10 Best Action TV Shows


If romance and family shows in not your type then you need to have a look at the best action TV shows for sure. Of course, every person prefers to watch different types of shows and action is surely one powerful genres amongst all. The best thing about it is that with the improving technology, you get to see the best shots in it.

The best thing about it is that with the improving technology, you get to see the best shots in it.

10 Best Action TV Shows

Keeping in mind about all the aspects of the best action shows, I am listing down some of them right below. Being strong in action does not mean they lack in great storyline. I hope you will watch them right away.

1). Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

This HBO drama deserved to be on number 1 spot in not only the category of best action TV shows but in every single possible genre ever. I mean how can someone even stay without watching this epic medieval action cum politics cum everything drama ever.

This series was started in 2011 and has 7 seasons till now. The fans of this epic action TV show died a slow death when they came to know that the 8th season is not going to come anytime soon.

The plot of the show is based upon becoming the ultimate owner of the throne by hook or crook. In this way, people kill their own relative, closed ones and everything else to own the ultimate power. This show is a very rare combination of deaths, love, strategy, twists, action, suspense and everything else.

The show and its case have won so many awards till date and obviously, the show is a piece of amazingness for sure. Such best action TV shows are produced very rarely and I think everyone should definitely watch it at least once.

2). Prison Break

Prison Break is the next mention in the list of best action TV shows. The show comes under the category of crime drama and action thriller. The original show was started in 2005 and ended in 2009 but they got its revival episodes from April 2017 to May 2017.

There are total 5 seasons of this TV shows comprising of 90 episodes and all of them are full of action and suspense. All of them are produced under 20th century Fox Television.

This show is about the story of two brothers one of whom is spending time in prison for the crime which he did not commit. The story leads with another brother saving him and helping him to escape from prison to save his life.

The show has grabbed Emmy awards because of its tremendous success and ultimate storylining. If you think action and adventure do not come with a great concept and plot twists then Prison Break is going to make you think twice about it. Action TV shows like this earn a big thumbs up from my side.

3). The Defenders

The Defenders is a type of action show which is based on the theme of superhero and drama altogether. I think by now you must have made your mind absolutely clear about the fact that movies based on superhero theme surely has action scenes in it. And The Defenders in one such example.

This is basically a miniseries type of best action TV shows which is comprised of only 1 season which has 8 episodes.

The Defenders was released in October 2016 only. This series was originally created for Netflix and gained superb popularity by the viewers. The show is based on the Marvel superheroes like Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage etc. They form a team together and fights the evilness.

The Defenders comes under the category of such best action TV shows which is inspired by the specific shows of the individual characters of this series. I think Marvel has done a great job in it and it should totally make way into your must-watch list. Of course, 1 season is not going to take too much of time of you.

4). Arrow

Another action show whose prime theme is based upon superhero encounters is Arrow. The main elements of the show are drama, crime, mystery and of course action. The show was originally released in 2012 and has 5 seasons till now. The show is still running successfully with a huge viewership.

There is no doubt that why it is listed as one of the best action TV shows. You are going to know more about it when you will watch it. The show is comprised of 115 episodes till now.

This superhero fiction is largely based upon the characters of the DC comics. Well, here we go with another shot of superhero franchise making shows now. The main attraction and protagonist of the show is Green Arrow who is a crime fighter.

Action TV shows list could never have been completed without mentioning Arrow in it. Arrow has a viewership of millions of people around the world along with great appreciation from the critics too. I think you should give it a try and you would not be disappointed at all.

5). Inhumans

As the name of this show says it all, how brutal can it be? And when there is brutal, there is bloodshed and lots of action sequence. Hence, Inhumans become one of the most amazing and best action TV shows ever. The main theme of the show is science fiction, superhero, and action.

Inhumans made its debut only some days ago. Its first episode was featured on 1 September 2017 only. Till now only 2 episodes have been released and more are yet to come.

This is a Marvel’s creation and hence being one of the most anticipated show of all time. It is based on the same comic race and centered on the character Black Bolt and other members of the Inhuman Royal Family. The main element of the entire show remains to be action furthermore.

This is too hard to say anything as the show has only started. Still, with its two episodes aired yet, people are having high hopes with this show. You can come along with the pace of the show as it is quite new and you can watch along with its Television broadcast every week.

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6). Daredevil

Daredevil is another piece of creation by Marvel’s which comes under the category of best action TV shows. It was released in 2015 only and still running successfully. The show has 2 seasons till now comprising of 26 episodes. The main theme of the show is action, crime, superhero, and drama.

The show is specially created for Netflix by Marvel and got a great response from the audience too. It is based on the Marvel comic of the same name.

The name of the character is Matt Murdock who fights with crime at night and in disguise. He is a lawyer by day but completely transforms when the night arrives. The series continues with Daredevil fighting the evil spirits around him in order to completely eliminate the crime.

Daredevil is right now amongst the best action TV shows on Netflix receiving great positive reviews from the viewers. Daredevil would not be a miniseries as the former “The Defenders” by Marvel and they are going to come up with more twists and turns in the show.

7). The Flash

Next one in this list of best action TV shows is The Flash which is a type of superhero theme based show whose prime elements are action and drama. The Flash was first released in October 2014 and running till now. There has been 3 seasons of the show comprising of 69 episodes.

Well, after Marvel, this is a DC show which is based on the character Barry Allen or Flash. I think Marvel and DC are having a fight here as who is going to have the most shows in its kitty.

Well, I think it is the audience who is having the most advantage with such amazing shows. The show’s protagonist is a costumed superhero who has some amazing superpowers amongst which the best one is his fast speed. He uses this speed to fight criminals who also have some superhuman powers.

I think you are going to see more of the action quotient in this show further. What you are going to like about such best action TV shows other than the action scenes are their costumes. The show got a huge positive response and it became the second most watched show after the Vampire Diaries.

8). Vikings

As the name says half of the story of the show, it is set on the theme of the historical era and of course mixed with action and adventure for sure. The show was first aired in 2013 and still running right now. It has seen 4 seasons till now which is comprised of 49 episodes.

This show is one of the most watched one in the category of best action TV shows. This historical drama is created by Michael Hirst and it telecasts on History channel of course.

The main protagonist of the show is Ragnar who is a farmer and later on rise to fame with successful raids and eventually becomes a Scandinavian king. There is a strong supporting cast and the show is all about warrior and fights timely.

The one who is a die-hard action lover would totally fall in love with this show. The theme revolves around medieval era and you are going to see mainly such characters only. This show is the best pick you can make in the best action TV shows of all time.

9). Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Who does not know about the popular movie Avengers? Well, the shows is the spin-off of the same. This marvel show made its debut in 2013 and became one of the best action TV shows and the result is evident with the fact that it is running successfully till now.

The show has seen 4 seasons till now which has 88 episodes in total. The main theme of the show is action, adventure, superhero and science fiction.

The main epicenter of the series is the Marvel comic organization S.H.I.E.L.D. whose work is to manage the peacekeeping in the world of superheroes. The show is in continuation with the other shows of Marvel and maintains the storytelling in succession of the movie Avengers.

The show is surely a great treat for all the Marvel fans out there and surely one great addition in the list of best action TV shows.

10). Supernatural

The last one in this list of best action TV shows is Supernatural. This is a show about horror and fantasy world which also has elements of action and mystery drama too. I think this is a catchy theme and audience enjoys such unusual shows more than the regular ones.

The show first aired in 2005 and even after 12 years, it is running till now. Till now there have been 12 seasons of this show which are comprised of 264 episodes.

This American fantasy show gained a huge audience and still a favorite of millions of them around the globe. The plot of this television show revolves around two brothers who hunt down ghosts, demons, monsters and other supernatural characters in the show.

With its epic seasons, Supernatural also became the longest running fantasy American TV show too. I think this should be a must watch for every fantasy and action show lover. I am sure the storyline of the show would not let you feel bored even for a second.

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Some of the shows that I have listed here is airing right now and some of them has been ended quite ago. You can watch them with the help of some great websites and applications easily. You can also download them too.

The idea is to provide the best action TV shows which has been made till now. I am sure being an extreme lover of such shows, you would not even mind watching them again and again too. So, check out this list and enjoy the shows.

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