Top 10 Sites like Reddit


Reddit is a vast discussion and social news aggregation platform. But there are other sites like Reddit with lesser-known features which are as amazing as Reddit.

This is the time that you rely on something which is accurate rather than relying on something which is just popular.

Here in this section, you are going to get acknowledged with some great websites like Reddit.

Top 10 Sites like Reddit

They serve as effective Reddit alternatives and are capable enough to provide accurate information on various topics. So, check them out right here!

1. SteemIt


Starting the list of sites like Reddit with one great alternative and a great platform called SteemIt. This is social media, blogging, news updates site working on blockchain technology. SteemIt requires you to focus upon various topics of your choice and then find the perfect news, discussions and other trending information about them.

Of course, you are really needed to sign up on this site and this will help you to go for a better accessing and more features on this site. Just like Reddit, you can create and submit your own stories on this site too.

You can find various categories on this site amongst which you can choose whatever you like. Some of them are photography, Bitcoin, food, news, story, writing, etc. This site is very similar or I would say the real clone of Reddit in various perspectives.

Among the sites like Reddit, SteemIt is one of the most popular as well as most similar site too. You can earn from SteemIt cryptocurrency too. For the posts that you done on this site, you can earn some Steem rewards through it. There are highly similar features like Reddit like upvote, SteemIt, ReSteem, etc.  All steem rewards (Steem or Steem Dollar) you can sell on the various crypto trading platforms like as Polonix, Kraken, etc and can get return valid money in your local currency.

2. Hacker News


Hacker News is a site which does not necessarily demands you to sign-up on it at first and that is the reason people browse it more. The main motive of such Reddit alternatives is to provide quick and variety of links to the users who have no time to find them out by doing a search.

It works in a manner that people are able to go through the sites that they have never gone through before. In this way, they come across such piece of information which are trending and latest too.

Don’t worry because the site is nothing like its name but surely highly resembles the concept of Reddit though. Hacker News is one of the most creative and informative sites like Reddit. Unlike most of the sites, you will find the search box at the end of the site and not on top.

There are various features of Hacker News like new, comments, discussion, submission of your own news, ask something etc. As a whole, all these features work together to make a very comfortable to browse platform for the users.

In simple words, I can assure you that Hacker News is a big time saver for the people who want to get acknowledged to trending stories in lesser time.

3. HubSki


Here comes another interesting option in this list which is HubSki. HubSki is like a totally different world of its own. In fact, its tagline says that it is a thoughtful web and which is true indeed. You will find the concept of HubSki quite similar to that of SteemIt.

In fact, the site gains a lot from different posts and donate some part of it in form of charity whose information is provided on the site itself. HubSki is truly one of the most amazing sites like Reddit and this is because it is a platform you feel more related and connected to.

You will find the categories in form of tags. For example, if you post anything then it automatically sorts out in tags like politics, sports, games etc. For more authenticate accessing, it is required to sign up on this site first.

You can follow different people, tags, domains of your choice and that will be shown in your feed from the next time. You can also submit your ideas on this platform too. There are different features on this site like hubwheel, sharing, HubSki legend etc. All these things makes it one of the most perfect sites like Reddit.

4. Lobsters


Another interesting site in the category of sites like Reddit is Lobsters. I must tell you that Lobsters is as capable and efficient as any other sites mentioned in this list. It is really diverse in its content and rich too.

Lobsters was founded in mid-2012 and this platform grew to success in just no time. This website is more like technology focused community where you can browse anything you want just for free.

The sign up is optional, but of course, this is a must when you want more refined and desired search results on this site. The site works just like Reddit, and you will find the content arranged through link aggregation and discussion process.

There are various features of Lobsters like tagging, invitation tree, downvoting, private messaging, story merging, post submission, hats, comments etc. All these features make it really similar to Reddit and its process.

5. Voat


You can call Voat an amalgam of different sites altogether. You can not only get to know about the recent happenings in the world but can also use this as a discussion platform too. I think this is just the best thing for the people searching for perfect sites like Reddit and Voat is actually better than this.

You get so many endless categories on Voat to browse like TV, news, books, gifts, programming, etc. If you want then you can also sign up on this site as well.

You have the opportunity to become one of the authentic Voaters by contributing in their database. There is an option of sharing links on the site so that you can also share a thing or two of your knowledge with other people.

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There are some vivid features of Voat which you would not see in other sites like Reddit. You have options like Voat chat, exploration, discussion, etc. If you will pay slight attention, then you will realize that Voat is a lot like Reddit and in fact, this is more like a copy paste site with some twists.

6. Trinding


Trinding is one of the most recent addition in the category of sites like Reddit. It was launched in 2016 only and within no time it gained so much of popularity in the news aggregation criteria. Trindingis a bit different from the other sites in this list but the main motive remains the same.

Like all the other sites, Trinding is a huge encyclopedia filled with the knowledge of different stuff which you usually do not know about.

The sign-up process is totally optional but as I always say, this is always better to sign up on such websites like Reddit for better and refined accessing.

The distinct categories that you are allowed to browse on this site are music, vlogs, documentaries, animation, cooking, art, learning, etc. This site is way different from other ones in this category, and you are going to find more videos and pictures on it rather than text knowledge.

I think the site is doing excellent in the field of creative presentation as people are now getting more acknowledged about the trending stories of other people. This site is a unique addition in this list and you must browse it at least once.

7. Siftery


The best part about Mashable that differs it from the rest of sites like Reddit is its basic concept. The site is a very different platform from the rest of the sites in this list as instead of information it avails products on its site.

Siftery is a unique place which allows small businesses to be found easily. The major categories that you are gonna see on this website are marketing, products and design, HR, finance and accounting, developer etc.

The distinct features that you are gonna find on Siftery are blogs, stories, products comparison, groups, popular companies etc. This site is entirely dedicated to the trending products in the market right now.

Just like the rest of the sites like Reddit, Mashable is a wonderful and reliable source of gathering important information about various products and services. You can also subscribe here through your email for the regular updates of this site.

8. AMAFeed


AMAFeed is one of the most different platforms that I am mentioning here in this list of sites like Reddit. But trust me, I found it even more better, sorted, reliable, authentic and most importantly creative than all the other news aggregation kind of sites in this list.

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. This means, it is portal through which authentic and real people active and professionals in different fields come together and offer some help to others seeking information regarding it.

If you want to be a part of this community then you just need to make a post in which you need to mention about your name, what you do and along with AMA over some topics.

There are also various channels on this site which are authors, business, comics, charity, marketing, motors, movies, surgery, start up etc. This platform is a great and unique way to get to know about various things around you and that too from experienced people. This makes it a unique addition in the list of Reddit like sites.

9. Postbase


Postbase is another one in the list of sites like Reddit which is a typical Reddit example and shows you different news and posts in different categories. Although, not so popular but the site keeps up with its posting on a regular basis though.

The site is a news service platform which provides information through the mixture of professional contributors and user-submitted information.

The major categories that you can browse on Postbase are Business, Videos, Entertainment, Tech and Science and other news. If you wish to be a contributor on this site then you would have to first sign up on this for it.

Sadly, Postbase is just a news accessing platform and not a discussion or question answer site. So, if you are someone who is just looking for some general knowledge of the recent times then Postbase makes one of the most perfect sites like Reddit for you.

10. We Collective


Last one in this section of sites like Reddit is We Collective. This site is entirely dedicated for the people who are looking for authentic information on various topics which must be accurate and perfect. You may not find this platform as entertaining and vivid as other ones.

The major categories to be browsed on this sites are technology, economics, science, politics, news, art, business, comedy etc. You can sign up on We Collective or WeCo for free.

You can call this site a new approach to the social news aggregation and accessing. You will find the platform less crowded and less complicated as compared to Reddit. We Collective is not just a Reddit clone but an entirely different place in its own.

There are also various features provided by this site which are transparent structure, organized social communities, advanced polling tools, clean user interface, statistics, advanced user profiles etc. All these things makes it more efficient and highly reliable too.

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People want to be sure rather than being in a dilemma. No matter what kind of topics are these, nowadays people do not feel shy in discussing them on Reddit like sites and I think this is better too. It is better to be safe than sorry and these platforms like working in a great way to let people clear their doubts.

Through their different features and services, now you can create forums and ask people about their opinion on some serious issues too. So, what you are waiting for? Being a new age generation, you must speak your mind on these sites and make a change.

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