Top 10 Hootsuite Alternatives for Social Media Marketers


If you are someone who is done with Hootsuite and looking for better Hootsuite alternatives to manage your social media engagement then you have knocked on the right door.

There are actually better and free of cost options through which you can manage your multiple social media accounts.

Alternatives to Hootsuite gives you better dashboard facility along with some free services too. So, now forget the pricing plans and move on to something which is more reliable and less expensive to be used.

Top 10 Hootsuite Alternatives for Social Media Marketers

These 10 options to manage your social media accounts will surely help you to get over Hootsuite completely.

1. Buffer


Buffer can be called your personal secretary which has excelled every aspect of maintaining your multiple social media accounts just with a tap. This is our first addition to the list of Hootsuite alternatives and surely one of the most reliable one.

You can schedule your posts for different social accounts through Buffer. Along with it, you get various services and features like tracking the performance of your content, managing all the accounts in a single place etc.

Buffer has more than 4,000,000 clients and marketer whose accounts are maintained by it. Some of them are Shopify, Business Insider,, Intercom etc.

You would be glad to know that Buffer allows you to operate a free account with some basic features allowed for the individual use only. Other plans are Awesome and Business. They charge $10 per month and $99+ per month for both of them respectively.

With its simple and basic user interface, Buffer has become one of the prime Hootsuite alternatives used by various big names. The accounts which can be managed by Buffer are LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

2. AgoraPlus


Be it your Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or something else, now manage them all with the help of one single platform called AgoraPlus. This site is just perfect for all the marketers who are not having enough time to pay attention to their social media presence effectively.

AgoraPlus will make sure for you that you do not miss even a single notification from any of your social media accounts.

AgoraPlus comes with various features which makes it one of the best Hootsuite alternatives in this list. Some of these features are daily report, 24/7 syncing, filtering, all channels at one dashboard, automated moderation, custom tags, all the new notifications, messages on a single screen etc.

Unfortunately, you cannot browse any free account on AgoraPlus and you would have to choose a pricing plan. These pricing plans are Small for $49 per month, Medium $99 per month, Large for $199 per month and Enterprise for $299 per month with different features and different number of social profiles.

AgoraPlus is a continuously growing platform and soon it is going to become one of the most used Alternatives to Hootsuite.

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The next one in the list is which is a great option to link about 250 of your social media accounts together. In this way, you can save a lot of your time and energy and the process of social media presence become way simpler than ever.

The distinct features which differentiate form the rest of the Hootsuite alternatives are really great. Some of these features are automation tool, adding quality content to queue, automatic reposting, posting to all platforms at the same time, powerful integration etc. also follows a pricing plan like the rest of the Hootsuite alternatives. These plans are Basic, Pro and Agency. You would be glad that Basic plan is free and allows 3 platform integration. They charge $9.99 per month for Pro and $149.99 per month for Agency with feature upgrades. is a unique platform which allows you to add it in form of a Chrome and Safari extension too. So, this means accessing of is really simple and user-friendly. This powerful helping hand is a must for people looking for strong social media marketing and presence.

4. Sendible


The next one in the list of Hootsuite alternatives is Sendible. It is used by various big brands for managing their efficient and up to the mark social media presence. In fact, it has been awarded various times for its outstanding management techniques.

There are various interesting features offered by Sendible. These are message scheduling, audience engagement, all in one dashboard, social media strategy, collaboration by adjoining several accounts together, analysis of posts, Access through mobile etc.

You can go for free trial anytime you want. In this way, when you will use this platform on your own, you will get to know about its features precisely.

Sadly, Sendible is not one of those Hootsuite free alternatives and does not offer the facility of a free account. The pricing plans offered by Sendible are Lite, Advanced and Pro. Lite charges $49 per month for growing brands, Advanced charges $169 per month for small teams and Pro charges $499 per month for big brands.

Sendible is counted as one of the top most social media management tools for popular individuals and agencies from a really long time. I think you must give it a shot once.

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5. Sprout Social


The next one in this list is Sprout Social which is a very effective social media management platform and multitasking tool. With Sprout Social you can surely put all your profiles to an autopilot mode and just relax for an entire day.

To understand any type of Hootsuite alternatives, this is important that you get acknowledged with its features completely. So, the features that Sprout Social provide us are engagement report, complete analysis, custom branding, summary emails, insights, response rates and times etc.

There is always an option of free trial available in all such kind of Hootsuite alternatives. I would strongly recommend you to go for this before you decide to go for any pricing plan.

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Sprout Social provides no free services to its clients and it is mandatory to go for a pricing plan. These plans are Premium, Corporate, and Enterprise. Premium charges $99 per user per month, Corporate charges $149 per user per month and Enterprise charges $249 per user per month.

Some of the big customers of Sprout Social are, Stanford University, Bentley, Zipcar etc.

6. SocialOomph


Now, if anyone asks you, what is Hootsuite, you should rather introduce them to these amazing alternatives which are capable enough to maintain your high social media engagement. There is no doubt in the fact that SocialOomph is one such example in this list.

SocialOomph was launched in 2008 and slowly it became a common name for the people looking for a management tool for their online presence.

Earlier, SocialOomph was focused on Twitter only but now it manages various accounts like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Plurk, Blogs and Twitter etc. Like the rest of the Hootsuite alternatives, SocialOomph provides various features as well.

These features are scheduled posts, secure access, efficiency, automatic operation, full control, time-saving, unlimited accounts for multiple users, affordable, auto feed etc.

SocialOomph is one such platform which allows you to access it for free. Although you can upgrade to its Premium pricing plan whenever you want. There are two paid plans which are Professional for $17.97 and Twitter Unlimited for $6.97 paid once in two weeks.

SocialOomph is a platform which runs equally smooth for all kind of social media accounts but when it comes to Twitter, it is surely exceptional.

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7. Social Bakers


Next one up here is Social bakers in this list of Hootsuite alternatives. There is every criteria of excellence fulfilled by Social Bakers to become your professional social media management tool.

There are various types of features which makes Social Bakers different from the rest of the Hootsuite alternatives. These features are social media analytics, performance prediction tools, benchmarking tools, contest inspiration, content spotlight, media stories etc.

You can go for the free trial of some days before finally deciding to get paid service plans. This will help you in deciding whether you should go for it or not.

There are various pricing plans offered by Social Bakers to let the users decide what kind of services they want. These plans are Professional, Business and Enterprise. You need to pay $20 per user per month for the Business plan. The rest of the plans require you to get in touch with the staff first.

8. Meet Edgar


The next one in this list is Meet Edgar. This site is one of the most recently launched service for managing your social media accounts. It was launched in 2014 and because of its consistency, this has excelled in managing all the posts and social media aggregation of multiple users.

Meet Edgar also provides you various features which are as amazing as any other Hootsuite alternatives. These features are automated social sharing, more traffic, better engagement, time saving, queued updates, unlimited content library etc.

For the evergreen free service on Meet Edgar, simply create an account on it and you are good to go. This simple pricing plan makes the accessing of Meet Edger even more user-friendly.

There are not too much of pricing plans when you want to use Meet Edgar. One service is absolutely free which comes with not so many features and services. Another one is a paid service which charges you $49 per month for accessing 25 social media accounts at the same time.

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9. DrumUp


DrumUp is a great service which is up anytime you want to manage all your social media accounts together. For a starter, it runs on a 14 days of trial period in which you can decide whether you want to upgrade it higher or not.

Some of the features offered by one such Hootsuite alternatives are competitive benchmarking, centralized analysis, smart reporting, custom dashboards, overall metrics, exporting options, Key influencers etc.

There are various paid plans offered by this site which allows the users to browse various features and services accordingly. The pricing plans by DrumUp are Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise. Each plan charges different price. You need to pay $129 per month for Small, $299 per month for Medium, $479 per month for Large and finally Enterprise.

Some of the clients of DrumUp are big names like Ubisoft, Deutsche Welle, and Monster Energy etc.

10. Quintly


The last one in this section of Hootsuite alternatives is Quintly. Quintly is powerful and professional social media management tool used by millions of people around the globe. The basic concept of this site remains the same as the rest of the site mentioned in this list.

The features offered by Hootsuite are single dashboard for all the accounts, one-click transition, time-saving, feed and blog linking, hashtag recommendation, iOS and android applications, chrome extension, analytical report of performance etc.

You can instantly start managing your social media presence with the help of the trial version. But later on you would have to upgrade to some pricing plans for sure.

There are 4 types of pricing plans offered by Quintly. These are Starter for $15 per month, Pro for $39 per month, Small Business for $79 per month and finally Agency for $159 per month. Apart from social media management, the other services offered by Quintly are content promotion, content discovery and employee advocacy.

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Some of these Hootsuite alternatives uses the similar pricing plan system but some of them are Hootsuite free alternatives which do not charge anything. It all depends upon what kind of services you want and how popular your social media accounts are.

Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, YouTube or anything else, on a single tap, you can check them all out easily. These types of sites are not just an option but a huge helping hand for all the celebrities, politicians, business tycoons for managing their social media presence effectively.

Now, you won’t be asking anymore, what is Hootsuite because these effective options won’t let you do so.

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