Questions to Ask a Girl [Good, Funny, Dirty, Interesting, Flirty, Cute]


Random Questions to Ask a Girl

This section is all about such random questions which you can ask to any of your female friends. If you are not the type of guy who believes in asking personal questions, then you should definitely give it a try to such questions. They can prove to be really nice questions to ask to any girl.

1). What was the worst prank she ever did as a child?

2). Which actor do you like more than me?

3). Which actor do you think is actually dumb but really hot?

4). What is your favorite hang out places?

5). What is your idea of making money since childhood?

You can get to know about her actual wishes through such questions to ask a girl.

6). Have you ever used someone’s stuff without their permission?

7). Have you ever encountered any spirit around yourself?

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8). Are you an atheist?

9). Are you a usual churchgoer?

10). What is your favorite brand?

11). Do you spend your savings just for the sake of brand consciousness?

12). What is your dream car?

This is one of the random questions to ask a girl to move on with the conversation.

13). Who is that perfect person in your life, you always follow to?

14). What are your passions apart from your work?

15). How would you manage a month with only a dollar left in your pocket?

16). Can you consider yourself a happy and content person?

17). What are your favorite holiday destinations?

18). If given a chance would you run away from your home?

19). Can you kill someone for excessive money?

20). Which is your weakness in your home?

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