiple language support and many more.

Drupe provides cross calling which can save a lot of time of the user. It won’t be wrong to call it the best dialer for android. The app also offers dual SIM support and other social media apps integration too. You can download it for free but for some advanced features of this app you would have to make some in-app purchases.

3. True Phone Dialer & Contacts

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True Phone Dialer & ContactsKiss goodbye to your boring and useless dialer because True Phone Dialer is going to replace it perfectly. With some really smart services and next level features, I am sure you would never want to bounce back to your old dialer every again.

One thing which you are going to love about this best android dialer app is that it is highly customizable. As they have created it for the personal use of millions of users, they have put their best creation into it.

Despite so much in it, it is totally easy to use and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to figure out everything about it. For a quick go through I can tell you about its best features which are fast T9 dialer with instant search, multi-lingual platform, customizable design, dual SIM support etc.

I really loved that with so many advanced features they have kept the themes modern too perfectly matching up with users’ taste and mood. True dialer has a complete package of contact manager for your every messy phonebook issues. However, some of the services offered here comes under the in-app purchase.

4. ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

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ZenUI Dialer & ContactsOffered by our very own Asus Computer Inc. and inspired by their Zen UI this dialer is given the same name too. This ultra-smart dialer and phonebook keeper provides all the utilities and services under a single page which means there is no room for confusion here.

Of course, labeling it the best dialer app would not be wrong at all. In fact, after getting to know about its superb features I am sure you would not be using other dialers at all.

So, talking about the services which comes under this ZenUI dialer then they are call blocking for unwanted callers, smart search and multi-lingual platform, speed dial up to 8 contacts, password protection for your contact list and private numbers, merging duplicate contacts etc.

Its auto-configuration technique makes it worth including in the list of best android dialer app for sure. And interestingly, you are getting them all with no charges at all. It means ZenUI dialer by Asus is a free to use app.

5. Contacts+

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Contacts+Apart from providing the feature of smart dialing, Contacts+ works as smartphone book too. You can call it is a world class phone manager of your own which has so much to offer that makes Contact+ worth including in the list of best android dialer app.

One of the best part I loved about this app is the contact backup facility which is rarely discovered in other dialing apps. This makes it smarter than other such dialing apps.

Other recurring features which are also present in similar dialing apps are caller ID, call blocking, multiple apps integration, complete call log, SMS facility, mark spam facility, full user control over the app and many other services too.

Talking about the customization setting then you are provided more than 80 themes on this app and great wallpapers too which gives quite a friendly and personal touch to the phone book. Just like other apps you can go for in-app purchases for the high end features like birthday reminders, integration, android wear support and others.

6. Simpler

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SimplerOffered by SimplerApps Communication, this app is exactly like its name which makes the process of handling all your contacts much simpler and easier for you. It is the time to kiss goodbye to all your hassle because the smart and completely sorted interface of Simpler app would make your phonebook a clean and well-organized place.

Being the best dialer app for android, Simpler has the ability to not only run simple but run fast too and the lightweight size keeps thing sorted and no glitches arise.

Some of the functions performed by Simpler are call blocking, merging all the duplicate contacts, contacts backup, smart T9 dialer with name and number search etc. Apart from these conventional features, you are also provided the group text and mail feature too and that too on one tap.

As far as customization is concerned, Simpler somewhere lacks behind most of the other best android dialer app. It has 40 themes and user has less to control when it comes to personalization. However, technology and features wise, Simpler still aces the market.

7. OS9 Phone Dialer

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OS9 Phone DialerAs the name makes it clear, OS9 Phone Dialer works on the smart and fast T9 dialer which is quite efficient and widely used too. This smart dialer keeps complete account of your all calls whether missed or dialed or received and sort them out like a pro.

Earlier the app only had a free version where ads were quite recurring and were causing quite a havoc so they people launched a pro version with better features and no-ads policy.

This is why OS9 is included in the category of the best android dialer app. Other features of this app are quite similar to other dialers like controllable interface, auto call recording, dual SIM support and smart management, speed dial by #, call blocking, caller ID and many more.

Some of the ultra-smart features of this app which comes under the Pro version are auto calling business dialer, home screen shortcuts, full HD photo caller ID, advanced private caller ID, utilities on call, call log exporting and sharing and others. I must say that OS9 should be preferred by high volume callers and business associates for smart and fast functioning.

8. Dialer+

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Dialer+Developed by Contact Plus Communication, Dialer+ comes under the best android dialer app category. This is basically a type of dialer phone launcher which overpowers the inbuilt dialer of an Android smartphone and replaces it with a much smarted and technically advanced program.

From childlike tasks of taking care of call logs to performing high-end features like advanced backup and call blocking, Dialer+ does it all for its users.

This dialer app for android is no less than the ultimate manager people need for their unorganized phonebook and messy contact list. It performs some of the neediest things like multiple app syncing which provides all your contacts on a single platform.

Other features of this app are contacts backup, high customization, various themes, simple interface, easy to use navigation, fully controllable platform and others. Of course, it has somewhat less to offer than other apps but the thing that Dialer+ is a free to use app makes it worth mentioning in this list.

9. Metro Phone Dialer & Contacts

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Metro Phone Dialer & ContactsNow, this is an app which is especially for the high-end customization which is never seen before in any other dialing apps listed out here in the category of best android dialer app. Metro phone dialer is a modern and super elegant phonebook manager which also keeps up with the technology too.

Metro is quite quick in performing tasks just like its name and apart from it, Metro has some really classy and catchy themes to offer to its users.

Now, talking about the features of Metro phone dialer then there are plenty of them. Some of them are sorting contacts on the basis of categories, fast and smart, all call logs, one tap navigation, multiple languages supported etc.

Talking about its interesting themes then you have 12 color choices and various other styles themes to choose from. Metro might not have that much to offer when it comes to technological features, but it can surely provide some of the best themes and looks which are not there in other dialers.

10. Pixel Phone Dialer & Contacts

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Pixel Phone Dialer & ContactsBelieve it or not but Pixel Phone Dialer which is so advanced and preferred by more than 5 million users is completely free to use. Can you imagine such an advanced program with high-end features and simple interface can be used for absolutely nothing.

Call it a phone book manager or personal assistant, Pixel has everything which you expect from the best android dialer app. I really liked that they people even offer premium themes for free to its users and trust me they are really catchy and attractive.

From smart and fast dual SIM management to T9 dialer, you get it all in Pixel dialer. With timely updates and regular technological advancement now you can use services like assistance module and amazingly effective user interface too.

Other features which comes handy with this android phone dialer app are various themes and color management, multitasking for up to 3 SIM, caller ID, blacklist feature for spam call blocking, favorite contact list, quick dial support, duplicate contacts merge, missed call manager and reminder, highly customizable interface and many more.

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Once you are done with downloading and installing your desired best android dialer app then you need not to put extra efforts for the setup. This downloaded app is going to replace the earlier one, although you can use the old version too if you want.

You can customize the settings on your own according to your need. There are some paid features offered under some of the apps listed down here which are especially for the bulk calls and contacts. You can pick your desired app but almost all of them are quite similar in functioning.

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