25+ Best Free mp3 Download Sites in a world


Free mp3 download sites: Life is nothing without music. You can live in a world without songs but can not live in a world without music. When you feel bored you listen to rock music, when you feel angry you listen to soft music and when you feel lonely you listen to sad music. So music is an integral part of our life. You just can not find your phone without a superb music collection in it.

Imagine one day you find all the music collection of yours empty in your phone cause of a system failure. You feel like throwing your phone hard on the wall. Also you feel so sad about loosing all your superb collection of songs. Life seems so boring without music. Music are the way to express all the emotions you have in your heart. Sometimes it happens that the things you can not say in words can be expressed in songs. Music is as necessary as the oxygen to breath.

25+ Best Free mp3 Download Sites in a world

So don’t worry if you have lost all the collections of your favorite songs. We are here to take you out of this trouble by suggesting some great free mp3 download sites for all kind of music. Be it jazz or rock, be it R&B or slow, you can find all type of songs through these free mp3 download sites. No tension of virus or fake download they are 100% reliable. So just give it a look:

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1). beeMP3

Link : www.beemp3s.org
One of the top most free mp3 download sites in the world, have a complete library of over 1 million songs to be downloaded. You can download songs either on the basis of the lyrics or on the basis of artists. The alphabetical and numeral categories are available to filter your searches. One of the greatest audio search engines on the web for the surfers. You can even download the music without even registration.
Also it displays the best songs and best artists searches. Also it shows the last top searches and downloaded songs. So as a whole this free mp3 download site is a complete package for the music lovers. You can download any sort of English and Indian songs through the beemp3. This free mp3 download site is Simple to access with an available search option. The lists in the websites are weekly updated so that you can get best of the songs in the whole world.

2). Mp3Raid

Link : www.mp3Raid.com
Mp3Raid is another free mp3 download site for the music lovers across the globe. It has millions of free mp3 songs to be downloaded legally. You can even listen to the songs without even downloading them. Users can upload the songs on it legally. It shows the top 100 searches done by the users on this site. Also it shows the last 100 searches too. It does have a search engine of its own to search the songs according to the ease of the users. It also categorizes the most popular songs on the front page itself. You can acquire all sorts of released songs here on the website. One of the top most website for downloading the latest music available all across the world. You can give it a try to know more about the website.

3). Mp3skull

Link : www.mp3skull.com
This site is great to include in free mp3 download sites collection. This site is an easy way to listen and download your favorite tracks from all across the globe. You can find your favourite songs in the multi-million databases of quality songs available in the website. Most of the searches are very accurate and other ones are quite relevant to the original ones. Just like another engines it also possess a search bar of its own to make the process very easy. You can also post music on the site. Mp3skull offer a toolbar option for the browsers. All you have to do is just download the toolbar option and it will be added to your browser automatically. Now you would not have to search again and again for the music and this toolbar will give you the ease of accessing and searching music easily.

4). eMP3World

Link : www.eMP3World.com

It is a unique service where visitors edit the content of the site. When the algorithm of the website detects growing interest in a particular song they immediately search the song and add it to the database. And just like that they remove the songs which are really less liked. And by this process they keep on updating their system continuously and efficiently. On the home page of the website they serve two lists. One list contains the top 30 downloads from the sites. And another list displays the last 30 added songs on the website. Just like every other music site it has its own search bar to ease the process of downloading and searching. Also it shows which songs are trending mostly across the internet.

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5). AirMP3.me

Link : www.AirMP3.me
Now this site is a little bit in terms of searching and showing results. It searches the songs several websites and shows the result on a single page. It shows the top most searches of the music all across the globe. Even the music search system is a bit different on the site. It contains two boxes one of them is for artist and one is for the song title. You can search the song you want from the either option. It contains a music charts where results like UK top 40 singles and MTV Euro top 20 searches are given. There is a benefit in the site that when you search the keyword it gives you relevant links for your downloads so it saves your time to browse different websites. They do not posses their own database and therefore this website is a meta search engine.

6). Maxalbums

Link : www.maxalbums.com
Maxalbums shows all types of albums available on the internet. It contains albums like :

Mp3 albums
Full albums
Music albums
Audio albums
Latest albums etc.

It also provides you the ringtone of every songs which can be sent to your cell phone directly too. This free mp3 download website contains variety of albums which are very difficult to find on other websites. This website also provides singles or different genre just according to your taste and wish. This website possesses a search bar to search out your wish list songs.

7). MP3fusion

Link : www.mp3fusion.net
Mp3 fusion as the name suggest is a fee mp3 download site for different types of fusion and simple music. The site is having numerous collections of latest tracks and sounds. This particular site gives you an extra advantage of lyrics. This free mp3 download site is having mp3 tracks as well as lyrics of them stored in a single database. The site has its own facebook page from which you can like and get updated with all the latest tracks world wide. It has a search bar of its own. It shows the top mp3 results from all across the globe. Also it shows the recent downloads done by the users. It has a login option which means you can even create an account on this site. There is a separate section for the frequently ask questions where you can ask any doubts you are having regarding this site. You can even create a play list on the site which can be listening by any time. As a whole this free mp3 download site is a complete package.

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8). Songs.pk

Link : www.songs.pk
Most probably one of the top most leading free mp3 download sites in the whole world. Music lovers love the site for downloading the music as the site is quite easy to use. Having access to millions of sound tracks this website provides all kind of music to the music lovers. It provides tracks according to the alphabetical order. You can even download the complete winzip file of a movie containing all its songs. This website came as a revolution in the field of audio streaming. One of the personal favorites of many users this website has it all. It has a really large database of all kind of music. Be it hindi or English it has all kind of stuff for the music lovers all across the globe. A perfect website for those who really love music.
Songspk-free-mp3-download site

9). Stereokiller

Link : www.stereokiller.com
As the name is showing this free mp3 download site is specially created for punk and metal music for music lovers all across the globe. It has its own facebook page so you can be updated with all the songs and latest tracks every time you want. It has a great collection of almost fifty thousand tracks, fifty thousand bands and almost twelve thousand reviews from the music lovers. It has a search bar which provides ease of accessing the music whenever you want. All you need to do for downloading any kind of music is just create an account on the site and login it and then you can surf the different genre of music whenever you want. It even contains the videos of your favorite metal, rock or punk music. A complete package for rock music lovers across the globe.

10). Classic cat

Link : www.classicat.com
Now this site is a bit different. If you are not satisfied with above free mp3 download sites, you can give this a try. This site provides free classical music from across the globe to the classical music lovers. It has a list of top 100 music tracks which are trending in the field of classical music. As an additional feature it provides the composers and performers too. You can find any sort of composers on the site with full information. Also it provides different performers with their recorder performances all around the world. It provides a help feature in case you need any sort of help in the area of classical music. This particular website contains over 6000 performances in the era of classical music. Be it orchestra, organ, brass or jazz it has all kind of collection of classical music.

11). Ez-tracks

Link : www.eztracks.com
Ez-tracks provides you legal music from all across the globe. This site provides you mp3 music, ringtones, music videos and video reviews. You can even post reviews on the videos too. All you have to do is just login on to the site by creating a account on the site. Well, if music is not enough to entertain you much enough then this site also have more than just songs for you. It has screensavers, wallpapers, themes, games, ringtones and every other apps that are required for you . this site is just a revolution in the field of entertainment. Very much liked by the music lovers this site has a search bar of its own to make the site easier for its users. You can check out many songs on the site and it will give you a lot of relevant searches for you.

12). Saavn

Link : www.saavn.com

There would not be anyone who is a music lover and haven’t heard the name of saavn in his life. Just like any other free mp3 download site it has a search bar to search your songs and you will find the most relevant searches in just seconds. You can even create an account on the site for the regular updates. You can find a facebook page of saavn which will give you all the updates of the site. Also there is a twitter handle of this site too. As a whole this site is a complete package for the music lovers. You can even find an app named saavn for your phone. This app can be downloaded on the android phone and you can even listen to the songs without even downloading them. It creates the top 15 from the whole week. This site is the most updated site on the internet. It even has a featured playlist which has singles which are really hard to find. By this site you can stay fresh with the music.

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13). Wynk

Link : www.wynk.in
Wynk provides you latest music from the world on a single page. This is a great addition for free mp3 download sites collection. The site is powered by the airtel company. This free mp3 download site is also having its app updated on google play store for your android smart phone. You can even listen to the songs offline just like you watch videos offline on youtube. The site is having its app on apple play store too. You can listen to music as well as can download movies from the site too. This site is just amazing to download music for the music lovers worldwide.

14). Wapking

Link : www.wapking.cc
Now this is something really amazing to search out your favorite music on the wapking. This free mp3 download site is an outstanding work of management and organized database. This site is also having apps, music videos, and ringtones too. You can even download movies through this site too. This site has some categories which organizes the music on the basis of different criteria. It has categories like new songs, singles, indie pop etc. you can find any sort of music be it hindi or English on the site very easily. You can even download the songs on the basis of its quality too. It offers 68 kb, 128 kb songs. You can download whichever song you want. This site is just too good for the music lovers across the globe.

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15). Billboard

Link : www.billboard.com
Who have not heard about the billboard? Even the music is ranked according to the charts of billboard. This site provides you lots of music charts and you can download the song according to its popularity. This billboard.com provides a chart which is updated every week. It gives a list of top 100 in which top 100 songs which are downloaded by the users are included. Also it provides a list of trending 140 which includes the top songs which are being so much popular among the listeners rapidly. It also provides a separate section for the artists. In this section you find the latest top 100 artists which are trending among the music lovers. Billboard even publishes a magazine of its own which provides all the gossips of the celebrities for which common people are always crazy. Billboard is something you must be aware of if you want latest tracks all the time.

16). Spin

Link : www.spin.com
Now spin is another free mp3 download site for downloading music that you love. Spin gives you an extra advantage in the form of gossips around the Hollywood. It provides you a list of top 30 songs. These songs are the most trending songs in the music lovers. It has a search bar of its own which makes the searching easy and songs can be easily found in this site. It also has reviews from the music lovers and other users which are posted on this free mp3 download site. It also features single tracks which are really hard to find on other sites. It presents songs in the form of lists which makes the functioning of this music website absolutely simple and easy going. Music with gossip is an amazing combination which is offered by this site.

17). Jango

Link : www.jango.com
Jango also deserve a place in the list of free mp3 download sites. It offers you unconditional songs and amazing singles. Even the home page of Jango is so cool that you can not resist trying it out. This website also offers its apps on the smart phones. It has apps on iphone, ipad and android. This site provides you tracks according to the artists. It has lots and lots of artists on the site and you can select any of the artists and it will show al the latest tracks by the artist on the site. It also consist a genre option. It offers genres like dance, decade 60’s , decade 70’s, 80’s 90’s, country, alternatives, easy listening, folk, electronic, jazz etc. this site is so easy to use even for its new users. You will find it this much interesting that you will forget your earlier sources of downloading music.

18). Mp3 box

Link : www.mp3box.to
Mp3 box is my next choice for this list of free mp3 download sites. Mp3 box is the largest directory of music for the lovers and admirers of music all around the world. You can find any kind of music sung by any artist on this site. It may be rock or soft, it may be metal, punk or instrumental. You can find all your favorite music on this site. This free mp3 download site is just amazing and really easy to surf. It also shows the top songs which are trending around in the people. The address of the site is www.mp3box.to and you can surf it any time. The music provided here is absolutely free. Along with the top songs it also provides you top albums in the form of list. And with all these qualities it also have top artists list in which you can find those artists whose songs are trending in the heart of music lovers. This site is a really amazing addition in the free mp3 download sites list. It also have latest added songs column in which latest tracks are added. By this column this site is regularly updated and old songs are removed and latest tracks are added.

19). Songs lover

Link : http://www.songslover.pk/
Songslover is another addition in the list of free mp3 download sites. This site is weekly updated and comprised of latest tracks from all the music industry. On the home page of the website you can find the option of music albums. In this option you can find all the albums which are updated time to time. Now there is another option in which latest tracks are added. This option is comprised of single tracks which are freshly added in the category. You can even find video songs on the site too. There is one more option which is best of the month. In this section the songs which remained on the top of the list through out the month are added. This site also provides information regarding upcoming albums. This section comprises those songs or albums which are yet to be released. Also this site provides music charts of different years by which you can listen to the old songs of your choice too. An amazing site for the music lovers.

20). Gaana

Link : www.gaana.com
You have seen the advertisement of this site a lot. It also deserve a mention in this list of free mp3 download sites. You can find any sort of music, songs, playlists, artists, ringtones on this website. You can even create an account on the site. There is a section for the new releases too. It also shows the US top songs in form of a chart. You can even find some interesting apps on the site too. You can even tune into the radio station through it. you can mark some of the songs favorite and can create a play list too. The language option gives you the liberty of accessing song in whichever language you want. This site is really cool and you can surf songs at any time on this free mp3 download site.

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21). Last.fm

Link : www.last.fm
Last.fm is another website to download free music whenever you want. It has a search bar just like any other website for the ease of access. You can create an account over it to upload the songs that you want. Any kind of singles, albums or any other tracks can be downloaded through this site. What’s new option on this site provides you the best latest songs available everywhere around. The feature option provides you the latest tracks which are featuring solo. You can even watch the video of the songs too. You can surf the server any time to search out for the latest tracks and videos. A delight for the music lovers all across the globe.
last fm-free-mp3-download-websites

22). Jamendo

Link : www.jamendo.com
Jamendo is next pick in the list of free mp3 download sites. You do not have to worry about the latest tracks when you have jamendo. You can discover new tracks on the site. You can even search the music by the song title and you will find many more relevant search too. By creating an account ton the site you can upload whichever tack you want and can share it to all the world. You can find the site on facebook, twitter and google plus too. Latest albums are uploaded on the site so that users can access them freely. The site is updated time to time so that we do not have to stick to those boring tracks for a long time.

23). Mtv

Link : www.mtv.com
Who haven’t heard about the mtv site. This site is just too cool for all kind of music. The music provided here is damn updated and all fresh so you do not have to listen to those boring songs. Mtv gives you variety of tracks like punk, metal, electronics, jazz, soft etc. you can surf the site whenever you want. This site is updated regularly so you can find all the latest tracks on one single page. Every year mtv organized MTV award function. The site is one of the part of it. this site provides you all kind of latest tracks and these tracks also get exposure through this site as this is quite famous.

24). The top tens

Link : www.thetoptens.com
As the name suggests this site offers the top ten tracks in every category of music. Like it offers the top ten albums, top ten entries, top ten singles, top ten artists etc. you can search out your tracks on the search bar. You can even create the account and upload the songs on it. This free mp3 download site should be tried once. There can be more scope of improvement on this site. Still if you want to find out a limited search then you can try out this.

25). Stereogum

Link : http://www.stereogum.com/
Stereogum offers you the best tracks in whichever category you want. It provides you all the latest tracks around the world. This is a world class website with all the latest tracks, albums, artists contributions etc. you can find the top artist whose songs are trending around in the world. You can upload the songs by creating an account on the site. Music lovers must try out the site as it gives an utter ease of access in finding music. It gives you an account of top songs and top downloaded songs in form of a list. One of the nicest website in the category of free mp3 download sites.

26). Allmp3s

Link: http://www.allmp3s.net/

Allmp3s is one of the free mp3 download sites which can be used for downloading mp3 songs for free. The songs can be downloaded from top albums, latest Hindi songs, rock music and much more. The search bar on the website can be used for searching mp3 songs of your choice. Another amazing feature of this website is you can convert YouTube videos into good quality mp3 files.

There is probably no one who can live without music and for all the latest tracks you can try out these websites to download the music in every possible category. These options are worth trying if you are a true music lover. So good luck and stay musical all the time.

27. Freemp3downloads

Link: https://freemp3downloads.online/home

As the name suggests, the site obviously facilitates downloading MP3 for free. Now, it’s more like a “search engine”. You enter what you wish to download, and it scours the earth (or, the internet) for your music. This includes Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and even Twitter (and many other sites).

So, it then displays all the content it found for your keyword. Most often, it doesn’t redirect to any third-party and you can download the music right there. It offers multiple qualities, starting from as low as 50kbps going all the way upto 160kbps or more.

You can even download “videos” (MP4) if and when found for your keyword. The downloads are one-click. You can even save them directly to Dropbox without downloading to your HDD. Bottomline? 100% free Mp3 downloads is possible.

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