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If your idea of instant messaging is just limited to Whatsapp only then you need to know about apps like Kik for sure. You would not even be knowing but Kik allows you to access features like instant chats without even using your number and by username only. There are millions of downloads for this app.

And this is the time that you must discover more such options. So, this section is going to get you acknowledged to more chatting apps like Kik here.

Top 10 Apps like Kik

These apps have many features which you would like to access and I am sure it will make you forget your traditional chatting app for sure.

1). WhatsApp

Download App: Android, iOS

Who doesn’t know about what WhatsApp is like? You can find this app installed in almost every damn smartphone in the world no matter whether it is Android based or iOS. This is like the basic messaging app that everyone needs on a daily basis and hence made its way in the list of apps like Kik.

The exclusive features of Whatsapp made about 1 billion people to install it. This free instant messaging app is not gonna get off people’s mind, at least not for another 100 years.

Being the strongest Kik apps alternatives, Whatsapp promises features like video calling, image, video and audio transfer, documents transfer and voice call, status updates, story uploads, various privacy and app settings, great emojis, GIFs, end to end encryption, no roaming and international charges etc.

It is apparently a really long list to go when you are counting the features of Whatsapp. This is the best and most used app to stay in touch with your friends no matter where you two are living by also keeping the fun quotient up.

2). HouseTab

Download App: iOS

The next one is a unique app to be included in the list of apps like Kik. Actually, this is not like the traditional chatting app but interestingly way more engaging than that. If you have used Tinder then you would understand the app in a better way as they both kind of resemble again.

If talking about dating apps like Tinder then HouseTab can be the perfect option for that. In fact, it is not only a social engagement app but also helps you to pay bills too.

When you create an account on this app, it demands some of your information along with a profile picture and favorite drink type. Through HouseTab you can send free drinks to your friends easily and pay through your phone.

HouseTab organizes blind dates, matchups, social engagement with random people, buying drinks and lots of other things. To be precise, I can say that this app can be called the newest Tinder ever and there is no way you won’t like using it.

3). SnapChat

Download App: Android, iOS

If you want one of the most fun apps like Kik then I personally think that no other apps can compete the way SnapChat works in this era. If you are really done with those annoying chats and long replies then this is the time to switch to Tinder and enjoy the newest way of instant messaging.

SnapChat works in a way that you are supposed to click your snaps and then send it your friends by texting a message on it. Instead of sending it to someone, you can directly put it on your story too.

SnapChat provides some of the coolest filters ever which makes the pictures even more fun and exciting. The app is so engaging that you will probably never get bored of it. This is a completely free to use app which is a wonder when you are talking about intimacy with your love.

However, SnapChat updates its platform irregularly so users have to wait longer for the exciting features. There is also an issue of snapchatters saving the snaps they see, so you must make sure before sending out the pictures.

4). Viber

Download App: Android, iOS

There was a time when WhatsApp did not used to offer services like video call and voice calls then people used to do that through Viber. However, with the passing time the popularity would have been reduced as compared to WhatsApp but the app is still a huge hit.

When it comes to quality of media transfer and audio/video calls, no apps like Kik can be compared to Viber. In fact, these are the prime factor for which the app is preferred.

Viber allows its users to text message, call, chat, share media files, video call, group chat with up to 250 people etc. Viber is the most reliable platform when it comes to long distance calls especially international connections. The quality is so clear without even the time delay that you would forget using Kik or WhatsApp for sure.

In fact, I would say that Viber is amongst the best apps like Kik for adults which must be preferred for great intellectual purposes. Apart from it, when it comes to sharing some intimate moments with your long distant love, Viber is the source you can completely rely upon.

5). LINE

Download App: Android, iOS

If you want to have the best experience while chatting with your loved ones then LINE can be the best option for apps like Kik. This chatting and instant messaging app works around the globe and has strengthen and improve the way of communication with people.

Along with messaging, LINE offers you services like voice calls and video calls too no matter where you are. And you are getting everything for free too.

From group texting to group video calls, everything is possible when you are using this wonderful application. The app also follows the feature of polling so that your friends can finally make a plan which is settled by keeping everyone’s wishes in mind.

The interactive features that comes with the messaging inside this app are media sharing, voice messages, stickers, locations sharing, timeline updates etc. keep your chats fun and lively. When on LINE, you can also follow your favorite celebrities too, to get their latest updates.

The app is worth trying which operates without charging any money from its users. This is so hard to get such apps which have so much to offer.

6). BBM

Download App: Android, iOS

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How can someone forget the most loved app of the earlier time? There was this phase when everyone used to have a blackberry phone and guys used to ask for girl’s BB pin. Well, those times are gone and now everyone can use BBM whether they are on iOS or on Android.

BBM is one of the most loved apps like Kik which has more than 10 million downloads right now. Don’t worry they have completely changed their platform and now it is way more fun than it used to be.

Now, BBM is comprised of the best messaging features ever which can make even a dull conversation interesting. Few features which you can acquire under BBM are free voice and video calls, group chats, stickers, emoticons, broadcast messaging, voice notes and media sharing, online status of contact etc.

Other services also include GIFs, channel subscription, status updates etc. BBM does contain in-app purchase but they are totally optional. The basic services are provided for free of cost like the rest of the alternative apps like Kik.

7). Wickr Me

Download App: Android, iOS

If you want a safe and secure platform for interacting with your friends 1 on 1 or in groups then Wickr Me’s end to end encryption policy might interest you. The app is designed in such a way that it leaves behind rest of the apps like Kik in terms of privacy concerns.

You have full command and control over the fact that who is going to see your content and for how long they can do it. Isn’t it like a top secret mission?

Well, now you can chat with your love and BFFs over this app with full security measurements. As far as the fun quotient on this app is concerned, you have options for these things too. You can transfer media files to whoever you want along with fun chats with them.

Wickr Me does not save any of your metadata in its records so this makes it ever secure and makes one of the best apps to get involved in intimate conversation with your partner for sure. Now you know that there is no way any of your private information would be leaked.

8). The Adult Emoji App

Download App: Android, iOS

I can surely say that you are not going to find features like The Adult Emoji in any other apps like kik for sexting. Yes, you heard that right and this is not hard to make out from the name of this app that what is the sole reason of it being downloaded by millions of people around the globe.

If you are so damn bored while talking to the love of your life through those regular IM apps then you must change your ways by installing The Adult Emoji app.

The app is functional from the year 2014 and has been a favorite of lots and lots of couples since then. The app offers more than 700 adult emoji in it in 7 different galleries. However, some of them comes under premium service for which you would have to pay a certain amount.

But, the basic services are free and it works in the form of cross-platform with various IM apps like Whatsapp, Kik, Facebook, etc. This makes it one of the most used adult apps like Kik.

9). Tango

Download App: Android, iOS

It seems like there are various apps like Kik which contains similar features and services to offer its users and one such app is Tango. If you are searching for the perfect app to make video calls then I think Tango can help you out in this.

This messaging app is popular for the best quality video calling provided by it and it works on tablets too. Tango is a free to use app but contains some in-app purchase offers too.

The best part about Tango is that while you are video calling through it, you can send fun stickers and add filters in it and make it more entertaining than before. You can also follow people on Tango and see their feeds too which makes it even more open to people.

Tango also gives you the option to broadcast video to an entire list at the same time which is not available in any of the other apps listed out here. You can even go live through the help of Tango by broadcasting it. I think the app is quite appealing and intellectual than others.

10). WeChat

Download App: Android, iOS

The last one in this list of apps like Kik is WeChat. This app contains every single feature which I have listed in most of the apps here. From being technologically advanced to great fun in chatting, WeChat is a fun app to use and one must try it at least for once.

WeChat is actually very versatile and keeps up with the user-friendly interface too which adds more brownie points in its review.

There are various Kik apps alternatives which I have mentioned here and WeChat is no less than them. It is comprised of the features like media transfer, group chats with up to 500 people, high-quality voice calls, paid calls at low prices to landlines and mobiles, huge sticker gallery, interactive features like friend radar etc.

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There are way more apps like Kik than the ones I have mentioned here. In fact, you have the option to access them for free too. The world could not be any shorter without the connectivity provided by these amazing apps.

Chat apps like Kik are really amazing to use and you can discover more facts about them once you will start using them.

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