Questions to Ask a Girl [Good, Funny, Dirty, Interesting, Flirty, Cute]


Cute Questions to Ask a Girl

It is the time to start those mushy things that usually happen between a guy and a girl when they are in a relationship. It is the time to ask some really cute questions to your girl to know her in a better way. Such questions to ask a girl can really help you to see a totally different side of her.

1). Do you like teddy bears or red roses?

2). Which is your favorite type of chocolates?

3). What do you think is the cutest gesture one can do to you?

4). What is your all time favorite dish?

5). What comes in your heart when someone talks about the happy life your ex is leading?

6). What kind of guy do you think I am?

7). What opinion your pals have for me, does it actually very considerate for you?

If it actually matters to her then such questions to ask a girl is totally be in your favor.

8). Have you ever been jealous of my female colleagues or female friends?

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9). What if you will have to choose between your best friend and me, whom would you choose?

10). what if you are alone on an island without any help, what would you do?

11). If we get married and I and your family get into a conflict, whom would you defense?

12). Do you find me cute or hot?

13). What do you like the most about a person who is a slave of only his wishes?

14). What did you think about me when you saw me for the first time?

15). How do you find it to be with me?

Get ready to listen to some really cute stuff on such questions to ask a girl.

16). Have you ever cheated on someone?

17). Have you every stolen someone’s priced possession just for the sake of revenge?

18). Have you ever left someone in the middle of a critical situation?

19). What do you like the most, long walk or long drive?

20). Do you like winters more or summers more?

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