400 Questions to Ask Your Crush to Know Better


Questions to ask your crush: As there is a lot in mind when you heard the name ‘CRUSH’ and you have a lot of things in your heart to tell to your crush, or to ask from him/her, but you can’t get the proper words or questions to talk upon and express your feelings to them.

But don’t panic we are here for you, we are providing you a lot of fantastic questions to ask your crush and make your conversation more interesting and set up good chemistry with your Crush.

Questions to Ask Your Crush

Basic questions to ask your Crush

As you all know if your base is strong then definitely you had no problem in future related to your partner, as you are going to enter a new phase of your life where the chemistry between both of you defines every single thing.

So you should have to clear all the basic things which relate to your crush. So what would be the basic questions to ask let’s explore…

1). What are the basic things without which you can’t even imagine your life?

2). How many crushes you have till now?

3). What’s come in your mind when you talk about the crush?

4). What are the important dates which relate to you (Birthday, First meeting, etc.)?

5). What are your likes and dislikes?

6). Who are the persons to whom you are really close with?

7). Which type of people you really love to talk with?

8). What is your Zodiac?

9). What type of personality you carry (Extrovert, Introvert, etc.)?

10). What are the things on which you really get annoyed?

11). What are things which give you an immense feeling of happiness?

12). What are the things which you are really crazy about?

13). Who is the one who understands you to best when you are in a sad mood?

These are the basic things which you should know about your crush, but these are those difficult things to get to know about, but if you try to get an answer of these then definitely I assure you that more than half is done because these questions just give you brief about their personality. And once you get to know about their personality then you are very much predictable about them, and you start knowing about their actions and reactions.

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But this half done is not the end you have to Questions to ask your crush to get strengthen the relationship and improve the understanding between you and your crush. So are you ready to know more so let’s start.

Questions to ask your crush to know about Background

As when two souls come closer there are lot of things on which they are eager to you get to know about, and one of them is the background from which your crush belongs to, as when you are ready to ride for a long love drive with your crush you should have to know about his family, friends, the past, etc. so let’s find it out….

1). Who are in your family?

2). Whom you are to close with your Dad or Mom?

3). Which place you usually go when you feel low?

4). Which are the places where you like to go when you are happy or excited?

5). Who is your best buddy whom you share everything?

6). Who is idol person whom you admire in your family?

7). What your Father and Mother do?

8). Do you have any siblings?

9). Which types of people do you really love to spend time with?

10). Which is the best thing which you usually likes do when you are at your home?

11). Which is the best thing which you really want to share about your family?

12). Any reason for which you don’t like your family?

These are the questions to ask to your crush which give you an idea about their family and background threw which you will get to know about their Backgrounds. There are many more questions, but this much is enough otherwise it will like an inquiry.

Funny/Fantastic questions to ask your Crush

Nowadays fun is the most important crucial part of everyone’s life, and anything without fun is like, flowers without fragrance. As in your aspect also, you have to be funny with your crush in order to, enjoy your cool love ride Questions to ask your crush. On asking these funny questions both of you just drone into a big river of laughter, which will create lots of loving memory of yours which you will never forget…

1). So let’s catch some funny shades.

2). Did you ever have a crush on your teacher?

3). If yes then tell me the name and count till now?

4). Name the girls whom you proposed and they reject your proposal?

5). Name some whom would you like to date?

6). Any Incident which changes your thinking about other sex?

7). Things whom which you really Afraid?

8). Any incident which you want to forget or not to tell anyone?

9). How many times you speak lie on an average in a day?

10). When you go outside did you stare every girl/boy who passed by you?

11). Did you bath daily in winters?

12). What are the things which you not like in your parents?

13). Tell some secrets of yours?

14). Any person whom you do not want to meet again and why?

15). Did you ever booze?

16). Did you ever get fail in any exams?

17). Did you have any dream which you think can’t possible to achieve?

18). Give yourself rating between 1 to 10?

19). Tell me the reason of giving that rating to yourself?

20). Did you polish your shoes daily?

Questions to ask your crush to know about the choices

Choices this is the most interesting thing to get to know about, and you also had to be smart in getting out the choices of your crush. As when you start knowing their choices, you are the one who start taking decisions about your crush as when you follow their choices they start following you and start trusting in you for many decisions….

So let’s find something new in your crush

1). What are the things you always like to eat?

2). What are things you want to be in your gift?

3). What type of persons attracts you?

4). What is the single thing you want to be in your partner?

5). Which is your favorite movie and tell the best part of this movie?

6). Which is your favorite song and whose image you get when you sing or listen to it?

7). Whom you love mores whether your Mom or Dad?

8). Who is your idol or who’s the one whom you follow?

9). What are the things which motivate you?

10). What are your dreams that you really want to happen?

11). What is the best thing you find in yourself?

12). What should you want to be your dream date is like?

13). Which is your favorite place where you want to go?

14). Which matters you a lot appearance or nature?

From all this you will get to know about your crush choices, and you will try to manage out things according to their likes and threw this it will create a feeling of self-belonging and affection for each other.

Your crush also starts wondering, when the things you do according to their likes and attraction.

This coincides a new spark in between your relationship, and this leads to the new milestones of success in your relationship.

Romantic questions to ask your Crush

Romance is one of the beautiful aspects of everyone’s relationship, and everyone likes to be romantic during their relation. Romance is just like the aroma which is sprinkled all around your relation, and you just had to maintain it with love and trust.

So let’s grab some romantic answers from your Crush….

1). What is the first image comes in your mind after listening to the word ‘Romance’?

2). What is your ideal romantic situation you want to be happening?

3). Who is the first person with whom you romanced?

4). Which would be the best place where you want to kiss your crush?

5). Which song really makes up your romantic mood?

6). Where you want to spend your first romantic night?

7). How many children you want after your marriage?

8). How much time do you need to spend a romantic movement?

9). How you approach to spend romantic time?

10). What are the things which distract even your romantic mood?

11). Which is the dream place where you want to romance?

12). What you think about me as been romantic?

13). Is there any incident which comes into your mind as of romance you won’t to happen?

14). Who are the persons whom you want to share your romantic secrets?

15). What are the things you do to encourage someone to do romance?

16). How much time you need to make someone ready for romance?

17). Which type of romance does you like (Wild, Normal, etc.)?

These are some of the questions to ask your crush and in return you will definitely get to know some crazy and new things about your crush, and this will be really helpful for you to whether to go forward for the relationship or not.

Romantic questions will definitely spark or lightens up your relation module and both you even get more touched with each other soul.

You will get a feeling of self-actualization towards each other, and I will assure you these questions really work a lot for you, and both of you get roped in a single thread of love.

Serious questions to ask your Crush

The world is all about practical means to implements what you think; now it’s time to ask some serious questions. We are saying seriously because these questions are related to implements your thoughts into real that means to be practical on which you are thinking of. Everyone thinks but there are very few of who really do and other just gets fail in doing.

So let’s find it out…..

1). Who matters you more your family or your crush (i.e. friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.)

2). What do you want to become in life?

3). Who is your role model whom would you see your life as same as his/her?

4). Are you really dare to fulfill your dreams or just thinks?

5). What are the things you want to be having in your partner?

6). Whose decisions will be the final decisions of your life?

7). What are the things you want to do in your life at any cost?

8). What are the things that would you wish to escape of?

9). What is your dream job which you really want to become and you are working on it?

10). Whether you take your decision by self, or you depend on someone?

11). At what age you see yourself as successful and satisfied human?

12). What you think would be the best movement of your life?

13). Do you really dare to marry the person whom you like?

14). Who were the two persons without which you can’t imagine your life?

15). Did you expect anything in return if you give something to someone?

16). Who would be the person you want to be with during your whole life?

17). Did you really stand on your commitments?

18). Do you cheat someone if you get some advantage of it?

There a lot more questions but this much is enough to know about because serious questions get the mood to be serious and makes the environment to hot, you had to ask them in a light hearted manner so that all things remain normal.

After asking these questions you will get to know about the core choice of your crush, and this will be helpful in taking many decisions, and you will get to know about their nature to, and you know that whether you adjust with them or not. And this is very helpful in having knowledge of trust and patience in your crushes.

Situational questions to ask your Crush

Situations are the part of life daily we have to face with different situations, and where we have to use our fine sense of judgment to come up from it and from this, we will get to know about their priorities, sense, impulsiveness, emotional and many more things.

So it’s time for some more questions to get some new, funny and daring situations. Now you will ask a question related to some situations so let’s complete it…

1). If you are going to a place of your dream whom would you want to be with you?

2). Who you want to be with you in your car for a long drive?

3). If you get an opportunity to do anything with an opposite sex then what you do?

4). If you beaten by someone because of your crush will you takes revenge from your crush?

5). If you have a chance to ask one thing from God then what would you ask?

6). If you reject your crush proposal and then you want to convince him/her then how you do?

7). If you had a magic wand for an hour what changes do you make in yourself?

8). If you had an opportunity to kiss someone then who will be that?

9). If you met with an accident and you locked in a room then who you want to be with you at that time?

10). If your family marries you with some other person rather than your choice then what would you do?

11). If you go for an outing with your crush, and some other try to attract them, and they attracted then what will be your reaction?

12). If your family doesn’t like the person you like and they don’t want you to meet then what will you do?

13). If someone gives you a single pass of your favorite show and your partner also likes the same show then would you give the pass to him/her or try to manage some other option?

14). Situations are just made to test the true sense of our crush at the time of their need will they are be with you, or you have to manage it up by own.

So we will discuss a lot of questions to ask your crush, but this is not the end you discussed funny, serious, situational, choices, etc. and more but still few more questions are left to ask to your crushes.

Random questions to ask your Crush

Here we had merged all the possible questions for you to get to know every single thing about your crush,

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So now we are providing you a complete set of questions to ask your crush in this it is a mixed category which includes all types of common, uncommon, realistic and all the remaining types of the question so let’s find out all the remaining ones…

1). What are your hobbies?

2). Which is your favorite pet animal?

3). What are the few things you want to be in your pocket or purse anytime?

4). Do you like to go to public places and spend time?

5). Do you believe in God?

6). What is your biggest fantasy?

7). Do you like to meet to new peoples and talk to them?

8). Did you have any funny problem which you did not share to me yet i.e. (walking in night etc.)?

9). Do you have any addictions (cigarette, liquor, etc.)?

10). Do you want to have more than one lover at the same time?

11). What expected salary do you want to get from your first job?

12). How many times you want to meet with your crush in a month?

13). Who are the persons whom you don’t want to meet with in your entire life?

14). Are you a vegetarian or a Non-Vegetarian?

15). Do you like to play with kids or surrounded by the kids?

16). What are your favorite T.V Shows?

17). Do you go for a Morning walk or for an Exercise?

18). What are your Favorite dishes you love to eat?

19). Which one wonder you like the most in our seven Wonders of the world?

20). Which is your favorite flower and you love when someone gives it to you?

21). Which are your favorite movies?

22). Do you have any interest in politics?

23). What do you opt first an egg or chicken?

24). What are the things which you never get bored from them?

25). Who is your favorite singer?

Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush

It is always important to keep a pace of healthy flirting with the one you have crush on). Of course you don’t want them to slip off your hands and move to someone else’s kitty). That is why it is important to show your intentions indirectly through these types of questions to ask your crush.

1). What would you do if I propose you right now?

2). How would you refer talking to me in just one word?

3). What would you do if I just disappear suddenly from your life?

4). What kind of person you would like to date?

5). What are your expectations from the person you love?

6). What kind of nickname would you like to give to me?

7). Who is that person who comes in your mind when you close your eyes?

8). Would you like to go out with me today?

9). Which is that spot you want to go with me?

10). What is another important date in your life other than your birthday?

11). What would a person have to do if he/she wants to get close to you?

12). What is the meaning of love for you?

13). How many people you have ditched before?

14). What gives you happiness like no one else?

15). How important a relationship is in your life?

16). What was the longest duration you were single for?

17). For which ex you can leave all your current ones?

18). Would you ever consider dating one of your friends?

19). Have you ever dated two people at the same time?

20). How would you take revenge if you would get ditched from someone?

Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Your Crush

Wants to know about what your crush actually thinks and what are their deep dark secrets? Then you must go for these types of questions to ask your crush which are given below). They are the truth and dare questions which would put the real side of your crush in front of you.

1). What is your biggest number of dating at the same time?

2). In all the people sitting here, who would you like to yell at?

3). I dare you to hug me as tight as possible, would you do it?

4). What was the name of the first person you have ever dated?

5). If I dare you to kiss someone here on cheeks then who would you choose?

6). What do you like the most about me?

7). Share one of your deep dark secrets that no one knows?

8). If I dare you to strip a part of your cloth right now then would you do it?

9). Are you single or not?

10). What was the last time you were single at?

11). Do you watch porn more often?

12). What is your wildest fantasy ever?

13). I dare you to text your ex that you miss him/her.

14). What is the filthiest thing that you have ever seen?

15). I dare you to propose me right now on your knees.

16). What is the craziest thing you have ever said in sleep?

17). What was the pettiest thing you have ever got laid on?

18). Till what age you peed on your pants?

19). I dare you to say me the cheesiest pick up line ever and convince me to get laid with you.

20). What was the last embarrassing moment for you?

Cute Questions to Ask Your Crush

All the mushy-mushy talks that take your heart away are now just a click away). You just need to ask them the cutest questions ever to initiate a conversation you guys have never had). These questions to ask your crush are the best idea to get closer to them.

1). Have you ever had crush on someone who is just a character of a story?

2). What was the last time you got heavily drunk?

3). What is the most idiotic thing you have ever done while being drunk?

4). for how long you have been without sleeping and why?

5). How do you find it to talk to me?

6). If you would go invisible for a day, would you do something illegal?

7). Who is your celebrity crush and why?

8). Do you think that blind dates are the coolest adventure ever?

9). How much do you like the pets?

10). What is the most engaging thing for you?

11). For what thing you can leave everything that you are doing right now?

12). If we would go out on a dinner date then what cuisine should I order?

13). Which is that movie you want to turn real and why?

14). Which is that band you are addicted to?

15). Where would you like to travel with me?

16). What do you find the most fascinating thing about opposite sex?

17). What should someone swear of not doing when they are with you?

18). Do you like giving nicknames to people?

19). Which animal would you like to pet someday?

20). What is the precious thing for you?

Questions to Ask Your Crush While Texting

The social media is a very important source to get to know a person well). Above all, it can prove to be a savior in case of your crush). You can use different types of questions to ask your crush on texts and can enjoy a great conversation with them.

1). Why do you like talking to me?

2). How different do you think texting is from talking over phone?

3). How much time do you spend on phone as an average in a day?

4). What is the greatest time that you have ever spent texting to someone?

5). Which is that song which stays on loop in your phone more often?

6). Which is your favorite place for drive-thru?

7). Which is that one line or quote that you always follow in your life?

8). Do you hold solid grudges for someone?

9). Who is at the top of your priority list?

10). Which one do you find the most annoying thing ever?

11). What was the most surprising text that you have ever gotten?

12). Which is your favorite page on instagram or facebook?

13). Who is your favorite musician of all time?

14). Do you like visiting museums or old places?

15). What was the last time you did work out?

16). Where do you want to born in next birth?

17). Which is your most favorite application in smartphone?

18). Which picture of yours you find the most adorable one?

19). Have you ever sent an embarrassing text to the wrong number?

20). Did your parents ever find something on your phone that they shouldn’t?

Sexy Questions to Ask Your Crush

Nobody in this modern era would mind a bit of personal and sexy kind of questions being asked to them). It will be much better if both of you are interested in this thing). You can use some hot and sexy questions to ask your crush to know a totally different type of them.

1). What was the last time you got physically close to someone?

2). What is the idea of a hot steamy sex for you?

3). How can someone turn on you, without even touching you?

4). How would you differentiate a great sex from average sex?

5). Have you ever played strip pong with someone?

6). Which is that friend you can spend a night alone with?

7). What is the importance of physical closeness to you in a relationship?

8). Would you still be with someone you cannot have sex with?

9). What is the true meaning of intimacy for you?

10). When was the best night you ever spent with someone?

11). Do you believe in sex before marriage?

12). What do you check so much in opposite sex?

13). How would you convince someone to go sexual with you?

14). Do you have the charisma to get laid in first meeting itself?

15). If you watch X rated movies then which is your favorite star in it?

16). How would you renew your entire sexual relationship?

17). What if you get bored with your partner? Would you ditch them?

18). Which is the most romantic city according to you?

19). Where do you want to go for a honeymoon?

20). Which is your favorite position?

Would You Rather Questions to Ask Your Crush

These are the funniest kind of questions to ask your crush because of the weird choices given in them). Sometimes these can be really serious one too as it all depends upon your choice of questions). You two would surely enjoy a light hearted conversation through these questions.

1). Would you rather become a millionaire with no friends or be a normal person with wonderful friends?

2). Would you rather be single forever with all wishes fulfilled or get married but adjust?

3). Would you rather spend New Year eve with your friends at home or go to a concert alone?

4). Would you rather be a submissive or want your partner to be submissive?

5). Would you rather be impatient or short tempered?

6). Would you rather be happy or be content?

7). Would you rather be rich as hell or smart as hell?

8). Would you rather become a famous artist or a famous businessperson?

9). Would you rather work out in morning or in evening in winters?

10). Would you rather be a Cobra or a Python?

11). Would you rather be an animal or a bird?

12). Would you rather improve you academics or your sports?

13). Would you rather be good at wrestling or good in chess?

14). Would you rather have four arms or four legs?

15). Would you rather sneeze for an hour or cough for an hour?

16). Would you rather get invisible for a day or could ran fastest?

17). Would you rather go on moon or mars if given a chance?

18). Would you rather deactivate your facebook account or delete your whatsapp?

19). Would you rather die early with great deeds or die late but with all shame for you?

Naughty Questions to Ask Your Crush

Now that you have got to know your crush so well and they also seems interested in you then it is the time to take your conversation to a whole new level). You can use some naughty types of questions to ask your crush to know their kinky side.

1). May I know that what are you wearing at this time?

2). Have you ever seen anyone naked accidently?

3). At what age you French kissed someone?

4). Would you like it if I pick an outfit for you and would you wear it?

5). What kind of outfit you like to wear while going to bed?

6). Have you ever been to a massage parlor to take massage from an opposite sex?

7). What is the weirdest sexual fantasy for you?

8). What would you end up doing to me when you will be heavily drunk with me?

9). What do you think is the best part to have a tattoo on in case of opposite sex?

10). Which outfit would you like to pick for me?

11). Have you ever done sexting?

12). At which age you had a one night stand for the first time?

13). How did you feel having sex for the first time ever?

14). Did you ever use vibrator in your life?

15). Did you use role playing to make sex even more interesting than ever?

16). Have you ever been caught in a weird position?

17). Do you like talking to someone naughty over texts?

18). Do you feel hornier in winters?

19). What do you think is the sexiest thing in an opposite sex?

20). What are the three things that raise the bar in sex?

Yes or No Questions to Ask Your Crush

These are the straight forward and to the point kind of questions to ask your crush). They just need to be replied in a yes or no answer only). It is not necessary that you can initiate a conversation through them but you can have some serious talks through them for sure.

1). Are you single?

2). Are you a person who easily loses his/her temper?

3). Can you be easily convinced?

4). Do you like having pets?

5). Are you used of being in a relationship?

6). Have you ever done anything adventurous?

7). Have you ever had a crush on one of your cousins?

8). Have you ever had drugs?

9). Do you know more than one language?

10). Have you ever failed in your exams?

11). Did you ever hurt yourself physically?

12). Are you crazy about someone?

13). Can you live without listening to music for all your life?

14). Did you ever fail in your high school?

15). Do you prefer tea over coffee?

16). Have you ever teased an animal in zoo?

17). Would you like to connect with me on all social media?

18). Would you go on a date with me?

19). Have you ever been home alone?

20). Would you like to become popular?

These all are the complete sets of questions to ask your crush this includes all the related questions on every single topic, and you just have to go through these questions, and you will get to know about every single thing of your crush.

And we will also assure you that by asking these questions you will definitely decrease the distances and you would be more closer to your Crush and these questions will definitely sparks a new light of strength and love in your relation.

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