10 Best Album Downloader Software

This section is dedicated to all the music lovers out there who are looking for some great album downloader.

Actually, it is rather a better option as compared to downloading single tracks every time. And the best part is that using a software is way better and handier than using sites.

10 Best Album Downloader Software

Here is a list of best full music album downloader which are going to help you to download full album free online. Each one is different from one another and offers some additional services too. The details are given below which are going to make it totally clear for you.

1. YouTube ByClick

Website: https://www.youtubebyclick.com/

YouTubeByClick ReviewAnd the next album downloader in this list is YouTube ByClick. This is a very popular software used for downloading mp3 files, videos, movies, live streams, YouTube videos and even full albums too and hence it is actually quite popular as well as efficient too.

YouTubeByClick is highly used for downloading mostly videos as its auto-detection technology automatically catch up the link of the video copied and start downloading it.

It supports more than 40 sites and hence you are free to download audio as well as videos from them. There are certain preferences and settings which is important to be done before you head for the downloading process. You need to choose the format from mp3 and mp4, and the same goes for the downloading quality too.

However, there are certain features which are only available when you head for the premium version of the software. This version is going to cost you only $10 and through this you can use some of the greatest features of this full album mp3 downloader easily.

Other features of YouTubeByClick are download entire playlists and albums, download YouTube and Facebook private videos, download videos from Twitter, conversion to file formats, ads-free operation, choose from the given suggestions for the video downloading, clean interface and auto-detection, directly save the file into your system and many more.

2). Aimersoft iMusic

Website: https://imusic.aimersoft.com/

Picking the first one in the list of album downloader is Aimersoft iMusic. Actually, this is way more than a simple downloader and serves various functions altogether. Aimersoft iMusic is a great source of discovering, downloading and transferring various types of music files.

Talking about the diversified features of this software then it has plenty of them. Some of these features are built-in music library, various genres, download songs and albums for personal use, download and stream music from more than 3000 sites etc.

Aimersoft directly connects you to sites like YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Last.fm etc. saves a lot of your time in searching your favorite music. In this way, you have various options too.

Aimersoft iMusic is compatible to various platforms like iPhones, iPad, Android phones, macs, windows etc. Its compatibility is the reason it functions quite decently over every possible platform. This is just another reason which makes it most used album downloader.

Aimersoft iMusic is not free to use and you would have to purchase a license to use this software. There are various offers and plans for this. There is 1 Year plan for which you would have to shed $39.95 for per PC per year.

The next plans are for lifetime uses. The first lifetime is for 1 PC only and it charges $59.95 and the next lifetime plan is for 2-5 PC which charges $149.88 one time fee. You can choose a favorable plan according to need.

3). Audials One

Website: http://audials.com

Just like the earlier option of Aimersoft iMusic, Audials One is not a simple album downloader only. Of course, the software is just perfect for streaming audios and videos but this software is not limited to such functions only.

Not only mp3 media but it also streams movies from sites like Amazon, Netflix etc. Audials One is also perfect in the conversion of media files into one and another forms.

Audials One is suitable for different types of platforms like Windows 10/8/7, iPad, iPhone, Android phones etc. I think that is one outstanding feature for the people who use different types of devices and wants to explore this software on each one of them.

Audials One may work on some trial period but eventually, you would have to buy a subscription pack to keep on using it in future.

There are two types of subscription packs like Audials One 2017 and Audials One Gold subscription. You would have to pay $49.90 for the normal subscription and for the Gold subscription, you would have to pay $39.90. Actually the Gold subscription is usually expensive but right now it is on some discount offer.

You are going to get various features with this full album mp3 downloader. You can record and stream media file and later on save them too. Other features are podcasts, radio, converter, media center, music TV etc.

4). KeepVid Music

Website: https://pro.keepvid.com/keepvid-music/

KeepVid Music is a part of various other software that KeepVid Pro offers. This is one of the most popular type of software used for downloading mp3 tracks and complete albums. This album downloader is a very promising tool for managing all your music needs for sure.

KeepVid Music is compatible to platforms like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Macs. Unfortunately, this software does not have any mobile applications yet.

There are various facilities which are provided by this Album downloader. Some of these feature and services are downloading media, recording, discover, Organizing and transferring files along with a great toolbox for the help of users.

This software sorts out all the important issues regarding finding the latest music and then later on downloading it. I think this is a great tool that everyone need right now.

KeepVid Music involves a pricing plan and it is up for free trial for a limited period only. So, if you wish to keep on using KeepVid Music then you would have to buy a license for sure.

There are three types of license available for the personal uses. 1 year license is valid for year long for 1 PC and charges $29.95 for it. The next one is a lifetime license for 1 PC and they charge $49.95 for it. The last one is a family license and you would have to pay $149.88 for it for 2-5 PCs.

5). Napster

Website: http://us.napster.com/

If you were expecting Rhapsody on this position then let me tell you Rhapsody is not known as Napster. This multi utility tool for the music lovers is quite cool and handy to use. Simply download it and waste no time further to enjoy a vast built-in music libraries of great songs.

Napster is the perfect ad-free service that you always wanted to enjoy. It has over 30 million songs on demands and this huge collection is surely to die for.

This album downloader is available for various platforms like Windows, iOS and Android. The apps for Napster are very handy to use and you will feel the navigation and interface for all the platforms very easy and simple to use.

Napster is free until its trial period only after which you are required to pay some amount to obtain the license. There are two plans for this called unRadio and Premier. The first plan is available for a sum of $4.99 per month plus 14 days trial. The next plan is available for $9.99 per month with 30 days trial.

Both the plans have different facilities and features and you can use them according to your choice. The other features which Napster contains are playlist creation, customization, recommendation, music catalog, no ads, wide database, downloading etc.

Napster may not be a free album downloader mp3 but still it is worth giving a try for sure.

6). Spotify

Website: https://www.spotify.com/us/

The next one is a very popular option in the list of album downloader. Spotify is the permanent solution to all your issues of browsing latest music and albums on the tips of your fingers. This is my personal favorite in the list and I would strongly recommend this to every music lover.

And the best thing above all is the fact that this is absolutely free to use too. This is basically one of the best solution to use Album downloader free of cost.  .

You can also download it for your Android and iOS devices apart from the windows installation. The very small sizes file of this software is really simple to download and install as well. And as this is a software, the accessing is way simpler as compared to the other sites.

Spotify surely deserves to come under the top 10 album downloader and best options to download various media files of your choice. But there is a slight twist here too. The basic plan is, of course, free to use which gives the facility of only shuffle play.

But you can also go premium with the plan of $9.99 per month which has some amazing features like ad free, offline play, high quality etc. Now download albums through one click and also get to listen them later on. This is by far the best recommendation from my side in this list.

7). Frostwire

Website: http://www.frostwire.com/

Frostwire is basically a BitTorrent client but that is not the only thing which defines it. This is actually a perfect album downloader and player.

Frostwire can be downloaded for various platforms and consoles. You can download it for free for the systems like Windows, Android, Macs, Ubuntu, Linux etc.

There are various features of Frostwire which is going to attract you towards it to use it. Some of these features are in-app search, media preview before download, easy and fast downloads, built-in media player, media library on the software itself, easy access etc.

The best part about Frostwire is that it is a type of free service which means no upgrading to any premium plan with any charges. The version remains the same and you can download it for free from its official website or other sources easily.

Actually, Frostwire is the result of the collaborative approach by the millions of users on it. This open sources network allows every user to upload or download any files without paying anything.

What counts the most in the features of Frostwire is the fact that it has a really huge media library. You can easily download single tracks and full albums through it and later on listen them offline too. The aggregation with different consoles are really good and you would find the access really smooth and simple.

8). Blubster

Website: https://blubster.en.softonic.com/#app-softonic-review

Blubster is one software which can be totally compared to Napster. The peer to peer network and connectivity has made this software even more desirable and vast. You can call it to be a music share tool or platform and trust me you would love to use it.

So, unlike most album downloader software listed here, Blubster is not a paid service. This means you can download Blubster from the link given above and that too for free of cost.

Blubster actually a step higher than other types of software. It connects you to the sources from where you can download high-quality music only. But it has its own downfalls too. Many of the users has reported that due to the usage of Blubster their system became quite slow in processing.

However, it is also seen that Blubster is slow in searching out the desired music files. This is the reason that despite being rich in its database, I have listed it down here.

The other features that you get along with this album downloader is options like voice chat, Hot list etc. This makes Blubster quite convincing to use. Blubster is quite fast in downloading the files and has a great and clean interface along with user-friendly techniques.

Blubster is compatible with Windows 8/7/XP/2000/98 etc. Blubster is an average music downloader software which is quite ok to be used.

9). iMesh

Website: http://ccm.net/download/download-8625-imesh

iMesh is the next pick in the list of great album downloader. This is one software which allows you to download unlimited numbers of mp3 files whenever you want. This software not only focuses upon downloading mp3 files but supports video files from various sources too.

This software claims to be faster than the other ones in this list. You can download the audio and video files for later on and can watch them offline too.

This software is very simple and user-friendly too. You can postpone the download anytime and also have the right to cancel it too. iMesh has about 15 million registered users throughout the world and you can also search them out too.

So, here is the best part about iMesh. You can download it for absolutely free which is like icing on the cake after so many other advantages. You can search for desirable music through anything like artists, album titles, song titles etc. The search process is really quick and you will get the desired results very soon through it.

Once you have downloaded the app on your windows platform then you can customize your profile in whichever way you want. In fact, the software is available in other languages too like Deutsch, Francais, Portuguese, Nederland etc.

I am sure you will love every bit of this software as it is really simple and super handy to be used.

10). Groove Music

Website: https://www.microsoft.com/

Groove Music is a great software offered by Microsoft to its users. However, the initial download is free of cost but later on you would have to pay some amount to keep up with the use of this software. Apart from it, Groove Music has various other advantages and features which you would surely like as a user.

This album downloader is actually quite reliable and you can download it from the official Microsoft site. Actually, Groove Music is way forward than other types of software in this category.

Groove Music is compatible to various types of platforms like Windows, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices too. You can find its applications on respective stores. This software actually makes you groove to your favorite music with increased effect and quality.

You can add like millions of songs through this software to your PC or other devices. Unfortunately, after a period of free trial you would have to opt for the subscription. The subscription of this software costs $9.99 per month. This subscription is called Groove Music Pass.

This ad-free software is excellent to use and the interface is phenomenal. I would strongly recommend this to every music lover out there.

10). Ares

Website: http://www.ares.com/

The last one in this list of album downloader is Ares. This platform is just perfect to let millions of users come together to create a huge peer to peer source. The best part about this platform is that it is easy to use and also free to use as well.

Another interesting thing that you would love to know about Ares is that it is totally ad-free and spyware free too. So, you can use it without worrying about any malware in your system.

Apart from music and albums, it lets you download movies too. This software is just like Blubster and Napster which means with the help of its users, it collects content and its database. You just simply download it from its official site and it is ready to install and then use.

Unfortunately, Ares is available for only Windows 7/XP/Vista only and not for Macs or mobile apps. Despite having a free version, Ares still charges you for some of its services whose prices varies accordingly.

You can not only download various types of music, albums and videos through it but also share it too. You may not find Ares as popular or diversified as other programs but this is surely worth giving a try though.


The mp3 album downloader software listed above are actually way more than that. From sound editing to conversion into different types of media files, they do it all for their users. I think this is like the complete music (audio and video) solution for the music lovers everywhere.

The perks of using album downloader are various and I am sure you would totally love using them. So, download these software today and start your musical journey straight away!