Fun Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend


Ever heard about fun questions to ask your girlfriend, this is an effective way to dig deep your girlfriend and know some interesting facts but her that no one knows. These fun questions to ask your girlfriend assist you in the best way to get ahead a little better a little more.

These questions boost up your converting and get you rid of that old and boring talk.

Choosing these fun questions to ask your girlfriend will be a wiser option and these keep the conversation going on and once you read the list here you just can’t ignore asking them to your girlfriend. So have fun questions to ask your girlfriend and enjoy the great conversation.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

Fun Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

1). Have you ever stolen any shampoo or conditioner from a hotel room?

2). When you sleep you tuck both of our legs under the blanket or just one?

3). Have you ever told a lie to anyone?

4). How cute do you find hamsters?

5). Have you counted your steps while walking on the road?

6). Have you ever chased by a group of bees?

7). Have you ever stolen anything from the kitchen?

8). Have you ever stolen some cash from your dad’s credit card?

9). Which musical instruments do you like playing? Through these fun questions to ask your girlfriend know her interest in the musical instrument and plan a date or gift her that one to enjoy your chemistry.

10). Do you still watch cartoons? What is your favorite one?

11). Have you never found any hidden treasure?

12). When did you last consume a lot of alcohol?

13). Do you wash your hands before having lunch?

14). What do you use to clean up germs, soap or hand wash?

15). Do you like hot or cold drinks? Through these fun questions to ask your girlfriend, know her choice of beverages so you can offer her when you two go on a dinner date.

16). What is your favorite brand of sauce? So you prefer burger or French fries with it?

17). After consuming a coke, how does it feel when you burp?

18). Have you ever watched any adult movie and caught by anyone?

19). What is so embarrassing thing for you?

20). What is the worst breakfast according to you?

21). Have you ever thrown your breakfast just before your mom seen it?

22). Have you ever been for Halloween? What was the dress you wore?

23). Do you prefer having clothes according to your horoscope?

24). Have you ever been to the person who reads hands?

25). Have you ever seen or played Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation? Know which type of video games she prefers to play by these fun questions to ask your girlfriend.

26). Who would win if Batman or Superman fights?

27). Have your ever met an accident in a shower while singing?

28). What do you do in your car when no one is around?

29). What goes on the top of your Christmas tree, angel or a star?

30). Which store is the best, one dollar, Wal-Mart, or eBay?

31). Have you ever gifted shoes to anyone?

32). What is your favorite brand of menstrual pads? Have you ever smelled them before using?

33). Do you play online contest and win prizes?

34). Which stuffed animal would you give me?

35). Do you remember the first gift I gave you?

36). What is that movie that can make you cry a hundred times?

37). Have you stolen ice cream from the fridge?

38). Do you think sharing toothbrush is a good idea?

39). Have you ever faced any embarrassing sexual moment? By these fun questions to ask your girlfriend, she will surely tell you about any embarrassing situation she has resurfaced, so next time you two can ignore that.

40). Do you have any weird nickname?

41). What is the weird thing that you like in people while some just feel ugh?

42). Do you know the worst and best thing about being a woman? Use these fun questions to ask your girlfriend and get her opinions on what she considers the best and the worst in a woman.

43). If you caught me masturbating, would you join me or just leave?

44). Tell me, what’s your favorite joke?

45). What’s the bad habit that you hate?

46). Do you like my haircut or you want any different? Through these fun questions to ask your girlfriend you can know if she wants you to do a new haircut or satisfied with your looks.

47). If I’m naked in front of you, what would you see first?

48). What’s the worst thing that someone has done to you?

49). What’s in your mind most of the times? You may not receive the actual answer but by these fun questions to ask your girlfriend you will get an idea about what she thinks.

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50). Do you have any wildest sexual fantasy that you want to complete?

51). What type would you prefer beautiful and dumb or ugly and clever? Has anyone seen you naked?

52). If you are a guy just for one day, what are the things you would do?

53). Do you tell me every time you feel horny?

54). What’s the worst dress in your wardrobe?

55). Do you believe in palm reading?

56). What do you think about dinosaurs and aliens? Do they exist?

57). What is the dumbest song of this year according to you? Have you sung it already?

58). What, if you were a zombie?

59). What if you get an ice cream making job? Know her imagination by fun questions to ask your girlfriend and also know her favorite ice-cream flavor and bring her that one next time.

60). What is your favorite plan on Saturday and Sundays?

61). Have you ever dreamt of climbing Everest?

62). If a hacker hacked your privacy and threatening you to send this to your family, how much would you pay him? This would be really LOL and fun questions to ask your girlfriend.

63). What is the easiest thing to do?

64). Have you ever got jealous of any of your siblings?

65). How many times did you bump your car in the parking?

66). Have you ever faced a cat fight? Who won at last BTW?

67). How much would you give me if you won a million dollars?

68). Why is your name so sexy?

69). Have you ever fallen in your dreams?

70). Which name do you want for me?

71). If you have the option to be an animal what would you be?

72). What’s the smallest creature you are afraid of?

73). What would you choose, shopping or hang out with me?

74). Do you have any worst date?

75). What crime would you commit, of there is no punishment?

76). Which movie title do you want to give to your life?

77). How often do you late for school or work?

78). Have you ever stolen toilet paper from any place?

79). What is the funniest thing you have done on vacation?

80). Have you ever found the word “dictionary” in the dictionary?

81). Have you ever had a weird crush?

82). If you are invisible, what would you do to me?

83). Have you also gone through pushing the door when the label says “pull”?

84). Who would you choose between me and a handsome and rich guy?

85). How smart am I according to you?

86). Would you get jealous if I share my contact with any girl in front of you?

87). Do your male friends get jealous because I have you?

88). Did you ever think that you would get a handsome guy as me?

89). Have you ever dated more than one guy at the same time?

90). How do you consider me as a curious guy or as a normal one?

91). Do employees of tea factories get tea break?

92). Have you ever tasted any worst ice cream?

93). If you could ever live with a celebrity, who would it be and where would you go with him?

94). Would you wave me over your favorite celebrity? These are just fun questions to ask your girlfriend, so you would know her crush on any celebrity.

95). Is there anything people think cool but it annoys you the most?

96). How do you think about your future home and future car? These fun questions to ask your girlfriend will reveal her secret about her future home and car imagination and how she wants the interiors.

97). Do you ever think about having babies?

98). What is your favorite movie sequel?

99). What is the funniest device you think in the history of superpowers?

Want More Questions to Ask Your Girl? Don’t worry 🙂 I have some more interesting questions for you.


Women really love when you make them smile, they love it when you be funny with them and make them burn some extra calories by big laughs. These funny questions are good for both whether it is your special lady or any girl that you want to make her laugh.

These fun questions to ask your girlfriend are the best if you want to know anything funny about your girlfriend from his past. These really a time utilizing plus funny questions so you can learn more about your partner and get more close to them.

Every question mentioned here will get you now your girlfriend in a different way and her all the opinions about various things, so try these now to spend some interesting and entertaining time.

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