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eBay is like the ultimate destination you would want to prefer when you are running on a low budget and want something so good. It is literally like that and you feel absolutely blessed to have this online shopping site in your life. But do you know there are more sites like eBay which are as much fun and useful.

whether it is about electronics or clothing or beauty products or something else, these sites are full of millions of products ranging in different categories. Of course, online shopping is all fun but you should make sure that you are spending your money wisely and these sites ensure that for you.

Top 10 Sites like eBay

So, in this particular section, I am going to talk about the best 10 eBay alternatives which are not only diverse in terms of their products but also quite affordable too. You can check out the listing from right below.

1. Amazon

Website: https://www.amazon.com/

AmazoneBay is not only about buying a variety of stuff but also about providing a huge marketplace for the sellers too and the same applies to Amazon too. It is the largest online buying and selling platform in the world and has garnered top reviews from number of customers. It really deserves to be on the top of the list of sites like eBay.

It provides various features and services like curating wishlist, checking out deal of the day, subscribing to Amazon Prime, Amazon Alexa and many more.

The departments in which Amazon deals are electronics, apparel, movies and games, sports and outdoors, home services, décor and many more. However, Amazon does not provide the service of bidding but somewhere the prices are so affordable that you do not regret on it.

The Amazon marketplace charges an amount of $39.99 plus additional selling fees from the users to provide them an already renowned place to sell their items on. Sites like Amazon follows a very strong customer relationship and hence all your queries are sorted as fast as possible leaving no scope of dissatisfaction from the customers.

2. Bonanza

Website: http://www.bonanza.com/

BonanzaOne thing which is just amazing about Bonanza is that it provides you the option to import items from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other popular platform so that you can start selling them on Bonanza. In this way, you establish a connectivity between multiple sites at the same time.

This is why Bonanza makes the perfect option in the list of sites like eBay and it even provides a selling platform for zero listing fees and zero setup costs.

Now, talking about the various types of stuff that you can buy from Bonanza then these are men and women’s fashion apparel, home and garden essentials, health and beauty shop, art items, accessories, collectible stuff and many other types of items.

From a small pin to big TV sets, you can find everything on Bonanza on quite amazing prices too. This platform also features more than 12,000 sellers and hence it turn out to be one of the most trusted selling marketplace too.    Bonanza ships internationally too and hence acquire a great approach towards its customer satisfaction too.

3. Alibaba

Website: https://www.alibaba.com/

AlibabaAlibaba is one of the largest e-commerce platform in the world and it clearly reflects in the variety and abundancy of the products enlisted here. This global platform ships internationally and supplies on very minimal shipping charges too just the way other sites like eBay works.

There is a huge list of products which can be found on Alibaba like apparels, consumer electronics, home and garden supplies, machinery, health and medical needs, accessories and many more.

Coming on to its selling policy then you would have to acquire a seller’s membership before becoming an affiliated seller on Alibaba. You are provided online training through tutorials to become a seller. You can also apply for Gold Supplier membership too for more benefits.

Alibaba is one of the most similar option amongst eBay like sites because it also provides the facility of bidding on products. As a buyer, you make bids on the products you want to buy and then the seller contacts you if the amount is considerable and the trading is done. The process is not only simple but fast too.

4. eBid

Website: https://www.ebid.net/us/

eBidIf there is an option amongst the list of sites like eBay which managed to imitate the function of bidding then it is eBid. In fact, this online marketplace completely relies on bidding only and it has sold over 2 million items through this process till date after its launching in 1998.

The site operates in 23 countries and also allows the people to buy as well as sell from here. You need to create an eBid account before you can trade on this site.

There are over 28,000 categories of products to buy and sell stuff into. Some of them are antiques, stamps, music and CD, coins and banknotes, cars and vehicles, art, collectibles and many more. To become a seller you need to firstly opt for a paid plan between Seller and Seller+ with varying benefits and features.

If you want to become a lifetime seller on eBid then you would have to subscribe for the membership which is going to cost you $49.99. eBid is an excellent place to shop from and save big on your regular purchases.

5. Etsy

Website: https://www.etsy.com/

Amongst other online selling sites, Etsy has its own place and expertise. Where other online platforms focus more on modern and trending stuff, you are going to find handmade and vintage items on Etsy on quite low prices. In fact, some of them are so unique they can instantly find a special place in your room.

Etsy is more known for its seller’s platform rather than buyer’s. It provides very powerful tools and freedom to approach the customers that it has attracted more than 29 million buyers till date.

You can become an authenticated seller on Etsy by depositing $0.20 as listing fee and they charge 3.5% transaction fee too and there are no other subscription charges at all. With so much lenient selling policy, Etsy has become one of the top user-friendly marketplace in the world.

Talking about their products for sale then it is quite similar to eBay except the fact that everything is handcrafter and has a vintage approach.

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6. Tradesy

Website: https://www.tradesy.com/

TradesyTradesy is kind of different choice I made into this list of sites like eBay. Where other sites works into buying and selling fresh items, Tradesy helps you to get rid of those unwanted stuffs in your closet and that too in exchange of good money.

This is more sort of a resale marketplace which connects the link of buyers and sellers effectively. All you need to do is just pick your old stuff and send them to tradesy in order to sell. But they should be in good condition.

Being a seller on Tradesy is like the easiest job ever. Apart from it, you got thousands of categories to shop from for yourself on the same site. Products like clothing, accessories, wedding needs, shoes, bags etc. are available on this site to shop from.

It is one of the best deal you can make in order to make most of your old items.

7. iOffer

Website: http://www.ioffer.com/

iOfferThe best way to buy and sell is to list them out on iOffer. This next inclusion in the list of sites like eBay is as functional and popular as other medium enlisted here. It connects millions of buyers and sellers from around the world and working since 2002 in this way.

You can find various categories to shop on iOffer like men and women fashion, electronics, fragrances, accessories, sporting goods, antiques and art and many more.

It is absolutely free to become a seller on iOffer and anyone can join the site to sell their stuff from home only. You just need to make a list of products belonging to various categories and you can good to go then.

This global marketplace can literally help you in buying and selling anything and there have been more than 100 million items sold on this website till sate.

8. Zazzle

Website: https://www.zazzle.com/

ZazzleWhen it comes to functioning, Zazzle stands out as one of the most unique pick in the category of sites like eBay. Zazzle does not serve you the premade items with regular appearance. In fact, it gives a chance to customers and designers to come together and create product of their own choice.

As a customer, you get so much liberty in terms of each and every aspect when you are buying from Zazzle and the independent manufacturers make sure that you get the best.

You can buy items like clothing and accessories, invitation cards, home and living items, office supplies, electronics, baby and kids product, wedding stuff and many more. You should definitely check out their art collection for sure because it is definitely a paradise for the artists.

There are three ways to join Zazzle as a seller which are to become a designer, to directly sell your products and to become an associate. It takes no fee for these processes and you get a well-established market of over 30 million customers to sell your products to.

9. Rakuten

Website: https://www.rakuten.com/

RakutenRakuten is the largest electronic commerce company in the entire Japan and also tops the chart of sales in the entire world too. It also works internationally and ships to various parts of USA, Europe, and Asia too. However, it does not cover as much areas as other sites like eBay covers.

When you are thinking about selling on Rakuten then it is going to take only 10 minutes to do so and it is absolutely free too. However, to become an affiliate the process is different.

Rakuten works in all kinds of sectors and hence you can discover millions of products out here belonging to various categories. Some of them are home and outdoor, health products, apparels, electronics, sports and fitness, home décor and many more.

It is pretty simple to register on Rakuten and you can also earn some points on every purchase of yours on this site which can be used for discount on other products. Because of this policy, it managed to garnered more customers and sales than most of the other alternatives to eBay.

10. Light in the Box

Website: https://www.lightinthebox.com/

Light in the BoxThe final option in the list of sites like eBay is Light in the Box which is an international online retailing company based in China. Founded in 2007, it has grown into one big empire and also operates in form of various subsidiaries working in various e-commerce sectors.

Counted amongst the top online retailers, this website is more popular for its flash sales. You can find one going on each day from where you can purchase items on much lower prices than their original ones.

You can purchase in various categories available on Light in the Box like gadgets, cell phones, electronics, home and garden supplies, fashion and jewelry, toys and hobbies and many more. There are like thousands of flash sales running on this site and they last for even 7 days on various categories.

You can either become a simple supplier on the site or a fully functional merchant too depend upon the type and scale of your business. Each such programs charges a different amount depending upon the magnitude of your business.

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The reason of listing out the 10 various types of online shopping sites like eBay is because I want people to know that they are provided with thousands of options. You can compare prices and policies and also the return and shipping rules too. In this way, you can decide that which ones is the best for you.

Sometimes, a particular website does not deliver in certain areas but the other ones do. So, by this comparison you can get to know about such websites which are way more functional in your area than the other ones. The list can go on for really long and you can consider some other websites too.

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