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Sites to Talk to Random People Online: The world has progressed a lot and so are the people living here. Unlike in old times, they do not decide to stay with a person just by looking into his eyes. People chat, speed date and spend time with people to know them completely. And what If you want to talk to strangers just to kill some time?

Well, we have this wonderful solution for you, if you want to talk to random people online. There are some amazing sites listed below which would help you to know these strangers and chat with them without even revealing your identity.

10+ Best Sites to Talk to Random People Online

Your chances of talking to random people online are 100% and this can happen by keeping the privacy of every individual safe and secure. So, what you guys are waiting for, just grab your laptop and start talking.

  • Omegle


This site is like an anonymous matchmaker for you who lets you talk to random people online. The process is very easy, and you just have to chat and leave the rest to the site only. The site arranges a totally stranger for you to chat without even revealing your identity.

You can reveal it on your own, but that is not what is suggested by me. There is some option for adding your likes in your profile which would help the site to find someone for you who has the same likes.

You can even video chat with strangers too if you want. But keep in mind that videos are continuously monitored so do not do something on them which should not be done.

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  • A Nice Chat


Do you want to talk to random people online without the hassle of registration over there, well then A Nice Chat is just the right destination for you. You can talk to as many random people you want in a one on one chat without even getting yourself registered on this site.

You know what is the icing on the cake is? Well, you can even download its Android application for a smoother browsing and entertainment.

This is actually a moderate website and has about 16k visitors annually on their site. However, this site has got some negative reviews too as far as child safety is concerned. Privacy is a concern over this site otherwise this is not that bad and you can try it out once.

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  • iMeetzu


iMeetzu is like the total hub where you can talk to random people online one on one or even in groups too. This is too simple like a child’s play and the site also avails you different facilities too.

However, you would have to get yourself registered first on this site. Their system works like Omegle, and they instantly connect you to a random person of their choice. Now, it is up to you whether you want to chat or leave.

The things you get additional in this site is their friend finder social network as well free service for online dating too. This is probably one of the most used and popular platform for anonymous chats with strangers. And hence most people prefer this one above anything else.

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  • Fruzo


Best Sites to Talk to Random People Online

Fruzo takes the “talk with strangers” game a step further by allowing complete strangers meet each other not just via profiles or text-chats, but video-chats!

It markets itself not just as a chatting service, rather as a Dating Social network.Heard of Tinder? This is in many ways similar to it; the primary difference being it lets users connect to random users, video-chat with them and either make a connection or skip them and start a chat with someone else.

Offers advanced features such as a friends’ list, profiles which can be filled with photos and videos, and even a search bar. The search functionality is advanced and lets users find exactly what they’re searching for using not just Keywords, but also age, gender and even cities!

It also lets you add friends, follow them and basically keep yourselves updated with them and actually build a lasting connection rather than most other “one-time chatting” services.

Has over 100,000+ active users on an average at most times, doesn’t require any registration, users can simply click on Start chatting and literally stumble over thousands of users and their webcams.

Has an easy interface with “Start“, “stop” “country” and “gender” buttons. Also lets you use text during the video-chat and has an in-built translate feature for foreign languages!

  • Face Flow


FaceFlow is another website which lets you talk to strangers, and a pretty advanced one at that. For starters it doesn’t need any download just like Fruzo; and rather only needs a browser for you to start chatting with just about anyone on the planet.

However a Signup is mandatory, which is free and anonymous yet you can’t continue on the site without signing up which may be a bump for some.

Although what makes it special is it also added group-chats, so you can add more than one people to a video-chat and make a conference call.

It also lets you create member profiles and access other members’ profiles to help you get to know them better or just talk to them. The other party (when known to you) you’re talking to doesn’t have to be on Face Flow and the platform lets you share a “guest chat link” which can be shared with them to start chatting instantly.

It supports emojis and other advanced rich-text elements. It even lets users send photos, videos and other kind of files over chat! And if that’s not enough you can even record and send voice-notes!

If you’d just like to avoid all the fuzz and get on with meeting strangers, they’ve got public but moderated chatrooms for you to join right away. And it supports cross-platform chatting so doesn’t matter what device you or your partner are using you can still connect to each other.

  • Stranger Chat


Best site to talk to strangers oonline.

Stranger Chat as the name suggests is a platform which lets you chat with strangers. It has a big bold tagline that says Free chat rooms “without registration“. Which establishes two things, it does offer chat rooms, and doesn’t need any registration.

There are two buttons on the homepage, Start Chat and Other Chat, although note that the “Start Chat” button doesn’t actually work and rather redirects you to another website- which may be another platform by the same company.

If you wish to initiate a chat, it’s “Other Chat” which should be clicked. The chat interface is simple, a large box with text boxes for you to send the messages. There also is an in-built “Request a photo” button.

Does have a “typing status” indicator when the other party is typing.

Apart from that, the platform offers a ton of built-in Chat rooms based on Language, Countries and “age-group“. For e.g. the Language chat rooms consist of Hindi, English, French, German etc. chat rooms, users can just select their language and reach a chatroom which allows or is largely for that language.

Similarly, “Countries” classification lets you connect to people from that specific country, and finally the age-group chat room has classifications such as Singles, Teen, College Students, Kids, Senior etc.

The number of people online in any one of these chatrooms is shown as well.

  • 7Strangers


Best site to talk to strangers oonline.

7Strangers is a similar site however I did notice a slight delay (couple seconds) in its ability to connect me to strangers as compared to Stranger-Chat. Although astonishingly, the big red button on this platform “Start Chat” too redirects to another third-party website.

And again, it’s the smaller “other chat” link which needs to be clicked in order to start chatting with strangers. The interface is similar to most other sites, there’s a chat box, strangers are connected on 1-1 chats and you can start chatting.

It has a top-bar which has links such as “Home“, “Search“, “Contact” etc. It also shows the number of people online on the top-bar.

However what’s unique about 7Strangers is, it has a kind of “re-connect” room. In other words when you’re talking to a strangers, and your internet drops, your browser crashes or you just have to leave instantly you’d lose your connection with the stranger.

But when you come back later, you can go to this “re-connect” room and leave a message about who you are or what you were talking about, so if the other person is still interested they can come to this room, find your message and know it’s for them hence the two parties can re-connect.

It too doesn’t need any registration, is absolutely free and the interface is extremely easy to use and understand.

  • Chat42


best sites to talk to random people online

Chat42 is another platform which lets you talk to random people online. It’s tagline says- “Anonymous chat for two”, making the prime functioning of the platform quite clear.

The process is extremely simple as well. No registration or any bit of personal information is required. You arrive on the homepage, and enter a chat-name. Done. You can start chatting instantly.

Only “text” chat is possible and with between two people only. It does provide a “report” feature so you can report abusive users and even block need should the need arise.

The interface is simple, you can either send messages using a simple text-box, or simply click on “Next” on the top-right corner to change your partner and chat with someone new.

It doesn’t allow for any media to be sent over, however does have a “sound” feature which you can turn on or off for new messages.  Just in case you’re a mobile user, it’s available for Mobile as well as iOS devices.

It clearly isn’t as feature-rich as some other options on this list such as Fruzo, but hey if you’re simply having “Let’s talk to a stranger” vibe, the platform would help you out.

  • Ome


As the name may have hinted, Ome is a name taken from Omegle, the #1 site on this list of best sites to talk to random people online. The company markets itself as a “Omegle Chat Alternative”.

Although the intrface vastly differs from that on Omegle, and rather is almost identical to that of Fruzo. It doesn’t ask for registrations, payments or any personal details.

As soon as a user lands on the site they’re asked permissions for their Camera and Microphone, once granted the live-chat can be initiated.

The site does seem pretty active and has nearly 100,000+ visitors online on an average (based on the live-count shown). In my personal experience too, the availability of a chat-partner never seemed an issue.

There are big bold buttons for “Start” and “Stop“. Even with granted camera permissions, the chat isn’t started unless “Start” is clicked. A user gets to choose from a list of countries to indicate the other partner of their location. A gender too can be selected.

It doesn’t require any plugin/app to be installed and can be run directly in the browser. Apart from video and audio, text too is available. There’s this rule to “show your face” making sure you’re talking to someone legit, if the face is not shown or blackened out a popup temporarily disabling the chat appears.

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  • Talk.Chat


Talk.Chat is an extremely simple yet effective solution for those who’re searching for the best Sites to talk to random people online. There’s just one limitation, the user must be above 18 years of age.

It’s completely anonymous. Simply head to the homepage, enter a desired username and specify your gender (it doesn’t have to be true). No registration as such is required and hence is completely private.

The User-Interface couldn’t be simpler. It’s primarily text-based and can be understood by just about anyone. Also features advanced settings which let users block other users! The username chosen by you is only yours if you use Talk.Chat atleast once every 7 days. Else it expires, and may be registered by other users.

It also has this “room” feature, you can either directly find trending rooms using hashtags, or just land on a popular room displayed on the rooms page. Want to have a personal room instead? That’s possible as well. Furthermore, any user in the room can invite any other person hence creating a chain-reaction which keeps the conversation going.

Each room gets its own invitation link, using which anyone can join the room and start interacting. All created rooms are deleted if they remain inactive for 10days. It obviously isn’t as feature-rich as some other stranger chat websites on this list and lacks a video/voice call feature. But it promises “chats’ and that it totally delivers.

All messages and conversations are deleted after 30 days automatically. The platform is available online (web browsers) as well as on Android and iOS devices via their respective app stores. Is it popular and active? Well as of today, it has forwarded exactly 5,525,353 lines of chat so yes it’s pretty crowded.

  • Y99


best sites to talk to random people online

Y99 is a slightly more professional website which lets you talk to random people online as compared to Chat42. For starters it has a long list of categories under which the chat rooms are classified.

They include Teen chat, Neat Roleplay, Gay chat, Dating Chat, Girls Chat, Lesbian Chat, Video Chat etc. Although do note that some of these categories are just gimmicks and the links don’t actually work.

It too doesn’t need any registration and is absolutely free to use. Once you’re in the chatrooms, the interface offers quite a few options.

For starters, all your chats are saved in your profile just like with normal Instant messengers. You can even talk to more than one people and even in multiple chatrooms simultaneously. The chat rooms seemed pretty active with quite a few active and engaging members.

You can also create your own chat rooms on specific topics and invite people there. It even has a “password” feature so only authorized people can join your room, or you can make it open for all.

The auto-formatting for the text-fonts is pretty impressive. It colour-codes and adds style to quoted text, words like “please”, “sorry” and so on automatically. Bottomline, it suffices the needs for a basic chatroom for strangers.

  • ChatBlink


Chatblink is nothing too unique, yet it offers what you’re here for, a platform to chat with strangers. It’s extremely basic both in its interface as well as features.

The homepage offers two login options, Facebook and Google.Signing up lets you upload your display picture, as well as specify personal information such as age, interests, height, weight, country etc. This helps you find chat partners more easily.

Registered users can also send friend requests to other registered users, as well as send them messages directly.  However, it can totally be used without registering. You can start chatting without registrations with a stranger using the “Random Chat” link at the footer of the site.

It also features chat-rooms. These can be joined both by registered as well as guest users. Some of the available chat-rooms include “Singles Chat”, “Adult only”, “Just chat” etc. It even features a “Q&A” feature. You can either ask a question yourself, or answer a question asked by strangers.

Finally, it has links such as “USA Women”, “Indonesia Women”, “United Kingdom men” etc. at its footer. Clicking on these would directly take you to a page which lists profiles related to the link you clicked.

  • Random Strangers Chat


Random Strangers Chat is an anonymous chat service which lets you talk to random people online. Doesn’t require registrations or signup. The homepage simply asks for a nickname, gender, and partner-preference (Male/Female).

It’s text-only, so you can’t “talk” to the other person, or video call them. The interface in our experience could totally be improved. It’s easy and straight-forward, but at the same time slow response speeds, sudden disconnects etc. are pretty common. The “Enter” key doesn’t always send the chats either and messages need manual clicks to be sent.

It has quite a few language-based chat pages as well. So you can connect to people from a specific location/ those who speak a certain language. For e.g. it has “Bhutanese chat”, “German Chat”, “Kenyan Chat”, “Swazi Chat”, “Armenian Chat” and many others.

It sure lacks group chats, but isn’t completely void of features. You can send emojis and photos to spice things up. No logs are kept which makes it a safe-heaven for anonymity-lovers. It does have a minimum age-requirement of the user having to be 18+. However, as there’s no registration no verification of the age is mandatory.

  • DixyTalk


Dixy Talk is one of the more popular stranger-chat sites on this list. Registration seems to be mandatory. Even for guest-accounts, you’re required to enter a username, age, country and state. No E-mail IDs or passwords required (just yet). A profile is automatically created. Optionally, profile photos can be uploaded. It’s completely free.

There are a number of public chat-rooms available anyone can join. These are categorized based on country (USA chat room/ Malaysia chat room etc.), age, language etc. Anyone can create a room however in order to do that, a full-profile needs to be created by entering your E-mail IDs and choosing a password.

The chat-interface mimics that of Facebook’s to quite an extent. It’s launched at the bottom-right corner of the screen, displays the age and location of the person you’re chatting with. There aren’t many advanced features available, e.g. you can’t share files or media. However, emoticons are supported.

There are “inboxes” which are used to text individuals personally. Clicking on the username of a participant in a group-chat launches the private chat box. It’s completely ad-free, and basically “free” in general. No payment required.

There also are “Boards”, which are basically blogs/articles. Can be used to discuss topics publicly with all the other users.

  • Chat Random


This is a platform to talk to random people online without even paying a single penny to the site. Yes, the services given by them are absolutely free including video chats too. They keep on innovating their site and hence they really have a huge number of users on it.

Other facilities provided by them are gay chat, girls roulette, random chats, video chats etc. This is also simple to go to the webcams of different people by pressing the ‘next’ button.

One of the most attractive thing about their site is that it is absolutely easy to access and you do not even have to sign up on it. You just need to press the ‘start’ button and allow your webcam and that’s it. It will be done.

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  • Hey People


Hey- People is different from the sites listed above. Whereas, most sites do not need the process of sign up or registration, you would have to get yourself registered first on this site. After getting yourself registered, you need to click on the Zap button to talk to random people online on that site.

If there is anything obscene done by you then the site can block you or the other users can blacklist you as well.

This site was firstly introduced as in 2008 but later on changed to this name. You can also video chat strangers through this site and each chat is monitored by the website too. It is a fun site and you can create various friends through it.

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  • Talk With Stranger


Another way to chat with people online is through talk with stranger. This is a simple and easy go website to talk to random people online without the hassle of getting yourself registered on it. And additionally every service available is absolutely free.

There is no limit to the location and you can chat with anyone across Asia, Australia, UK and the entire world. Be it, teens, adults, men or women anyone can join this site.

This site keeps your identity completely anonymous and you can start chatting by keeping a nick name of yours. The site is like a boon for shy people who does not want to reveal their identity and wants to talk to people too. It is surely going to boost up their confidence a lot.

  • Stranger Meet Up


This is another platform to chat and to talk to random people online. Just like other sites you need not to do the registration process here as well as there is no amount to be paid for signing up on this site as it is absolutely free.

They provide you private chat rooms where you can talk to completely strangers without even revealing your identity at all.

The great advantage you have that, they also make available the public chat rooms too where you can talk to so many people at the same time. Although registration is not required to chat but it gives you additional advantages when you sign up here like managing friends list, personalizing your profile etc.

  • Tohla


Another site with various advantages and different features to talk to random people online is Tohla. Just like most of the sites listed out here, you do not need the worry of registration out here. The idea is to provide you facilities without any interruptions.

You can also try out there Android application for better and easier browsing. This application has more features than the site itself and it is handy too.

Apart from having personal chats and public chats you can also video chat with random people out here. This is so much fun and additionally, you can swipe next to check out different people through the webcam. There is also an option of uploading your picture and liking or disliking other pictures too.

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  • Chat Roulette


Chat Roulette was introduced long ago by a 17-year-old guy to kill some time. And now this is one of the largest platform for people to talk to random people online without even revealing their identity at all. It has been 7 years and this is still growing strong.

You can communicate with any stranger by the means of text messages, microphone or even webcam too. And as an additional bonus, you also get to use the drawing pad. Through this feature you can draw anything to entertain your partner or to break the ice between you two.

The people picked is completely random and you can talk to people across the entire world and that too absolutely free of cost.

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  • Tiny Chat


The last but not the least to join this list of amazing sites to talk to random people online is Tiny Chat. This is basically a video community where you can do video chat with completely strangers across the entire world.

You can also promote your chat room on the site. There are various features of this site which can be accessed once you get yourself registered out here.

There is also an option through which you can search out people near you and have a video chat with them and that too free.

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The best part about all these sites is their different facilities and most importantly their privacy system. You can create pseudo name for yourself to talk to random people online. There is no need to reveal your identity and you can chat to as many people you want without even paying any penny.

Apart from chatting, video calls and voice calls can also be done which is like a bonus. So, talk to random people online and enjoy your chatting.

But make sure that you do not reveal your identity as per the privacy concern. And we would also recommend you text chat rather than video chats.

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