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  • Repair Registry, and Monitor PC Health
  • Improve Game Performance and Speed
  • Clean Digital Traces, also outdated cache
  • Purge Invalid Items, Malware Protection
  • Optimize Internet Speed anc cache

A Windows PC/laptop often degrades in performance over the time. It becomes really difficult work on it at times when the speed of operation is too slow, and you need to wait for long for the process to get started/finish.

One of the most obvious reasons that might be the cause of slowing down of your Windows system may be too many cache files of junk files that might be stored in your system from long time.

Though, this is not the only reason, there are few other reasons too that might slow down your Windows PC/laptop.

Let us go through them first and find an appropriate solution for Windows maintenance.


Why One Needs to Maintain Windows PC/Laptop?

Well, you must ask this question to those who are really suffering because of the slow operating speed of their computer/laptop.

Windows operating system is the backbone of your PC/laptop. If you want to work flawlessly on your computer system then you need Windows maintenance software to look after your Windows PC/laptop.

This will ensure that your computer/laptop is well protected from malware and optimized to perform relentlessly.

Why your Windows PC/Laptop slows down often?

It is not that it happens with all the users, but yes, it happens with most of them, especially with first-time users.

Sometimes, the high-ending devices fail to perform as expected. This happens due to the lack of any Windows Maintenance software in your system.

Your Windows system starts to heat excessively, the malware starts corrupting essential files, excess of cache & junk files are stored unnecessarily, and many invalid shortcuts become common on your system, and these are the few common reasons of slowing down your Windows PC/Laptop.

So, if you are looking for software that can look after your Windows system, I will recommend you to go with Kerish Doctor as I am using it for a couple of months.

The software is just awesome and will surely speed up your workflow over your system. Let us know more about it in this Kerish Doctor review.

Kerish Doctor


Compatibility of Kerish Doctor Tool

Kerish Doctor is a user-friendly tool and is available for different versions of Windows.

Its 2016 version is readily available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, Windows 11.

So here we come up with Kerish Doctor Review to help you know more about this software tool.

Kerish Doctor – Know How

Kerish Doctor has been serving people since few years and is one of the popular choices when people choose to buy Windows Maintenance software.

It keeps an eye on your system’s health and automates different processes that are handy in speeding up your system.

From protection, repairing, and cleaning to optimization of your system, Kerish Doctor serves your purpose to its best.

If you are looking to boost your Windows PC/Laptop speed then you must buy this awesome software. Let us learn about some of its best features in this Kerish Doctor review.

Kerish Doctor

It optimizes the performance of your Windows device with a plethora of its features which will be discussed below.

If you are looking for an efficient Windows maintenance tool then Kerish Doctor is the one to eye at.

Go through the list of its features in Kerish Doctor Review below and find out why people love this tool.

Kerish Doctor – The Range of Features

Kerish DoctorKerish Doctor provides an exclusive range of features to its customers. Some of them have been discussed below.

You will surely love to buy this tool, after going through its features.

  • Prevention of Window Crashes

The real-time detection feature of this tool reduces the possibility of Window crashes by 30 percent. Now, you can stay safe from these crashes and save a lot of your important data that is often destroyed in a Windows crash.

  • Smart Update

Every time you are connected to the internet, the quality of computer maintenance algorithms is improved. This feature helps is updating its algorithms on a regular basis so that it can identify any threat that might cause trouble to your Windows system.

  • Error Correction

The intelligent fixes are done for your Windows Registry errors to avoid ‘Windows Not Genuine’ error. Kerish Doctor starts diagnosing your system as soon as you open it.

  • Easy Cleaning

The digital ‘trash’ of your computer/laptop is cleaned successfully every time you switch on your system. The cache files, junk files, and damaged shortcuts are investigated and deleted if found non-useful by its advanced cleaning algorithms.

  • Acceleration of Games

Playing game is fun on your computer/laptop, if you have installed Kerish Doctor on your system. The ‘Game Booster’ feature enhances your gaming experience.

  • Internet Speed Optimizer

This tool thinks the need of high speedy internet connection. No problem if you are having trouble with your internet speed. It will look after the internet speed and optimize it through its advanced mechanisms.

  • Malware Protection

You can stay assured about the protection from malware. Kerish Doctor doesn’t allow malware or any other unwanted program to deteriorate the health of your computer.

  • Total Control over the System

Your Windows system is looked after by this tool from powering into powering off. It reduces the risk of any susceptible threat.

Kerish Doctor 2022 Maintenance Mode

The Maintenance mode of Kerish Doctor comes in handy for the users. You can easily optimize the performance of system by using this mode perfectly.

Kerish Doctor

Full Scan: The full scan feature lets you to run complete scan of your computer/laptop. After clicking on ‘Full Scan’, this software will diagnose your system and will ensure than the vulnerable threat is detected. You can learn about the detected problems and can even repair most of these problems.

Kerish Doctor

Repair of Errors: Clicking on this option will allow you to find the repairable errors in your system. The problems detected can be repaired on next click.

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Kerish Doctor

Cleanup of Junk Files: You can find the junk files and broken shortcuts easily by clicking on this option. You can clean the junk files in next step.

Kerish Doctor

Checking Windows Security: By clicking on this option, you can easily find the malicious threat and delete it.

Kerish Doctor

Performance Optimization: By clicking on this you can find the objects that might be troubling Windows to perform to optimum level. The Windows settings can be optimized with this.

Kerish Doctor

Custom Diagnostics: You can choose the options to diagnose. The custom options can be diagnosed easily. You can select the options and start scan.

Kerish Doctor

Essential Tools Provided by Kerish Doctor

After Kerish Doctor Review, we have found some of the vital tools provided by this software to enhance the performance. Here is the list:

Kerish Doctor

Windows Startup: With this tool, you will be able to manage which program(s) will open on the start of Windows.

Running Processes: You can easily find the current running processes with their reputation and memory occupied by them.

Network Activity: The network activity can be managed and any disturbance can be easily detected with this tool.

Installed Software: You can find out which software or applications have been installed in your system apart from inbuilt ones.

Windows Services: You can find out the Windows services that are running or have been stopped with their reputation status.

Web Browser Extensions: You can easily check which browser extensions have been installed and can also delete them from here.

Confidential Data: This option is used to delete the confidential data from your system like saved passwords, bookmarks etc.

File Shredder: It helps you to delete the files or folders easily and this deletion is unrecoverable.

Locked Files: The files that have been locked by the processes can be unlocked or release so that they can used for other processes too.

System Restore: The system restore points can be created and managed through this option, just in case of any troublesome error.

System Information: One can easily look through his/her Windows system after installing this useful software.

Context Menu: You can easily work with the context menu of Windows and can rename, delete or create the menu items.

Black List: You can add the programs that need to be blocked. The programs can also be released from this blacklist.

Rollback Changes: One can easily choose to rollback the changes that have been made by this software. The different points are created to do so.

Quarantine: You can choose to work with malicious or isolated programs that have been detected by Kerish Doctor.

File Protection: Some files might be junk according to Kerish Doctor, but important for you. You can add protection to them against deletion.

Ignore List: These are the files or programs that have been ignored by Kerish Doctor due to some or the other reason.

Integration with Windows: With this option you can easily integrate Kerish Doctor Tool with Windows.

Scheduler: The scheduler helps to schedule the tasks performed by Kerish Doctor at the background.

Pricing for Kerish Doctor

Kerish Doctor 2022 free trial version is available on its official website and you can use it for 15 days.

Download Here!

Users can even choose the premium version as it is available at a reasonable price. The minimum plan starts at $19.95 and you can use the software in 3 PC/laptop(s) simultaneously.

Pricing Plan of Kerish Doctor

Final Words

So, after this Kerish Doctor Review, we found that this is awesome software that is updated on a regular basis through its experts.

The software optimizes the health of your Windows system and protects it from different issues like- malware, slowing down, and crashes.

The tool is available at reasonable price and one can easily utilize its worthy features.

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