10 Best Stores like Charlotte Russe


I understand that Forever 21 and H&M are the most chic style clothing stores that every girl would love to shop from. However, for the reality check, budget is a thing too. And this is why you need stores like Charlotte Russe for your rescue. They not only offer cool clothing styles but are also quite affordable.

10 Best Stores like Charlotte Russe

When you can find the exact same piece of clothing or something even more fun to wear for lesser price then why to spend more for it? Keeping in mind about the college girls, I have listed down stores which are most popular for their basics and yet give a very refreshing look to the girls. For more information please check out the list below.

1. Target

Website: https://www.target.com/

TargetHow could I not mention Target for this list of stores like Charlotte Russe. Everyone knows that it is amongst the most affordable sites that we have right now but not many knows that you can buy absolutely fashionable clothes from here too.

In fact, Target also offers free shipping on all the orders of $35 and more and of course free returns too. And Target is actually not restricted to fashion stuffs only.

It has plenty of other categories to offer too like home décor, dining, furniture, electronics, garden stuffs, music and books, beauty products, health stuffs and many more. Talking about the favorite section of women, the clothing and accessories ones then it is a complete family store.

From toddlers to men and women, you can buy clothing and accessories for everyone here. And that too on prices so low that you will forget about shopping from other sites forever. And not to forget the amazing deals like clearance sale, weekly deals, coupons etc. available on the website of Target to make the experience of shopping a remembering one.

2. Boohoo

Website: http://us.boohoo.com/

BoohooThe next one in the list of stores like Charlotte Russe is Boohoo. Apart from being so chic, this is the favorite of many women out there. And why only women, it is the favorite of many families because it offers men’s and kid’s stuffs too.

Making a perfect option for complete fashion and styling solution, there is nothing you cannot find on the platform of Boohoo.

Interestingly, not only US but Boohoo ships in many other countries too and you get free deliveries on the shopping of $50 and more but only in US. There is no doubt that Boohoo fits perfectly in the category of sites like Lulus too owing to its varied categories in clothing and accessories.

To name a few, you can find stuffs like dresses for every occasion and every mood, shoes, bags, Sunglasses, trendy sections, knitwear etc. Boohoo also runs their own fashion blog too which is the perfect inspiration for latest outfits and fashion choices. Flash sales are regular and they also run special sections for every occasion too.

3. Asos

Website: http://www.asos.com/women/

AsosThe next one in the list is Asos which is already a very popular online shopping website. It ships internationally to almost every possible country and sell more than 80,000 popular brands on their website. Their main targeting audience is the 20 something ones because they sell mostly fresh designs and quite vibrant options only.

From improving your fitness wardrobe to focusing on the casual ones, Asos takes care of it all like a pro and that too on quite affordable prices.

A perfect match for the category of stores like Charlotte Russe, Asos is a versatile and complete site offering various stuffs in various categories. To name a few, they offer items like clothing, shoes, activewear, bags, sunglasses, face+body shop and many more. They operates different sections for men and women which makes it easier for the customers to shop.

Just like the popular fashion oriented websites, they also have their own fashion and lifestyle blog which is a huge inspiration when it comes to knowing about new styles and current fashion trends. Do not forget to check out their gifts section to get ideas for him/her.

4. Reformation

Website: https://www.thereformation.com/

ReformationIf you have not heard about Reformation yet then you should totally check out their site because there is something unique about their collection which will totally attract you towards them. Reformation only focus on their own designed and stitched clothes rather than other brands.

This is the fact their collection is totally different from the other websites and hence the prices are quite affordable too as there is no margin and middle men involved.

Now, coming on to the stuffs they offer, you can find them categorized in options like dresses, tops, jeans, tees and tops, accessories, swimwear, petites, plus size and many more. As this is a women oriented website, you are not going to find other stuffs here.

Reformation is quite different from other stores like Charlotte Russe as it is a home grown label and offers such designs which are way different from other sites. It focus more on clothing than other things and hence you can find various great options in this particular category. This is a must to check out site from my side and you should definitely shop from it.

5. Claire’s

Website: http://www.claires.com/

Claire’sClaire’s is more like a boutique and hence makes a perfect option for clothing stores like Missguided. It is a UK based shopping site which ships in multiple countries and also offers free shipping and return on the orders of $50 and more in US (this policy differs in different countries).

Claire’s is more oriented towards small girls and teens fashion jewelry and does not offer any clothing option at all for anyone.

You might be devastated to hear that but Claire’s is something way more than that. It has this amazing collection of jewelry, hair accessories, beauty products, toys, techs, keychains and many more. This makes it quite different from other stores like Charlotte Russe. They also operates retail stores which you can locate from their store locator easily.

Interestingly, Claire’s is the best option when it comes to finding those little items and accessories which are usually so hard to find but complete a look perfectly. They also have a unique section of ear piercing where you can locate the professional ear piercing specialist’s store for young girls and interested people.

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6. A’Gaci

Website: http://www.agacistore.com/

A’GaciThis is the time to leave everything aside and check out the coolest and most fashionable clothing site of all time i.e. A’Gaci. This next option in the list of stores like Charlotte Russe might not be that popular as compared to other sites but the stuffs is actually quite amazing.

A’Gaci offers free shipping and free returns on the purchase of $50 and there are special discount offers for international offers and for students too.

A’Gaci is no less than a fashion heaven on its own and they also manufactures products on their own only. They have plenty of options for women only like lingerie, bags, dresses, activewear, swimwear, shoes, special boutique section, plus size and petite size clothing sections and many more.

What must be tried out is their lookbooks sections where you can find special clothings like work wear, fashion week, girl’s night out, intimate wear etc. They also has excellent customer support including live chat option too which means if you have any queries you got these people available for you 24 hours.

7. American Eagle Outfitters

Website: https://www.ae.com/

American Eagle OutfittersNext one for the list of stores like Charlotte Russe is American Eagle Outfitters. Not to be mistaken it for the subsidiary or sister site of Urban Outfitters as it is a completely independent and different site. AEO is amongst those few websites which takes care of the fashion needs of both men and women.

It also offers free shipping on all the international orders of $100 which is usually not witnessed in other options which makes it a global brand just like other clothing stores like Zara.

You can find items like dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, intimate wears, swimwear and other accessories here. One thing which I found absolutely unique about American Eagle is their Tailgate section where you can find clothing of US based small sports teams easily.

Not only this was enough that they are constantly bringing irresistible offers to keep your Monday blues miles away from you. They also operates in form of retail stores too which can be easily located using store locator option on the website. It targets young guys and girls and hence you can find latest fashion trends here easily.

8. Baublebar

Website: https://www.baublebar.com/

BaublebarWhile you are crazy about buying clothing pieces only, many times girls miss out on the most important part of a clothing which is accessories. To make a look complete, you definitely need some amazing pieces of jewelry and other accessories in order to make even dull clothes fashionable ones.

This is why I enlisted Baublebar in the list of stores like Charlotte Russe. Serving only trendy pieces, it has everything which can accentuate your looks to like thousands times more.

From bracelets to rings you can even find personalize jewelry here too. Their boutiques section makes sure to let the girls order stuffs according to their own choice and taste. This eliminates the need to access local stores and keep on nagging to them to get that final look done.

It also offers free shipping on all the order of $25 and more and only deals in elegant and trendy designs only. So, kick out those chunky and OTT pieces of jewelry and start wearing something which can actually complement you more.

9. Love Culture

Website: http://www.loveculture.com/

Love CultureLove Culture is like the most prized possessions and well-kept secret of every fashionable girl. When you will get on this site you will automatically get to know what I am talking about. You rarely come across such stores like Charlotte Russe which are not only trendy but also affordable too.

Love Culture offers free shipping on all the orders of $75 and more and also special discounts like flat 50% off on selected styles too.

Talking about the sections you can find here then these are dresses, clothing, swimwear, intimate wear, shoes, bags, accessories and many more. You should definitely check out their bodycon dresses as they are hard to resist on and so affordable too.

They have a completely different section for curvy women too. So, embrace your body in the best way possible by shopping from Love Culture.

10. Dorothy Perkins

Website: http://us.dorothyperkins.com/?geoip=home

Dorothy PerkinsAnd finally I have a perfect option to conclude this list of stores similar to Charlotte Russe with the UK based website Dorothy Perkins. It offers free shipping on the orders of $50 and more and also the other sections are so affordable to shop that you will forget about shopping from other clothing websites.

One thing which I absolutely love or in fact adore about Dorothy Perkins is that they have special sections for each type of women like tall, petite, curvy and even pregnant too.

They deal in clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, swimwear, occasion wear, active wear, work wear etc. This clears the doubt that you can find a dress for every occasion on Dorothy Perkins and that too on quite affordable prices.

In fact, this is so simple to find a dress for as low as only $15 here. This makes it one of the cheapest option in the list of stores like Charlotte Russe.

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I am sure you must not have heard of some of the store like Charlotte Russe Mentioned here. Of course, they are not as popular as the mainstream brands and clothing destinations but that does not make them not worthy enough to be listed in this category.

Apart from the ones I have listed down here, there are more affordable online clothing stores available out here. In fact some of the sites works as the subsidiaries of exact same company too. Be it clothing or accessories or something else, I can assure you that you are going to find them all for a much lesser price here.

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