Top 10 Sites like Meetme


Today’s generation is not the one which waits for the right person to cross their paths instead, they make the path on their own. In the world of speed dating, sites like Meetme are something which plays a really important role in people especially young people’s lives.

Top 10 Sites like Meetme

Of course, who has the time to meet a person for like a month back to back and then decide whether they like them or not. Amidst this hurry, you have the perfect option to try out these online dating websites which are a perfect way to find the people you can actually connect with. Here is a list of some of the best dating websites that you can prefer.

  • Tagged


TaggedApart from being a social discovery website, Tagged makes an excellent option for sites like Meetme. It is popular, reliable and most importantly it provides the comfort to find the one for you online. Founded in 2004, Tagged is one of the most trusted social media and online dating platform.

The idea behind Tagged is pretty simple, you just create a profile and find the people who are likeminded. You can also link your Facebook account here to find the common friends here.

Tagged is platform with over 300 million users on it which gives a really trusted way to make new friends. Counted amongst the top 500 websites in the world, the circle of people out here is really big which means better options for you.

While creating a profile of yours, make sure you put your information correctly like name, DOB, bio etc. It helps in finding the right matches for you. Tagged also has mobile applications too which makes it easier for the users to browse it. The site is more like Facebook but it is still a great way to interact with new people.

  • Match


MatchCall it a latest trend or something but seems like online dating websites are a huge hit. Match is another one which can be listed down in this category of websites like Meetme and it comes in the top 500 websites around the world too.

Launched in 1995, Match is the oldest online dating service provider which is listed down here. In fact, it has many subsidiaries too.

Match works in more than 25 countries and provide a platform for people who wish to find dates without even having to say cheesy pick up line and that it also for free. All you have to do is just fill in some basic information about yourself like age, location, gender etc. to create a profile of yours.

Now, you will be provided suggestions as per your information which can proved to be some potential matches for you. You can also attach up to 26 photos in your profile too and control the privacy settings of it as well. I personally think that Match is amongst the finest sites like Meetme and surely reliable too.


  • POF


POFPlenty of Fish or POF is another online dating service which is more popular in Canada but also works in other parts of the world like US, UK, New Zealand, and Ireland etc. Although it is a subsidiary of but it has its own identity and significance.

Being a highly popular example of online dating sites like Meetme, POF is also counted in the top 500 websites especially in United States.

Well, of course there is a free membership on this site which allows you to access all the features on it. But, for the people who wants to take this service a step higher, they can go for paid membership plan which offers some really amazing upgraded features to its users.

Like the rest of the sites mentioned here, POF also has its mobile applications for different platforms. I think this is a simple, user friendly dating service which allows you to take your time to decide who the perfect match for you is. With simple registration process on POF, you can get access to singles around the world.

  • Badoo


BadooBadoo is another one in the list of dating sites like Meetme which is a type of social network whose main emphasis lay on finding the perfect match for single people on it. It was launched in 2006 and right now operates in more than 180 countries in 47 languages.

Badoo is way larger than most of the sites that I have mentioned here and also offers mobile applications too for better access.

Badoo is a dating focuses site which has both free and premium memberships offered to its users based on their preferences. The site is quite smart and it asks your concern at the time of sign up only. You can prefer whether to meet new people, chat or make new friends and the results are going to be shown accordingly.

Badoo is the largest online dating program in this list of sites like Meetme and it is way interactive than other options. From photos and video sharing to finding people with common interest, Badoo takes care of your priority very well. In fact, it is one of those few online dating sites which allows you to video chat too.

  • OkCupid


OkCupidOkCupid or mostly abbreviated as OKC is an America based website which is quite useful for online dating and friendship. It was launched in 2004 with mainly social networking features and later on expanded itself internationally in form of one of the largest dating site.

What makes it included in the category of sites like Meetme is, it works on the similar concept of creating a profile firstly and then finding people on the basis of shared interest, location or choices.

Firstly, you need to answer some of the questions they ask to analyze what kind of a person you are. Now, on the basis of these answers, they recommend the likeminded people to you so that you can click with them instantly.

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OKC is a free to use platform which utilizes various types of communication options like instant messaging and emails to talk to the people you like. The site also allows you to opt for paid services too in order to avail some high-end features. Apart from website, you can also access the mobile applications offered by OKC.

  • eHarmony


eHarmonyAnother online dating website making its way into the category of sites like Meetme is eHarmony. It was launched in 2000, and it is counted amongst one of the most reliable platforms for finding people of your interest and your type.

What makes this website even more interesting is the fact that it is founded by a psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Neil Clark Warren which makes it more user-friendly.

eHarmony is a kind of website which is more oriented towards long-lasting relationships rather than just involving in flings and temporary relationships. So, according to its process, you are supposed to answer 258 questions which builds up a profile for yourself to find the likeminded people on this site.

In fact, you can get rejected on the basis of the answers you give. The site works in various countries and your location is asked while creating the very basic profile. However, eHarmony is not for the people looking for same sex partners and you would have to consider some other online dating sites for it.

  • Skout


SkoutSkout is one of its kind of location based online dating website which works as a social networking platform to connect the interested people living in the same locality. Skout came as one of the first location based dating sites and mobile applications which was launched in the world.

Available on both iOS and Android platform, Skout made its debut in 2007 and soon it was all over the internet and made more than 500 million connections till date.

By using the location of a user, Skout helps people to find out about the potential matches in their area of radius and hence people are more likely to indulge in serious relationships through this online dating website. It works in more than 180 countries and available in more than 15 languages too.

Skout makes an excellent option in the list of sites like Meetme and this free to use app is way more than just dating. It can even allow you to know the events and gigs in your areas and hence indirectly you are likely to meet new people out there. All thanks to Skout for this!

  • Omegle


OmegleOmegle is more like those chatting sites like Meetme which provides you a platform to talk it out with the strangers through the medium of chatting. Omegle was launched in 2009 and the main purpose behind its creation was to provide a space which is secure enough to talk to new people.

It is so simple to socialize with the help of Omegle where it randomly pairs you with someone over a one on one chat.

What makes Omegle different from the rest of the sites like Meetme is that you are not even required to sign up on this website. This means without even revealing a bit of your identity, you can randomly enjoy talking to new people from around the world and if you seem to be interested then you can reveal your identity to them.

Of course, it has mobile applications and it now even allows you to do video conferencing too but it totally depends on your own will.

  • Hot or Not


Hot or NotIf you have used Tinder then you are going to realize that Hot or Not is more such kind of website whose main focus is to introduce new people through their pictures. This is different from other sites like Meetme because it is a rating site whose further applications lead you to online date people of your choice.

It was launched in 2000 and currently working as one of its kind of platform which allows you to access it after you get yourself registered on it.

You are supposed to submit the best photographs of yourself on this site and people are going to rate you on a scale of 1-10 on this. It finally comprise an average score and through the matchmaking engine of this site you can consider about meeting people too.

Hot or Not is a great source to find new people and interact with them too and I think the unique platform is quite interesting too.

  • Chemistry


And the last one in the list of sites like Meetme is Chemistry which also happens to be its sister site too. It was launched in 2006 and although it is not as popular as Meetme but still it is a quite amazing platform to be used by singles to find the perfect match and that too in their area.

The main purpose of this site is to bring closer such people who are here to find a long-term relationship and not just a fling.

Chemistry makes a great Meetme site alternative mainly because its matching algorithm is carefully curated by anthropology professor Dr. Helen Fisher. In fact, the site is better than eHarmony because it provides a space for the people who are looking for same sex relationships.

Just like the rest of the sites listed here, you are supposed to take a personality test which decides potential matches for you.


I think you should make sure that you are meeting with the right person who not only looks great but morally correct too. Of course, there are some layers of security but passing them is not a big thing these days. So, please make sure to talk it out a bit before actually meeting the person.

These sites like Meetme are actually a big aid to the people who are left with no time to go to the clubs and try out some pick-up lines on people they like. For the people who are just done with being single, these sites will surely change their life.

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