10 Dating Apps like Tinder: Tinder Alternatives


Ever since Tinder made its debut, people forgot other apps like Tinder which are way better than the former one.

Well, don’t worry now because I am here to remind you about some amazing Tinder alternatives in this list given below.

Each of these Tinder like apps are different from each other and follows a specific theme too. You can easily use these apps like Tinder for hookups or just for dating.

10 Dating Apps like Tinder: Tinder Alternatives

They are available on Google Play Store and iTunes and absolutely free to use with some conditions applied.

1. The Grade

Download App: Android, iOS

Starting the list of apps like Tinder from “The Grade” is quite a cool choice that I have made. This app is more like a female friendly and female oriented app. This feature fills in for Tinder and works well than other conventional dating platform like Tinder.

The Grade is very strict in terms of its usage. It automatically eliminates those low quality users who are offensive and keep on irritating females on this app.

This makes The Grade a much better alternative to Tinder in terms of security of browsing. The site works on the grading system. Being a male you are judged on the basis of the quality of messages, time of response, interesting content of profile, genuine gestures and then grades are allotted.

You must be quite good to earn grades like A++, A+ or something else. This helps the women to find a better choice instantly. Other apps like Tinder are way better than the former one. You must improve your grade continuously so that more and more females can get interested in you.

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2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Download App: Android, iOS

Well, I must tell you Coffee Meets Bagel or CMB that it is popularly called is as good as The Grade. And hence they both are equally amazing to be on number 1 position in this list of apps like Tinder. As a basic information, you should know that your Facebook account gets linked to this app just like Tinder.

This gives an extra authentication to your CMB profile. As soon as you get registered, potential matches are displayed as bagels and you need to like a profile to show your interest.

However, you can initiated the conversation only when the other one likes your profile too. In this way, it adds a level of security to your profile especially when you are a girl. There is one more catch that if a user does not like your profile in 24 hours then the bagel gets skipped.

However, you can extend the time by 24 hours more if your Bagel is busy right now. The chatting feature gets disappeared in a week so that things can speed up faster. It is kind of interesting to use this app.

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Download App: iOS

SWEATT is kind of a new entrant in the list of apps like Tinder. This is a unique kind of dating platform which tries to match people on the basis of their fitness habits and choices. Yes, you heard me right. It sets up people together on the basis of their workout routine and fitness consciousness.

This app saves you guys from being ashamed of being rejected in gyms. Now, stop flirting girls at the gym and start looking for someone on such dating apps.

SWEATT is available for iOS devices only and you can download it from iTunes easily. To proceed in this app, you need to answer certain questions about your fitness regimen so that your data can be saved for other people. This app provides option of those matches who follows the same lifestyle as you.

This helps you in finding a better match with whom you can relate a lot. These apps like Tinder are a totally revolutionizing the dating game for bachelor’s in US. Unlike Tinder, it offers you quality matches of those people who are a lot like you.

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4. OKCupid

Download App: Android, iOS

The next one in this list of apps like Tinder is OKCupid dating app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it for free. The app is quite similar to Tinder but surely there are some reforms which will make the accessing better than Tinder.

There is no need to link your Facebook profile along to authenticate your OKCupid profile. The app works with the help of your GPS and works in real time.

This GPS enables you to catch up with potential matches around you. In this way, the chances of getting hooked up with someone are way higher as compared to the other apps. If you want to involve more in this app then you can link your Instagram account with it to display your pictures.

The app follows some questions answers session so that it can find a better match according to your choices. There is this Large Preview Option which allows you to see a better image of the prospective matches suggested by the app to you.

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5. Bumble

Download App: Android, iOS

Bumble is only the lukewarm to Tinder but follows a better policy than it. Bumble is one of the most similar kind of apps like Tinder which works just the way Tinder do. However, there are some reforms which are making it a better options than Tinder.

Just like Tinder, you need to create a profile which are displayed to the potential matches. People need to swipe right if they like a profile which is a feature completely similar to Tinder.

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When you swipe right on someone’s profile then they are added to your “hive”. Now, here comes the correction for the problems of annoyance from men and silence from women. The girl must initiate a conversation with the men in first 24 hours otherwise he will be disappeared from her hive.

However, if a man is seriously interested in a girl then the loophole provides him 24 hours more to keep him connected to her. Bumble is one of those apps like Tinder which are doing a decent approach towards online dating trend. The site is free to access and you can use it just after signing up on it.

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6. Bristlr

Download App: Android, iOS

Bristlr actually initially kicked off only as a joke. The developer John Kershaw had no idea that this dating app will totally change his life. The app actually took off pretty well and now counted as one of the best apps like Tinder for dating and finding right matches for you.

Well, this may sound pretty absurd to you but the app is specifically for the guys who have beards. So, I am really sorry but the guys not having beards cannot join this app.

The process is just like Tinder, when you like a person then you flip his/her images to show your interest. You can now further connect with that person through messages. The app is for the girls who like bearded guys but still have more than 80,000 registered users on it.

You can download the app for both Android and iOS devices. The app points a specific audience only and therefore the possible matches are low as compared to other dating apps. However, it is still good for the girls looking for bearded guys only.

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7. Score

Download App: Android

Score in another great option in the list of apps like Tinder. You would have been surely surprised to know about these really great dating sites other than Tinder. There are even more options but I have selected only the best ones for you.

Well, talking about the app, Score is an application which works way beyond than what you just see on someone’s profile. Sometimes it is necessary to find out about the truth behind the information of a profile.

Score is an app which allows you to join your Facebook profile along with your Score profile. This helps in knowing a person in a better way. This is like a personality based test for you. The more you score with someone, the more your profile gets visible to them.

In this way, such apps like Tinder ensures you a better knowledge about the person you are taking to. This also keeps your information safe and makes it visible once you are known to someone completely. In this way, Score works way better than Tinder and proves to be a nice option for dating someone.

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8. Happn

Download App: Android, iOS

Happn is one of those apps like Tinder which has recently got so much of recognition because of its impeccable dating features and facilities. The app is available for both Android and iOS users which means it connects with more people and hosts a large audience on its app.

Happn works more realistically than other apps and connects you with women you have crossed ways before. It keeps track of where you are and that too in real time. In this way, when someone passes from that area then their profile pops up on your phone.

This is by far the best way I have seen a dating app works. In this way, you have more chances of interacting with someone and as it works in local surrounding then you are more likely to meet that person again.

If you like the women crossing by then you send her “charm’ and in this way she gets to know that you are interested in her. This saves your time in answering lots of questions or going through different tests.

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9. Plenty of Fish

Download App: Android, iOS

You must have heard about this website before but now we are talking about its application. Plenty of Fish is no new name in the dating world and its site has already gained super popularity. Now, you can browse the same platform in form of Android or iOS apps too.

PoF is very similar to other apps like Tinder and surely one of the most famous one in this category. It witnesses millions of users on daily basis and people like this app a lot.

The app does not require authentication with your Facebook profile the way other apps like Tinder asks for. It rather goes for a questions answer round and draws some basic characteristics of yours through this test.

There are plenty of setting options through which you can filter out the best matches for you. This app is more of like a flirting app too because it allows you to text anybody without any prior process.

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10. Hinge

Download App: iOS

Finally, I am listing an app which call itself “anti-Tinder” but trust me you are going to find it just the way other apps like Tinder are. Hinge is more kind of a reserved and protective platform as compared to other applications which are more open to this dating concept.

There are basically three levels or layers in this app. It lets you connect with your friends, friends of friends and to the next layer of their friends.

This process saves you from coming across any weirdos and absurd people who keep on annoying on such platforms. You need to add your Facebook account along with it for better authentication and finding better and reliable matches for you.

The aim of Hinge is to let you meet with people who are more likely to stay in your life for a longer time. Through the mutual connections, you would be able to trust someone rapidly and hence the connection takes lesser time.

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All these are the best alternatives to Tinder. It usually happens that after an app goes viral people usually forget that there are other apps which are just the same or even better than this one. Through this section, you will find some great free dating apps like Tinder which will change your dating game.

Sometimes, it is not safe to meet people just through Tinder but these alternatives to Tinder will change your perception about dating applications. I hope you will have a great time using these apps like Tinder.

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