100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy


Personal Questions to Ask a Guy: Being a girl always land you up with lots of insecurities about your boyfriend. Or this anxiety can also be someone whom you are dating. In the very beginning, this is impossible to judge someone that what kind of a person he is.

When things start to heat up between two people, then it is obvious that the pace of the chats gear up. It is so common to ask the crazy questions from each other in order to know someone better and deep. It is very important to ask the question to know someone inside out.

Personal Questions to ask a guy

Apart from the questions, you should also keep the pace of asking too fast. So that he cannot think about the answer. And what will come out would be true for sure. If you want the real answers, then you would have to maintain the perfect flow of question answer round between you two.

Being a girl it becomes too hard to tell that what is running inside our mind. But girls are quite efficient enough to know that what is in the heart of a guy. And she has lots of personal questions to ask a guy.

These questions help her to understand that what kind of a person she is talking to. You can analyze it later on that whether you should stick to the guy or move on with someone else.

But sometimes girls go out of personal questions to ask a guy. This is the time when you need our help for sure.

Here are some of the great personal questions to ask a guy to know him better. These questions are something which will let you know the other side of the story of his life. Maybe you end up finding out his darkest secrets and fantasies.

100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Guy

But you should know your limits while asking such questions. It should not be something which can hurt his feelings. If you guys are sharing a level of comfort with each other, then only you should go for personal questions to ask a guy. It would really help you to get to know him like never before.

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1). What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

2). Have you ever caught watching porn?

3). Can you survive without showering for the whole month?

This will tell you that how much hygienic he is). This is one of the personal questions to ask a guy which will reveal his day to day life to you). This is something which is surely going to be important for you afterward.

4). Have you ever cheated on someone so bad?

5). Have you ever been slapped by a girl in public?

6). What was the worst reason you ever gave to take an off from office?

7). If ever given a chance then would you like to murder someone and who?

This is the kind of personal questions to ask a guy which will tell you that whether he hates someone this much that he will kill him/her). It will tell you his emotional tolerance over certain things). And you will also get to know about his hit list.

8). Have you ever been on a one night stand ever in your life yet?

9). How many times you have been into relationships?

10). Do you miss your ex-girlfriend yet?

11). Would you leave your current relationship if you’re ex-girlfriend wants to patch up with you again?

This is one of the most important personal questions to ask a guy). It will tell you that whether he is over his ex or not). This is also an indication for you that you should continue moving on with him or not.

12). Would you kiss a guy for money?

13). Would you like to ditch your friends forever for 1 million dollars?

14). Who is your first priority, your friends or your girlfriend?

15). Will you ever cheat someone for just money?

16). Do you believe in ghosts and other creepy things?

17). What is the most daring thing that you have done till date?

18). Do you believe in live in relationship?

19). Do you think that true love really exist in this world?

20). While looking at a girl, what do you notice the most in her?


This will tell his perception about the general things like this). This is really important that how a guy see girl). There should be some respect in his eyes for her). You can get to know this by such personal questions to ask a guy.

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