Best Anonymous Web Hosting Services


Hunting for an anonymous web hosting service? That’s exactly what this piece will help you out with. We’ve tried and tested every single web hosting company over here and then have come up with this first-hand experienced based review of the same.

Why do you need an offshore, anonymous web hosting may have multiple answers. The most common one is when you’re trying to avoid govt. censorship or restrictions on the kind of content you’re trying to share.

We’ve compiled this list based on the following primary features:

  1. Anonymity: Level of personal and financial information asked for, monitored, or tracked.
  2. Acceptable Use Policy: What content is, or isn’t allowed.
  3. Server Locations: The locations where the servers are physically located.
  4. Cryptocurrencies: We’ve prioritized “cryptocurreny-accepting” companies in this list.
  5. Security: Additional security measures provided, such as physical server security, DDoS protection etc.
  6. Server Performance: The server speed, bandwidth allowances, uptime etc.
  7. Pricing Plans: Overpriced servers aren’t anyone’s first choices.
  8. Experience and Reviews: Our own experience with some of the companies, and reviews from other users.

At the end of this piece, we’ll also be sharing answers to some of the most asked questions about offshore hosting services. Anyway here are the top 5 anonymous web hosting services you can employ to your benefit.

Best Anonymous Web Hosting Services

Let’s get started with this list of best Anonymous web hosting services in 2020. Do go through the entire list to be able to compare-and-contrast better among the many available options.

  • MivoCloud


MivoCloud is a company established in 2015, and is based out of Moldova and Romania. It too is an Offshore anonymous hosting company considering how it’s based in offshore locations, and that its registration as well as Payment can be done anonymously.

Registration is mandatory but doesn’t ask for any personal details, so the only shared data is an E-mail ID which can by all measures be from anonymous E-mail clients.

It also is one of the few “Pay Per Hour” cloud hosting providers in the industry which bill you only for the amount of time the servers are used.

It does provide all the hosting solutions which include Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated ones. As for technology, it uses SSD RAID storage which provides better data security (in terms of backup), KVM Virtualization, and DDoS protection upto 1 TBPS.

The control panel is extremely easy and user-friendly making it an apt choice even for those who don’t hold a lot of experience when it comes to server management.

The site however allows only “Legal” content, hence copyrighted material, Hacking, Phishing, Illegal Porn or basically anything outside the confines of the law isn’t allowed.

Does provide for impressive speed though, our test-page loaded up in less than 2 seconds, and for prime locations such as London and US the ping was less than 120 ms and 152 ms respectively.

Anonymity is taken care of with payments as well as it accepts Bitcoin along with Fiat payment methods such as Credit cards, Paypal, WebMoney, Payeer, Wire Transfers etc.

Shared servers start at EUR 25.00/year, VPS starts at EUR 5.00/month and Dedicated at EUR 49.00/month. They let users choose the configurations and specs required and that influences the final pricing any user would be paying.

Offers extensive support not only via E-mail and Calls, but also via Telegram and Facebook Messenger, the support team is extremely helpful when it comes to complaints and issues and refrains from directly suspending accounts as is the case with some other big names on this list of Anonymous offshore hosting companies.

  • Shinjiru


Shinjiru is an anonymous web hosting company founded in the year 2000 and is based in Malaysia, which makes it nearly 18 years old now! That by itself speaks volumes when it comes to its reputation or services.

It has 8 Datacenters across the globe to which it has paid massive attention when it comes to their infrastructure and hardware such as using enterprise-grade power-supply, adequate security measures and everything else.

As for anonymity, right from registration to payment it’s completely anonymous and there’s no personal information required, the payment can be made via Bitcoin or Ethereum both of which are the most anonymous currencies currently available in the industry.

It also has a 100 Gbps Anti-DDoS protection which makes sure your sites don’t go offline during such as attack. Also, it provides for “Clean Pipe Network” which provides for “clean, legit traffic” eliminating malware, viruses and other such gimmicks which use up your resources.

It has one of the best SLAs in the industry and claims 99.99% uptime along with low packet drops. Although here’s the uptime recorded by Bicatcha which isn’t exactly 99.99% but is pretty close:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

The products being offered are domains, shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated servers, and E-mail hosting. You can choose between Windows or Linux hosting.

Its plans are such that they suit everyone, regardless of your being an individual with one website, or a company needing dedicated servers for ultra serious projects. The four primary hosting plans are:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

The lowest plan too gets you 100 GBs of space and unlimited bandwidth along with 1GB of memory and 10 E-mail accounts. Although their advanced DDoS protection and auto-migration isn’t included in the “Budget” plan.

The strongbolt shared hosting in our experience is the best plan to go for, pertaining to the fact that it provides for the DDoS protection which the “Budget” plan lacks, along with private hidden IP address, hidden DNS, bullet-proof protection, in addition to 25 E-mail accounts and auto-migration.

The VPS provides for 1 to 4 VCPUs based on the plan you go for, 1 Gbps DDoS protection, 1 IP address, 25 to 100 GBs of SSD Storage and 1 to 8 GB of memory again based on the plan you get.

You can also choose from Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu or CentOS-7 absolutely free when going for the VPS!

Note that even though the features differ based on the pricing plans, “anonymity” doesn’t, and all the plans still are as secure as the other plans and accept Bitcoin.

The domains you buy from Shinjiru do comply to U.S laws and hence aren’t as liberal as its hosting offers, but it does offer double WHOIS protection along with Bullet-proof protection against complaints and reports.

Their support is makes them stand apart from other offshore hosting companies, they can be reached via E-mail, support ticket, live-chat via Skype, and even encrypted chat via Wickr. And the support team consists of “engineers” and not just sales-rep hence queries and questions in most cases do get solved pretty professionally.

They also have a “VIP Managed support team” which you can order, then the company provides admins to manage your server in case you aren’t willing to do so yourself.

So in a nutshell, it arguably could be the best anonymous web hosting service out there, although wait till you go through the other available options before arriving on a conclusion.

  • Namecheap Hosting


NameCheap is one of the most famed Internet solution companies in existence today. It has servers both in the USA and UK. Why is it on this Anonymous hosting list?

Because it accepts Bitcoin, and doesn’t need an identity proof. So even though the servers aren’t exactly in privacy-friendly countries, it does technically become an anonymous hosting company.

It’s totally and completely a law-abiding company. Nothing which is illegal by any state, federal or local law is allowed. No Porn, banner-ad services, Warez, torrent portals, MLMs, gambling, lottery, casino etc. are allowed either.

The servers are top-notch in their uptime, speed, and resource division. Here’s a speed-test I conducted on its US servers and the results were quite impressive:

Offers Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers. All shared plans include Free SSL certificates, Website Builder and other such free add-ons.

Shared servers start as low as USD $15.00/year (approx), VPS plans start at around USD $12.00/month, and Dedicated servers have a starting price of around USD $40.00/month.

  • BlueAngelHost


What are the three primary factors we look for in an Anonymous offshore hosting company? Anonymity (obviously), Content Liberty, and Security, isn’t it?

Fortunately, BlueAngelHost tops the charts in all three categories. For starters, the Signup is completely anonymous, no personal information is asked for.

Content liberty? Well it boldly offers 100% DMCA Ignored hosting. You also can host controversial content such as Porn, Warez etc. which is a rarity and a very small chunk of Anonymous webhosts actually allow that.

The AUP however bans Illegal drugs, Hacking, Phishing, Terrorism, Child Porn and other such directly and extremely illegal content. Apart from that note that what you can or can’t host differs based on the type of server you’ve purchased. For e.g. you can’t host Audio/Video files on shared servers, but can do so on VPS and Dedicated plans.

Coming down to security, it offers in-built DDoS protection on its servers, followed by server-level fixes for major vulnerabilities and problems.

Finally when it comes to performance, it offers servers from Bulgaria, Netherlands as well as Russia. Its speed-test was rather impressive, we tested a domain hosted on BlueAngelHost and it loaded in less than half a second!

Blue Angel Host speed test

The company offers Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers. Accepts both Fiat as well as Cryptocurrencies. The Payment modes include a number of Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Fiat payments can be made via Paypal, Perfect Money, Skrill, Bank transfers and even credit/debit cards. They even offer Free domain, hosting, scripts and Database migration when you’re coming in from another company!

  • Ablative Hosting


The tagline reads “Censorship Resistant Hosting” and that right there is a deal-maker, isn’t it? It’s unlike most other anonymous hosts on this list. For starters, it offers hosting not just for clearnet websites, but also for .onion (Tor) sites.

And, it’s not just a “server with good privacy policies”. Rather, it uses high-end encryption to sell Single hop hosting, multi hop hosting and even quad hop hosting. In simpler terms, the more the hops the more anonymous and secure your website will be.

It guarantees multihop servers, if the anonymity is compromised, they offer a 100% refund.

Then, there’s a “no data required” policy. You don’t need to share your name, address, or any other personally-identifiable data, ever! Payments can be made with both Bitcoin as well as Monero.

Do note that there’s a pretty strict AUP policy. No illegal content under the laws of UK, or any other contract is allowed. Another downer is, while it’s “technically” 100% anonymous and secure, it’s based in England.

  • Orange Website


Based out of Iceland and established in 2009, Orange Website is one of the most outspoken offshore anonymous web hosting companies in existence.

The company has an anti-NSA policy. Meaning it has mentioned clearly that despite the NSA’s demand to peep into every packet of data on the Internet, the company doesn’t comply to it and won’t share any data.

The same policy applies to any other third-party as well, your data is never shared with anyone unless there’s a court-order from the courts of Iceland.

The registration too is extremely anonymous, the only required detail is an E-mail ID. They also take care of the payment’s anonymity which can be made in Bitcoins. Although the company also accepts more traditional modes of payments such as Paypal, Wire Transfer, Cash and even some Altcoins.

It also ignores DMCA complaints letting you upload any and all kinds of content as long as there’s no court-order against it. The AUP states that anything which is illegal under the Icelandic laws isn’t allowed. Although hey that does get us freedom of speech, opinion, expression, some political controversies and a lot more.

Although some content such as Child Porn, Terrorism, Scam, Fraud etc. are outright banned (fortunately).

As for speed, here’s a basic speed-test we did for a site hosted on Orange Website on 07th May 2019:

best anonymous offshore hosting

From other locations too it got us an average of 2.5 seconds of load-time which isn’t impressive yet acceptable. The company also provides for DDoS protection for attacks upto 250Gbps at an additional cost starting at EUR 29.90/month/IP address.

You can get shared servers which start at EUR 3.40/month, VPS plans which start at EUR 29.90/month or Dedicated Servers starting at EUR 199.00/month.

Bottomline, it totally is one of the most anonymous, pocket-friendly and feature-rich offshore hosting companies out there.

7. (Scammer)


Anonymously is a company that doesn’t have as professional a website as Shinjiru, it also seems much newer regardless of their claim of being “a decade old”. Additionally, there aren’t many reviews about the company on the Internet, but that’s probably the whole point of being an anonymous offshore hosting service.

( I got many complaints against to related to scamming, or money dumping and They also dump my one site full data and submitted funds approx $300 BTC, make sure take your decision based on your search )

They provide complete root access to the VPS as well as Dedicated servers and there’s no monitoring of the bandwidth used by users.

No data is shared or sold with third-parties, neither is any personal data required during registration or at any later point in time.

Registration needs only your E-mail ID and nothing else, which you can use from some anonymous E-mail service such as Protonmail, and payment is done only via Bitcoins hence there’s no trace leading back to you making it truly an anonymous web hosting service.

They also publicly claim to “ignore DMCA complaints” which is one of the primary reasons why people opt for anonymous web hosting companies. Although they do have a “prohibition list” and users found to violate this list suffer an immediate suspension without any notification or compensation.

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

There isn’t a lot of information available about its infrastructure, or additional protection methods or features but as I’ve personally used the company so from my personal experience its uptime, security, privacy everything else is acceptable apart from one major hiccup, they do “cheat” on certain occasions! (I’ve got proof)

It’ll all be fine and perfect as long as you pay your bills “monthly” in small amounts via Bitcoin, but once trust is established some of us deposit a large sum for 6-12 months in a single transaction to avoid late payment or multiple Bitcoin transactions.

And that’s when the company would delete your account, and stop responding to your E-mails.

The below screenshot is them asking for a USD $300 deposit which was more than my monthly pricing-plan of USD $4.95/month:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

This is my transaction information proving my USD $300 deposit:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

And this finally is them banning my account and not replying to my E-mails anymore:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

Anyway, they’ve got 3 pricing plans which aren’t again super-cheap but are more or less reasonably set, each of these plans are again divided into several sub-plans which you can choose from:

  • Anonymous Shared Hosting: $4.95/month
  • VPS: $14.95/month.
  • Dedicated servers: $99.99/month.

*All the plans claim to have a 30-day money back guarantee.

The shared hosting ranges from $4.95 to $29.95/month, the cheapest plan offers 10 GB SSD, 50 GB Bandwidth, 5 subdomains, 5 addons, 10 SQL Databases, while the most expensive plan offers 100 GB SSD storage, 1000 GB Bandwidth, 35 Addon domains, 80 MySQL databases etc.

The VPS on the other hand ranges from $14.99 to USD $98.99/month, again the cheapest plan gets you 1GB of RAM, 15GB SSD, 1 IP address along with root access, while the most expensive plan comes with 8GB RAM, 120GB SSD, and again 1IP address along with root access.

As for the dedicated plan, it too has 4-subplans you can choose from as shown in the following screenshot, but unless you’re someone with a huge project and millions of hits a month, chances are you won’t need to dedicated server just yet.

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

The support team can be reached only via E-mail and live-chat which isn’t as many options as Shinjiru, but you’re helped out perfectly well as long as you haven’t deposited large amounts of Bitcoin to your account.

They also offer “Fully managed services” for server management, charged at $1 USD/day which needs to be paid monthly. Also, on the VPS they do not offer cPanel, WHMCS, Plesk, Direct Admin, or Vesta Panel.

Although they do support the control panels, and hence you need to buy them from a third-party, and the team would install it for free on your server.

  • Anonymous Speech


Even though Anonymous Speech markets itself as a Leader in anonymous E-mail, its anonymous web hosting services are what’s of importance to us.

It too alike Shinjiru is a company based in Malaysia, and hence US/EU or any other country laws do not apply pertaining to Malaysia’s superior privacy laws. Although apart from Malaysia, it also has data centers in:

  • Russia
  • Luxemburg
  • And Holland.

It lets us “speed test” its servers from our end, although when we did so, all other servers failed to load except Holland. Here are the test results from the server:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

And, comparing my normal everyday Internet speed, 300 Kbps is more or less what I get anyway when downloading.

It too has a “not allowed” list which contains:

  • Spam
  • Child Pornography
  • Organized crime.
  • Copyrighted content.

And hence you can’t host the above types of content on the site.

It provides for Shared hosting (both Linux and Windows), VPS as well as Dedicated servers. The shared hosting plans start as low as EUR 29.95/month and go up to EUR 49.95/month.

All of the plans have 6 offshore jurisdictions, DDoS protection and free anonymous E-mail, although privacy features such as private hidden IP and DNS etc. are only available in the most expensive plans.

The lowest VPS plan starts at 89.95 EUR/month and goes up to 139.95 EUR/month, the disk-space varies from 20 GB to 100 GB based on the plan, the same applies for RAM which starts at 1 GB for the cheapest plan and is 4 GB with the most expensive plan.

The dedicated servers start as low as EUR 129/month and goes up to EUR 199/month. Although there’s a 50EUR setup fee on each plan along with different additional costs based on the operating system, and control panel installed.

The connection speed is 1 GB backbone while connecting to International links, accompanied by uncapped bandwidth and multiple 100 Mbps datacenter uplinks.

As far as anonymity is concerned, no personal information is required while Signup, only Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is accepted along with traditional methods such as cash, wire transfer, credit cards and Paypal. As long as you use Bitcoins, it’s pretty anonymous.

The support options aren’t wide and they can only be reached via E-mail but the response time is generally 24-48 hours which is satisfactory.

  • Vindow Hosting


Vindo Hosting is another one of the anonymous server hosting companies with Datacenters in the Netherlands. In case you’re not aware, the Netherlands is one of the most digitally liberated countries in the world with least restrictions and censorship.

It provides Shared and VPS servers, but not dedicated. Domain registration is available. Registration or purchase requires simply an E-mail address and no other personal details which keep things private.

As for payment methods, they accept Bitcoin, in addition to Perfect Money, MoneyGram, Credit Cards, Bank transfers and Paypal.

It doesn’t provide cPanel and rather gets us “Direct Admin” control panel, accompanied with the 1-click installer.

All the hosting packages include free backups (everyday), unlimited domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited E-mail accounts etc. When compared against features of other anonymous web hosting services, it does seem to offer more “unlimited” features than others.

It has three basic hosting plans:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

  • Mini: EUR 9.95/month.
  • Basic: EUR 19.95/month
  • Advanced: EUR 29.95/month.

The plans are almost similar when it comes to features, except the disk-space which varies from 1000 MB to 5000 MB depending on the plan.

They allow all types of content, except violence, hacking, child pornography, phishing, selling pirated software and viruses!

The VPS plans start at 29.95 EUR/month and go up to 49.95 EUR/month. The cheapest plan too gets us a guaranteed RAM of 1GB along with 3.30 Ghz CPU speed and 25 GB storage.

While the most expensive plan gets us 2X 3.30 ghz speed, 4 GB guaranteed RAM along with 100 GB storage.

It offers CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and Fedora operating systems although they need to be installed by the user.

It’s nearly 5times cheaper when compared to CyberBunker, but the security too obviously isn’t as good as the Bunker, hence it’s perfect for individuals and small businesses who don’t have extremely illegal or govt.-offending content on their sites.

The uptime is claimed to be 99.99% while from personal experience and other user-reviews I’ll put it at around 99.70%.

The support can only be reached via E-mail and/or a support ticket. There’s no live-chat, or Skype which isn’t a major deal-breaker but is still an inconvenience.

  • Offshore Racks


Offshore Racks is a company established in 2005, which makes it nearly 13 years old now! It’s a company that’s not only based in Panama but also has owners from the same country.

Before starting, there are certain notable behind the scene facts about this particular anonymous Hosting service which need to be mentioned.

First of all, it doesn’t offer “monthly” plans on its shared hosting, even though the price is displayed for each month, it needs to be paid for a year or more in full. Although the VPS can be purchased on a 1-3-6 or 12 month cycle.

Secondly, they offer a refund even on the “unused months” on the shared hosting plans, regardless of the 30-day money-back time-frame being passed away in case you cancel the services mid-term.

If you do get a VPS from this anonymous Hosting service you need to pay extra for cPanel and/or softaculous. Also, support for anti-DDoS and SSL is restricted to some plans and isn’t universal.

They do provide same-day installation, meaning regardless of which plan or server you take, you can start using it from the same day itself which is not found with every other anonymous hosting out there.

They provide Shared, VPS and cloud hosting but again not dedicated. They have 5 shared hosting plans all of which need to be paid yearly:

  • Budget: $2.95/month.
  • Starter: $4.95/month.
  • Business: $9.95/month
  • Pro: $15.60/month.
  • Ultimate: $19.60/month.

The features of each hosting can be gathered from the below screenshot:

Black friday nordvpn sale 65% and 3 Month Free

Note that cPanel and Softaculous is pre-installed and activated with each shared hosting plan, but not with VPS.

As for VPS, they have 6 different plans which start as low as $9/month and go up to $63/month. All the VPS plans come with 1 dedicated IP and upto 2 GBps DDoS protection which are pretty good pros. Additionally it provides daily backups and SolusVM control panel.

Although there’s the additional USD $23.00 charge if you need cPanel installed, which with most other anonymous web hosting companies is provided free of cost.

They provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and the support is commendable, they can be reached via call, live-chat or support tickets!

They accept Bitcoin (obviously) but also other methods which include Paypal, Credit Cards, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Western Union and Swift, although obviously all of the others except Bitcoin will take your privacy to its grave.

Bottomline? It’s not extremely secure, but is affordable and doesn’t raise a lot of red flags, so if you’re okay with the couple drawbacks (such as no DDoS protection, no cPanel etc.) it has, and the pricing seems okay to you, it’s worth a try.

  • LibertyVPS


LibertyVPS is based in my favorite offshore location- The Netherlands! Who provides it the internet uplink? Two of the most trusted names in the industry, Level3 and Hurricane Electric!

It uses Ecatel datacenters which is known to provide premium bandwidth which in return gets LibertyVPS the commendable speed it provides its users.

It provides upto 1 gigabit of low-ping speed perfect for website owners who need to host Torrent sites, video-streaming sites, gambling portals or other such high-bandwidth consuming projects on the internet.

One of the feathers in the cap of this anonymous web hosting service is its KVM Virtualization feature. It’s a feature which guarantees that all the resources meant for you, are used only and solely by you and not anyone else.

Its VPS plans aren’t exactly cheap and start as high as USD $39.99/month while the business plan goes for $79.99/month. The first plan provides 1000 GB bandwidth, while its unmetered for the Business plan.

All the hosting plans come with cPanel installed along with CloudLinux for added security and account isolation. Note that LibertyVPS specializes in “VPS” and not shared or Dedicated servers.

It also brings in Litespeed web server, which replaces the more traditional but slower Apache servers and hence further enforcing its better and faster speeds.

The support is acceptable as they can be reached via live-chat as well as e-mails even though no phone support is available, they get back to users pretty fast (less than 48hours in my experience).

They can be paid via Bitcoins, Perfect Money, Payerr, OKPay as well as Paypal. Server deployment is instant, and hence as soon as the payment goes through, the servers are active and can be used. The process is automated and hence the login details are mailed to the buyers.

In a nutshell, they serve best the needs of those who’re in need of a VPS and very fast speeds, if budget isn’t a major issue.

  • CCIHosting


It’s another one of the anonymous web hosting services based off of Panama, and hence again with all the security and assurances, we seek with an offshore hosting.

It’s a company which has been functional since 2002, which makes it 16 years old now! It provides everything from shared, VPS, dedicated hosting to domain registration and colocation.

It offers four plans on shared hosting:

  • Entry-level$6.00/month
  • Standard$9.00/month
  • E-commerce$15.00/month
  • Business$24.00/month

They differ greatly in features, although the prime difference being no SSL support on Entry-level and Standard plans, while those are available with E-commerce and Business plans. The same applies for DDoS protection as well.

All plans include automated nightly backups, softaculous and other basic essentials. Even E-mail accounts are unlimited on all plans except the Entry-level, on which we get 50E-mail accounts and even that’s acceptable.

It lets us choose between cPanel and Plesk control panels, the pricing is exactly the same regardless of the chosen panel.

Their VPS plans start as low as USD $15/month and go up to USD $54/month. While the cheapest anonymous dedicated server from this anonymous web hosting service can be bought at USD $90/month and the most expensive being USD $499/month.

As for payment methods, they support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Payeer, Credit Cards, along with PayPal, Payza and Bank Wire Transfer as well.

Just like every other established anonymous web hosting service, they too have an acceptable use policy, which prohibits all and any content related to drugs, illegal porn, phishing, botnets, carding sites, spam, and weapons.

Although they also have a long list of terms and conditions on just about everything, for e.g. Tor relays can be run only on dedicated servers, betting sites can’t allow Panama registrations, bulk e-mailing isn’t allowed on shared hosting and so on.

The support team can be reached via call, live-chat or E-mail hence they’re pretty responsive and reachable.

They also have a Knowledgebase which has nearly 30 basic topics such as importing MySQL database, migrating from HTTP to HTTPs etc. letting newbies solve these problems without contacting support.

Apart from my personal experience, I also checked a number of public forums for reviews and witnessed mixed reviews, some were pretty happy with their services and uptime, others complained of them being scammers, and the uptime.

Considering how I’ve not personally been scammed, or have suffered major uptime issues (although it’s definitely not 99.99%) I’d say you can go with it but try not to deposit major amounts, or host major projects apart from just “websites”.

  • WebCare 360


WebCare 360 is one of the best anonymous webhosting companies in 2020; purely based on its location and AUP (Acceptable use Policy).

It’s based out of Saint Kitts and Nevis, a remote location with least restrictions in terms of the Internet and acceptable content; it’s the reason why the company allows uploading of any and all content with the only exceptions being:

  • Racial Content
  • Botnets
  • Network Abuse
  • Child Porn
  • DDoS-related scripts and intents
  • Spam
  • Network abuse
  • and Terrorism.

Registration is completely anonymous as well; followed by anonymous payments which can be made using a number of crypto coins including but not limited to BTC, ETH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XRP etc. Obviously fiat payments via PayPal, Perfect Money and couple other method are accepted as well.

They offer servers from multiple locations which are Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Ukraine making sure the site doesn’t under-perform regardless of your visitor’s locations.

Here’s a basic speed-test from the company (conducted on 17th March, 2019) from UK, London:

best anonymous offshore hosting 2019

We also tested it simultaneously from Germany, Frankfurt and it yielded a load-time of 1.47seconds. Not extremely fast; but at par with most other native as well as Offshore hosting companies we’ve been with.

Support can be reached via live-chat; E-mail or even Phone!

  • LalekHosted


LalekHosted is a company which offers servers from Europe (exact country not available). The AUP is its most impressive feature, which allows hosting of any and everything except child porn. This is the only company which comes close to the liberty provided by CyberBunker when it comes to AUP.

This also indicates that they do not pay attention to DMCA requests unless they’re issued from a legal channel.

Payments can be made via Fiat Currencies, as well as Cryptocurrencies. Not just Bitcoin, it also supports DASH and LSK for Crypto Payments. Fiat payments can be made using PayPal and Perfect Money.

It’s completely anonymous (has a Tagline saying- 100% Privacy Anonymous Hosting) and hence doesn’t necessarily need a user to use his/her real-life details while registering.

The speed too was pretty impressive, with load-times averaging 200ms from most locations, the SRT too didn’t exceed 10ms in most cases.

Lalek Hosted SRT

Shared servers aren’t sold, VPS start as low as USD $20.00 and Dedicated servers start at USD $110.00

  • Impreza Host


We recently discovered Impreza host, and it did impress us. It’s a “No questions, no documents asked” hosting, which clearly makes it one of the best anonymous web hosting companies in 2020.

It even encourages payments in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, further enforcing anonymity. The only requirement is a valid E-mail ID, which totally can be from one of the best Anonymous E-mail service providers again revealing nothing about their owners.

It also offers Tor hosting, as well as .onion domains. The company also has a .onion address, so it can’t log your IP addresses either. You can purchase Shared, VPS, and Dedicated servers from Impreza host. An uptime record of 98.92% has been proven by the company as well.

Servers from Iceland, Romania and Finland are offered making it not just an anonymous but also an offshore hosting company.

Extras such as free DDoS protection and free SSL too are provided on some plans and servers. Only legal content is allowed. Gambling and Auctions sites aren’t allowed on Shared or VPS servers but probably allowed on Dedicated servers.

  • Cherry Servers


Cherry Servers is one of the most well-known server providers for those on a medium budget. Before we start, note that Cherry Servers isn’t for everyone. They only offer VPS/VDS and Dedicated servers. They totally offer anonymous servers. In fact, they “guarantee anonymity” (that’s quite literally their tagline).

They even have a “no real information required” policy. While signing up, you can enter completely random/untrue details. They never ask for your name, address and other such details. Obviously, a functional email is required. You can always create 100% anonymous emails for free, can’t you?

The company offers two server location choices. You can opt either for Netherlands or Lithuania. These two locations are without doubt some of the most privacy-respecting locations on the planet.

Even payments can be made using Cryptocurrencies. Not just Bitcoin but almost all the major altcoins too can be used to make payments. Obviously, fiats can be used as well.

Their AUP is amazing as well. Almost everything is allowed except illegal porn, terrorism or other such extremities. Porn and casino sites too can be hosted. Basically, everything is golden as long as you don’t get a “complaint” from a visitor/third-party.

The support is impressive. There’s a 24X7 live-chat available. They’re very fast and responsive to queries.

  • Xuid (Bulletproof Hosting)


If you need an anonymous hosting, you truly may not need to look any further. You can get your server without sharing your name, address, or anything else which may be used to identify you personally.

xUID markets itself as a “BulletProof hosting“. Meaning, it ignores any and all abuse requests, DMCA complaints, or anything else! Just what you need with an anonymous hosting server, right?

Its AUP is extremely liberal as well. Just like Cyberbunker, it has just three very specific restrictions. Terror-promoting content, weapons and porn (of any kind), and drugs. You steer clear of those, and you can host anything (yes, even pirated content, without fearing suspension).

It offers the full package, meaning, anonymous domain registrations, VPS servers, dedicated servers etc. Another anonymity-boosting point is that it accepts payments via BTC, ETH, ZCASH, USDT, DASH, LTC, PerfectMoney, USDC, and ETHClassic.

The servers are offshore and probably located in the Russian Federation. It also has this advanced “country control” feature. You can allow/restrict specific countries access to your website.

  • FlokiNET


FlokiNET offers completely anonymous and DMCA-ignored hosting. The servers are based in Iceland, Romania and Finland, some of the most privacy-friendly nations on the planet.

It allows making payments via Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC etc. This makes sure your private financial information (credit cards/Paypal/bank details) aren’t shared with the company. Even for signing up, all you need is a valid E-mail ID.

If and when you do use fiat payments, the company claims not storing any personal or financial information permanently.

It’s one of those rare companies that allow even the more controversial content, such as online casinos and porn (porn isn’t allowed on the Iceland servers). Its only restrictions include illegal porn, fraud sites, malware/viruses, illegal drug sites etc.

It offers everything, shared servers, VPS, dedicated servers and even WordPress hosting. Free SSL certificates are included with all its plans. The more expensive plans even offer free domains.

SSH and root access is provided for all the servers. Unfortunately, no live-chat is available. However, it does offer support via Whatsapp (not recommended for anonymity) as well as Wire and Signal, these are more anonymous and the best privacy tools in general).

  • CyberBunker (Seized)


CyberBunker is probably The most secure offshore, anonymous web hosting service available in the industry.

That I’m claiming based on the fact that quite a few of the popular sites such as Wikileaks and the PirateBay use CyberBunker! Their popularity is also one of the reasons they’re sold out quite frequently and aren’t always available for purchase!

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

They obviously provide Shared, VPS as well as Dedicated servers in addition to extra services such as backups, suits, collocation etc.

CyberBunker is a pretty serious and professional hosting company, it was initially hosted in a cold-war bunker! Hence its name! Although currently this is the exact location of CyberBunker! And that’s where cash can be dropped as a mode of payment if you wish to buy their services!

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

Another reason why it’s quite popular is because unlike it doesn’t limit or restrict its users, and we’re allowed to upload just about every kind of content with just two exceptions Child Porn, and Terrorism.

Because CyberBunker has a history of quite a few run-ins with the law, as well as other organizations trying to bring the company down currently its security is pretty much impregnable.

Physically the Bunker claims to have airlocks, 2MW generators, isolation pads, can survive a 20 megaton nuclear blast as well as EMP shielding.

It lets us choose from CentOS, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora and unlike it provides these operating systems from its own side without you having to buy them from any other third-party additionally.

It offers couple more payment methods in addition to Bitcoin, such as Wire transfer, Cash as well as Western Union. Obviously, registration is completely anonymous without requiring any personal information.

There’s a setup cost with every server that you buy, and the pricing also varies depending on your payment cycle, i.e. either monthly or yearly.

The shared plans start from as low as 50 EUR setup fee+ 50 EUR/month, or 500 EUR if paid yearly. They include “Fair use policy” on their bandwidth, 1IPv4 number, 6IPv6 numbers and free installation of basic software.

The VPS plans need a 100 EUR setup fee, along with 100 EUR monthly fee, or 1000 EUR if paid yearly. The plan consists of 2X Virtual CPU Cores, 2GB RAM, and 1 dedicated IPv4.

While the most expensive VPS plan goes for a 200 EUR setup fee, 200 EUR monthly, or 2000 EUR if paid yearly, not suited for individuals or very small business but great if you’re a more large-scale website owner.

The plan consists of 8X virtual CPU cores, 512 GB hard drive, 8GB RAM among many other things. All the plans come pre-installed with the OS of our choice.

And finally their most popular servers, the Dedicated ones start as low as EUR 200monthly and go up to EUR 400/month. The following screenshot illustrates their features in details:

Anonymous Web Hosting Service

Uptime is not a problem with CyberBunker which has been established over the years making it arguably the best anonymous web hosting service in existence.

The only downside? Support isn’t their strongest suits so unless you’re educated in server-management yourselves, or hire someone who is, it may not be the best option to kickstart your site at.

So in a nutshell, it can be used to host extremely sensitive, illegal or controversial content (with Child Porn and Terrorism being the ONLY exceptions) or for onion URLs as an Onion Hosting Service without a problem even though the pricing may not be affordable for everyone.

SEIZED- Sep. 2019

In September, 2019 around 600 armed German paramilitary personnel (and helicopters) raided Cyberbunker, and arrested 7 individuals in connection to Cyberbunker.

Another truth which has come to light is that after the 2002 infamous Cyberbunker fires, the servers were never again housed in the Netherlands bunker. Clients were scammed and duped for nearly a decade, with the company claiming that they still used the bunker to offer their “iron-clad” hosting services.

Following the raid, the following marketplaces were shutdown

  1. Wall Street Market
  2. Cannabis Road
  3. Fraudsters 1.0
  4. Orange Chemicals etc.

Well, the lesson here is never get involved in any illegal activities, not even on the Dark web, not even if a supposedly “impenetrable, military-grade” bunker claims to offer you the absolute privacy and security.

And this is yet another reason why you MUST, M-U-S-T use a VPN when accessing the Dark Web. It’s not as secure or anonymous as you think it is simply with TOR.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

So that was about the best anonymous web hosting companies on the planet folks. Let’s now answer some of the most commonly asked questions about these type of hosting servers.

  • Difference between Offshore and Normal hosting?

Offshore hosting are hosting companies based “outside” your home country, these are generally companies which aren’t effected by laws of your country, U.S or E.U laws, or by any other country’s laws except the laws of the country the company is based at.

  • Dedicated Vs. VPS Vs. Shared server which is best?

Shared server is like a rented room which you share with many partners, where the resources such as the bed, the kitchen etc. are used by multiple partners. Similarly, the bandwidth, RAM and everything else is shared between multiple users in a shared hosting.

VPS is like a rented room which you own just to yourselves without any partners, in this type of hosting your resources are solely your own and not shared by anyone else.

Dedicated server is like renting out an entire apartment where you’re responsible for everything, from the water to the electricity bill.

Shared server is best for sites run by individuals or just sites without a lot of traffic, VPS can be used for better speed or when you get more traffic than your shared server can handle. And Dedicated servers are used by professionals who already know what they’re doing.

  • How to Select best Anonymous Web Hosting for your Website?

First of all, make sure you check the anonymous web hosting company’s reputation and physical location to verify it’s really offshore and your country laws do not apply to the company.

Secondly, check the features it’s providing, such as speed and bandwidth and compare them to other companies at the same price-range. Also always check the companies “Acceptable Use policy” (links generally found at homepage, or site footer) to verify the kind of content you’re trying to upload is accepted.

Third, check the payment methods, try to go with anonymous web hosting Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency accepting companies. Also, avoid companies providing SSL as SSL can be tracked to quite an extent.

Finally, make sure no identity proofs or any other documents related to your identity are asked at Signup, or ever! Also, read the reviews of other users on the internet before making a decision.

  • Is Using Offshore Anonymous Hosting Company Illegal?

Not at all; just because your native govt. can’t control your actions doesn’t mean it’s illegal in any way. Think of it as moving to another country because you weren’t allowed to do what you wanted in your country; but can do in the new country.

Similarly, as long as what you’re doing or uploading on your servers is legal in your hosting-company’s country and according to the company’s TOS; it’s completely legal to use these anonymous offshore servers.

  • Are Offshore Hosting Servers fully managed?

As seen with some of the above anonymous web hosting service, you can purchase full-service for an additional amount, by default you yourselves have to manage the servers or hire someone who does.

Do note that if you go for “managed” servers, you’ll have to grant the company full access to your servers. That would mean trusting them with your contact and legal compliances.

In other words, if you’re searching for “anonymous” servers, managed servers aren’t the best option even if they do make things easy. Also, some companies do not provide “root access” when you opt for managed servers.

On the other hand, self-managing a VPS server may require some technical skills, however, it keeps “you” in control. So, decide what content you’re hosting, what skills you have and also if you’ll have the time to manage the server yourself.

  • Will I get cPanel with these Anonymous Hosting services?

It’s not guaranteed and depends on the company, some companies provide cPanel for free, others charge some amount, while others don’t provide it at all.

  • How to stay anonymous while buying offshore anonymous hosting?

Never use any other payment method even if available except Bitcoin, or in extreme cases any other Cryptocurrencies.

Never go with a company which needs more than your E-mail ID or an username, any and all personal/real details should never be divulged. And always use a VPN when accessing your server.

  • Who has access and/or control of data on these hosting services apart from buyer?

In most cases, no one else except the company and the owner gets control/access of the data as long as the offshore country (the country where the company functions from) legally orders the company to share the data.

  • Can you transfer between offshore to a normal hosting later?

Yes, the core-functioning of a normal server and an offshore server is the same, in fact users don’t even notice any difference it’s all in the backend and physical location of the company.

So you can transfer data to and fro offshore hosting to normal hosts or other offshore hosts whenever you want.

  • How fast are offshore hosting servers?

Just because they’re “offshore” doesn’t in any way mean these servers are slow. In fact companies like Namecheap spend a fortune in order to maintain their speed and uptime.

Also, offshore servers actually help you achieve faster speeds if your server is geographically closer to your target audience. In other words, even if you live in the Antarctica, you can offer fast websites to the rest of the world by opting for an offshore server.

This also means the speed isn’t just dependent on the “server”, but also the location of the server and your audience.

  • Can I host illegal content on offshore servers?

That’s probably the most important question on this entire list of the best anonymous web hosting services, isn’t it?

I get it, you’re searching for an anonymous offshore hosting company because you wish to upload content that may be questionable, controversial or politically arousing in your country.

Well, this doesn’t mean the content is “actually” illegal.

As in, Atheism is illegal in the Middle East. You may be a resident and wish to upload content related to the same. In such a case, you may use offshore servers.

Simply because, Atheism isn’t causing anyone harm. It’s just illegal due to the religious beliefs of one particular govt.

Similarly, if you wish to speak against your govt. in extremely conservative countries like China, or maybe upload Porn from countries where it may be banned.

All of these cases are actually legal globally, except some extremely conservative countries.

However, most of these offshore hosting companies wouldn’t allow directly “illegal” content.

As in, you may not promote or encourage illegal trade of weapons, terrorism, illegal (underage) porn and other such content.

In a nutshell, yes you can upload illegal content on offshore servers as long as it’s legal in your server-country. (And, if the hosting company isn’t subject to “global laws”, some are).

Final Words:

So that’s a wrap as far as this piece on anonymous web hosting goes folks. I’ve tried to bring out as many features as are of importance to you before buying a server for all the above-listed companies.

Although my own experience and yours may slightly differ for a number of reasons, do try these out and let me know your favorite choice when it comes to choosing the best anonymous web hosting company on our social networks.

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