Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl| Sexual Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Dirty questions to ask a girl: Today I am here for sharing some sexual and dirty questions to ask a girl or guy, If you have any girlfriend or boyfriend, then you already know the impotence of trust between a relationship. If you don’t have trust on your partner, then you can’t share all things with here or him.

Asking dirty question to ask to your boyfriend or dirty questions to ask a girl can add more fun and love to your relationship.

Let me share in more detail.

Although relations are based on trust and communication, society has labeled certain issues as taboos. This situation makes some people feel a little distressed to talk about certain topics, including sexual topics. Uncertainty and fear of touching the subject increase, especially when you do not know what your partner thinks about it and know that certain types of brides simply believe that you are too bold.

Although dying to start exploring your sexual partner, sometimes your timidity towards these issues makes you want to let her take the initiative and touch the issue because from then on, everything would be easier.

So if you dare, you could use any of these questions, but if not, you could try to give her a little hint by sharing this 100+ Dirty questions to ask a girl post with her on Facebook. So she could see that you shared: 100+ Dirty questions to ask a girl and I can assure you that she will feel curious, she will read it and who knows, she might even make some of these questions!

If you have been going on too long without knowing, how to talk to your partner, and you have to talk about it, with these 100+ Dirty questions to ask a girl. You are going to be immersed in a game with your partner and will have so much fun that it will also raise the sexual tension between you both. Here they are. Enjoy them!

It occurred to me to list of Dirty questions to ask a girl or guy, and pass questions to my friends, so they can also play…

The idea is to have a fun time, and it also gives a possibility that each pair comes to know more as to the tastes of each sex.

But when you run out of things to talk to each other, a couple of hours of boredom in a closed room can seem like a lifetime.

One of the first things that new couples who want to get to know each other do, how to know things about each others. But have you ever wondered how you can get your girlfriend to open up and talk about her feelings without tensing up every time you question about her feelings?

Fun questions are by far the easiest way to get your girlfriend or wife to open up and talk freely with you about anything and everything.

But of course, there is the main difficulty of talking sex for the first time, even if you are just trying to ask a question or two.

You know you want to talk about all these dirty things, you know that your girlfriend or wife would love it too, but you do not know how to say dirty things without bending your toes in the awkwardness! Well, fear not because you have come looking for your answers (or questions) to the right place.

Because sexual concepts do not have to be difficult.

As long as you slip to and from questions in a nice and easy manner, you will not feel uncomfortable about it, and man, well, she will not even see it coming until she starts to feel the wetness in her underwear.

So, the next time you are resting in bed or text messaging to your girlfriend, these are the questions that you can ask her. These questions are easy and relaxed, and may even make her laugh at you; it will be difficult to stop yourself from feeling warm yourself at the same time.

And the best part is that she is really going to open up to you, and you both will feel closer to each other, without her feeling threatened by your questions at anytime!

Think about some intimate questions for your partner, they may not be anything nice, we do not want to believe that we care more about sex than the sentimental stuff, but the truth is that every relationship needs to have a special and regular care.

Sometimes couples tend to lose that connection that they had at the start of their relationship in private, most relationships only focus on their talks in the daily routine about children, work, home, but they do not talk about their feelings, about what they feel in their heart about their own intimate relationship.

But the most important thing is to know certain aspects of intimacy about your partner so that you are not surprised once you decide to formalize your relationship finally.

So my advice is to take a sheet of paper and make a list of personal questions for your partner spare yourself the problems that are inevitable in the future.

The right to ask your partner is an easy way to increase intimacy in your relationship but also to expand the sexual repertoire that is an inherent part of your relationship.

Below I list some 100+ Dirty questions to ask a girl to spice up your performance in bed. The advantage is that you both can apply this technique and fully enjoy a new and passionate experience.

Even the best relationship needs care and regular maintenance. If you think you’ve lost that sense of intimate connection with your partner, it may be time to start asking questions. Start a series of intimate questions with your partner that can strengthen the relationship and give a greater sense of connection. Too many relationships are only on the surface of life and conversation can focus on routine matters such as children, housework and bills without sharing intimate matters of the heart and soul. I say that it’s time to get into the kinky side of things and liven up your sex life!

which not good for every relationship, If you want to improve your relationship and want to increase between both of you then you can try these dirty questions to ask a girl, guy or your partner, because if you ask any dirty and funny thing from your partner this process may increase your partner trust on you. may be after some time your partner told you every thing which is he/she hide from you.

But here one thing I want to tell you before question, If you are feeling ready for ask question to your girlfriend or boyfriend then don’t ask many question at a time, because it’s not a question and answer competition.

I recommend you select any two or three question, and ask when you feel better and first check your partner mood, I mean when your partner is also ready for talk with you. and repeat this process daily. I hope this method will also prove useful for you.

If you feel this post “sexual questions to ask a guy or dirty questions to ask a girl” and these questions help to improve your relationship day by day then don’t forget to share this post on your social profile.

Let’s enjoy big 100+ dirty question to ask your girlfriend or dirty questions to ask a girl list.

100+ Sexual and dirty questions to ask a girl,your girlfriend or Boyfriend

The 100+ Dirty questions to ask a girl can be something like:

1). Did you ever fantasise about me before we started dating?

2). What is your favourite thing to do in bed?

3). Have you ever had phone sex?

4). Have you ever had cybersex?

5). What is your most frequent fantasy?

6). Have you ever dreamed about sex?

7). Have you ever had a wet dream?

8). Do you like being the dominated one or the submissive one in the bedroom?

9). Would you like to be a part of a threesome?

10). Have you ever gifted your previous boyfriends with something in order to extract a sexual favour from them?

11). Have you ever 69’d with a guy standing?

12). Have you ever filmed yourself having sex with someone?

13). Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

14). How long can you stop your orgasm for when indulging in a sexual activity with a guy?

15). Have you ever been in bed with a man and fantasized about another?

16). What is the most daring thing that you’ve ever done in bed?

17). What kind of lingerie do you like to wear?

18). If you were here with me right now and could do anything with me, what would you do and why?

19). Do you sleep in pajamas, lingerie or naked?

20). Do you ever sleep naked?

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

21). Have you ever had sex in a public place?

22). If you had to kiss a man anywhere other than his face, where would you kiss him?

23). What would you do if you accidentally come across me while I’m naked?

24). Do you prefer making love with the lights open or closed?

25). Have you ever thought about having sex in front of a mirror?

26). You like it when I’m shy and sexy or daring and sexy?

27). Do you like your man to be aggressive and rough or gentle in bed?

28). If you could have a threesome with another guy and me, who would you choose and why?

29). What sexual fantasy would you like to try with me, given a chance?

30). What part of my body turns you on the most?

If you accidentally came upon a naked man and then happened to cross roads with him again at some point, would you go in the other direction and pretend not to have seen him or will stare him down on the street?