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Questions to ask a Girl You Like

Sometimes you need to make that extra input for the girl you really like. You just cannot be fool enough to ask the ordinary questions to her that you pop up to any of your female friends. These would have to be something different from them. So here are the questions to ask a girl you like.

1). Do you like to go on a dinner date with me?

2). What is the best place in city where you are always happy?

3). Do you like someone right now?

4). What was the longest duration for which you were single once?

5). Do you enjoy when someone gives you attention?

6). Tell me something about the way your usual days spent in your life?

7). Which cuisine do you like the most to have?

You must know about her likes and dislikes. That is why such questions to ask a girl is really must if you really like her.

8). Have you ever been proposed to get married to someone?

9). Do you think that this is the right time for you to get married?

10). Do you believe in love that never fades away with time?

11). What is the idea of a perfect dream date for you?

12). Have you ever proposed to a guy?

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13). Do you love someone in your friends but never got the courage to say it to him to let your friendship remains like this?

14). Are you a high school musical fan?

15). What is that one wish for which you can attain any extremes?

Such questions to ask a girl are an opportunity for you to fulfill her wish on your own.

16). What are the perks and lows of being a single child?

17). What are the merits of being a girl?

18). Are you allergic to something since birth?

19). What is your favorite idea of chilling?

20). How often do you have alcohol or how often do you smoke?

Do you feel this sections proved helpful to get some interesting question, If yes then I am so much happy.. If not then you can check another some most visited post like as Random Questions to Ask a Guy, Personal Questions to Ask a Guy.

But both post have only those question which you can ask to guy.. in very soon I will update big number of questions to ask a girl you like.

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