Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text


Today, I am going to share a list of questions to ask a girl over text in 2019.

Well if it’s about talking to a girl no matter whether you are in a school or in a college, if you want to know your girl then you should have best questions collection. These should be good questions that can impress a girl otherwise taking if her phone number just makes no sense.

These questions to ask a girl over text that I bring you here will really help you to set up a good interaction and connection with her, so you can just spend some quality time over your phone with her and also know you girl better.

To get you out from all the embarrassments and hesitation, I bring you the good questions to ask a girl you like over text without thinking about that how would she respond you.

100+ Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text

Questions To Ask a Girl Over Text

1). What do you in your spare time?

2). Are there any special hobbies you have?

3). What are your 3 biggest wishes?

4). Are you in any relationship now?

5). What’s the thing that you can do for rest of your life?

6). How often do you lie? Are you okay with lying if it doesn’t cause any bad?

7). What are the compulsory things in your life or the things that you can’t live without?

8). Has any book inspired you in your life?

9). Do you take a walk around any garden in the morning?

10). Is there any nearby place that you often visit?

11). What’s your favorite food?

12). Do you have any good friend or any best friend from your childhood?

13). What type of movies do you like to watch?

14). What is your favorite movie or TV show?

15). Can I join you on Sunday to watch a show with you?

16). Have you ever felt a crush on any character of a movie?

17). Have you ever fall for anyone just by talking over the phone?

18). Do you like to consume alcohol? How frequently you consume drinks? By these questions to ask a girl over text, you can offer her a drink at her choice of place.

19). Which pub or bar is your favorite? Can we in together?

20). In childhood, how did you wanted to look? Is there any female celebrity that you follow for beauty?

21). What is your favorite to sing in while taking shower? Do you sing it loud or just hum?

22). What is your zodiac? Do you believe in such things?

23). Have you ever wanted a partner from the same zodiac sign?

24). When it comes to dressing, what’s your favorite color casually?

25). What was your favorite chocolate in the childhood? Which chocolate do you love now?

26). Do you know your lucky number?

27). Which pet do you have?

28). How tall are you?

29). Do you know the meaning of your name?

30). Do you read novels?

31). Have you ever watched any scariest movie that can still hunt you?

32). What’s your favorite seating place in the class?

33). How much do you believe in God?

34). How often do you go to church? Well, I can join you whenever you go to church.

35). What are the best moments of your life? Is there any specific year?

36). What is your bad habit that annoys your family?

37). What is your good about that everyone praise?

38). What did you like in your first love?

39). Is love at first sight really meaningful or just a waste of energy and time?

40). Have you ever dedicated a song to anyone?

41). What is your plan to enjoy a romantic eve?

42). Is there any song that you can think about us?

43). What is dream home?

44). Have you ever experienced swimming? What is your favorite swimming costume?

45). Have you ever enjoyed water sports?

46). What is your favorite holiday destination?

47). If you were a good writer, would you ever write a novel for someone?

48). What are you obsessed about, anything or any person?

49). Have you ever broken a rule?

50). After 10 years from now, how would you see yourself? So you know her plans and then you can have your plans about both of you by these questions to ask a girl over text.

51). What is your favorite superhero?

52). If you ever win a lottery, how would you spend it?

53). Is there any magazine that you love to read?

54). What is your favorite sport?

55). Which things in a man totally impress you?

56). If you have control of your life, how would you end it?

57). Have you ever picked a man to date?

58). Are there any things that make you instantly happy?

59). Do you love pizza? What’s your favorite topping?

60). Do you believe in soul mates or it just exists in fairy tales?

61). Have you found your soul mate?

62). What is your shoe size?

63). Which color of handkerchief do you prefer?

64). What kind of music do you like?

65). What is your favorite way of partying?

66). How early do you wake up each morning?

67). Do you love puppies?

68). Which first thought comes to your mind when you wake up?

69). How do you start your day? Do you take caffeine or fruit juice?

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl over Text

Here are questions to ask a girl over text mixed with some flirt, these are perfect if you have a crush on a girl. These questions will surely give her a hint on you. These can be very playful questions and enjoyable as well.

1). Have you ever kissed anyone?

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2). How many times do you take a shower is a day?

3). Have you ever fallen in love?

4). Do you write romantic quotes?

5). What physical features do you have that you receive compliments about?

6). Can a deep friendship convert into a romantic relationship?

7). What is that one thing that man should do on dating?

8). Is there anything that makes you feel safe with a man?

9). How do you feel loved?

10). Which type of man attracts you?

11). Have you ever been on a romantic date that was just like movies?

12). Have you ever danced with anyone so closely?

13). If there would be a genie when you wake up what would be your first wish?

14). If you imagine us, where would you want to go with me?

15). What do you think about a night out? Have you ever done this with anyone?

16). What’s your favorite place to get a kiss?

17). When a blunder man flirts with you, how would you handle him?

18). Have you ever done anything sexy?

19). Do you think you know yourself completely?

20). Do you have any idea about your features that makes a man fall for you?

21). Have you ever done something crazy that you won’t do again? These questions to ask a girl over text will help you know about the craziest thing that she has done.

22). How do you feel your partner cooks for you in the morning?

23). On which body part did you get your first kiss?

24). How do you wear all these lovely dresses every day?

25). How can you describe me in just 3 words?

26). After a long and tough day, how do you relax your body?

27). If I invite you into my home, what would you prefer, a hug, a glass of wine, or have a dinner with me?

28). What do you dream mostly at nights?

29). Have you ever dreamt about any sexy thing or any physical dream about someone you love?

30). What do you think about me, how likely would you want to have a relationship with me?

31). Has something funny happened to you that no one knows?

32). Is there any fun thing that we both can do together?

33). Do you think we have something common?

34). Which things should be in your better-half?

35). Would you belive if I say you that I watched a movie and it reminded me of you? So she asks you about that movie and then you tell her about a romantic movie after asking these questions to ask a girl over text and know her curiosity.

36). Do you think we all should have soul mates or anyone can go for anyone?

37). What is a romantic night according to you?

38). When you are with your partner, which thing turns you on? .

39). How would you feel if I hit on you?

40). What is your weakness?

41). What is the most sensual part of your body?

42). Would you mind if I ask you for a date?

43). What is your favorite bed dress?

44). When did you last bought your underwear?

45). Do you have any sexy looking lingerie?

46). Do you like hitting on me? By these questions to ask a girl over text know is she is interested in you in that way.

47). What is that thing that is your favorite in you?

48). What is a perfect date?

49). Do you like skinny dipping? Would prefer it with me?

50). What is your favorite beach to do nude activities?

51). What is a perfect kiss to you?

52). How would you respond if I call you for a romantic evening?

53). Do you think I’m hot?

54). Which shirt on me do you like the most?

55). Does my perfume attract you to me?

56). Can you call me whenever you are alone?

57). What is the thing you enjoy the most?

58). What’s your favorite season and why?

59). In winters, would you prefer sitting in front of the fireplace or with your partner in a blanket?

60). Would you watch a romantic movie with me?

61). How was your last relationship? Do you still miss it?

62). Do you ever imagine me kissing you?

63). What would you do if I feel like kissing you? Don’t worry, just have these questions to ask a girl over text and you will get the answer.

64). Can I gift you lingerie?

65). Do you find me attractive by my looks?

66). What is that thing if I do would attract you to me?

67). What is your opinion about me?

68). How much do you like spending time with me?

69). Would you ever prefer visiting a nude bar with me?

70). What is a perfect relationship?

71). What are my best characteristics?

72). Have you ever tried turning on a guy?

73). What kind of underwear are you wearing right now?

74). If your body really needs relax, can I massage it for you?

75). Do you like a wet massage?

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


These were all questions to ask a girl over text, you can start from the simple one to the flirty one. Do it in a way that she feels it very playful and don’t make it challenging for her, just ask normally, don’t put these intentionally.

Always be ready to handle yourself in a case of any negative answer. This is really an excellent way to get to know any girl you like, so all the best with your flirty chat.

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