Questions to Ask a Girl [Good, Funny, Dirty, Interesting, Flirty, Cute]


Truth or Dare Questions to ask a Girl

Now this is something really interesting type of questions that you can ask a girl. Such truth and dare questions can also be asked on the face to face game and also over the texts. You just need to be ready to listen to her superb and true answers on such questions to ask a girl.

1). Tell me the age when you first got kissed on your lips?

2). Have you ever gone for surgery?

3). Do you think your breasts are fuller enough?

4). Do you have the courage to go and hit someone hard for a dare?

5). Can you high five some random people on the streets right now?

6). Tell me the name of all your boyfriends?

7). Tell me the smallest span of time you took to make a guy yours?

This is one of the most common types of questions to ask a girl while playing truth and dare.

8). Are you right now in relationship with someone just for the sake of lust?

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9). Can you propose someone stranger to you for a dare?

10). Can you perform a fake robbery for the sake of a dare?

11). What is the name of that hotel you spent a night alone with someone for the first time?

12). What was the biggest fraud that you were involved in?

13). Can you fool someone right now that somebody is following you to kill?

14). Tell me the longest duration you did not take a bath for?

15). What do you carry in your purse all the time?

16). Can you dance with some stranger guy for a dare?

Such questions to ask a girl are basically the dare kind of questions. And it would be interesting to see that whether she carry it out or not?

17). What was the highest amount you borrowed from someone and never returned?

18). Do you weed?

19). Can you kiss someone right now to complete a dare?

20). Tell me the guy you were in love with but never got physical with?

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