Fun Things To Do On The Internet When Bored


Boredom is like ‘a doesn’t exist’ thing because of the busy schedules and getting yourself engaged in the social media all the times. But sometimes you can feel bored when you are free and out of work like teens as they don’t have much to do.

You are seeking for the things to do when bored so you can enjoy some quality time and also make better use of yourself.

I have good news because there are several things to do online, so you don’t regret your day by keeping you with these endless things.

Fun Things to Do On the Internet

The online stuff is limitless so you can’t go out of activities and some of them I am going to mention here. So you can make use of time in a good way and not just scrolling that social media. Stay with the cool stuff that can be a perfect answer to what to do when you’re bored online for free.

1. Watch Videos

Take it as a quality time spender while watching videos online.  You can either join the Netflix or YouTube to eliminate the boredom and enjoy something interesting.

There are several channels on YouTube so can subscribe to them of your choice and kill that boring zone. There are endless videos as the data is never ending, so you just need to choose your type of video whether funny, adventurous or sci-fi.

You can enjoy these videos or your favorite shows sitting passive and do nothing and when the video ends, stick to next video until you feel sleepy or something else to do.

It can be great among fun things to do on the internet and other than the entertaining videos; you can always watch some educational stuff related to your subject or lifestyle or learn new arts and crafts as YouTube is full of these kinds of videos.

Set Netflix if you love watching movies, you can set hours of entertainment using Netflix and some of your favorite snacks and ice cream. Call your friends to join you and watch plenty of things of your choice.

2. Play Games Online

There are lots of quality games that you can play online. If you are a fan of rummy, then these are plenty of websites who offers rummy for free.

Else you can join your choice of games like action, adventure; racing, puzzles, etc. first person and war games are very popular these days over the internet.

If you have an unlimited amount of data or a fast internet connection, you can always browse apps like play store to download the favorite category to play on your phone for both Android and iOS.

Playing games online or through downloading is going to be a great thing on the list of fun things to do on the internet.

3. Make Use of Podcasting

The podcast craze never goes down; listening to podcasts can be the most wonderful thing among all these fun things to do on the internet and especially if you’re a fan of music.

Podcast can be listened using your smartphones as these are audio files available online so you can make them available anytime and they are full of entertainment. You can subscribe to your favorite topic and listen to it whenever you feel boredom.

You can even listen to the series of your favorite episodes or stories that excite you and the entire thing that you missed watching.

These are several types of podcasts, so you don’t only listen to them, but you learn many things that help you in the real world. Podcasts listening are always available offline, so whenever you feel bored, you can get to these offline things.

4. Read Your Favorite Comics

There are several fun things to do on the internet and reading your favorite comics online or in eBook is one of them. You just need to find out some quality websites to continue with the comics.

Those who are addicted to stories of supernatural powers or guys like Spiderman, Superman need to go for the web comics. These are several quality comics like DC, Marvel, Vertigo that you and enjoy even with your paying a buck and enjoy your fun things to do on the internet.

Other than comics, books are always helpful as they are free to read at least on some websites. So you can gain a lot of knowledge and also get that clock quickly. If any eBook catches your interest, then go with the download option and save it for future reading.

A single book has enough value to provide you a quality time, and you can carry to download as much as you want or you can try purchasing a Kindle.

Books list, that you may like:

5. Master a New Skill

Do you like the idea of spending time on the internet and learn something new? Use the internet to learn a new skill or something of your choice along these fun things to do on the internet.

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You can use your time to learn soothing productive that help you with your studies or in the future. You can pick up your hobby that you always wanted to learn and attend online classes at free of cost.

For example, if you are into a musical thing like guitar, then go with the free guitar lessons on YouTube or other websites and master your passion.

You can always use internet in a good way other than just scrolling down in the social media sites. You can also use your learned thing as the source of your income. So set your classes and teach others for the thing you adopted from the internet.

If your choice is not about money making but learning something creative like gardening, fishing or photography, then there are several of lessons available online at free.

6. Start a Journal OR Blog

Now convert your time into money by stirring a blog of your favorite thing. Google blog has always been a great way if you have something to share with the audience.

By following some guidelines, you can make actual money, so this way there is no boredom and a source of income as well.

Other than a blog, you can also start keeping a journal. Journaling is a means of putting our thoughts and daily life on the papers. It allows you to share things that you can’t share with anyone.

After a few years, when you need to rid yourself for what kind of person you are, you can read your journal and make that time alive again in front of your eyes.

It’s not necessary to keep a physical note because there are several apps that allow to read a journal but with privacy.

You don’t have to record your thoughts daily, but you can do it once a week and mention all your favorite memories and the bad ones too. Journaling can make a person better because when you read bad things about yourself, you try to be better at them.

7. Make a Wish List and Follow It

It is an activity for shopaholics or if you are really passionate about online shopping from the sites like eBay, Amazon, etc. make a list of tiny to big things that you need to shop and start your shopping online.

Get these things according to your budget and this way the activity can go for months as you can buy all of your beds at once. So shopping can also be among fun things to do on the internet, you just need to spend the money wisely, so you keep yourself from any unnecessary expense.

To build your wish list online, go to your favorite shopping sites, add your choice of products to cart and then make them “Save for later” to make your wish list.

This online wish list helps you by saving the products for later so you can decide if you still want them in case you are an impulsive shopper.

8. Use Online Photoshop

Are you addicted to photography and make your photographs a way unique than they were, then online Photoshop is just for you. There is no signup process there; you just need to open the site, upload your photos and make drastic changes as you want.

9. Learn Magic Tricks Online

There are numerous sites that help you learn some amazing magic tricks. These are from beginner to advanced, so you can learn some real magic tricks and impress your friends or girl performing the magic. Register yourself on any good magic website and start learning today and see how fast the time flies using these fun things to do on the internet.

10. Sign up Omegle

Omegle is a chatting website where you can talk with strangers of your choice. Thousands of people are always online there. So you can set your pace with anyone you like there and share your talk with them. Talkative people can find this option amazing as you can find people online at any time.

11. Don’t Miss Reading Reddit

Reddit always contains some best things that you can read online. Homepage contains the most rumored contents, and you can find subreddits here to read things according to your personal likings.

There are several subreddits, and for bored teenagers, WTF and Funny content are the best that receive millions of views. Make this one to pass boredom and also try other fun things to do on the internet as I mentioned here.

12. Join Tumblr

If you are into blogs, then joining Tumblr can be a blessing to eliminate the boring space and fill yourself with some among blogging activities. People here own at least one blog so they can share any activity, and in the same way, you can share your post and get new people to talk.

13. Get Your Poetry Skills Out

You have to find sites to submit your poetry online. If you are a poetic person and can read some good pieces of poetry in just no time, then you can share them online and let’s collect some real fans.

It can be a silly thing, but if you are passionate about writing some quotes, then stop waiting and go ahead to join one of those sites that accept pokies online.

14. Write Articles

Not everyone is capable of producing quality contents, but if you consider yourself addicted to reading and writing and if you are an internet savvy, then join the sites that offer money or your unique articles.

Many sites also offer the services to show your articles online with your name but don’t offer money, so you can always choose a site accordingly. This way, by choosing writing with these fun things to do on the internet, you collect lots of knowledge about several topics, and you also enhance your writing skills.

15. Sign Up On Survey Sites

Another idea to fill up your boredom with some exciting things is to join survey sites. Joining these sites gives you the ability to put up your opinions, and in return, you earn some handsome dollars or gift cards for several sites.

Sites like Toluna and Clixsense is quite famous for earning extra bucks and receiving some gift cards when you reach the minimum bucks in your account.  So this way you not only wipe away the boring sessions but also utilize your time daily for money. So stick with these fun things to do on the internet and experience the new you.


So you are getting bored because you have nothing to do. But if you have got a PC, laptop or a smartphone, then you are good to go with these fun things to do on the internet, and you are not going to feel bored anymore.

Everyone these days has a smartphone with an internet connection, so you just need to find your favorite ideas from these fun things to do on the internet and occupy yourself forever.

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