226 Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl


Here is an ultimate list (2019 updated) of sexual & dirty questions to ask a girl and turn her on. Asking these questions, you can make her really wet down.

In fact, your girls can also ask these naughty questions to a guy or your boyfriend to make your sex life more excited and know him dirty side.

Here we go.

226 Sexual & Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

1). What is your favorite thing to do in bed?

2). Have you ever had phone sex?

3). Have you ever had cybersex?

4). What is your most frequent fantasy?

5). Have you ever dreamed about sex?

6). Have you ever had a wet dream?

7). Do you like being the dominated one or the submissive one in the bedroom?

8). Would you like to be a part of a threesome?

9). Have you ever gifted your previous boyfriends with something in order to extract a sexual favour from them?

11). Have you ever 69’d with a guy standing?

12). Have you ever filmed yourself having sex with someone?

13). Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

14). How long can you stop your orgasm for when indulging in a sexual activity with a guy?

15). Have you ever been in bed with a man and fantasized about another?

16). What is the most daring thing that you’ve ever done in bed?

17). What kind of lingerie do you like to wear?

18). If you were here with me right now and could do anything with me, what would you do and why?

19). Do you sleep in pajamas, lingerie or naked?

20). Do you ever sleep naked?

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

21). Have you ever had sex in a public place?

22). If you had to kiss a man anywhere other than his face, where would you kiss him?

23). What would you do if you accidentally come across me while I’m naked?

24). Do you prefer making love with the lights open or closed?

25). Have you ever thought about having sex in front of a mirror?

26). You like it when I’m shy and sexy or daring and sexy?

27). Do you like your man to be aggressive and rough or gentle in bed?

28). If you could have a threesome with another guy and me, who would you choose and why?

29). What sexual fantasy would you like to try with me, given a chance?

30). What part of my body turns you on the most?

31). Have you cried during sex?

32). Have you ever fell asleep during sex?

33). If we were only friends right now and I was drunk with you, would you take advantage of me or be a gentleman and drop me home?

34). If we were on a vacation and were having sex in a hotel room, and you suddenly realized that a man was watching us from the window of his room, would you stop having sex or continue it?

35). If I ever came upon you while you were masturbating, would you be embarrassed and stop it or finish doing your task till you cum?

36). Do you like being kissed on your back?

37). At what age did you have sex for the first time?

38). At what age did you start masturbating?

39). Have you ever been sexually attracted to the boyfriend of a friend?

40). What position do you like the most during sex?

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

41). What you absolutely won’t do in bed?

42). Do you like watching pornographic films?

43). Would you like to see a porn film with me? Will it excite you?

44). What is your favourite thing to do in bed?

45). A sexual fantasy that has not been completed yet?

46). Where do you like being kissed the most?

47). Do you like giving or receiving oral sex?

48). What excites you the most in bed?

49). Would you like to have sex with multiple men at the same time if given a chance?

50). Would you participate in an orgy, given a chance?

51). Have you ever had voyeuristic fantasies?

52). At what age did you lose your virginity?

53). What sexual position do you hate the most and why?

54). Have you ever sexually cheated on someone in your life? With whom?

55). Have you ever slept with the boyfriend of a good friend?

56). Have you ever had anal sex?

57). Do you like having sex drunk or drugged?

58). What do you like to do after a healthy bout of sex in bed?

59). What according to you is the best aphrodisiac in bed?

60). Have you ever made love under the open sky?

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

61). Do you like having sex in the water?

62). What is the craziest porn film that you have ever seen?

63). Do you have any fetish or eccentricity when it comes to sexual activities?

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64). Have you ever had homosexual fantasies?

65). If I asked you to touch yourself while I watched you do it, would you do it?

66). On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being least sexual and 10 having a high sex drive, how sexual a person are you?

67). How often do you masturbate? Do you ever think of someone other than me while doing it?

68). Have you ever made love in a car?

69). What is your favourite place to make love?

70). Where do you hate having sex?

71). Have your parents ever caught you having sex or making out with an inanimate object?

72). How adventurous are you, sexually speaking?

73). How often do you visit a sex shop?

74). Do you use a vibrator? How often?

75). What is the dirtiest sexual fantasy that you would want to fulfill soon?

76). Do you like gentle, sweet lovemaking or rough and aggressive sex?

77). Are you into BDSM? If so, who are you: the dominatrix or the submissive?

78). Tell me about a weird sexual experience?

79). Tell me about the best sexual experience that you have ever had?

80). Have you ever had sexual fantasies about a relative?

81). Have you ever had sex with a cousin or someone closely related to you or even thought about it?

82). Have you ever had sex in a bar or a restaurant?

83). Have you ever kissed a girl or another woman? Would you like to?

84). What turns you on and what is the biggest turn off for you?

85). Who do you think spends more time in the mirror: the guy on your left or on your right?

86). How would you feel if you found out you parents weren’t monogamous?

87). Have you ever had a lap dance?

88). Has someone told you that they loved you, and you didn’t love them back?

89). Have you ever been tested for HIV?

90). What is your longest friendship?

91). Would you sell a pair of underwear to a stranger?

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92). If your partner made dinner and it was gross, would you eat it anyway?

93). Have you ever had pee in your mouth?

94). Where is the most public place you have masturbated?

95). Have you ever gone home with someone you’re not attracted to?

96). What is the first thing your mom said when you came out to her?

97). Who would you do? Someone too high, or too drunk?

98). Is the person you lost your virginity to still in your life.

99). Who would you do: regular or huge penis?

100). What your favorite part of your body?

117). Where would you love to have sex?

119). Do you enjoy phone sex?

Dirty questions to Ask Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend

134) What’s your favorite position?

135) How many partners have you been with?

136) When was the last time you had a professional / good massage?

137) Do you ever wonder if you have a drinking problem?

138) Have you ever felt stupid on a date?

139) How do you deal with someone who you are not attracted to that is making advances on you?

140) Have you ever done it in a public place?

141) Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?

142) Have you ever tried whipped cream in the bedroom?

143) What’s your favorite part of sex?

144) Have you ever talked dirty on the phone?

145) Have you hooked up on a boat?

146) Who was the youngest person you have slept with? How older were you at the time?

148) What part of my body do you like kissing the most?

149) Do you have any wild fantasies?

150) What would you do with me if we were alone right now?

151) What is your favorite celebrity nude/semi nude photo?

152) What is the first thing your mom said when you came out to her?

Dirty Questions to Ask a girl

153) Is there anything you want to know about me, but didn’t want to ask?

154) Which part of your body do you consider most Sexy?

155) What do you want to do with my body?

156) If you were Ellen Degeneris for a day, who would you have on your show?

157) Would you ever experiment with a glory hole.

158) Should marriages have end dates that can be renewed?

159) Have you ever had a threesome? Would you want to have one?

160) Would you ask me what my biggest sexual fantasy is?

161) What is the wildest thing you have ever done?

162) During your last sexual encounter who performed better: you or the guy?

163) Agree or Disagree: People take social media too seriously

164) Where is the most public place you have masturbated?

165) Describe the feeling of oral sex with a bearded guy.

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

166) Draw something that makes you happy.

167) If you have a bigger clitoris, is it easier to orgasm?

168) What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

169) What is your longest friendship?

170) How long does intercourse typically last for most people?

171) What was your most embarrassing moment?

172) Is there something that you want but you don’t have?

173) Have you ever had a secret lover?

174) Have you ever had sex that was so good you woke the neighbors?

175) How do men fake orgasms – if they don’t ejaculate, isn’t that a giveaway?

176) How often do you think we should be having sex, in an ideal world?

177) Who in this circle would win The Hunger Games?

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

178) Have you ever been sexually attracted to a woman?

179) Give an example of an occasion where you deepen your voice.

180) What do you think is currently the biggest threat to marriage?

181) Draw how you perceive yourself.

182) Agree or Disagree: People take social media too seriously

183) During your last sexual encounter who performed better: you or the guy?

184) How many times a day can you have sex before your dick hurts?

185) Has someone ever called you “tight”?

186) Has a stranger ever pinched your ass?

187) What fruit do your balls most resemble?

188) What gay couple do you aspire to be like in your own relationship?

189) Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?

190) Who can you do an impression of?

191) Have you ever been slapped in the face?

192) Have you ever deleted a boyfriend off of facebook after a break-up?

193) Where are you most likely to find a sexual partner?

194) Where is one place you would never have sex?

195) Do you close your blinds before having sex?

196) What sounds do you make during sex?

197) Do you use condoms when performing oral sex?

198) What is something nonsexual that makes you horny?

199). Are you a dominatrix or a submissive in bed?

200). Did you even send your naked pictures to someone?

201). What part you enjoy most in sex?

202). What kind of sex you like hard or soft?

203). Are you ever a part of a group sex?

204). What is the sexiest thing you want to do before die?

205). Did you ever sleep with two guys in one night?

206). What part of man body you like most?

207). Do you enjoy 69 position?

208). How many penis you have been sucking till now?

209). Do you like to use sex toys during sexting?

210). How often you do masturbate while talking dirty to someone?

211). Which body part of yours you like most?

212). What makes you wet in seconds?

213). Did you ever met a guy who turns you on in minutes?

214). Did you ever think to sex with same gender?

215). Do you like when I bite on your lips?

216). Do you enjoy when I slaps on your butt?

217). What was your age when you lost your virginity?

218). Do you like sex with Condom or without it?

219). Does your boobs get harder when you think about me?

220). Do you miss my licking?

221). Which body part you like to kiss most?

222). How would you rate my penis out of 10?

223). Do you want to involve someone else in our sex life to make it more interesting?

224). Did you ever sex with someone who is your father’s age?

225). If you have got a chance to seep with a celebrity then who will it?

226). Do you like to be on top or bottom?

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