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Questions to Ask People: There is always that certain awkwardness when you are meeting new people. It generally happens with all of us that a shear silence runs down the room while catching up with totally new people. Sometimes you are so socially awkward that you cannot even utter a single word from your mouth. And hence you do not even come with any questions to ask people.

The major reason of this social awkwardness can also be because you are so much involved in virtual world that when it comes to real world everything goes blank.

One thing lead to another and people kept on going disappear from the social events. The reason is just simple, their social media presence is more than their real presence. It really takes a lot to change the entire scenario and that is what this section is all about.

Of course, the lifestyle has changed a lot and you cannot solely blame a single person for it. But we would have to make change from some point of time then why not start making change from now on? You must know such questions to ask people that you can ask them face to face and not on any social media platform.

If you still cannot think of any questions to ask people then we are here to help you. This particular section contains all kind of questions that you can ask from people. I have mentioned 20 questions for each category which would help you to know a person better whom you are meeting for the first time.

Questions to Ask People to Get to Know Them

This section is all about the questions to ask people in order to know them better. These can be people from your office who has joined recently or these can be people that you are meeting in a party. I hope you do not want to end up getting bored or making someone feel bored. These questions would keep the conversation going between you two.

1). Which is that place you belongs to?

2). Where do you work at? Are you happy with this job?

3). What do you like to do in your free time?

4). What is your favorite memory about your childhood?

5). Who are the members in your family? Who do you feel closest to among all?

This is surely one of the primary questions to ask people. When you are meeting someone for the first time and you do not even know a thing about them it would tell you some things about them and their family.

6). Do you play sports? What kind of sports do you like the most among indoor and outdoor sports?

7). Which is your biggest achievement up till now?

8). What would you like to change about your life if you could?

9). If you could travel back in time then which year would you like to visit?

10). Which is that single word which is enough to describe you as a person?

11). Who are your top five friends?

Just like the previous questions that I have highlighted, this is one of the important questions to ask people. It will tell you that what kind of friends they have.

12). What are the gadgets that you cannot live without even for a day?

13). If you could win a lottery or get hired on your dream job then which one would you choose among both of them?

14). What is that one thing you really want to do right now?

15). What kind of music do you like to listen to?

16). Between a live music concert and a technical seminar, what would you choose?

17). Which is your dream travel destination?

This is one of the questions to ask people to know about their choices. It tells about their like and dislikes and places where they like to go. This is surely a question you must ask to get to know people.

18). What is the biggest challenge that you have faced till now?

19). Where do you want to get settled?

20). What is the meaning of a perfect weekend for you?

Good Questions to Ask People

These are a bunch of good and sophisticated questions to ask people. These are just the normal and introductory kind of questions that can be asked to someone. These are most suited in the case when you are talking to someone with opposite gender. These questions are just perfect to initiate a conversation.

1). What are the things you were crazy about as a child?

2). If you had to take one of the most important decision of your life once again then would you handle it differently?

3). How did you manage to find the right one for you in this complex world?

4). What are the things that you are proud of?

5). If you had to name one location where you have to go every year then which one it would be?

6). If you could only keep five things with you then which five are those that you would choose?

Among all the good questions to ask people this is surely interesting one. You would surely like to know that what those five things which are really dear to them are?

7). Who is that celebrity or someone famous who had made a major impact on your life?

8). If you had to give suggestion to write something on your tombstone then what it would be?

9). Can you describe the moment that changed your life?

10). Are you happy with the work that you are doing right now?

11). What would you do with the money you win a million dollar lottery?

12). Who is that person you admire the most in your life?

If you want to know about someone then you should totally ask them that who they follow in their life. Whichever person they follow, their habits surely reflects in their life. So, such questions to ask people is surely mandatory ones.

13). If you had to name five people who you want till the end of your life then who would be those five people?

14). What kind of fears do you have?

15). Can you describe the feeling of falling in love?

16). What do you think is your biggest quality?

17). What was the last time when you feel really embarrassed?

18). Which one was the best phase of your life?

19). Do you have any kind of failures?

20). Is there any skill that you would like to learn someday?

This is about their desires and things that they want to learn. Such questions to ask people are really interesting ones to know and you would love the answers too.

Funny Questions to Ask People

There must be some questions to ask people where you can show your wit and get to know theirs. This is not like the laugher show but these questions help to break the ice between you two. The more you laugh with people the more you can get to know them. This is just like a remedy to break silence between people.

1). Have you ever been to jail or any of your relatives been to jail ever?

2). Have you ever tried skinny dipping with someone or alone ever?

3). Have you ever tried cow tipping and fell?

4). What is your word pet diaries moment?

5). Which is that horror movie that scared you like hell for few days?

6). What do you mostly like to do when no one is watching?

This is surely one of the funniest questions to ask people. Get ready to listen to some hilarious replies over it and enjoy their answers. But you would have to share yours too then.

7). Have you ever recorded your audio while singing in the shower?

8). What do you like more among baths and showers?

9). Which beach activity do you find really funny to do?

10). Do you ever untie your laces while taking off the shoes?

11). What kind of drink do you like a lot?

12). What was the biggest prank that you ever pulled off?

It is the time to drop your jaw with one of the craziest prank story ever. Such questions to ask people is surely one thing that you would not like to miss at all at any cost.

13). What can you do better with feet rather than hands?

14). Among curly hairs and straight hairs, what would you choose?

15). Which are your all-time favorite snacks for midnight?

16). Which is that toy from childhood that you still have?

17). What people used to call you in school?

18). Which is your favorite time of the year?

19). Have you ever gambled in some casino?

20). Have you ever puked while riding on a roller coaster?

Well, this may sound disgusting but such questions to ask people can surely give you some crazy stories of all time.

Random Questions to Ask People

When you first start talking to someone you do not know that what kind of person they are. So, talking about anything sensitive would not be a great idea then. That is the reason that you need to use the random questions to ask people for it. Here are 20 something random questions given below which you can use casually.

1). What you find harder, to confess your love to someone or to say them that you do not love them back?

2). Which is that habit that is so hard for you to give up?

3). Have you ever given a person CPR (mouth to mouth) to save their life?

4). What makes you feel really bored?

5). What kind of food you really like to eat and why?

These random questions to ask people are something that is about the choices of people. Food items, cuisines, and drinkables are the things that you can ask as the random questions.

6). Who is that friend of yours from childhood, you really miss a lot?

7). What is the importance of time in your life and how do you manage it?

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8). If you could have only one thing in your life among love and friendship then which one would you like to have?

9). Tell me about the recent things that has happened to you?

10). What would you pick up between tea and coffee?

11). What do you like more among rainy days and bright sunny days?

Random questions to ask people are mostly comprised of the choice based things. Likes and dislikes and other choices like hobbies and passions are the prime things that can be asked as random questions.

12). What is that things about nature that you do not like at all?

13). What was the last time when you had to tell a big lie to someone you really love a lot?

14). What is that thing that you are really afraid of and why?

15). What gives you strength in the odd and tough times of your life?

16). What do you like the most in opposite sex people and why?

17). What is the biggest mistake that you have ever done in your life?

18). If you had to relive your life from a point of time then which time would you choose for it?

This is one of the interesting kind of questions to ask people. It would tell you about the things about their past and the things that they want to redone again in their life.

19). Which is that one wish of yours that you really want to come true?

20). What are the last 4 digits of your phone number?

Interesting Questions to Ask People

There are always some people you generate instant likeness for. These are the people with whom you want to talk about something interesting and happening. This is the section which is absolutely for your rescue. This section contains 20 something interesting questions to ask people and surely you two would not get bored at all.

1). What is the most interesting gossip that you heard in the recent times?

2). Do you have any big property left behind by your ancestors?

3). Whatever you wanted in your life so badly, have you been successful in achieving it?

4). What was the lamest excuse that you have ever given in your office to take an off?

5). Can you describe the exact feeling you get while dancing in the rain?

6). Have you ever been into a car accident?

7). What was the best compliment that you ever received from someone?

This can be an interesting questions to ask people. There can be some weird compliments too coming from some unexpected people. So, it is the time to listen to some crazy stories.

8). Whom do you trust the most in your life?

9). What is the first thing that you think about while waking up in the morning?

10). Who is that person you like to spend time with?

12). What would you choose among being ugly and live forever and being attractive and die young?

13). If you find out that you were exchanged in a hospital with other child, what would you do then?

14). What are the extremes you can go to win a million dollars?

15). If you are being locked up in a room with someone, then whom would you choose along with you?

This is also another interesting piece of things that you can ask someone. Such questions to ask people are really open ended following a thing from here and there too.

16). If you could wake up in the body of someone else then who it would be?

17). What is the kind of questions that you do not like to answer at all?

18). What do you Google the most on the internet?

19). If you had to eat a single food item for entire life then which one it would be?

20). How do you like to start a conversation with someone?

21). What are those things in your room that you never touch but never give up too?

Weird Questions to Ask People

If you are thinking that how can you ask weird questions to people then let me tell you that they are not that much weird. They are just not so regular questions to ask people. You can ask such questions to those people whom you have known for a while now. I hope you do not want to make someone you have just got to know, feel embarrassed.

1). Are you a left or a right handed person?

2). What is the color of your toothbrush?

3). Which is that song that you played last time on your phone?

4). Have you ever had an imaginary friend? What did you name it?

5). Are you more of a dog-person or a cat-person?

6). What is the model of your smartphone that you are using right now?

7). If you were a worm, how many legs you wanted to have?

This is surely one of the weirdest questions to ask people. I mean literally no one has ever thought about such things ever. So, answering them would be quite a weird thing too.

8). What is the size of your shoe?

9). If someone ever write a biography on your name then what would you like to name it?

10). What shampoo do you like to use?

11). What is the most distant place that you have ever visited?

12). What is the longest that you have stayed away from your home?

13). On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your phobia against darkness?

14). At usually what time do you go to bed?

15). How many times do you brush your teeth in a day?

This is another piece of thing that no one would have ever asked to you either, apart from your dentist. So, this is surely one of the weird questions to ask people.

16). Do you have any habit that people find really weird?

17). What is the size of your smartphone?

18). If you were a tree then which one would you be?

19). Who is that person you never want to meet again in your life?

20). How much cash you are having right now in your pocket?

Deep Questions to Ask People

Sometimes, a deep conversation with your favorite people can increase the knowledge of you two together. You cannot just blow away everything with wit and humor only. That is the reason that I have mentioned some questions to ask people which are deep as well as thoughtful. Sharing some knowledge and in turn receiving some is not bad at all.

1). What would you call yourself, religious or spiritual?

2). What is the philosophy in your life that you live by?

3). What kind of person you are, introvert or extrovert?

4). With whom do you find yourself more comfortable, mom or dad and why?

5). What makes you feel happy in your life?

Everyone have their own share of story which makes them laugh and smile. Such questions to ask people is a way through which you can discover theirs.

6). How would you relate the terms love and parents?

7). What makes you feel accomplished and content in your life?

8). What was the worst phase in your life till date?

9). Which is that point of time you feel that a certain relationship is going to break?

10). What matters the most for you, looks or brain?

11). Would you ever consider getting back together with someone who broke your heart?

This can be one of the hardest questions to ask people that they can answer. You never know what your mind and heart say about someone you really loved and got betrayal from in return.

12). Which is the right time for you to get married?

13). Have you ever seen someone dying in front of your eyes?

14). How do you handle the situation when you are all by yourself?

15). If a genie grants you three wishes then which one would be the three?

16). What is the craziest idea to get married with someone?

17). How would you handle the situation when your partner and your parents get involved in an argument?

18). What did you do out of a great adrenaline rush?

These can be some really intense and hilarious things to listen. So, brace yourself to listen to the replies over such questions to ask people.

19). What do you think about the online dating culture?

20). What was the last time when you really enjoyed a vacation?


This exclusive section of good, funny, weird, deep and others type of questions to ask people would surely prove to be very helpful for you. If you are one of those millennial who are totally deprived of the art of talking then this would keep you going. Your social awkwardness would be no more when talking to people in parties, social gatherings or other family functions.

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It is like your personal daily dose of social presence I think competent enough to save you from being embarrassed in front of some new people. You just need to maintain that smiling face and do not have to look uncomfortable or pissed at all. Just keep on talking and keep on making new friends.

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