Questions to Ask a Girl [Good, Funny, Dirty, Interesting, Flirty, Cute]


Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

The best guy is not the one who can love her girl but the one who can make her smile all the time. So to create some lightness in the conversation you should pop up some funny questions to her. Such kind of questions to ask a girl can really be very interesting and crazy to answer for her.

1). What if you had an X-ray vision? Would you stalk boys then?

2). If you had to marry an animal then what would it be?

3). Which is the most suitable cartoon character for your personality according to you?

4). Tell me the nickname your friends call you by?

5). Have you ever been caught picking your nose in public?

6). Will you dance like a clown in public to complete a dare?

This would be really funny to know that whether she would actually do this or not. You can get to know this through such questions to ask a girl.

7). Have you ever done something embarrassing in public?

8). Did you ever argued with yourself while taking a shower?

9). Did someone ever have a lesbian crush on you?

10). Do you mind if someone close checks your phone?

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11). Have you ever fallen in a pit while texting someone on the road?

12). Have you ever fought with your siblings till its bleed?

13). Have you ever peed in your pants while dreaming?

14). Do you mind if someone checks your lingerie collection?

15). What is more important to you, good food or good workout session?

16). What is more important to you; smartphone or the internet?

17). What would you do if someone uploads the funniest picture of yours and your phone dies out of battery?

Her answer would be totally hilarious on such kind of questions to ask a girl for sure.

18). What is the funniest incident of your life?

19). Tell me a joke which is not funny and then try to make me laugh.

20). Can you put your makeup on in order to make yourself a clown?

Like me, you also like fun in your life, am I right If yes  then you already like my given best funny questions. If you want to make some more fun and looking big number funny question then you may like my Funny Truth or Dare QuestionsFunny Questions to Ask a Guy. Both given post have more than 400+ funny questions, hope your will make sure add more and more fun in your life.

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