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Skype and other apps like Skype are those tools which are keeping many long distance relationships alive in this modern world. You can not only see your partner but you can also talk to them too. These apps helps a lot in filling the void created by their physical absence in your life.

But, do you know Skype has got a lot of competition now. There are various other video calling apps like Skype which have even better features and quality than Skype and people are using them around the world.

Top 10 Apps like Skype

You can also use them and for this get to know about such apps in the section given below.

1). Google Duo

Download App: Android, iOS

There is no arguing in the fact that Google Duo is by far the best alternative we are having for the list of apps like Skype. Within a short span of time, it has become the synonym of video calls for every user out there. Needless to say, Google always come up with the apps which are the best in their respective fields.

Duo is one app which has received the most positive reviews amongst all the video calling apps in the world.

Duo is a type of one to one video calling app which provides the best experience of calling someone living far away from you. You can also see the caller’s face as it provides the option of live preview in it. This saves you from picking the calls of unknown people.

However, Google Duo does not allow you to make group video calls and that’s why lack somewhere. But, still it has millions of registered users on it and people are just loving to call through this app to their loved ones.

2). Tango

Download App: Android, iOS

Tango is so popular that it is next to impossible that you would not have heard about it yet. This is a great app to be mentioned in the category of apps like Skype. In fact, it does fit perfectly in many other categories like texting app, fun app, IM app etc.

But, here I am going to let you know that how Tango can be one useful app to make great quality video call to whoever you want and wherever you want.

Tango is counted amongst the very first video calling apps and since its launch, it has evolved into a fantastic tool for the same. You can make calls for free through Tango easily. Other services offered by Tango are chatting, stickers, media transfer, audio/video messages, live video broadcast, social exploration etc.

Tango is a different world in its own and also one of the phenomenal Skype alternatives apps too. You can literally get addicted to this app instantly and trust me there won’t be any regrets too.

3). KakaoTalk

Download App: Android, iOS

KakaoTalk is basically a free calling and texting app by the Kakao Corporation which is preferred by over millions of people for great source of communications with the people they love. The app is compatible to both Android and iOS based devices and offers the services for free to people.

There is no denying in the fact that prime feature of KakaoTalk is for texting but you must not underestimate the multi-utility functions performed by it.

The app can work on various internet connections and stands out amongst other apps like Skype. It allows you to make high quality video calls with cross-platform connecting features too. What you are going to like the most in KakaoTalk is the fun voice filters which can make even the boring talks interesting.

Although the app is free to use, but there are still some in-app purchases available in it which are totally optional to buy. Other services offered under this app are group chat, plus friend, emoticons, free voice and video calls (1:1, group), fast and reliable etc.

4). Viber Messenger

Download App: Android, iOS

Viber is a very popular video call and Instant Messaging service and perfectly fits into the category of apps like Skype too. Viber is not only used for video calling your loved ones but to also voice call them too. It offers the best quality of videos and you would love to use it.

The simple interface of Viber Messenger would not bother you even a bit and you are going to understand the functions instantly.

Viber has provided its service to millions of people till date and everyone seem to be quite content with it. Be it text messages, chats, sharing media, video call and everything else Viber has excelled in it. No matter where you reside in the world, Viber will surely connect you over video call with the people you want.

In fact, the quality of the calls are not at all adjusted and they only offer best to their customers and that too for absolutely free. Viber is one of the coolest apps like Skype for android as well as for iOS users right now.

5). IMO

Download App: Android, iOS

I have used IMO for a really long time span and I can say that I was really satisfied with the services offered by them. This is one app which can be used for both IM and video calls just like Skype and every other apps like Skype mentioned here.

I would have to say that apart from being absolutely free to use, IMO consumed less amount of data as compared to Skype.

This is one primary point where you should definitely use IMO instead of Skype as it is quite beneficial when you are going for hour-long video calls. All the video calls made through IMO are totally high quality and you would not be facing any interruptions in between too.

The other features apart from video calls offered by IMO are media sharing, encrypted chats and calls which ensures high security, no charges, free stickers, group video calls etc. If you are looking for an app which can assure you high-quality video calls 1 on 1 and in groups then IMO is one app perfect for this job.

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6). ICQ

Download App: Android, iOS

ICQ is an ideal application created for not only making video calls to your distant friends and family members but to also join chat rooms and have the fun in the fullest form. In fact, ICQ is way more than a simple video calling app and would love to discover the different services offered by it.

First of all, let me clear it that like the rest of the apps like Skype, ICQ does not charge any amount to use the services offered by it from any of its users.

ICQ is a type of messenger service which has a lot to offer rather than just IM. Some of the features of ICQ that you should know are high-quality video calls, animated 3D masks and video calls, group chats with unlimited participants, stickers, securely encrypted calls etc.

ICQ comes in the category of such Skype alternative apps which are also ads free. This promises a relieved and relaxed session of video chats with your loved ones. I am sure you would love to use ICQ instead of Skype from now on.

7). JusTalk

Download App: Android, iOS

Another one for the category of Skype alternative apps is JusTalk. The prime feature of this app is video calling and group call only. Hence, they made sure to make it the best out of the rest and you can witness the same when you will start using it.

JusTalk primarily focused on making better, the best. That is the reason they provide high-quality voice and video calls irrespective of the fact that where you reside.

Other features which you get along with JusTalk are simple interface, doodles, media sharing, play games together on video calls, group video calls, cross-platform connectivity over video chat, customization for themes, doodles, ringtones etc.

JusTalk has a lot to offer to its users just like the rest of the apps like Skype. It also takes care of your privacy and security concerns too. Hence I would personally recommend this app to everyone who loves to talking to their friends and family members over long video calls.

8). Glide

Download App: Android, iOS

Glide works as smoothly as its name and would surely leave a mark in the list of apps like Skype. Glide is known for its ultra-fast speed of operation and that’s why you are never going to face an issue regarding the working of this app.

Glide is popular for being a fun live messenger app and also the fastest too. Forget about glitches, time-lapse like other apps because Glide promises smooth calls every time everywhere.

Glide offers various other features too like audio/video messages, live stream, media sharing, fun filters in chats as well as video calls too, smartwatch compatibility, cool emoji, voice recordings etc. Being an exceptionally well application landed Glide about 10 million registered users on it.

This video chat messenger is absolutely free to use and I can assure that it won’t be causing any issues while it’s functioning. Glide is a really capable app to give you the best video call experience ever.

9). ooVoo

Download App: Android, iOS

With the continuous use of Skype for most of your video calls, you must not noticed a great app called ooVoo which also provides the exact similar services and even more that. So, this is my next pick for the category of apps like Skype in this list.

This app called ooVoo has services which are free to use and there is more to discover apart from just the video calls in it.

ooVoo provides other services like Instant messaging, collaborative stories, audio/video messages, other media transfer, video linking, contribute in whatever chain you want, amazing content discovering in ooVoo community etc.

This app provides the advantage of making high-quality video calls and does not even charge anything in its return too. You can also make group video calls through ooVoo which can connect up to 8 people at the same time in it. Isn’t it just the app that you always wanted to use?

ooVoo can work on whatever connections you are using but it will affect the quality of call then. Other things which are possible through ooVoo are cross platform and cross device support.

10). Camfrog

Download App: Android, iOS

Finally, we have come to end of this list of apps like Skype and the last one in it is Camfrog. This is an app by Camshare Inc. which offers the prime facility of group video chat like no other applications ever. The app is free to use but still contain some kind of in-app purchases in it.

Camfrog is usually used for cross-platform support throughout the world and hence there are millions of people connected to it to enjoy video call feature.

There are various video chat rooms in Camfrog which connects you to various people. It has cross-platform support for iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, iPad, iPod Touch etc. In fact, you can call Camfrog to be one of the best apps like Skype for iPhone.

You just need to add friends into your Camfrog contact list then you can go for hour-long video chats with them. However, there have been some issues reported like logging in, ads in the app, charges etc.

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Life does not stop for anyone and sometimes we have to move apart from our loved ones for one reason or another. In such a dilemma, apps like Skype are something which can proved to be a great connecting link between you and your loved ones.

What else do you want when these apps are connecting you with the people you love for free of cost? You can discover more about these apps through the details given above or simply download them and start using them right away.

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