100 Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy


Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy for 2021: Don’t know what to ask to your guy while being in a relationship? Now you do not have to worry about it anymore. The everyday problem of not having anything to discuss about is going to be solved forever now.

relationship questions to ask a guy

I am going to provide you some really awesome relationship questions to ask a guy. You are going to blow the mind of your guy totally with these questions. So now get ready to explore the other side of him now.

With the help of these questions, you will know his true colors. It is your time to get ready for the rapid-fire round.

100 Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy in 2021

1). What is the true foundation for a relationship?

2). What are the true virtues to make a relationship perfect?

3). Have you ever felt the urge of being single again while you were in a relationship?

4). Do you find it impossible for yourself to stay in a relationship for more than a year?

5). What are the experiences that you want to have for the first time with your partner?

6). Have you ever thought about your dream wedding?

7). Do you have a wish list for your would be a girlfriend?

8). Do you really want to get married someday?

9). If your parents do not pressurize you then will you marry someone?

10). What are the flaws of being in a relationship according to you?

11). Do you still feel bad because of your ex-girlfriend?

12). Have you ever felt like that you are done with this whole relationship thing?

13). Will you ever leave a lucrative business deal for your ailing partner?

14). What comes first for you, money or love?

15). Will you leave your partner if you find out that she is too much on spending money?

16). Do you split the bill in half while dining with a female friend?

17). Do you feel that there should be a proper discussion on each and every little issue in a relationship?

18). Why do you think that it is important to have a partner?

19). Can you survive without love if you have enough money?

20). What are the things that you would never tell to you future wife?

21). Do you feel that hiding something from your partner is like cheating on her?

22). Do you find any difference in hiding and lying in a relationship?

23). Do you believe in all those long drives, chocolates and roses kind of relationship?

24). Do you like a mature relationship or a kid kind of?

25). If you would have to choose someone between love and friendship then what it would be?

There are always two types of people. One is who keeps the friendship above all and the other type who keeps love on their priority. Such relationship questions to ask a guy can let you know that what his type is.

26). Life is pretty rough and alone without a partner, do you think the same?

27). Do you want a lavish and larger than life wedding or something like a close affair?

28). Will you invite me to your wedding if you would marry someone else?

29). What was the weirdest thing you have ever done in a relationship?

30). If you could marry three celebrities at the same time then who would be the three ladies?

31). Have you ever done something heroic for your girl in a relationship?

32). Who was that girl for whom you felt the strongest?

33). Do you find it more logical to take a decision by mind not by heart while in love?

34). Do you agree on the fact that you can’t concentrate on anything else while you are in love with someone?

35). Will you take your girlfriend to your mom’s house?

36). Will you ever take me to your parents?

37). At which point do you think that it is the time to get serious about this girl?

If you are moving really fast, then you should know that at which time when he is going to be totally serious for you. These relationship questions to ask a guy can be a really important one to know his perspective on the serious of a relationship.

38). Do you believe in the concept that you can buy love with money?

39). Do you have a strong believe that short girls are the best girlfriends?

40). Have you ever left a girl because she was dominating you?

41). Have you ever dated a girl who was taller than you?

42). Whom would you consider the most serious affair of your life?

43). What it is like to be in love with someone?

44). Do you agree that you cannot sleep properly while you are in love?

45). Which is that relationship that inspires you to love someone truly?

46). Have you ever faced a situation after which you stopped believing in love?

47). Do you find the possibility to find the right person on a blind date?

48). Have you ever taken revenge from someone you were in love with earlier?

49). What is that one rule you should never break while in a relationship?

50). Did you ever try committing suicide because you were feeling like the most ignored person in everyone’s life?

Suicide is not the answer for anyone at all. If his answer is yes, then you should reconsider about him. Such relationship questions to ask a guy can prove to be very much useful for you.

51). Did you ever spied over a girl for so long but could not get her?

52). Do you think you are the kind of person who is better when alone?

53). Do you think that girls totally change their personality while talking to the guy she crushes on?

54). Love is powerful enough to heal any wound, do you believe on this thing?

55). Have you ever tried for the breakup of a girl you liked a lot?

56). Is it pretty hard to understand the girl you like the most?

57). Would you still love the same girl even if she is dating someone else?

58). Do you think it is important to get married in order to make your love successful?

59). Do you think that difficulties of life can be reduced by having a partner by your side?

60). If you could love only once then who would you like to love forever?

61). Is it important to fall in love at least once in your lifetime?

62). Have you ever fell in love at first sight?

63). Is it so simple to fall in love with someone?

64). Do you find it easy to love but difficult to keep up with it?

He should not be someone like this at all. At first, everything seems so wonderful in love and relationships. But the reality crosses you after some time. These types of relationship questions to ask a guy would let you know that whether he can keep up with you for long or not).

65). Can you forget your family if your partner ask you to do so?

66). Whom would you choose between your wife and your mother in 25 years of marriage?

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67). Do you have faith that you can reach the maxim of 25 years with the same person?

68). Is it fair enough to go for a divorce if your marriage is not working?

69). What was the longest duration you took to move on from a relationship?

70). Do some part of yours still love your ex-girlfriend?

71). Do you think that can love to happen twice in a lifetime?

72). In this world of complexity do you think that each one is destined to meet someone special?

73). At some point of your life, did you feel that relationships are actually relationships?

Such prospective can occur to anyone at any time. It can happen because of some bad experience in the past. Such relationship questions to ask a guy would let you know that whether this thing also occurred to him or not?

74). Can you escape from the memories of that person who cheated on you?

75). Is this life enough for you to see all the shades of love?

76). Can there be any situation where you can find yourself trapped in love?

77). Do you think that love is the second name of boundations?

78). Define the word love in just one perfect word?

79). Is it natural to get jealous for you when you see your partner with her male friend?

80). Do you think that you can never extinguish the flame of love once you have fallen in it?

81). Have you ever fell in an unconditional love with someone?

82). Do you think that when two people separate then they both are equally responsible for it?

83). What kind of relationship do you think is the ideal one?

84). If you had to name your love story then what it would be?

85). Name the movie whose story perfectly fits in your love life?

86). Have you ever stay awake for the all night just for a text from someone special?

These cute little acts of love are something which is liked by all the people. I mean who does not want to feel special? Such relationship questions to ask a guy can let you know that whether he can do the same for you or not?

87). Can you describe the perfect relationship in your words?

88). Can you leave your ego for the person you love?

89). Do you think that self-respect is a matter of importance even when you are in a relationship?

90). Have you ever been slapped by a girl for cheating her?

91). Did you ever take advantage of any girl by some fake stories?

92). Can you sing the song which perfectly defines your current relationship status?

93). Have you ever been misunderstood by the person for something that you haven’t done?

94). If you could parcel all your happiness to someone then who it would be?

95). In the lifespan of yours whom do you owe all your love to?

96). What do you think is the last extent for loving someone?

97). Have you ever manipulated someone to link your story with them?

98). Do you want to try the idea of proposing someone with a diamond ring in champagne glass?

99). Is it too tiring to love the same person for a long time?

100). Can there be an understanding between two people totally opposite to each other?

Everybody knows that opposite poles attract each other. Now it depends upon his view that what kind of reply he gives. Such relationship questions to ask a guy can decide your future chemistry with him.

101). Tell me one thing about the girl who left you in a mid way?

102). Can you love someone without stalking them to the social media?

103). Is it important to exchange the passwords of your social media in order to win each other’s trust?

104). Do you think that Social media has massively influenced the theory of love?

105). Is it right to try on a girl who is already in a relationship?

106). Do you believe in the theory that everything is fair in love and war?

107). If there could not be any exit from love then would you enter in it?

108). How much the beauty of a person matters for you to love them?

109). Do you think that you can date someone who tries to dominate you?

110). Is it fair enough to impose boundations, limitations and restriction on your partner while in a relationship?

111). Do you believe in all those love story of Disney movies?

112). Can you love someone without even seeing them just by their way of talking?

113). Is it possible for you to live with a person who is trying to change you?

114). Can you marry someone if your parents do not allow you to do so?

115). If you have a failed marriage which ends up on divorce then would you reconsider loving someone again?

116). Can you change someone’s perspective through love?

117). In order to be nice to someone you love, do you think you are losing the real you?

If he is not genuine enough to be nice to someone, then he is not meant for it. These traits should be totally in built in his personality. Such relationship questions to ask a guy would let you know all these details of him.

118). How would you differentiate your partner if she has a twin sister?

119). Do you think that you should never opt for divorce to settle everything?

120). How far you can go to save the love in your marriage?

121). Do you believe that love can make you more responsible?

122). Have you ever been in such relationship where she is the man?

123). Will you be comfortable with it that your wife makes more money than you?

124). Can you buy love with money?

125). Do you agree that relationships in these days are just meant for the sex?

126). Do you believe in the love story like Romeo Juliet?

127). If you could save your partner’s life by giving yours then would you do it?

128). What is that one idea which prevents you from losing your temper in front of your partner?

129). Have you ever hit your girlfriend in aggression?

130). Do you believe that guys are also the victim of domestic violence?

131). Can there be love without the involvement of money?

We all know that it is impossible to survive without money. But his replies should be something which satisfies your curiosity. These types of relationship questions to ask a guy are just the perfect ones to know about his mentality.

132). What is the ultimate idea of living a life to be remembered with your partner?

133). Can there be any justification of cheating in a relationship?

134). Have you ever seen the case of someone dying in the memory of his/her dead partner?

135). Can you imagine your life after the demise of your love?

136). Have you ever survived in a fake relationship?

137). Can you trust your partner again after you caught her cheating on you?

138). Do you find it necessary that your happiness lies in the happiness of your partner?

139). Do you think that gay love and gay marriages are successful ones?

140). What do you think is better, love marriage or arranged marriage and why?


Such relationship questions to ask a guy can really help you to know his point of view over the relationships. It is quite vital to know that he believes in what kind of relationship. You should not involve in any sort of seriousness before getting to know him totally.

Such relationship questions to ask a guy are the one who can open his heart to you. Before involving in him too much you should know that whether he is ready for all these things or not. These little things can make you do the right decisions for your life.

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