Questions to Ask a Girl [Good, Funny, Dirty, Interesting, Flirty, Cute]


Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

These questions to ask a girl are suitable when you have known her very well, and there is a chemistry that you people are sharing. Make sure that you do not ask these questions just at the start as they can make her feel uncomfortable. First get to know her and then proceed further with these questions.

1). Have you ever caught watching porn?

2). Is it justified for you to have a one night stand?

3). Do you believe in live-in relationship?

4). Have you ever seen someone naked?

5). What is your wildest fantasy?

6). What’s your most weak turning on point?

This is one of the dirtiest kinds of questions to ask a girl whose answer is surely going to stun you.

7). Have you ever thought about a lesbian love in your entire life yet?

8). What is your favorite part of a female body?

9). What kind of movies do you watch alone?

10). Have you ever been caught sleeping naked?

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11). Are you a virgin or not? If no then when did you lose your virginity first?

12). Have you ever masturbated in dreams?

13). When did you have your first kiss?

14). Have you ever taken a full body massage from a guy?

15). Have you ever involved in phone sex with someone you never met?

16). Who is your favorite porn star?

This is just a way to know that whether she watches porn or not. You can simply know it through such questions to ask a girl.

17). What was the boldest text you have ever sent to someone?

18). Do you think that having sex is something different from making love?

19). What is your favorite position of sex?

20). Have you ever had a threesome in your life or you want to have?

Everyone like dirty things when he/she with someone trusted person like as boyfriend, best friend or any other. but in this section I am covering only questions for girls, If you not likes upper given question and want to get some more dirty question to ask a girl, check out given links.

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