Top 10 Sites like Facebook


Chatting, tagging, posting, and scrolling, well this is the base mix of Facebook and there is no doubt that this is the best social media platform in today’s world. If you have a thing for social media then I think you should check out these sites like Facebook which can literally take over it in the coming times.

Top 10 Sites like Facebook

This is hard to say whether Facebook will go down or not but who does not want a little experiment and newness in life? So, check out these amazing social media sites which can help you to make the world a little more open and little smaller for you.

1. LinkedIn


LinkedInLinkedIn is something which is not intended for fun but something serious. This is a social media platform which was created to let people seek employment opportunities around them. It was launched in 2003 and it is a Microsoft subsidiary.

What makes LinkedIn included in the category of sites like Facebook is that it is surely a huge platform for people who wish to get in touch with renowned personalities and their friends of course.

Apart from the website, you can also operate LinkedIn through mobile apps too. You need to create an account over it by filling some of your basic information along with a photograph of yours. Now, you can easily find your friends who are active on LinkedIn and create a network by joining them.

LinkedIn is considered the most reliable platform for business and employment purposes. You can also attach your CV in it which makes it more presentable to the people who are hiring. I think LinkedIn is the most productive place to create a professional network of your own and to get to know about the current openings around you.

2. Twitter


TwitterNext one in the list of social sites like Facebook is Twitter which was launched in 2006. I am sure you would have already using it from a really long time and it is hands down the most interactive and open space for the people who wants to share their opinion and thoughts to the world.

On Twitter, firstly you create a profile of your own where you get your unique twitter handle. You can keep whatever username you want irrespective of your name.

Now, you are supposed to post something in the limit of 280 Character per post which is called “tweets”. You can attach an image or video or whatever media file you want them to make it more interesting, catchy and of course entertaining.

You can follow your favorite people here and their posts will start showing on your feeds just like Facebook and other sites like Facebook. Twitter is simple, user-friendly and most importantly one of the biggest social networking platform in the world having more than 300 million users on it right now.

3. Pinterest


PinterestThere is no doubt in it that there is no other site which is as interesting and interactive as Pinterest. Be it wedding ideas or some DIY tips and tricks you can check them all out on Pinterest and you know that you are going to get perfect assistance here.

This is the reason it got listed here in the list of sites like Facebook. Well, there are some features of Pinterest which are different than Facebook but it surely comes under the category of social media platforms.

I would have to say that the mobile applications offered by this site are handier to use but if you want to use the site then that is okay too. So, like Facebook, you are supposed to create a profile and you are going to see the feeds on your homepage about the things you have liked.

For example, you are supposed to pick some categories like Wedding, DIY, food, travel and many more and the feeds are going to start pouring on your feed. You can also search for some stuff and post something on your own too. Pinterest is basically a media sharing website only.

4. MySpace


MySpaceYou can call MySpace to be a step higher than other sites like Facebook and the reason is its ultra-interactive platform and user-oriented interface which not only keeps it simple but attractive too. MySpace was launched in 2003 and now counted in the topmost social networking sites.

MySpace runs on the basis of user submitted content and people create profiles here to access the stuff posted on this site.

I really found MySpace a mixture of Facebook and Twitter where you cannot only access media shared by people but news from the corner of the world too. This makes it even more interesting and most sought after websites like Facebook too.

The stuff you can browse on MySpace are blogs, music, videos, posts, news, personal profiles and many more. This is completely free to use and to get started here you need to first create an account on this site. You can follow people here and you can discover more about them and other genres and gain access to the information like never before.

5. Meetup


MeetupMeetup is another social networking service in this list which is worthy enough to be included in the list of sites like Facebook. Of course, it may not be as popular as Facebook itself but that does not mean it is not great enough to access.

The process of Meetup is quite different from the rest of the sites and this is what makes it even better and realistic than other social networking platforms.

Meetup connects online and offline world together and allows you to meet offline groups in your area or around the world. You can join groups sharing a common interest as you and now you have like mind people with whom you can discuss whatever you want.

In fact, there are various categories available on the website itself which are quite interesting. These are music, tech, food and drink, writing, learning, beliefs and many others. Once you have created a profile here then you have the power to share your posts on this platform too.

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6. Tagged


TaggedCannot be called particularly as social media platform but surely a social discovery platform though. Tagged was launched in 2004 and has 300 million registered users till now. You can even link it with your Facebook account too in order to find the common friends on Tagged.

This is a subsidiary of If(we) company and started with a simple approach and later turned out to be a hugely popular approach towards making new friends.

Once you have created a profile on Tagged then everything becomes so simple. You can browse whoever profiles, share tags and virtual gifts you want. Just like Facebook and other sites like Facebook you can upload status here, post media files like photos and videos and browse other people’s post too.

Starting from free, if you want then you can upgrade your membership to a paid version too which has some in-depth additional advantages of its own. It is literally so simple to find friends through Tagged and discover the people who share the same interest as you.

7. Google+


Google+Owned and operated by Google, Google Plus is a social networking platform introduced in the year 2011. This platform saw some serious growth in the initial years and currently has 111 million users on it.

It is so simple to create an account on Google Plus and afterwards you can use other utilities offered by Google too. Some of the features of this website remains common with other sites like Facebook like profile picture, about yourself, cover photo, previous work, history, interest etc.

After getting done with the personal information you can move further in it. It is about posting status, photos, videos and other types of media files on your feed. Make friends and discover the people you already know on this platform and increase your network on it.

It is a free to use platform where you can discover about a lot of things like music, arts, news, photography and any other area of your choice easily. It is simple, reliable and most importantly quite an engrossing platform for the people who love to use social media and make new friends on it.

8. Flickr


Flickr is another option which can be included in the list of social media sites like Facebook. Well, it is not completely like Facebook but you can compare it with sites like Pinterest, Instagram for sure. This clearly indicates that it is a powerful media sharing platform to let you get over with the status posting blues of Facebook.

Flickr is acquired by Yahoo and it is the largest social media platform run by them which was launched in the year 2004.

You can call Flickr to be an online community where you can post your personal photographs and explore the ones posted by others on your feed. It is so simple to sign up on this which is absolutely free to use too. Flickr has about 87 registered users on it and it is the most browsed social media websites by people who runs blogs to find perfect pictures.

Flickr is surely one of the most successful platforms to be included in the category of sites like Facebook and surely an interesting one too.

9. Tumblr


TumblrWho can forget about Tumblr when we are discussing about sites like Facebook which are an excellent social media platforms. Apart from being an excellent social media tool, it is also a microblogging site too just like Twitter and this mix and match seems to be working fine for the audience too.

Tumblr is actually a bit different from other sites as you can post on this site in form of short blogs by attaching desired media files with it too.

It was launched in 2007 and currently, it is owned by Oath Inc. You can follow whoever you want on Tumblr and gain access to their posts and media files shared by them. And if you want you can make your profile private too here.

Currently, Tumblr has more than 350 million users on its platform and great thing is that it is completely free to use too. Apart from it you got to have your own dashboard service too which allows you to manage every single thing about your profile for you.

10. Instagram


InstagramIf there is any opponent amongst Facebook alternative sites which can climb the success ladder like the former one then it is Instagram. Owned by Facebook itself, Instagram has established its name like an uncrowned king of the social media and that too in just a short span of time.

It was launched in 2010, way after Facebook and now this media sharing website has overpowered almost every social media platform in the world. It is fun, amazing and obviously very addictive.

With such a creative concept and excessively addictive world of its own, you can Instagram installed on every other person’s phone easily. This is basically a media sharing website which can be combined with Facebook to find your friends on it.

It is free to use and you can even earn through this by establishing your account on it successfully and then you can get paid for every single post of yours. Instagram is counted amongst the most popular sites like Facebook which has totally revolutionized the concept of social media like a pro.


This was about the sites like Facebook, and of course, there are a plenty of apps regarding this era too. Of course, Facebook is the most popular amongst all but that does not mean these sites are any less productive or interesting than the former one.

As you will start exploring these sites I am sure you would gradually start getting over with the Facebook addiction for sure. It is always great to check out new tools and aspects of social media and these sites make the perfect example of it.

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