Free Online Games Websites to Play Games Online Free


Digital gaming is something that is most trending not only in India but in the entire world. Various gaming sites are offering games across various genres to suit the requirements of all age groups.

Certainly, to combat opportunities in the gaming world, a lot of gaming portals have been coming up and redefining the whole world of casual gaming.

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Free Online Games Websites to Play Games Online Free

Amidst this, a few sites have managed to create their impact on various types of gamers. Let’s take a look at best free online games websites that are quite popular with gamers worldwide.

  • Shockwave


Shockwave is one of the most popular free online games websites and is even ranked amongst the top 10 online games sites available.

The site is into online gaming since 1998 and is a premier destination for every gamer. The main reason for Shockwave popularity is their vast collection of games. There are over 1800 free online games on the site.

You name the game and they have it. Be it puzzle games, cooking games, sports games, card games or dress-up games, etc. there’s something for everyone. Adding cherry on the cake, are their 3D games.

You can enjoy the online gameplay on this site with no ad interruptions. Yes, the best part is that there are no ad interruptions. However, you need to shed out a few bucks in case you want to download these games.

The monthly fee is very low. You can download them easily. Before downloading a game, you can always enjoy its free trial.

In order to enjoy unlimited play on all downloadable games, just subscribe to Shockwave™ UNLIMITED and be its member. The front page of the site flashes the best daily games on the web.

You can search the game filtered via game categories or on the basis of their release date.

The best part is that the site is updated daily and the new flash games are added each week, to keep the site interesting and exciting for the users.

Whether you are playing the games for the first time or you are a pro in it, the site has a massive library of games to match your needs.

You can also join the Shockwave community and connect with fellow gamers by creating your own profile. This way you’ll be in touch with various new and interesting games floating on the site.

All the games are available for both single and multiple players. You can play this game with your friends and earn token and reward points, which you can use later to win amazing prizes!

What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and enjoy this amazing free game sites with access to thousands of games.

  • Pogo


Pogo is the most popular online game sites. The site was launched way back in 1998 and till date doesn’t fail to impress the users.

The site offers a lot of puzzle games, word games, card games, and board games.

The site offers over 100 free games, and you can even win prizes and earn tokens to spend on virtual items.

One doesn’t need to register to play free games. However, to enjoy the premium games and have a full experience you need to join the Club Pogo.

The best part is that with Pogo, you can even enter and play tournaments. Each game is listed alphabetically at the bottom of the site, making the search relatively easier.

You can browse the games by various categories and genres. Categories such as Casino, Arcade, and Bingo gives the site an edge of being a differentiator.

Various genres include brain games, classic games, fun games, multiplayer games, etc. The home page of the site flashes some of the recommended games, which are a hot trend and played by most of the users on the site.

You can find various popular games like Chess, Spider Solitaire, and Cribbage, etc. on the site.

The highlighting part about the site is their brain games that are truly amazing. They will put your brain on an exercise and at the same time are not mentally exhausting. Infact, they will soothe and relax your mind.

While playing any game on Pogo, you can simultaneously connect your friends on Facebook and chit-chat with them. So, the site is a multi-tasker.

With Pogo explore a completely new way to find your favorite Free Games, after all, it is one of the top ranked sites amongst various free online games websites.

  • Kongregate


This is one of those sites that is basically for both the game developers and the game players.

Apart from being a web gaming portal, their game versions are mobile-friendly too. The site has more than 100,000 free games; which means you have a diverse variety of games to choose from.

The best part of Kongregate is their game collection. The site features some of the unique and interesting games that are solely available on Kongregate.

You can search the games via category, which includes top- rated, hot new, my favorite, upgrades, etc. You can always scroll down to more categories option, to explore some of the best and mind-blowing games available on the site.

The site always displays some recommendations according to the taste of its users playing the games on the site.

You can sort or filter your search options. The most attractive part of the site is the badges available. You can always refer to various game tutorials mentioned that will teach you how to play a particular game, making it easier for you to try your hands at playing new games.

Registration is free on the site but to enjoy an enthralling experience, you can always subscribe to the Kong Plus community by purchasing a subscription for yourself.

The best part about Kong Plus is that you enjoy ad-free gaming. You can even enjoy the beta access, themes, chat, and private chat services. You can always join the Kongregate forum to talk about anything you want, related to the games on the site.

Therefore, bookmark this free online games websites as it is completely worth your search.

  • Addicting Games


Out of all the free game sites available online, Addicting Games is one of the most innovative and captivating sites for game players.

It is one of the largest online games sites. This site truly lives to its name. All the games on the site are addicting to an extent that you won’t even realize how quickly the time flies. 

The site claims to reach over more than 10 million unique users every month, which is a huge number so you can garner the popularity of the site.

The homepage of the site flashes some of the most addicting games, which includes both the single and multiplayer games. So, the site makes it easy for you by categorizing the games.

The user-interface is so simple and appealing that you can easily sort out and play your favorite game without any disruptions. The games are mostly ad-free on the site.

The site includes various categories of games such as funny games, dress-up games, shooting games, RPG games, racing games, and much more.

The best part is that this site offers more than a dozen new games every week. They keep on experimenting with their game ideas, taking the gaming to a whole new level. So a sense of freshness prevails on the site.

In case you are a game developer, you can easily submit your flash game and be a part of their Flash game development community. If your game is good enough, the site even sponsors the game.

The site has some of the best games by some of the best developers. Their free online games are a must try, and as said before are truly addictive. It simply overpowers the various free online games websites available and is simply the best amongst the rest.

  • Bigfish Games


With its presence in more than 150 countries, this site was launched in 2002, and today it is one of the best and most used free online games websites with millions of consumers around the world.

The user interface of the site is catchy and appealing. The site has been designed keeping in mind all the minute details that would captivate a gamer. The site supports 13 languages to cater a massive audience.

The best and the highlighting part about the site that differentiates it from the others are the special tabs for Mac, iPad and iPhone version games.

So basically, it segregates games for both android and Apple users, and at the same time have games for PC users. Be it any category, the site has a massive collection of amazing games. They have more than 3500 unique PC games and 450 unique mobile games.

Some of the game genres on the site are brain teasers, puzzles, arcade and action, strategy games, and much more. The key attraction of the site that it launches new game every day on the site.

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They are the world’s largest producer of casual games. You can easily submit your games on the site and build a network with the people who on the similar lines share same interest and passion for games, as you.

For those, interested in studying and knowing more about the details and what all is going on in the gaming industry, can always refer to their blogs that consists of some amazing articles for game lovers.

  • Zapak


Zapak is basically a Reliance ADA Group venture, and the site features amongst the top 10 online games sites in the world, with over 10 million online registered users. The site offers games in all genres be in single player, multiplayer, cricket games, action games, games for kids, etc.

All the categories on the site are listed so effectively that even the first-time visitors won’t face any problems.

The best part about this game site is that each game on the site comes along with a small description that entails you about the details of the game and how to play it. This game website even allows you to upload your games.

Time and again various contests and competitions are being run on the site, wherein users can play and win cash prizes.

All their games have a touch of Indian flavor, and this is one of the main reasons that the site appeals the most to the Indian users.

In fact in 2013, Zapak Mobile Games had achieved a milestone record of 100 million game downloads on Nokia Store. With this fact, you can simply access the popularity of the site.

What are you waiting for? Go on the site, either upload or play your favorite games with ease!

  • Armor Games


The site lives up to its claim of offering the best gaming experience online. They offer games in many genres, like arcade, shooting, adventure, puzzle and skill, strategy, sports, etc.

Once you are a registered member, you can enjoy all the features available on the site.

If you are a game developer, you can easily submit your game on the site.

The site offers mobile games for both iPad, iPhone and Android devices. In case you are a blogger or reviewer, you can review the games on the site.

Some of the best games on the site are King of Towers, Cursed Treasure 2, Clicker Heroes, Dangerous Adventure, etc.

The site has their own awards to reward some of the best games on the site. This in a way boosts the morale of the game developers and promote certain best games on the site.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best free online games websites that is worth the visit.

  • Slingo


For all those gamers, who love to play casino games online, this site is a blessing in paradise for them. The site specializes in some of the most innovative casino games available on the web and has an edge over various other free online games websites in the Casino game segment.

Be it the old casino games like Vinci Diamonds or Cleopatra, a classic favorite of all like Roulette, Poker or Blackjack, or some new and innovative casino games, they have it all.

The site is run by the company named Gaming Realms, which is one of the topmost companies in the gaming market.

The best part is you can play all these games without any registration. Though, if you want to earn bonus points and indulge into the process of earning rewards, you need to register and make an account at

The main attraction on the site is their instant-win games. Rewards vary depending on each game, and in a few of the games you can even win instant cash prizes.

You can play all games on your mobile or tablet, as well as on your desktop. If you are good with your gameplay on the site, you can easily earn their VIP status, and enjoy the VIP perks on the site. Their best players are known as Slingo-Stars!

The signature game of the Slingo is a must try. All the games on the site are easier to play and will good enough to keep you indulged for a longer time.

Go ahead, sign-up today and enjoy the easy access to the online casino at your fingertips.

  • MiniClip


Launched in 2001, this site is house to a huge range of free leading online games. It is one of the largest free online games websites.

Be it action games, sports games, puzzle games, games for kids or girls, you name the category and they have a segregation for it on the site. Their games work well in both the android and iPhone versions.

You can either play the games online or download them for free to play in offline mode.

MiniClip blog is one of the best and updated gaming blogs. You can read anything for detailed information on various games from this blog.

Once you are a registered user on the website, you are awarded points for your achievements in the games on the site.

Similar to Facebook, News Feed on the site gives you information about the win or lose or any notifications on challenges, etc. A game developer can easily channelize the opportunities on the site and submit your game.

The key highlight of this site is their Avatar. You can customize your avatars with all the clothing and accessories that you desire, and simply play the game with the desired avatar. Exciting? Indeed it is.

  • Crazy Monkey Games


All the games on this site are light and entertaining. It is one of the popular online games websites amongst various game players.

The site is so soothing, that while playing a game there are no pop-up or pop-under ads. It is truly an entertaining and enjoyable site. It is a home to various latest and amazing online games.

The reason why many game developers love this site is their game sponsorship program, wherein cash sponsorships are given to the talented game designers to boost their morale.

It gives a great opportunity for the game developers to make money. So, if you are the one who loves to design flash games, without wasting a second, you should log into the site.

Another site attraction is their Newsletter, which is being sent out to their members once per month. It contains information about various upcoming contests with amazing prizes, some really appreciable game tricks, etc.

Go ahead enjoy some cool games on this amazing no-annoyance website.

  • Free Online Games


Out of all the free online games websites available, this one is the most heard and liked website by gamers. Be it first-time players or the experienced ones, this site has massive games to offer to everyone.

There are so many categories of games for you to choose from; you name the game and they have it.

The site has some of the most high-quality games and this is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. From adventure games to defense games, to driving and flying games, etc.

you will find each unique category on this site. On the top of the site, you can find some of the top rated games. All their games are original. Therefore everything on the site appears fresh and appealing to the eyes.

This site is worth the visit and their massive selection of games will keep you occupied for hours.

  • New Grounds


New Grounds is basically a flash based games and animation site. The site has been in function since 1999.

The site is quite adaptive to submission of games and receiving feedback from its users. To encourage submissions on the site, they run a Daily Feature award that is given on the most prominent Flash game submission on the site.

Out of all the free online games websites, it was the first site in its league, to offer real-time publishing for games and movies. The site deals in games, movies, art, and studio.

The site is more of a social media website. The homepage of the site displays various categories of games, such as action, adventure, puzzles, sports, strategy, etc.

  • Solitaire Bliss


Check out the interactive and challenging card-game website that features classic card games and sharpen and relax your mind.

Solitaire Bliss offers dozens of games including Hearts, Yukon, Golf, and Freecell, all with varying degrees of difficulty. Single player and multiplayer options are available.

The site is completely free, and gives users the option to create an account where they can track their progress and aim to beat the leaderboard.

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There is no doubt that the gaming app downloads are growing at a robust rate. There are thousands of online game sites offering some of the best and competitive games online. Amongst them, a few free online games websites have made their mark in the online gaming world.

All the websites listed above, are equivalently good. So, do give them a try and enjoy the world of free online gaming. However, there is no doubt that some of the games are too addictive. Thus you tend to waste a lot of time on them.

Bookmark all these sites and explore the world of online gaming!

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