How to Tell Someone You Love Them 13 Ways


How to tell someone you love them: I love you, and that’s the beginning and end of everything– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Falling in love with someone? Do you have a significant other in your life? Thinking of creative ways to tell that special someone how much they mean to you? Thinking of how to tell someone you love them?  Well, it’s not easy, is it? Before you think of how to tell someone you love them, think about these things:

How do you know for sure that you’re in love?

There are many answers to this question. The easiest way to know for sure what you love someone is if you care deeply for the person and if you want them to be happy no matter what. You cannot experience love at first sight. What happens at first sight might be attraction, infatuation or lust.

You will know you love someone when you are ready to make sacrifices just to make them happy. Trust and friendship are to important aspects in love. Without them, no relationship can work. Friendship helps you understand each other which is most important when it comes to love.

Definitive ways to tell you’re in love with someone:

1). When you are in love with someone, the bet part of your day will be when you call them or text them. One text from them saying good morning or wishing you a nice day will make your whole day.

 2). Love will make you feel like you want to be a better person. You will see yourself changing and becoming a better person. You will be forced to improve your personality and character, especially towards the person you love.

 3). You will never be afraid to show them how you feel, be it holding their hand, buying them gifts, or taking them on dates. You will never think twice before expressing your affection towards them, even in public.

 4). Your love id the person you share everything with, you are like best friends. You cannot keep anything from one another. You trust each other completely and spend time together laughing and doing things you like.

 5). Your thoughts are always inclining towards future plans. You know you want to spend the rest of our life with them. You keep planning your future with them in your mind.

6). They are your number one priority. Whatever you are doing, one call will make you abandon it and run to them. You cannot think about anything or anyone more important than them. They are the most important person in your life.

7). They are the first person you think of as soon a you wake up in the morning and the last person you think of before retiring for the day. You check for their messages as soon as you wake up and text them good night before going to bed.

8). They are constantly on your mind. No matter what you are doing, you are thinking about them. You are always wondering what they are doing and whether they ate or not.

9). You would do whatever they ask of you, whether you like it or not. They somehow end up convincing you do it. You’d do anything for them, to make them happy, to see them smile.

10). You plan your whole day around those few hours you will spend with them. You would even put off something important just to make time for them.

11). You love them unconditionally. Your feelings don’t change over time. You love them in their happiness and even when they are sad.

12). You love their flaws. You love their crooked teeth, curvy body, etc. You don’t care that they don’t have a perfect smile, or the best hair. You love them the way they are.

When is the right time to think of how tell someone you love them?

Ask yourself these questions – “Do I trust them completely?”, “Am I ready to give something up to make them happy?” before thinking about how to tell someone you love them. If your answer is “yes”, then you can go ahead and think about confessing.

Timing is everything. You don’t want to be early and look desperate. At the same time, you don’t want to be too late and miss the right moment. So when id the right time to think of how to tell someone you love them?

A). Make sure you’re both on the same page: Your partner may or may not have the same intensity of feelings as you do. So before you think of how to tell your special someone you love them, make sure they feel the same way as you do. If not, they might freak out or assume you want a future with them right away.

B). Make sure you mean it and feel it completely before you say it: Don’t say “I love you” just for the sake of it or just because you want to say it. Wait till you can’t hide it anymore.

C). Do it when you feel they would not feel awkward: Pick a proper place and time to do it. Don’t do it when others are in close proximity and can overhear you. Make sure you have enough privacy when you say it.

D). Don’t do it before or after sex: Especially before sex. They might say “I love you too” just so they can have sex with you. Don’t do it after sex either. Sex leads to production of hormones which may influence their answer.

E). Don’t ask them: Don’t ever ask them if they love you. The answer may not be what you you’re expecting. And also, it will ruin your opportunity to confess.

How to tell someone you love them?

Telling someone you love them is one of the most important moments in your life. When you think of how to tell someone you love them, don’t think about what you will say, but think about how you will convey your feelings.  Here are the fifteen most romantic ways of how to tell someone you love them:

1). Telling them directly

The direct approach is the best way to tell some you love them. It’s directed, not confusing and gets the message through without any obstruction. It is also regarded as one of the most romantic ways.


It’s not easy to tell someone you love them directly. Here are few tips to help you while you’re confessing:

1). It is most important to think about whether you’re ready to say the words or not.

2). Think about what you will say, how to tell your special some you love them.

3). Talk about what makes them so special, build the mood.

4). Tell them you love them and share your feelings with them.

2). Over a Dinner Date

Dinner dates are one of the most romantic moments in one’s life. Since it’s just the two of you, saying the words out loud will be much easier. Here’s how to tell someone you love them.


Reserve a table at a nice restaurant that both you and your loved one would like. Have a peaceful meal and build the mood. Talk about how they have changed your life, and you. You could do the following to make them feel special:

1). If you prefer Chinese restaurants, fortune cookies with “I love you” written inside them could be delivered to your loved one.

2). A cake with the words written on it could be ordered as dessert.

3). A bouquet of flowers or a basket of chocolates with a card could be delivered to them during the dinner date.

3). Write them a Poem or Letter

You may not be great at writing poems, but the effort counts. Writing your feelings down is a great way of getting the message across. You just have to think of a few words that describe how you feel about them.

letter writing

Write down a few lines, and then they will come to you on their own. Mention a few moments or events in your life that you associate with them and then write a heartfelt “I love you” at the end. Tips on how to tell someone you love them through a poem or a letter:

1). Think of a few words to describe your loved one and write them down.

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2). Make a few sentences using them. Once you start writing a few sentences, the words will automatically flow and you.

3). Write a few pieces and chose the best one.

4). On the Radio

Song dedications on air are very common ways of showing someone you love them. How to tell someone you love them though the radio? Call up your loved one and ask them to listen to the radio. Dedicate a song to them and add a special message at the end saying “I love you”.

If you want to make it more special, you could request for a few minutes of air time and tell your significant other how you feel about them when the rest of the world is listening to you. Keep these points in mind when you plan this:

  • Make sure they are comfortable with you confessing in front of a huge audience, or it might just ruin the moment.
  • Make sure your partner listens to the radio at the exact time. Plan it properly.
  • Choose the right words, as a lot of people are listening to you. You can’t make mistakes.

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5). Take them on a Long Drive

If your loved one likes to travel, this would be the best option. You could plan a long romantic weekend with them and take them to places they would like. Pack your bags for a weekend and hop into your car.

Take them to mountains, hills or beaches. Pamper them with lots of love, hugs and kisses. On the last day, you could confess to them while watching he sunset on a beach. Use your creativity and decide how to tell someone you love them.


6). Call them and Talk to them the Whole Night

Or you could drive to their house and spend the night with them talking to them about things that aren’t important.

Talk to them about a few important things in life like your plans for the future. Remind them of all the stupid things you have done together. At the end of the night, you could spill those three words while watching the sun rise. It’s your choice how to tell someone you love them.


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7). Take them to Watch a Game

This works if your loved one likes sports. But how to tell someone you love them while watching a game?

Take them to a match they’ve been looking forward to. After the game ends, get them a small souvenir which would mean a lot to them like an autographed baseball or a soccer jersey of their favorite team, and tell them how you feel.


8). Sing a Song for Them

Again, one of the most romantic and memorable ways of telling someone you love them. Singing a song isn’t really tough if you pick the right song. Pick a song that you think you can pull off.

It is very important that this song conveys your feelings conveniently. Call them late at night or take them for a late night walk and sing the song to them. Then, tell them how you feel.

Songs are the best way to express emotion with words. You could write and compose your own song and sing for your partner. Ain the end, it’s your decision as to how to tell someone you love them.

sing a song for love

9). On a Special Occasion

Special occasions can be birthdays, anniversaries, or a very important day in your partner’s life. How to tell someone you love them on a special day?

special occasion speech

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Help them out, make things easier for them on this day. Make them feel special. At the end of the day, tell them how you feel. Again, it’s important how you word your feelings. Keep these points in mind:

1). Make sure the day is not stressful

2). Make sure they are happy and excited on this day and especially the moment you have decided to tell them.

3). Make sure they are comfortable to talk about their feelings since these moments will be very personal.

10).  After a Kiss

Simplest way when the question “how to tell someone you love them” arises. Kisses are very special as they define a level of intimacy. Don’t tell them before the kiss. Create the suitable atmosphere and go ahead.


It is important to make sure your partner enjoys the kiss. How to tell someone you love them after a kiss?

1). You could say it against their lips just after the kiss.

2). You could wait till you catch your breath and could whisper it in her ear. This makes it all the more romantic.

3). After a kiss, you could peck them on the cheek and tell them you love them.

4). You could place your foreheads together and say the words.

11).  Cook for them:

Cooking is the best way when you ask yourself how to tell someone you love them. Making dinner for someone shows how much you truly care for them. Here are a few ways I could think of how to tell someone you love them by cooking for them:


1). You could cook their favorites and plate the food o say “I love you

2). You could just tell them after the meal.

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12).  Take them to an amusement park

Amusement parks bring excitement and joy. Pick a free day for both of you and also pick a place that’s a little far. This way, you could spend time talking during the drive. Share things, tell jokes and make them laugh.

Once you reach the park, play with them, enjoy the whole day. Make sure they’re having. Hold their hand, hug them, buy them food and make them feel special. Ways of how to tell someone you love them in an amusement park:


1). You could say the words when you’re on the top on a giant wheel.

2). You could take them into one of those scary houses and tell them subtly by telling them you’re there for them and will never leave them. Do this when they’re scared.

3). You could win gifts for them and tell them how much they mean to you through your gifts.

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13).  Take them camping

Taking your partner camping is again one of the most intimate kinds of dates. You will get to spend some alone time with them. Create a suitable mood by telling each other stories, singing songs and cuddling near the fire.


How to tell someone you love them while camping:

1). If there is a lake nearby, you could take your partner swimming in the night. Play with them in the water, kiss them and tell them you love them.

2). Pick a spot from where you can see the sky clearly. Lie down beside them, gazing at the stars. Tell them all your wishes and say a heartfelt “I love you” in the end.

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What to do after the Confession?

After the confession, don’t pressure them for a reply. The reply might be positive or negative. Sometimes, there might not even be a reply. Just give them a little time to think about it. If your relationship is in a state where it can move forward, the reply will be positive.

In case the reply is negative, don’t ask them ‘why’ or ‘why not’. It’s better if you give them time. The situation might be a little awkward for them if they are not ready.

So go tell your beloved you love them! All the best!

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