How to Root Your Android Phone or Tablet Without computer


If you want to know how to root android phone or tablet without computer/PC then this guide is for you. Through which, you can easily takeover at your android smartphone all access. Before going into deep, I want to tell you about (Root Access) Rooting and what is the advantage and disadvantage of rooting.

It’s obviously true, and then you can lose something and will achieve more as compared to the loss.

When you buy any android operating system based smartphone, then every smart phone have by default root access is disable means if you want to customize your smartphone internet features like OS customization, ROM increase or decrease, install any specific apps into SD or ROM or many others then you can’t do all these things without root access.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process which through you can get your android smartphone complete access, means you can do anything which is denied by default means which is schedule by Vendor. If you able to access super user role then you can cross all restriction from your smartphone. Because at a packaging time every vendor set some access restriction into phone, which not allow you changes into smartphone internal functionality but rooting resolve all these types problems.

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Advantage of Rooting

1). You can increase your smartphone performance, can enable or disable app manually which you want into smartphone.

2). You can transfer you installed app phone memory to SD cards, this way can increase your android smartphone speed.

3). You can modify your Android OS version.

4). You can customize your smartphone look with in very short time.

5). By rooting you can set wireless tethering because by default it’s disabled, etc.

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The disadvantage of Rooting:

1). If you enable rooting into smartphone, then you will lose your smartphone warranty. In case you need device for repair then you can’t access this service by vendor side.

2). Rooting also increase security risk, because it’s completely depend on you, what you are running into your smartphone, I recommend you always use trusted apps.

3). You can’t access goggle wallet service because Google not allow rooted devices.

Note: IF you planning for rooting access then you should some prerequisites

1. Check your battery backup, make sure your smartphone have at least 50% battery.

2. Take backup all important files, because this is way which through you can save yourself from any miss happenings.

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How to Root Android Phone – Best Ways

Here I am defining some popular ways through which you can know how to root android phone without computer/PC and easily rooting android phone by following step by step guide.

1). Rooting Access by Framaroot – How to Root Android Phone

This is most trusted way and thousands of people are already tried this way of how to root android phone and successfully done his smartphone super user access. This is a best app for access, by this app you can done this task into very short time, like one click access. if you want to disable your device root access,  then you can done when you want easily by help of this app.

Note: Before any other process you need to some necessary settings.

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Goto your android smartphone  settings > Application, Here you can see Unknown Sources check box,  you need to check this box first.


1). First you need Framaroot app, that’s why download this app from google app or anywhere, which you like, but here I am giving you direct download link. By which you can download framaroot app.

Download FramaRoot app:

Put your Email Address into email text field then get Framaroot app into your inbox directly.

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2). If your downloading process is done, then you need to transfer into your smartphone by help of data cable or SD card transfer. If your file is successfully transferred into your smartphone then you need to install this app into your smartphone.

3). At installation time, when you need to select Access role, then select here “Install SuperUser”. After that some internal process is executed, here you may need some time wait.


4). Select all exploit windows which is appear on this display. if this process is done


You will get a exploit result windows like same as upper, and you will getting message “ Success :- …. Superuser and su binary installed. You have to rooted your devices .

Hit button “OK”. After press button, your android smartphone is automatically reboot and when rebooting process is done then you will see message on display “You have successfully rooted your phone”.

If you are not get upper given message and your message is “Failed.. Try another exploit if available” message then you need to try another method.

2). Rooting Access By Universal AndRoot – How to Root Android Phone

This is another top rated app which is people also prefer for rooting process, if first method of how to root android phone is not worked for your device then you can try this app, same as here you need to download Univarsal AndRoot app but before this app you need to some necessary settings.

Goto your android smartphone  settings > Application .

Here you can see Unknown Sources check box then you need to check this box before install this app into your android device.

1). No you need to install this app into your smartphone, Here I am giving you direct download link which through you can easily download Universal AndRoot.

Download Universal AndRoot App:

Put your Email Address into email text field then get Framaroot app into your inbox directly.

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2). After first step, first install this app into your android operating system then execute application .apk file. If installation process is done then launch this application.


3). Inside this step, if app is successfully launched then you can see screen like below given. Here you need to select your android version which your device have.

universal-androot 2

4). If you want to root access into your device then make sure “root temporary(unroot after)” checkbox is check.


5). If your all upper configuration is done, now time for final step. Now you need to hit “Root: )” option. After very short time you will get a message like “ your device is successfully rooted.”

Note: Make sure to restart your device after rooting process.

Hope you enjoyed my post about how to root your android phone or tablet without computer/PC.

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